Apantomancy: Using Signs for Divination

Apantomancy Divination

Not everyone knows what Apantomancy divination is, and yet, millions of people worldwide practice it. In the UK, you practice Apantomancy every time you avoid a black cat, magpie, or refer to Doreen Virtues “Angel Numbers” guidebook.

So, what is Apantomancy?

Apantomancy is divination by omens you come across by chance. Apantomancy is a form of divination which you can practice on the go. Say, you are on your way to an important event, and you see a caterpillar on the way. What is the significance of this animal? Why is it in your path? Perhaps you keep seeing the number three. Why would the number three consistently make an appearance in your life?

Like most fortune telling modes, Apantomancy is personal. I feel that, to an extent, to be a proficient Apantomancer, one must have a good foundation of what certain symbols mean to them.

An Example of Apantomancy Divination

I, for one, love magpies and feel they are a good omen; it does not bother me to see them. I feel the same about black cats because my family refused to keep any other cat than a black one while I was growing up. (The sexy beast in this post is my cat Billy Jean).

The Meaning of Apantomancy
Some people would say that Billy Jean is unlucky because he is black. However, I think that he is kind of perfect.

By contrast, there are a lot of animals that some people would deem adorable or a lucky precursor, but I would see it as a negative sign. For example, I hate monkeys (as do many other Gypsies) and think they are terrible creatures. If I were to ask my spirits for a sign and then see a monkey unexpectedly, I would view this as unlucky. 

How to Practice Apantomancy

You can ask spirits for signs in your day to day life. Say you are unsure if you are making the right decisions, you can ask your spirits around you (such as relatives) to give you a sign. Then, go for a walk. Anything that you see out of the ordinary is a sign. If you think it is a coincidence, ask for another sign, and so on.

While doing this post, I asked the spirits if I should continue writing about forms of divination or work on something else. Previously, I had lit incense that I accidentally placed in front of a statue of Ganesh in my living room; Ganesh is the Hindu God of opportunities that my ancestors possibly worshiped. Anyroad, I looked over to the statue and noticed that the burnt incense had not fallen but risen, which is rather odd. Was this sheer coincidence, or were the spirits trying to tell me to continue? I think it means I should continue, and therefore I wrote this post. 

Although my example was that of incense, omens usually appear in the form of animals, but they can also be numbers, objects, and even the weather. You will know when something is significant because you will see it repeatedly or in a strange place. It is not the norm for a fox to be running through the streets of a busy town, for example. Some commonly seen symbols are the number one, butterflies, feathers, cats, hands, and triangles. 

Beware: It is Kind of Strange

The odd thing about this form of divination is that the Apantomancer is sometimes the only person who sees the sign. Often, they will be with a friend, but the friend will not see what it was that they just saw. I have met people who, for instance, have had bats swoop down and sit next to them then fly away. Other people have been there during these events but have not witnessed the actual event in question.

I am unsure why it is the Apantomancer is the only person who receives the sign. I theorize that this adds an element of ‘special’ to the event that ensures the receiver pays extra attention. Often, the more people who witness prognostic symbols, the less likely they are to notice any individualized and personal significance.

Apantomancy signs in divination and fortune telling
You can receive signs from the comfort of your own home. However, if you get out and walk about, you will come across plenty of signs, such as an unexpected bridge or animal.

Interpret the Meaning of Apantomancy Divination

If you know that a sign has significance but are unsure what, a book on symbolism or dream interpretation may be able to help you. However, go with your gut; if you think an omen is positive, but a book is trying to convince you otherwise trust your intuition. Here at Divinerism, I advocate, a personal relationship with your spirituality, so always listen to your own inner voice and spirits before taking outside opinions on board. 

It is okay for you to be a little skeptical at first and brush off an incident as a sheer coincidence. There are no laws in the universe that state that spirits cannot try to convince you — seen one sign? Soon you’ll see another. Thinking it is a coincidence? Ask the spirits for confirmation.

Closing Thoughts on Apantomancy Divination

How do you feel about Apantomancy? Did you know that Apantomancy divination is a real system of fortune telling? Have you been practicing Apantomancy all along with even realising? You can share your thoughts with myself and the rest of the divinerism community in the comments section below!

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