Two Reasons to Add Lenormand to Tarot Readings

Have you ever thought about adding Lenormand cards to your tarot readings? 

As a tarot reader, you might add different decks to your readings in order to either drill down into issues or give more information about struggles and concerns clients or you, yourself are facing. Oracle decks can be very free flowing and give a lot of great information about the energy surrounding a querent, and a tarot reading can hone in on overall themes and issues a person is facing in life. 

Sometimes, though, neither tarot or oracle cards can give you the kind of easy to understand advice and guidance you are looking for. This is when you pull out your Lenormand deck and bring it into your reading.

Why should you add Lenormand cards to your tarot reading?

Direct Messages

Lenormand is a deck of 36 cards with simple pictures on them which is used for divination. Like tarot, Lenormand cards relate to different areas of a person’s life and are read in combination with the other cards laying around them. The difference, however, is that Lenormand cards tend to be extremely on point and blunt. 

For example, your tarot card reading might have a Three of Cups and a Knight of Cups together. Happy times, right? Or is it? Is the Knight a person or a situation? Do I need to worry about a vain and immature person at a party even if they are adorable and seemingly loving or is this thumbs up all the way?

Choose one or two Lenormand cards and get a more direct answer. And Lenormand cards are usually very direct. You might get a Snake or Fox to represent that Knight of Cups, or you might get Clovers, Flowers, or the Garden, showing that a good time will be had by all. And, if you get the Garden and the Dog, well, you know that the person you meet at the party might turn out to be a very loyal friend, indeed! 


Timing (or when something will happen) is often a difficult question to answer with tarot cards. There are several different formulas that assign time-frames to suits (like Swords bringing quick results and Pentacles representing years or being in it for the long haul). Because of the way a Grand Tableau is arranged, you can usually see a progression of time right in front of your eyes when the cards are laid out without needing to add more cards to the mix. 

If an event or image is behind a querent (represented by the Man or Woman card in the deck), that means it is in the past. If it is in front of the person, then it’s coming. If it is far away from the person, the time is distant. If it is right next to a person, that means it’s coming up soon. 

Easy, Peasy, Right? 

If you pull a 1-2 card reading for timing, make sure that you pay attention to the details of the card. Did you get the Rider (quick) or the Coffin (you’l die waiting, right)? Is it quick like a Fox or relaxing and easy like a Garden party? Will it be a day (the Sun) or a month (the Moon)? 

As you can see, reading timing with Lenormand can be much easier than it is with tarot, and you can also use Lenormand for very direct clarifications if messages given to you by your tarot cards are a little fuzzy or vague. Even if you do use tarot for a basis for your reading, using Lenormand cards to get a direct answer or more definitive look at timing in a reading can be a great practice. 

Of course, as with any card deck, reading Lenormand requires practice and understanding of how the cards work and what they mean. After you learn the basics, you can add Lenormand to your tarot readings for a more complete picture of what is coming up for the questioner. 

About The Author

Sue Ellis-Saller is a tarot card slinging, energy wielding, angel loving spiritual advisor and mentor, and creator of the Connect Spiritual Wisdom course. Sue loves to learn about and teach about spirituality, energy, manifestation, business, and making the world a better place. When Sue isn’t studying cards or mysticism, she’s laughing with her children, stretching, exploring the world with her husband, or trying to train her pups! Read more about Sue’s life and business here.

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Tarot and Lenormand

What are the similarities and differences between Lenormand and Tarot cards? Which cards are there in both Lenormand and Tarot? How are the Tower, Star, Sun, Moon, and significator cards all the same? This article is going to highlight how these Lenormand cards differ from Tarot cards! 

When you first start learning how to read Lenormand, you will notice that there are a lot of Lenormand cards that look like Tarot cards. While they may have similar names, try not to fall into the trap of assuming that these are the same cards with the same meanings. While a couple of these Lenormand cards could be like their Tarot cousins, they have their differences. 

Similarities And Differences

Below is a list of the Lenormand cards which are often confused with Tarot cards. Here, I discuss their similarities and differences. 

The Tarot Tower Vs. The Lenormand Tower

Of all of the Lenormand cards with the same name, the Lenormand Tower and the Tarot Tower have the most differences. In fact, other than sharing the same name, they are nothing alike. 

The Tower of the Tarot world predicts a sudden shock or major life-changing event, such as a divorce, bankruptcy or even prison time. In Tarot, The Tower is a very negative card and most Tarot readers dread it appearing in their readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Tower is mostly neutral. In Lenormand, the Tower card represents the government, organizations, buildings, and offices. 

Like all Lenormand cards, there will be times when the Lenormand Tower is negative. For example, in some readings, it can represent isolation. However, it can also be a card of independence, standing your ground and sticking up for yourself. Therefore any negativity gleaned from the Lenormand Tower pales in comparison to the Tarot Tower. 

The Tarot Star Vs. Lenormand Stars

The Tarot Star and Lenormand’s Stars card are quite similar. Both cards are positive and symbolize hope for the future. Also, both represent optimism and feeling good about the prospects of a situation. 

However, the Lenormand Stars seems more real than the Star card of Tarot. Fame, fortune, and a good outcome are likelier to happen with the Lenormand Stars. Also, with the Tarot Stars you will usually get what you want, but not what you expect. By contrast, the Lenormand Stars is a card of achieving your desires.  

Another difference between The Star and the Lenormand Stars card is the fact that Lenormand’s Stars can be literal. For example, in some combinations, Stars can predict a trip outdoors at night, a star-shaped charm, a zodiac sign, or a shooting star; these interpretations are not a common occurrence in Tarot reading but often appear in Lenormand. 

The Tarot Sun Vs. Lenormand Sun

Of all of the Lenormand and Tarot cards with the same name, The Sun and Sun are the most similar in interpretation. Both are cards that predict success, vitality, triumph and, even, holidays. However, because the Lenormand Sun can be interpreted literally, it is slightly different from the Tarot Sun card. 

In Tarot, it is rather unlikely that The Sun card will represent warmth, heat, temperature, sunlight, or the actual sun. However, because Lenormand cards can be read literally, this is a rather standard interpretation for the Lenormand Sun. Therefore, this is the main difference between the two.  

The Tarot Moon Vs. Lenormand Moon

The Moon in Tarot is a card that can have rather negative connections. In Tarot, The Moon is a card that symbolizes the unknown, deception, secrets, and sometimes even trickery (a card meaning which is more fitting to the Lenormand Fox card). Although many Tarot readers do like The Moon card, it is generally not a very good card to receive in most types of readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Moon is a neutral, even, positive card to receive in a Lenormand reading. The Lenormand Moon illuminates your life during times of confusion. It is also a card that represents a ‘spotlight’ being on you and is concerned with your reputation and how you are perceived by the world. In Lenormand, The Moon and Stars combined can predict fame. 

Also, the Lenormand Moon can predict things which happen in cycles (for example, the menstrual cycle, or a billing cycle). There are no such associations in Tarot. However, when it comes to timing both cards can represent a 28-day period. 

Although they are different, there are some similarities between the Lenormand Moon and Tarot Moon. Both cards can represent emotions and intuition. Sometimes, both cards can also be associated with females and women. 

The Tarot Courts Vs. The Man & The Woman Cards

Finally, you may be tempted to read the Lenormand significators (Man and Woman) in the same way which you would read the Tarot Court cards. However, just like the other similar -sounding cards, they are different! 

In Tarot, it is often not clear who or what the Court cards represent. Sometimes, they could be the seeker, but other times they could be other people. In fact, they can also represent situations, emotions, energies, motives, and time! However, in Lenormand, you can be certain who and what the Man and Woman card are. 

The Man and Woman cards always represent the person who is getting the reading (the seeker) and their lover, spouse or future lover or spouse. These cards never represent people other than the seeker and their partner. Unlike with Tarot reading, there is no question about the identity of the significator cards in Lenormand. 

There you have it! 

So, there you have it! You now know the main similarities and differences between Lenormand and similar-sounding Tarot cards. When you’re learning how to read Lenormand cards, remember, you’re not reading Tarot cards; Lenormand cards have their own magic and should be respected as such. 

That’s all for the main similarities and differences between Tarot and Lenormand cards that sound similar. If you enjoyed this post, you can download a free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here.

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Illustration The similarities and differences between Lenormand and Tarot cards. Which cards are there in both Lenormand and Tarot? Are Tower, Star, Sun, Moon the same?

Lenormand Playing Card Inserts?

What are Lenormand playing card inserts? Should you use Lenormand playing card inserts? In short, no I do not believe that you should use Lenormand playing card inserts and do not believe that you have to use them in order to consider yourself a Lenormand card reader. It is perfectly possible for you to be an amazing playing card reader without having to waste your time mastering card inserts. 

If you’re wondering, playing card inserts are the little images of playing cards that appear on the corner of your Lenormand cards. Some decks have them, some don’t. 

Personally, I never use Lenormand playing card inserts; not now not ever. I am adamant in my belief that you do not need to use playing card inserts to be considered an amazing Lenormand card reader. 

Below, I have listed the reasons why I do not use playing card inserts. Have a read, and hopefully, it will convince you that you do not need to waste your time with playing card inserts!

You Have To Memorize Playing Card Inserts

Whether their decks have them or not, playing card advocates still use the playing card correspondences. Therefore, they have taken the time to learn the playing card correspondences plus what they mean. I feel that your time could be better spent on learning other parts of the Lenormand system. 

Not All Lenormand Decks Have Playing Card Inserts

There is a level of effort involved in learning which playing card corresponds to which Lenormand card; this is something you have to know if you decide to use playing card correspondences in your Lenormand practice. 

Not all decks include playing card inserts. If you use inserts you either have to memorize all of the playing card inserts and their meanings, or only buy Lenormand decks which do have playing card inserts. Therefore, playing card inserts can limit your options. 

Lenormand And Playing Cards Are Different Systems

I think that playing card inserts are to Lenormand what astrology is to Tarot; they are a completely different system which is slightly alike, but not the same. And yet, like astrology and Tarot, many playing card insert advocates insist that you use them even though their interpretations do not match, get along or make sense. 

I do believe that correspondences can help you to learn meanings quicker, but there is a limit. You have to respect Lenormand and playing cards as their own individual methods of fortune-telling otherwise you end up with a mish-mash of ideas and a whole lot of confusion. Which brings me to my next point: 

The Crossover Causes Difficulty

Believe it or not, making the crossover from playing card divination to Lenormand cards could actually be made more difficult if you can read playing cards and you begin to associate the playing cards with Lenormand cards. The reason why is because you can end up accidentally reading Lenormand cards as you would playing cards. As I pointed out above, they are not the same, they are different types of divination, so reading them the same. 

You can see the same issues with diviners who learn how to read Tarot before they learn Lenormand; many end up accidentally confusing the Lenormand Tower with the Tarot Tower, the Lenormand Moon with the Tarot Moon, and so on. 

If you can already read playing cards, it is best that you keep the systems separate as this will prevent you from falling into the playing card trap every time you read your Lenormand cards. Give the playing card inserts the boot. 

They Don’t Make Sense

In most cases, the playing card and Lenormand correspondences are nowhere near alike each other so it is difficult to combine their meanings. For some readings this is okay, but what happens if you want to interpret your reading but you cannot marry the playing card and Lenormand meanings together? 

For example, let’s say you’re performing a business reading and you pull the Clover card and the Ship; I would interpret this combination to symbolize fortune made from international trade, shipping overseas, etc. 

On Lenormand cards, the playing card insert for the Clover is the Six of Diamonds and the playing card insert for the Ship is the Ten of Spades. The interpretation for these playing card inserts are: 

The Ten of Spades (Ship): The Ten of Spades is the worst card in the pack; it represents betrayal, divorce, bankruptcy, illness, and even death. 

The Six of Diamonds (Clover): The Six of Diamonds is a love card that predicts a second marriage after the failure of your first. Some cartomancers believe that the Six of Diamonds predict a second marriage which (like the first) will not go well. 

The above interpretations obviously do not match the regular Lenormand meanings. Marrying these meanings is difficult, and the effort needed to do so can interfere with your intuition. Therefore, it is best to forego the playing card inserts. 

There you have it, why I believe you do not need to use playing card inserts meaningful Lenormand reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustrations What are Lenormand playing card inserts? Should you use Lenormand playing card inserts? I do not believe that you should use card inserts, and here is why

Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards

Are you wondering how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Oracle cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions, and give you a sneak peek exactly how I combine Lenormand and Oracle cards! 

I previously talked about how I combine Lenormand and Tarot for readings. Essentially, I use my Lenormand Grand Tableau to make predictions about my life, and then I use my Tarot cards to get more detail on my areas of concern. 

Personally, I combine my Lenormand and Oracle cards when I want predictions and a bit of holistic healing. My Lenormand cards let me predict the future, and my Oracle cards calm my nerves or give me reassurance while I wait for tomorrow to come. 

Why Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards?

Lenormand and Oracle cards serve two similar but different purposes, and this is why I like to combine them. Why you choose to combine Lenormand and Oracle cards will depend on what you use Lenormand and Oracle cards for in your readings. 

I use Lenormand cards for general readings. General readings do not require a question, they predict the future of a particular life area, such as love, business, money, mail, and more; Lenormand looks at all of these places and that is why I like to use them. 

When it comes to Oracle cards, I use them to communicate with the spirits which are around me. I ask the spirits what (if any) guidance they have for me at a particular time or for a particular matter, then I pull a card and interpret their advice. 

You may not use Oracle cards to communicate with spirits. If you use Oracle cards for holistic, healing reasons, or even if you use them to talk to angels you will still benefit by combining them with Lenormand cards. 

As you can see, because I use my Lenormand and Tarot cards for very different purposes, it is not difficult for me to combine them together. Oracle cards add a new layer to my Lenormand card readings. 

Should You Combine Lenormand And Oracle Cards? 

Yes! As long as you are using your Lenormand and Oracle cards for different purposes you can combine them. What I mean by this, is that you must make sure that you are using your Lenormand cards for one thing and your Oracle cards for another. 

For example, I will ask my spirits to assist me in my Lenormand card readings, but I will only ask for my general fortune. Then, when it is time to perform my Oracle card readings, I will ask my spirits for guidance or for encouraging words that help me feel better. Using my cards for different things ensures that I am not just fishing for an answer from different divination systems! 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

For my readings, I always start off my petitioning my ancestors to assist me. It doesn’t matter if I am reading myself or someone else, I am always right in there asking my spirits for guidance! I spend a minute doing this and then I light some incense. 

For some reason, if the matter is super important I always re-order my Lenormand cards back into their original order (RiderCross) and then re-shuffle them. While I am shuffling I think of my question and then I lay my Grand Tableau. 

If you are curious, I never re-order my Oracle card decks back into the order which they originally were in. I don’t know why this is, I think I am just this way because I know that Oracle cards never really have an order! 

I save my Oracle cards for the end of my reading. My Oracle cards are my spirits talking directly to me, so I like to keep them special. Usually, the Oracle card which I pull will give me advice or reassurance about something in my Lenormand reading which has been stressing me out (health problems, relationship confusion, etc). 

Also, because my Grand Tableaus are such massive readings I don’t do them too often for myself. However, I do find myself pulling my Oracle cards throughout the day when I am feeling anxious, as the added guidance calms me down. I find that Oracle cards are easier than other card systems to interpret if you’re reading yourself, which is another reason why I often rely on them more for ‘holistic’ readings than I do with Tarot or Lenormand. 

So, that’s It! There you have it, my process of combining my Oracle and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Oracle cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!

Combine Lenormand And Tarot

How do you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Tarot cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions! 

Ever since I started to learn Lenormand, I have been combining it with Tarot cards. I am going to show you how to combine Lenormand and Tarot, because it can add to your divination practice. 

Why Combine Lenormand With Tarot?

You may want to combine Lenormand with Tarot cards if you use each of the systems for reading different areas. For example, I use Lenormand cards for general readings and use Tarot cards for specific questions. Other readers I know use Lenormand cards to make predictions because they struggle to predict with Tarot, and they use their Tarot cards to give advice. 

How you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards is completely up to you. However, I do recommend that you try your hand at combining these systems because both offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Lenormand cards can represent literal things; the Stork card can be a real stork or the House and Boat combined can symbolize a houseboat. Being able to read the cards literally is a strength that Lenormand offers which Tarot does not. 

By contrast, it is much easier to get a straight answer with Tarot cards than it is with Lenormand cards. This is especially true if you’re reading yourself or are emotionally invested in the situation. If you’re not just looking for your general life but want to read on a specific issue then Tarot is your tool. 

Should You Combine Tarot and Lenormand Cards?

In short, yes. BUT I should warn you that you will need to brace yourself for doing so. 

Many diviners fall into the trap of using diverse methods of divination and fortune-telling as a backhanded way of getting a different answer from the same question. Do not make this mistake!

To avoid asking the same question twice, before you even sit down to conduct your reading make sure that you have a set purpose for your Tarot cards and a set purpose for your Lenormand cards. If you know your strengths and weaknesses of using Lenormand cards and your strengths and weaknesses of Tarot cards, then you should be fine. 

If you have a ritual that you go through performing readings, it is much easier to combine Lenormand and Tarot cards while avoiding asking the same question twice. I have one, which I describe below. 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

I have a ritual that I go through when I am performing readings. In a nutshell, I grab my Lenormand and Tarot cards, I light my incense, invoke my ancestors, and sit down to do the actual reading. 

When it comes to the actual reading, I always start with a Lenormand Grand Tableau first. The Grand Tableau does not require a question (and it is best if you do not ask one). The Grand Tableau has 36 positions that deal with pretty much every life area; love, career, money, business, home, children, health, mail, commitments, everything. 

I begin with a Grand Tableau because I do not have to ask my Lenormand cards a question. I read my Lenormand cards and that is pretty much it. My Grand Tableau reveals what is going to happen in the future within the time frame which I am reading; it doesn’t give an opinion or advice on a course of action. The Grand Tableau is there to reveal tomorrow as it is, without any padding or filler. 

It is important that you record anything which jumps out at you during your Grand Tableau reading. I recommend that you keep a journal so that you can later look back on your readings, remember them, and measure their accuracy, especially if you’re the type of person who easily forgets your readings.

Once I have read my Grand Tableau, I will perform a Tarot card reading. I only use my Tarot cards for specific questions. The spreads I use for my Tarot readings is a Horseshoe spread which is a semi-circle shaped spread of seven cards which tell me: the past of the situation; the present of the situation; positives in the situation; negatives in the situation; attitudes of other people; what to do; the outcome. 

I perform my Tarot reading after using Lenormand because my Tarot can tell me more specifics about my Lenormand reading. If something appears as an issue in my Lenormand reading, I can work through how to fix it or make it better using my Tarot cards. 

For example, one day I might perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau. I have a particular interest in my business, so even though I read all of the houses which jump out at me, I will give the ‘business’ houses (Fox, Moon, Star, Sun, Fish, etc.) my special attention, and perhaps a bit more time during the interpretation process. 

If during my glance at the business houses I see something wrong – such as a rouge employee – I will take note of it. Then, I will finish up my Grand Tableau and perform my Horseshoe Tarot Spread on me and my employee’s relationship, in the hope that it will reveal any tension between us, what is on my employee’s mind, and tell me what I should do to strengthen our relationship. 

Also, I should note that I also use Oracle cards, but I draw Oracle cards for the present. So, if I am waiting on a result (for example, progress in my business) but feeling anxious, I will pull an Oracle card because they make me feel better and give me reassurance. Therefore, in the example of my business my reading will look something like this: 

Step One: I perform a Lenormand reading which reveals my employee will go MIA in the future. 

Step Two: I perform a Tarot reading which gives me more detail on myself and my employee’s relationship. 

Step Three: I pull an Oracle card at the end of the reading which says something like, “All is as it should be in this situation” or something similar. 

Step Four: I journal my readings so that I can measure the accuracy of my predictions. 

So, That’s It! 

There you have it, my process of combining my Tarot and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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Illustration Do you want to know how you can combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Here is how you can combine these systems into one psychic reading successfully!