22 Things I Learned from Reading Tarot

Pretty much every day, I wake up at 7am, get my daughter up for school, and go down the stairs. As I make our breakfast, I wonder why I haven’t seen my cat in a couple of days. Mentally, I plan my morning, afternoon, and evening out in my head (which, obviously, never pans out that way). In many ways, I’m like any other person.

However, I have a not-so-secret obsession that’s taken over my life since I was a small child. This addiction is so ingrained in my being that it’s a major part of my identity. I work, socialize and breathe it. My drug of choice happens to be Tarot cards.

Since beginning my Tarot journey, I’ve made a career from reading and teaching divination. I’ve won an award for my work with Tarot, conducted international surveys, been interviewed for the media, and this site is set to receive around 50,000 page views this month. I’m happy to say that I set out to get other people hooked on Tarot. 

Over the years, I’ve learned many things from reading Tarot, some of which I’m going to share with you in this post. So, here are 22 things I’ve learned from reading Tarot, all inspired by the Major Arcana. 

The Fool: The Tarot Journey Starts with Respect

If you want to learn how to read Tarot, you don’t ‘need’ hundreds of books, fancy oils, reading cloths, £100 special edition cards, or anything remotely similar. You can start reading Tarot from as little as 0.01c if you buy secondhand decks from Amazon and use online Tarot card meanings. However, one thing that’s essential for a beginner is respect for Tarot as a practice.

I hate when people make comments such as, “Tarot cards are only pieces of cardboard.” On the surface, they are indeed cardboard, but underneath, they’re much more than that.

Those pieces of cardboard know all your secrets. Your Tarot cards will be there for you at times when no-one else ever will be. They’ll grow old with you, adapt with you, and form impurities and age marks along with the hands you use to handle them.

There will be times when the Tarot is your only companion. It will advise you on which roads to take during your longest nights and deepest depressions. Your cards will give you hope when there is none and snap you back into reality when you’re chasing impossible dreams.

Your Tarot deck will hold your tears, your nervous sweats, and the energy from every promotion they predicted and failed love affairs you tackled together.

Now, tell me, how are they only pieces of cardboard?

If you want to get off to a good start with your deck, the relationship must be there. They must be ‘special’ to you. Carry them around, shuffle them often, and have a special place for them. Don’t let other people play with them. Keep them wrapped up. Don’t believe in these things? Design your own personal rituals. All that special attention forms a special relationship that pays off.

Can I read with any deck? Damn right I can. But it’s just not the same as reading with my own deck, which is like an old pal. I can blow dust with any old deck, but I can move mountains with my primary one.

The Magician: It Takes Will 

Tarot isn’t something you’re born with. Learning Tarot is a commitment that, if you stick to it, will bring you results. It’s a lifelong process of late nights, notes, and practice readings. However, Tarot is also a lifelong process of meeting new people and having a constant companion you can refer to for advice and guidance on demand. If you have the will to learn, you have what it takes to read Tarot.

The High Priestess: There are Things we are not Meant to Know

One thing I learned very quickly is that there are times when my Tarot cards just won’t allow my questions to be answered. This is because there really are things we’re sometimes not meant to know or have to work out for ourselves.

I think some newer readers confuse not being able to get a straight answer with not being able to interpret a card. If a situation is emotionally-charged and you’re not confident in your Tarot skills, pull as few cards as possible to answer your question! If you don’t get a straight answer, it’s okay to do another reading on the subject in six weeks (some say more) or so, or when the situation changes (when more things are revealed).

Similarly, don’t feel under pressure to give a client an answer. It’s sometimes okay to say, “You know what? I don’t know.” It’s far better to admit uncertainty than to make up a lie. This level of confidence is not easy to build, but once you do, you’re unstoppable.

The Empress: There is an Abundance of Tarot-Related Information 

The name of the game is abundance, and that game is the maze of Tarot information available. There are some excellent resources for learning out there, so try not to stick to only one or two for your entire journey. There are books, YouTube videos, blogs, social networks, and free downloadable guides to get you started. Alternatively, join newsletters to get info directly in your inbox!

This wealth of information can be daunting at first, but you’ll eventually get to know your preferences.

Do you want an author or blogger who’s very serious, or more laid back and relaxed? Is it experience or a fresh approach you’re looking for? Once you discover what you like, suggestions for things to try will come out of nowhere. Trying out different learning mediums is a great opportunity to meet people and make friends.

The Emperor: It’s Who You Know

In the Tarot world, there are two kinds of people: those in the industry and those not in the industry. Those who aren’t in the industry don’t realize that much of what you see or are exposed to about Tarot is a result of the close-knit Tarot community.

This close-knit Tarot community decides what trends are popular, what books are worth publishing, and whose opinions matter. This industry works in a completely different way from what those outside of it expect to see.

For example, an author writes a book. The authors know that a book will be worth publishing because the community shows its support. Decks used in a book are not chosen by accident, but selected because the author usually knows the creator. Books are promoted by people within the community; in a lot of cases, favors such as cross-promotions are exchanged. A lot of the reviews you see on Amazon are usually not without bias, because many will be written by friends of the author or bloggers who have received a free copy.  

Becoming prolific in any industry depends on who you know, and Tarot is no different. However, this may seem unfair to those outside the community, who have no idea that reviews of that Tarot book and the accompanying course have been written by 20 of the author’s friends.

If you want to learn or improve your Tarot reading skills but don’t know if someone is worth the hype, check them out. Download their e-guides, attend their free workshops, follow them on social media. Discover for yourself if they’re good enough for you to make investments in with your time and money.

The Hierophant: Tarot is NOT a Cult

You honestly don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

I’ve observed that the New Age seems to be a bit of a religion in itself, and that a lot of people who read Tarot are involved with the New Age movement. I had people telling me that if I didn’t “center cleanse” or whatever before a reading, I was damaging myself (this was after I had been a reader for a good 16 years, mind you). In my opinion, it’s not necessary; any ritual you uphold before reading is a personal choice.

I once had another reader tell me that my opinion wasn’t worth his time because I didn’t incorporate the Kabbalah into my readings. Apparently, according to him, I was too stupid.

Tarot is not a cult. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and you’re not above or below anyone in any way if you choose to do or not do certain things.

The Lovers: Passion Pays

How do you become an award-winning Tarot reader and get noticed in this industry? This would entail a post in itself, but in a nutshell, Tarot must be your passion. You must really have a knack for asking questions, studying, and committing yourself to Tarot. Instead of watching movies, you would rather read Tarot. Tarot should be your ‘go-to’ for everything. You must want to share this passion with the world – or at least whoever you can.

The Chariot: Fame isn’t Everything

Honestly, it’s not. I know some readers who have over 200k followers on Facebook but cannot cope with life.

It’s easy to look at the success of some Tarot readers and start to feel major comparison anxiety. However, there’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a following, especially if you have that following because of a sensitive or unusual subject matter such as divination.

There was one point in my career when I had a successful fortune-telling blog, and about 15K subscribers and followers. Trust me, back then, that was a lot for a diviner. I thought that was what I wanted, but I was relatively young (24-25) and found my popularity difficult to cope with.

I would go to the bathroom and come back with 90 new notifications. I had other readers rating me one star on my business page and sending me messages and hate mail calling me ‘gypo’ and ‘bitch’. When one of my best friends was low on money, she stole my business ideas and tried to destroy my company. I had crazy clients who became obsessed.

The pressure I was under from my business and personal life caused me to eventually have a bit of a breakdown and delete my website, along with many of my social media accounts. Once I realized what I had done, it was too late, and all the hard work I had put in over the years vanished. I went into a depression for quite some time.

Now that I’m older and more experienced, I know how to handle the reality of having lots of monthly visitors to my site, but I still never expected to get to that point. Learning Tarot has taken my life in a direction I never would have dreamed on my own.

Justice: Problem Cards can be Fixed

A problem card is a card you just can’t ‘get’, and for a long time, Justice was my ‘problem’ card. However, I eventually had a couple of personal experiences that changed the way I went about interpreting this card.

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of life. Often, you won’t truly ‘get’ a card, but don’t worry or fret about it. As time goes on and you experience life, you’ll eventually overcome this issue. As for Justice, it took me a good 15 years to properly understand it, but I got there eventually.

The Hermit: Don’t Forget You’re Doing it for You

I have a kind of love-hate relationship with the Tarot community in general. There are those who I love and those who I despise. There are months on end when I’ll happily converse with anyone and everyone, and times when I can’t bear to scroll through my Facebook feed.

From what I’ve observed over many years, I think many folk in the community feel the same way. But you know what? That isn’t Tarot. Tarot isn’t pedantic. Tarot doesn’t steal ideas, have an ego, or be hypocritical. Tarot is what it is, and it’s sad that people allow themselves to be worn down by others. We didn’t get involved in Tarot to have to deal with other people.

Most Tarot readers read in solidarity – they don’t start in order to make friends. You don’t have to make Tarot friends or deal with anyone in the Tarot community if you don’t want to. Something that starts as an enjoyable hobby shouldn’t end because of bigger kids in the playground. The only friend you need when reading Tarot is Tarot.

The Wheel of Fortune: Interest in Tarot Waxes and Wanes

Remember I said that passion pays? Well, breaks are also normal.

There will be times when you feel you’re going around in circles with your Tarot studies. You’ll feel filled with enthusiasm one day, then suddenly not want to look at your deck for months on end. Don’t feel guilty about abandoning your deck for weeks, months, or even years at a time. Life experience is Tarot experience, so soak some of that up on days when you’re less enthusiastic over Tarot. Tarot should be fun, not a chore.

Strength: You Must Grow Confidence

To be a good Tarot reader, you must put yourself out there. If you’re reading a seeker and you get a feeling this card means this or that, go with your gut and say so. If your confidence doesn’t pay off, don’t worry about it.

Confidence and accuracy isn’t something you can force. Even the best readers still crap themselves. In fact, probably only great readers crap themselves or have a little anxiety with new seekers, because they care about Tarot and doing a good job (those who always do a bad job often don’t worry about it so much!).

The Hanged Man: You May Not Like the Answers You Seek

Through a Tarot reading, you may discover that things are completely different from the way you imagine them. Relationships might not be as fulfilling as you envision. That fabulous career opportunity might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Be prepared to be told these things through your Tarot cards.

Also, when asking questions to the wider Tarot community, be prepared not to get the answers you would prefer or the ones you’re looking for. Be open to opinions and the views of others, as this is what community is all about. There wouldn’t be much growth in Tarot if we were all vanilla.

Death: Sometimes, Death Does Mean Death 

That’s right – you’ll learn that sometimes, Death actually does mean deathTemperance can be your guardian angel, and The Devil can mean there are people out to ruin you spiritually.

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then, you really do get a literal reading, which is so much fun and worth adding to your diary or journal (if you have one). Again, this is one of the reasons why you should learn how to form a relationship with your deck; if you have a good connection, you can often tell the difference between whether a reading is literal or figurative.

Be constantly open to new interpretations. Play around, have fun, and see what you can come up with.

Temperance: Give Yourself Credit

A lot of readers think they aren’t so good or don’t give themselves the credit they deserve. However, if you work your ass off for Tarot, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “I’m quite a good reader.”

Moreover, if you’re working on your mediumship skills and consider yourself to be a psychic, there’s nothing wrong with calling yourself a psychic and using these abilities in your readings. Be who you are.

You need to have a realistic balance of confidence and modesty, because this means you can concentrate on your strengths and tackle your weaknesses. Saying you’re good at something you’ve studied hard at isn’t a bad thing. It is healthy.

There is a difference, however, between knowing you’re good at something and thinking you’re the be-all and end-all authority on it.

The theme of Tarot is that there’s always something new to learn, and that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Never forget the fact that, although you’re a good reader, there may always be better out there. I may have once won the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award, but there’s probably some 14-year-old at home in an apartment in the city who can wipe the floor with me. Balance goes a long way.

The Devil: Check Your Motives

It’s pretty obvious who’s in certain businesses for the wrong reasons – the wrong reasons here being money and fame. As I mentioned before, the psychic industry runs on trends, and with this comes the fact that everyone wants to be or discover the next big thing. Everyone crawls onto the bandwagon when they think something’s going to make the big bucks and be the next Angel Therapy or The Secret. It will be very shady and noticeable by others in your industry if you rebrand your whole spirituality to follow trends that are clearly gaining momentum. Stick to what you genuinely believe in.

When I was first online, I noticed how much my style of doing things differed from a lot of other people. I tend to focus on teaching predictive readings that can be applied to real life. I’m not afraid to venture down the ‘will he come back?’ rabbit hole and take my students with me.

When I first got online, it appeared that no-one else openly admitted they gave or taught what I would consider ordinary readings. Often, this is actively discouraged. I faced a lot of criticism and backlash that greatly affected my life and business. There was a time when I was even hounded daily for something I once thought was standard in this industry. It wasn’t until after I made a name for myself through blogging that I stopped getting public abuse on my social networks (nowadays, I just get the anonymous emails from self-help nutters).

Surprisingly, in the last couple of years, the tide has turned and predictive reading has become rather popular. Tarot readers are actively showing an interest in learning how to make predictions on ‘mundane’ matters, and every month, this website welcomes more and more visitors. It’s safe to say that sticking to my style has paid off.

There will be times when you haven’t yet found yourself or your reading style, and that’s okay. This is something you discover in time, and it’s constantly changing as well. As you develop as a person, your identity as a Tarot reader will also. 

The Tower: Tarot Doesn’t Have to be a Career Move

You know what? Tarot study can remain a hobby. I’ve noticed a lot of business courses and professional things flying around, but don’t feel pressured to take the leap and change your life. Trust me that when it comes to knowledge, the studier can be as good as the master; it’s not a competition. You can study Tarot and still keep your day job.

The Star: There is Always Hope

Above all else, Tarot is a fabulous opportunity for happiness. Many people are scared to get their cards read in case something bad comes of it. However, if anything, Tarot shows us that there’s always hope, no matter how bad or dire a situation appears.

The Star is one of my favorite cards, not only because I’m an Aquarius but because of its message. The Star shows us that there’s always hope and a chance for happiness. The message of The Star is that you will get what you want, but not always what you ask for or expect, and I think this reflects all Tarot readings in one way or another.

You may not be able to control the exact outcome of a situation, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. There will be a moment of happiness and contentment eventually. If life goes down, it must also come up. For every ‘bad’ card we receive, there are better ones waiting for their turn to take center stage.

The Moon: Tarot is a Gateway to the Occult

Often, readers start on one form of divination and are then opened up to others out of curiosity. I learned Tarot first, but then took a heavy interest in Romany Gypsy symbolism and learned how to read dreams, tea leaves, crystal balls, and natural omens. After this, when I became an adult, I learned how to read with Lenormand.

After discovering Tarot, you’ll delve further and further into the occult, and this is very much a positive thing.

Something I loved has very much become a lifestyle and a huge part of myself. Who would have thought a chance encounter with a relative’s cards would have set me up on this great and wonderful journey?

The Sun: Tarot is a Fabulous Opportunity

The many ways in which Tarot is an opportunity aren’t even countable. It’s an opportunity to predict the future or gain advice. It’s an opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It’s an opportunity to make lifelong friends and meet people, to laugh, to cry, and to simply enjoy discussing a crappy past, a better present, and a brighter future. It’s an opportunity to leave your day job (if you so desire) and risk everything to give others guidance and help in their time of need. It’s an opportunity to be yourself, share your secrets, and perfect your skills. It’s an opportunity not just to learn, but to experience the wonders of Tarot.

Judgment: This Hobby Could Be Your Destiny

I’m a bit of a romantic. I believe in free will but like to think there are some things in this world that are meant to be. I feel that I was born to be a reader – the signs were always there. Any time I tried to make a career or living out of something else, I was never able to. With Tarot, everything truly fell into place.

Divination pursued me. I once applied for hundreds of jobs and couldn’t get them; I would print off applications and the computer would break, interviews would be disastrous, etc. Oddly, I would always reach for my Tarot cards for answers. The answer was following me around all along. The answer was Tarot. Tarot is my calling. Is the Tarot calling you?

The World: The Journey is Never Ending 

The main thing Tarot taught me is that there’s always something new to learn and different ways to learn it. Tarot is read all over the world, and a lot of the juicy stuff hasn’t even hit the English-speaking market yet. You can really take part in lifelong learning with Tarot. You may feel like you’ve learned everything you need to know once you’ve learned the meanings of the 78 cards. But trust me, the journey has only just begun.

Closing Thoughts 

What have your learned from reading Tarot? What have been your main Tarot reading lessons? Feel free to share with myself and the Divinerism community in the comments section below (I am dying to hear from you!)

How I Became a Tarot Teacher

Two years ago, I introduced my first blog, fortunetellerlisaboswell with an article originally called ‘Lessons on Destiny.’ The post spoke about how I began to read professionally as an adult and the lessons I had learned which led up to that point. Back then, I thought I knew everything. I was naïve enough to believe I had been taught every lesson there was to know and that I would sail by for the rest of my life. I thought my old website would last me forever. When it came to everything, I was wrong.

Giving readings made me happy, but every time I traveled to a reading I could feel there was something missing. I had a bigger mission to fulfil, one which would require insane amounts of dedication, focus, and lack of horsing around.

I had my blog and was working as a professional reader. After the first post, I blogged about everything I was interested in including Tarot, Lenormand, social media, dream interpretation, culture; if it was of interest to diviners, I was writing up posts. I was making good money being a reader, and I should have been happy, but I wasn’t.

I slowly began to realize that I cared a lot more about writing my blog and educating would be diviners than I did about giving readings. I kept this information a secret because I didn’t want to upset people; my family, my students, and especially my clients, some of whom I had been reading since I was ten years old. I also knew that people would think I was stupid for wanting to try my hand in such a competitive market. So, I bottled my feelings up and didn’t say anything.

I could feel my intuition and spirits telling me I was doing the wrong thing by not pursuing teaching and coaching. The desire burned inside of me, but I squashed it further and further down till it created this massive pressure that weighed on me every single day. My only release was publishing a blog post, but every time I did my happiness would be a reminder that giving readings was not what I wanted.

A clique in children’s films is that of the hero who has to choose between two paths on a road or river. One path appears all sunshine and rainbows; the other path seems dark and scary. When the hero chooses the road which seems easiest, it turns out to be a living nightmare. By contrast, the way which looked most difficult is actually the smooth. When listening to your intuition, you are that hero. Although the initial push to follow your gut takes effort and seems fearful you are supported while making that leap. If you do not heed your inner calling, and take the ‘easy’ way out God, the spirits, and the universe put obstacles and lessons in your path until you listen to yourself and change direction.

While giving readings, writing, and concentrating on my blog, I thought I was superwoman. I was putting in 18 hour days, seven days a week thinking I was in control. I believed I could continue that way forever until I became sick. I developed a medical condition that caused me to have arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel along with being horribly ill. I was in and out of the hospital with problems with my liver and kidneys. I lost 3 of my molars. At that point, I was still heavily in denial. I performed email readings from my hospital bed so that my clients would get them on time.

Around the time I was ill, I had developed a friendship with another reader. She reeled me in with this bizarre story of what an ex-friend did to her and how hurt she was. She also had some other things going on at the time, and I will be honest, I felt sorry for her. We became close friends and talked every day, sometimes all day.

Eventually, she began to do things that rubbed me up the wrong way; I noticed she was plagiarizing my work and running with business ideas I had shared with her. To be honest, it wasn’t just business stuff; she overhauled her image to be like mine, and she started claiming to have the same very specific experiences I did. Things she told me when I first knew her about herself, her spirituality, reading style, and her upbringing varied considerably to her new public persona. I then noticed that she began to adopt aspects of other people she had met.

Every time I spoke to her, I could feel my spirits screaming at me to cut her off and that she was trouble. However, by this point, I had seen the over the top lengths she went to, what she called, ‘ruin’ her ex-friends and their businesses and I was too ill to deal with her crazy; I just plodded along, dragging myself through each day. I told myself I would deal with all of this in the future.

In the Summer of 2015, I took time off of work due to stress and survived off of my savings from fortune-telling. By this point I had a vision of everything I wanted my website to be – a place to help readers improve, promote, and perform their readings.

I registered the domain, wrote content, began work on courses, and hired people to design the branding. I longed just to go for it, but I held back, how would I create it? I knew a Herculean effort would be needed to pull it off, and I just didn’t have the courage for that.

For the first time, I began to research blogging seriously. I read post after post which told me that my dream would fail. Each article opened with a warning that I had to ‘niche down’ if I wanted to make a career from blogging and teaching. Apparently, my interest was too varied, the site would have no vision, there was no point in even trying.

The truth is, I cared so much about the project that I didn’t want to attempt it in case it failed. I would have rather dreamed a dream than risk losing it. I also knew that, because I was doing it, my friend would attempt a similar concept and I wanted to salvage our relationship. When it came to our friendship, I didn’t want to know the truth because I knew I was a fool for overlooking the obvious for so long. Because I had loved her like a sister, part of me couldn’t admit to myself that she was only using me to advance her career.

I decided that, for the time being, I was going to focus on helping psychics with their businesses, blogging, and social media and put teaching how to give readings on hold. I had previously written posts on my website on the subject and marketing was something that came naturally to me. Because the coaching blogs I read had told me that I had to niche down, I realized I might have to delete my Fortune Telling blog.

At that point, I had everything going for me. That last year, I was making bank. Just from payment from email readings that year I bought a 50 inch TV, iPhones, iMacs, new couches, and had Christmas pre-paid for in March. I won an award, Young Tarosophist of the Year. In email subscribers alone, my blog had amassed 4600 followers in 12 months. Due to being linked by Hay House authors, my site ranked on the top page of Google for terms like “gypsy fortune telling” “real fortune teller” and “Lenormand” among other things. It was in the top 5 million websites in the world for traffic. My blog posts regularly went viral, and I was getting tons of emails every day from people wanting readings and to interview me for their magazines and radio. However, the site had its problems.

When I first started the blog, I made the mistake of typing articles on mobile which didn’t pick up all of my spelling mistakes; I put one post through Grammarly, and it flagged up 300 spelling and grammar errors. I didn’t have the strength to fix everything. Because I had tendonitis in my rotary cuff, I was in agony every day; the pain was unbearable. I just couldn’t take the thought of having to comb through my website and I naïvely thought starting again was a quick fix.

The state of my site, the pressure on me, the advice from ‘experts’ and my plagiarizing friend was bad enough, but the excruciating pain pushed me over the edge. After I had got a sign from my spirits for the go-ahead, I sat on my couch, laptop on my knees, crying my eyes out. One by one, I moved everything from my old website into the trashcan and pressed ‘delete site.’ In an hour, everything was gone, just like that.

I began work on my new site, a business development website for psychics, and was optimistic. I wrote the course, blogs, giveaways for email subscribers, even social media posts. I also put a considerable amount of money into the site’s development, a new computer, and software. Before my company launched, I began to market it to build up interest.

Stupidly, because my idea was different from anything my then friend or I had done at length previously, I didn’t think she would attempt the same thing. At that time she was paying a developer to build her a new website, which she showed me, and it was vastly different from my vision. However, within weeks she had scrapped the developed site for an entirely new one where she discussed business development for diviners.

She did things which were unforgivable, the details of which I would rather keep out of this post. But she knows what she did then and in the aftermath were wrong and took me for an idiot.

One night, fresh out of the hospital, I lay in my bed in a rage. I was in so much pain; both physically and emotionally. I had lost everything, given up all I had for her to come along and do what she did. I got out of my bed, scrolled through my phone, and blocked her from any communication with me; all social media, email, contact, everything. I didn’t have it out with her in a screaming match because I didn’t feel I owed her that, she had already taken so much from me I wasn’t giving her my energy or the satisfaction of seeing how hurt I was.

She was about to launch another much-anticipated project, and she used her newfound popularity to affect my business. It didn’t take long before she ‘outted’ me on social media for cutting her off. Her friends said that I should have considered myself lucky that someone like her would copy from me. Mutual friends of ours began to unfollow and sub me. Our mutual friends (friends I had previously sent clients to and advertised for free on my old site and social media) had told me that I should overlook what she did so we could all remain friends; when I refused they also turned against me. For around six months, a lot of people had turned their backs on me because of her.

I tried again with a new site, but because it was created during this drama, the love was gone. Because I didn’t want to keep things going with my ex-friend, I scrapped my business development idea so that site sat in limbo.  I didn’t want to put too much into it because deep down I knew there a dark cloud hanging over it which I associated with loss. Every time I looked at that site I had nothing but painful memories. I hit rock bottom, and all I had was readings which I now secretly hated.

There wasn’t a day, an hour minutes which went past that I didn’t think about my deleted Fortune Teller site and how I could have turned it into an epic resource for diviners. I just couldn’t believe that I let things get so out of hand that I threw away my dream. I could have had all of those blog posts I had spent all of that time writing. For nearly one year I had been writing divination and spiritual articles for fun, which I stored on my computer. When I thought about my old blog, I fantasized about how my new articles would look on my old blog and how I could have had them organized by subject.

Mourning my first blog made me hate my second one even more. I decided that it was the end, and I pulled the plug on my second site. I registered the name for For Prediction, with the tagline “divination, education, spirituality.” (I eventually changed the site name to Divination and Fortune-Telling because this name is less restrictive). I developed it, put out a few blogs, and sat on it over the summer of 2016 until I mustered up the courage to make it what I truly wanted.

Previously, I had signed a contract for a company which puts psychics on the TV. The work was easy; the money was great, but I could hear my spirits whispering that I was running away from my problems and wasting time promoting my readings when I could be working on what I really wanted to do; writing books and creating my online diviner’s resource.

August, rolled around, and I was meant to be appearing on a TV show live via webcam. That night while I was putting my makeup on in the mirror, I heard a spirit tell me that I was doing the wrong thing.

In the dark, literally five minutes before I went live I walked into my living room, and I could feel my granddad’s spirit. I said, “granddad I need a sign. I need you to tell me if I am doing the right thing here”. When it was time for me to read on air, they had technical difficulties, and I wasn’t able to perform any readings. I took this as my sign from my granddad I was to focus on developing For Prediction into what I dreamed. I slowly began to come to terms with everything and tried to deal with the loss of my Fortune Teller blog.

Not long after this incident, I had a dream about the Goddess Kali. I was at a Hindu wedding in a Christian church, and she was the bride. As she walked past me, she smiled.

During August and September, I just wrote and wrote blog posts. One day, as I wrote, I received a message from a woman. The woman was messaging me because she had also had a fall out with my ex-friend and going through a similar situation with her.

We got talking, and I realized we shared other similar interests and experiences; she was a devotee of Kali and had been initiated into her cult in India. I found it odd we had found each other due to my dream a couple of weeks earlier. In passing conversation, she alerted me to an online website archive. I realized that my old blogs and website might have been saved, somehow.

I went to the archive, and there were my old website and blog posts. I could copy them, edit them, and use them to kick-start my vision for my company. I intend on going for my dream and making this website a resource for diviners whether they are looking to improve their readings, develop their blog or promote their readings.

This time a year ago or even six months ago, I had no idea all of this would have been possible. Looking at my website now, I am glad all of this took place. I no longer mourn my old site, because this site is all I ever wanted and all I ever will want.

I am floored that the universe, the spirits, God, and the Goddess have to lead me to this. I honestly will never question my faith or intuition ever again; I cannot believe how everything turned out and turned around so quickly once I stayed true to my heart.

One thing I have learned is gratitude for all that has happened because I know that I am moving in the right direction. I am grateful for the good days and the bad days. I am grateful for the people who showed me their true colors and either left me or stayed to cheer on this vision. I am grateful for all of the signs I got and the spirits who pushed me in the right direction. I am thankful for old friends, new friends, lessons old and new.

So, this is how we got here; this is a website built on a vision, faith, and guidance by spirit.

Thank you for reading its story.

May spirit be with you, always.

That is all for my story!

10 Myths about Fortune Tellers

Myths about real fortune-tellers by a Romany gypsy fortune teller. There are many myths about psychic readers who read tarot, crystal balls, dreams, tea leaves, and other tools and methods of divination.

I believe that Tarot cards can predict the future. I believe that our dreams are omens for tomorrow. I believe that a crystal ball can tell you if you will be married, how many kids you will have, and what color your future husband’s shirt will be on the day you first meet. Hi, my name is Lisa Boswell, and I am a fortune-teller. I tell fortunes for a living.

(This post was originally written in 2015 when I was fortune-telling full time. I have included it on this blog because, although I am no longer doing readings online, I am teaching how to do predictive readings on this site. Enjoy!)

There are a lot of myths and stereotypes flying around about predictive readers and what it is that predictive readers actually do. I have written this blog post because I am sick of defending myself and my fellow readers to people who are spreading these myths throughout our community – the spiritual community. 

I feel that people are terribly misinformed about who and what real fortune tellers are and, as a result, are misinforming others. Therefore, I hope this blog post will be shared whenever someone makes one of these ten statements so that the reader (and myself) can save time and get on with our work.

So here it is, ten myths of the fortune teller busted! Let me know how you find it;

Myth 1: Predictive Readers Do Not Believe in Free-Will

Often, it is commented that predictive readers believe that there is no such thing as free will. If anything, I believe that humans have too much free will! Of course, we have free will, but I also believe that everything has a higher plan. I feel that we all have a destiny. There are just is some things which are meant to be. However, I don’t think it is always clear what is meant to be for us.

I like to think of the free will/destiny scenario as a trip to the end of a river. Let’s say that Sally, Henry, and Krista are all meant to meet at the end of a river. Sally walks. Henry drives. Krista, however, is a rebel. She goes to the shops, chats to strangers, and loses her way. Over time Krista may even have journeyed right around the other end of the world eventually, though Krista ends up at the end of the river with her friends.

Like Sally walking and Henry driving to the river, some of the decisions which we make are just not important. Small details may or may not interfere with our higher plan. We can be like Krista, and fight against the things which the universe calls us for. I have done this. However, one day, we will all be at the end of the river, even if the journey is the fun part.

I read people on the premise that our destiny and free will are intertwined. I feel that the Western world is too quick to pigeonhole everything into black and white, good and bad, yes and no, right and wrong. It is us, within our little human brains, who have decided that free will and destiny are contradictory, but that doesn’t mean that that is necessarily true. 

As mere humans, I do not think we can comprehend the mysteries of how it is possible to predict the future. I am quite Descartian in the view that, at its core, we can never be sure if we can truly know anything. All I know is that prediction is possible because I have seen it for myself.

Myth 2: Fortune-Tellers Only Predict the Future

Again, this is false. I believe that readings only have a benefit to the seeker if they can look ahead and offer advice on which roads to take at the same time. I believe that that seeker has come to that reader for a reason. I think that even in terrible readings, there should always be something that the seeker can take away and work on.

I have told seekers, “You’re annoying your boyfriend. Do this, this and this or he will leave you”. The seekers I have told that to? Their boyfriends are now their husbands. They are their husbands because my reading scared the shit out of them so hard that they listened to me. They listened to me because my other predictions were correct.

On top of prediction, I also give advice to seekers to balance their work and home lives and to take their children to the park more. The whole point is that the reading is about the seeker getting the most out of their lives. Otherwise, I do not feel that I would be doing much of a service.

Myth 3: Only Lower-Class People Go For Predictive Readings

When I hear this one, I just have to laugh. Anyone who knows the upper classes know that people with money have the same concerns as the rest of us. They also worry they will divorce. They also get stuck on which decisions to make. In fact, if anything, the upper classes are more concerned with the future.

I have been taught that it is extremely tacky to name drop your clients. I will take who I have read for to my grave. However, we will just say that the wealthy and well-known want to know what is around the corner probably more than anyone else. I regularly read for self- made business people and politicians. My great granny used to read certain members of the British Royal Family regularly. It is common knowledge that gypsy fortune tellers have had themselves in royal courts from Russia to England for centuries.

Don’t get me wrong, fortune-telling is not all glamor and celebrities. One day I found myself reading someone who made me go “wow,” and the next, I found myself reading a housewife. All psychic businesses are like that. At the end of the day, I am only young; I take whatever clients I can get! I also don’t particularly have a preference for seeker’s backgrounds. I get just as excited over reading questions about lovers coming back as I do reading about real estate. Both are equally as important to seekers, or they wouldn’t be getting a reading in the first place.

The class, race, wants, and needs of those who go to certain readers depend on pretty much one thing – the individual. If a reader only reads for upper-class clients, then they have marketed their services to the seekers. It usually has nothing to do with the services which they offer.

Myth 4: Only Lower-Class People Read for Prediction 

I learned how to read at a young age. I remember being at home discussing with my granny her views on The Devil. I was sitting at the end of a bed, in one of the bedrooms of my home. One of the six bedrooms of my family home, in one of the two houses which my parents owned. Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t grow up without bread or butter in the cupboard.

Myth 5: Fortune Tellers Make up the Majority of Readers

It is not true that predictive readers make up the majority of readers. When doing the Boswell Tarot Survey, we found that only 2.53% of readers said they used Tarot for exclusively fortune-telling whereas 7.59% said they used Tarot for self-development focussed readings (89.86% said both). The sample from this survey was taken from readers all over the world of all walks of life.

I find that there seems to be a shortage of predictive readers. Seekers come to me because they know I am a predictive reader. They have said this is what they want and are searching for and could not find. The fortune-telling Gypsy is not as common as the memes on Facebook would have you believe.

Myth 6: Only those who are not Spiritually Evolved want Predictive Readings

Let’s be honest here; we are all only human. In my practice, I deal with emotions, feelings, and situations which affect humans. I find that often, New Age philosophies try to make people feel bad for being human. There is this idea that humans should constantly be trying to ‘work on’ or ‘fix’ themselves. Why? What is so wrong with a person feeling like shit about their businesses failing or their lovers leaving them? I don’t know any human who has never fallen apart over that.

I do not feel that we should be shaming and patronizing those who come to us for help. Everybody hurts. In my readings, I say, “you know what? Yeah, he was a cheating bastard, but pick yourself up, and you’ll meet someone else. Have a good cry and let it out, then move on”. If there’s something unevolved in having a bit of compassion for a fellow human, then so be it.

Myth 7: There is no Money in Predictive Readings

If anything, there is more money in predictive readings. I am not going to go into how much money I make. I will, though, state the fact that email readers are known for not making much money. I wrote this blogpost originally during my second year in business. The week this post went viral, I made over £1000 in email readings alone. This post paid for two new couches and my daughter’s Christmas that year (in March). Talk about business goals.  

Like all businesses, the owners only make money if they work hard and commit to their work. This is true if you are reading for prediction or self- help reasons. It is not the methods or style which the reader uses but how effectively they advertise, which affects their bottom line. As long as the reader is good at what they set out to do, the seekers will be happy and review well. 

Myth 8: There are no Benefits to Reading for Prediction 

I have nothing against people who do not believe in fortune-telling, that is their business. What I am against, though, is people who do not clearly know anything about predictive readings passing judgment on them. It has been commented that there is no benefit in predictive readings, only in more self-help and style readings.

Seekers come to me for me to be realistic about the direction which their lives are taking. Sometimes we can put our heart and soul into something, and it still not work out. In negative readings, people would rather know if they are wasting their time sooner rather than later. In a positive reading, a good outcome gives the seeker hope and spurs them on to achieve better things. The seeker can choose to listen to what I have to say, or they can ignore me.

I feel that the best way to read Tarot (or any Oracle) is to read it from a mix of perspectives. I wouldn’t see Death in an outcome position and tell the reader that if they work on themselves harder, the situation will be unicorns and kittens. However, I don’t think that Death always means death either. My seekers are most pleased with a reading when they get a balance of predictive information, which they asked for and a healthy dose of advice. I would never intentionally leave a seeker thinking that they had no choice in a matter, but I am not going to make them feel like shit because they haven’t worked on themselves hard enough. 

Myth 9: Predictive Readers Dress ‘Gypsy’

I’m a gypsy, and I don’t dress gypsy. I sit at home all day in my pajamas. I mean, come on? This is Scotland I am living in would you want to wear a skirt to readings?

Myth 10: Only Old Gypsy Female Fortune-Tellers Read For Prediction 

Obviously, being a Romany Gypsy fortune telling female, I can’t deny that Romany people read for prediction. However, I am only 25. The younger readers of today have a much wider mix of skills and experiences to offer. 

I did this post because stereotypes and elitism in our community need to be challenged. From my experiences, the only people still keeping these myths alive are people inside of the Tarot and Occult communities; the general public does not think this way and, in general, do not care. As long as you can read for them, that is all that matters. Maybe the readers of this community should have the same point of view? Maybe we should all try to get along? Maybe not. After all, I am just a fortune teller.

Closing Thoughts on Myths About Fortune-Tellers

That’s all for myths about fortune-tellers! Have you learned anything new? Did you manage to overcome any of these myths about fortune-tellers? Feel free to share with myself and the Divinerism community below!

Real Romany Gypsy Spirituality

The purpose of this article is to educate people on Romany Gypsy spirituality and belief. I wrote this article because the industry I am in (spirituality) seems to hold many misconceptions about us, our culture and what makes us Gypsies. Please keep an open mind when reading. 

I should start off this article explaining what Gypsies are as there seems to be some confusion about this. A Gypsy, Gitana, etc. is the same thing. These are all names for the Romany people. No matter if they are living in France, Sudan, Russia or Cuba they will speak the same language, have the same beliefs and follow the same culture.

All Gypsies are biologically related as one people. They are identifiable as one group who left India around 1000-1500 years ago, possibly due to invasion. We traveled West and spread out all over the world. Our language, Romani, is descended from a mix of Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) Hindu and other Indian languages with some European influences.

When someone refers to a ‘Gypsy,’ they are usually always referring to the Romany people. At one point, Gypsies were believed to come from Egypt (Gypsy is short for Egyptian). Only in recent times have people realized that Gypsies came from India. The word Romany (or Rom) is Romani (Romani is our language) for ‘people.’ For a Gypsy, the correct term to use is Romany (Gypsy can be offensive) however I will use them interchangeably here to prevent confusion.

Someone asked me if Gypsies ‘bred’ with Gorgers in the countries which they inhabited. I will say some Gypsies married Gorgers, but this is not a standard practice. In genetic tests, Romany people are still mostly identifiable as Indian, and we still carry genetic disorders unknown outside of small pockets of Indian cities.

People often falsely say “Spanish Gypsies” “Scottish Gypsies” or “Egyptian Gypsies.” Ethnically, this is not possible and in some cases is insulating. Just because these Romany people are living in these countries, does not mean they are a part of that culture, so it is wrong to refer to them as being Scottish, Mexican, etc. As far as we are concerned, we are Romany and Romany only.

Living in a wagon and wearing an ankle bracelet does not make you a Gypsy. You have to be born and raised in Gypsy culture to be ethnically Romany. Even then, biology is not enough to be accepted by other Gypsies as one of us; you must follow our laws and rules to be

considered a Gypsy by other Gypsies. A pure Gypsy could be considered an outsider (Gorger) and an adopted child would be a Gypsy if the adopted child followed our rules and the pure blood did not.

Following our laws and rules results in a pure life. Gorgers do not live by our laws and rules, so we believe culturally and spiritually this is what separates us from them. Associating with anyone who does not live by our rules can contaminate us; the group we are living in can also be contaminated. Contamination reinforces our belief we should limit contact with Gorgers.

Our belief that Gorgers and their influence is somehow dangerous has kept our culture alive for thousands of years across great distances. If we did not hold these beliefs, Romany culture would cease to exist. People may find it hard to believe that traditions remain the same through time and space but this is probably the one thing which has kept our culture alive and will continue to do so.

Because our beliefs are closely tied to our way of life, our beliefs are not viewed as being ‘religious’ or ‘special’ by Romany Gypsies. Our spirituality is seen as being factual and the truth, not something you must have faith in to believe. Roma incorporates their beliefs in their day to day life, and many are not aware that non-Gypsies (Gorgers) do not believe most of these things or feel that way.

Our ‘universal truths’ are accepted as facts of life and realities even by Romany people who claim atheism.  Often, Christianity and Islam is twisted to fit alongside our indigenous beliefs so if you ask a Romany person they are ‘extremely religious’ but do not realize that they have a distorted view of their religion because of their upbringing. Our beliefs are very much a way of life, not just reserved for church on Sundays.

We have no church, no Bible, no priests or nuns. Our beliefs are passed down through word of mouth from parents and other family members. Anyone who claims they have their Gypsy grandmother’s spell book is a liar. There are no exceptions to this rule. If they had a spell book, they would be influenced by Gorger culture and, therefore, not considered one of us by us.

One is considered part of the Gypsy culture if they follow certain laws and rules. If you do not follow our laws and rules (or have brought shame, ladza, to your community), then you are not considered Roma. You must be raised like us to be one of us. To be “pure” you must follow certain rules; it is following these laws and rules which separate us from Gorgers who are not aware of these universal truths or refuse to follow them.

Romany people who do not follow these laws which are living among a Gypsy community will be punished. It is common for a Gypsy to start learning how to run a household when they are in their teens. If they are observed making a mistake (contaminating a dish, for example), then they will be called out on it. Even as children, we ostracize and called each other names for not following the rules. Not following the rules means you will be treated differently by the group for some time.

Some crimes are punishable by banishment. If you have been banished, you are not considered Gypsy by other Gypsies. If a teenager contaminates a plate, they will be called a Gorger by the other children. It is considered an insult because you are viewed as not fitting in. Ostracization ensures we do not make the same mistake again because our ‘Gypsiness’ is our most prized possession.

There is an endless list of things we consider pure and impure, however; impure things fall into certain categories;

–    Anything from the outside.

–    Anything from the ground or that which touches the ground.

–    Anything from the lower body.

–    Parts of the body which produce emissions (genitals, spots, silva)

–    Women on their period and pregnant women.

–    Blood.

–    Places associated with life, death or illness.

–    Certain words (Devil, period).

–    Certain thoughts (thinking negatively about a sick person).

–    Animal contact. Gypsies would never put their face to an animal, let an animal lick us or let an animal touch or come close to anything which must remain clean. A cat would never be allowed on our kitchen bunkers, for example.

–    Some groups of animals (rodents, reptiles) are especially marime and are treated with extra caution. Most families would say the word ‘dog’ out loud but not the word ‘rat.’

–    In general, because we have a dualistic worldview we don’t like anything which doesn’t have its place. Monkeys are animals but are like humans and therefore some families look at them with suspicion. Illnesses are in between life and death, and that is one of the reasons why we fear illness as well.   

Living a pure life is known as having (or following) Romanipen. Gypsies who do not have or follow Romanipen are not considered Romany because they lack gypsiness. Romanipen is needed for a spiritually balanced life which is known as Kintala (which is similar to Karma). Coming into contact with dirty things or living an impure life affects your Kintala. Therefore, life revolves around strict rules which limit contact with these things and avoids contamination of pure things.

Due to our spirituality revolving around cleaning, we have routines about what is the correct way to clean. When washing clothes, purity rules are kept in mind. We would not wash face clothes with underwear, for example. Some things are washed in their own separate bucket assigned for that purpose and that purpose only, such as dishcloths.

Clothes and towels have different statuses. Because clothes touch clean dishes, they are to not touch anything else. If a cloth falls on the floor, we must bleach it in its own special bucket. We would never wipe the floor or even our hands on a cloth which touches our dishes; we wipe our hands on a towel and wash the floor with a floor cloth. Towels are viewed more devious than clothes because we wipe our body on a towel.

It is vital before doing dishes hands are washed. Dishes are always done in a plastic basin (never directly in the sink). Dishes are washed in a particular order which usually takes into account which ones have most direct contact with the mouth (cups always first, pots always last). It is a must that all dishes are rinsed after washing to get rid of the stale water (in general Gypsies don’t like water that sits still). Any baby items are washed separately with clean water, never with other people’s dishes. 

If I were not to follow the proper routine I would be considered impure (marime). I must not put my face on the cat. I must wash cups first. I must wash certain clothes separately. These things (and the others) are viewed as essential, and every Gypsy from around the world follows these rules. Marime laws are what holds our culture together as one people.

Romany children are told by their elders not to accept food or drinks from people they consider dirty or impure. Before entering their home we are warned that if they try to give us anything, do not accept it. I am in my twenties and still get warned these things off my mum and grandmother. By going into people’s houses outside my culture (or some families my family view as being lower class than mine), I can bring things back to my group.

It is very insulting not to accept food or drink off of a Gypsy as they will assume that you think they are dirty. Gypsies think that people who refuse are doing so because they feel the Gypsy is dirty. Therefore, if a Gypsy offers you something to eat, tea or even water ALWAYS take it.

Romany people are obviously aware that Gorgers do not follow our laws. However, I don’t think that most Gypsies realize that certain laws or beliefs are only followed by them. It’s funny when I’m out and about with granny, and she points out that people have their cloths hanging outside with their underwear.

We do not believe that Gorgers are born dirty or impure; they are not that way naturally. They have chosen not to follow these (what Gypsies believe) are obvious truths of what is considered dirty and what is not. From what I have observed, some Gypsies actually do believe that some Gorgers choose to follow these rules but there are ‘dirty’ Gorgers who choose not to. However, taking the risk by finding out which ones do and don’t can put us in danger, so it is best to avoid Gorgers.

Another thing which causes impurity is shame being brought to a family. However, one of the ways of being considered shameful is to not follow purity laws, so the two are closely linked. Through shame and impurity, you are considered not just dirty physically but also spiritually.

The power of impurity is so strong that you can be considered impure just by associating with impure people; you can be contaminated by them. This is why certain individuals may be out cast from a family for some crimes. Impure individuals can contaminate an entire family.

One of the symptoms of living an impure life may be signals from the universe or the ancestor spirits that they are unhappy (prikaza). These signals could be as severe as a serious as death but as simple as tripping in the street. Prikaza, therefore, causes bad luck (bibaxt).

There is not one source of good and bad luck. It may be spirits (mulo) or the ancestors (mule) which cause the misfortune, God (Del) or The Devil (Beng). Most commonly, however, it is the universe itself which causes bad luck.

There seems to be this belief by Gypsies that the universe contains its own force. God and The Devil may just be a part of the universe’s natural way. God and The Devil are not all powerful beings; even they are tied to universal laws, and not all misfortune or luck is the result of them. The universe is in a state of balance (right and wrong, male and female, etc.) and marime things upset this balance causing misfortune.

Other than physical impurity there are a couple of other things which can upset the balance of the universe. Having ‘spiteful’ thoughts is one impure thing which doesn’t have a physical origin. Having dirty thoughts explains how some diseases are passed in groups who have not recently had contact with the outside world.

If my granny has a cold then I catch it, she sees this as evidence that I have thought ‘spiteful’ thoughts about her while she was ill and this is the true reason the cold was passed to me. In this way, you can also ‘catch’ not just diseases but also injuries such as broken bones. It is not HOW ill health is passed but WHY which is the focus of attention.

In a way, curses are always passed by the power of thought, not by actual spells. Thinking evil thoughts about someone is called ‘wishing bad’ on them even if the person isn’t actively wishing anything bad to happen. Jealousy is considered one of the worst character traits to have because it can cause anything from failed relationships, lost objects, and illnesses.

When ill, Gypsies often stay away from each other, because an ill person is considered marime for a time. Because illness threatens life and may be a form of punishment, we try to avoid ill health.

Hospitals are viewed as being one of the last places we wish to visit due to their impurity and fear Gorgers ‘will mess with us’. However, because childbirth and death are considered impure, we would rather give birth or die in hospitals than in a bush at home (Gypsies never give birth inside their homes). Other than during childbirth the hospital is viewed as a last resort.

There seems to be a trend of Gypsies encouraging each other to leave the hospital sooner than the doctors recommend; I have only ever left the hospital against doctor’s orders and, to be honest, my family came up to get me and escort me out of the place. We wish to leave because, although we know hospitals can make us better, we also believe hospitals are an impure place which can make us sicker. Unless you are dying, there is no need to stay there (death also contaminates the home). Therefore, it is best to get medicine and escape as soon as possible.

When I have gone to visit my family who is in the hospital, I have observed they think it is ‘shameful’ to have your hospital curtains open ‘for people to see you’ while you are in a hospital worthy state. I am unsure why this is, but I think it also has something to do with it being viewed as shameful if you draw attention to yourself in some way (by being ‘on display’ in a hospital bed). Because there is this undercurrent belief of illnesses happening for a reason, then being ill in itself may cause Gorgers to want to work out why and unfairly judge us.

Gypsies do not openly discuss our beliefs about fortune telling, God, The Devil, etc. for the simple fact that this is one of the things which warrants the most interest by Gorgers. I have seen resources which claim that Gypsies do not believe in fortune telling which is actually false. Just like Gorgers some do believe and some do not (however, the only Gypsies who I know who claim not to believe in fortune telling also refuse to sleep or stay in the same room as my Tarot cards or crystal ball.)

It is a common misconception that all Gypsies are sitting around all day learning about the occult. It is not believed that every Gypsy can be a psychic. Readers usually begin as children; we may read as a hobby before becoming teenagers. Our readings are influenced by our worldview, and this is the true ‘secret’ to our readings.

When I perform readings, I don’t tell someone they are having misfortune because they are living impure lives because I am aware that Gorgers will have no idea of what I am talking about. However, this does not mean that other Romany people are aware that Gorgers do not live like us. Ignorance to how Gorgers live and what they believe is probably why a lot of Gypsies think it is okay to tell Gorgers they are cursed or will receive misfortune.

Gorgers seem to have this belief that you can pay a Gypsy to perform spells to prevent your bad luck or bring good luck. I cannot see how this is possible because for us that just isn’t the way the universe works; misfortune is caused by living an impure life, and the only way to correct it is to live a pure one.

If a Gypsy tries to sell you a spell either 1. You are being robbed by ethnic Gypsies or 2. You are being robbed by Gorgers claiming to be Gypsies. Sadly, the second one is usually true nowadays; I see these adverts every week on Facebook groups advertising spell castings by people who are certainly Gorgers. However, in the whole of the Facebook world, I have only ever come across two other authentic Romani Gypsy fortune tellers and have never once met an authentic Romany spell caster anywhere online. It is extremely rare for Gypsies who were raised in a traditional manner to be able to read and write.

This may be difficult for other people to understand, but Gypsies know other Gypsies; I can tell an ethnic Roma just by scanning their profile, seeing their pattern of speech, their surnames and even the way we introduce ourselves to each other. Because our culture differs so significantly to Western culture and we are close-knit, everything down to the way we physically move is a clue to other Romany that we are Romany people also.

Only someone who was raised in a traditional manner will be able to read your fortune in ‘Gypsy’ style. Anyone advertising as a Gypsy and advertising chakra cleansing, aura sprays, yoga, or anything similar (I can confidently say) does not read in the traditional Gypsy manner. I know this because their reading style is clearly influenced by Gorger culture and only a tiny percentage of Gypsies know what these things are. Even if they wanted to the average Gypsy is barely literate enough to read about anything New Age. Like I said before, it is not sufficient to be 100% Romany; you have to be raised like us, to be one of us.

It is possible for Gorgers to, hypothetically, learn how to read like a Romany person through an understanding of our symbolism. However, our spirituality is tied mostly to the way which we live which, in turn, is tied to our upbringing. This worldview is not something you can learn from a book; we live this way from when we wake in the morning to when we go to sleep at night, and our laws and rules affect every area of our life.

Gypsies do not believe that our readings are better than Gorger reader’s readings. However, we are well aware of the fact that there seems to be a preference for our readings because Gorgers seem to believe our readings are superior. Any benefit we receive for our ethnicity is significantly outweighed by a growing movement against us.

As Gorgers try harder and harder to legitimize the psychic industry, they may contrast ourselves against themselves to appear ‘respectable.’ Racism against us is often perpetrated by people who claim to be about ‘one love’ so does not seem to be racist. Because Gorgers are not even aware that we are an ethnicity, it is openly acceptable and even encouraged to rip apart Gypsies.

When I first set up online as a professional reader, I worked hard and promoted my page, paid for advertising, etc. Other readers (at least one a day) would go to my business page and rate me one star. They would post crap such as “Gypsies will rob you, come to me” and went out their way to contact my page likers to slate Gypsies. Racism affected my life significantly and nearly ruined by business. Obviously, this is one of the dangers of ethnic fraud which people don’t seem to understand. That post is for another day, though.

If you’re on a spiritual journey, you can find out more about divination by downloading my 100% free Tarot for Beginner’s Guide! You can discover more about this guide and claim your free copy here:

Facts about Fortune Tellers

Here’s some facts about fortune tellers! These statistics is based on a survey I conducted of 947 psychics during the summer of 2018. Enjoy!

Are you looking for some statistical facts about psychic readers, fortune tellers, and diviners? Curious to know how many are professional readers? Wondering what is the average age people start reading Tarot, astrology, Lenormand, or giving psychic readings? How many men and women are psychics? This post will explain.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who took part in The Big Divination Survey 2019, you rock! Today we are going to look at the results. 

If you’re new to Divination & Fortune Telling, my name is Lisa Boswell and I run both the Divination and Fortune Telling website and Lenormand Oracle site. During August 2019, I surveyed divination practitioners to measure their likes, dislikes, and to reveal what they are practicing, and here are the results.

Facts About Fortune Tellers: The Survey

A total of nearly 1000 diviners (947) took the survey. As far as I know, this is the largest study of divination practitioners ever conducted. 

In fact, the survey was so large I have to share the results in three parts otherwise we are going to be sitting here all day reading results which are too large for your inboxes! This week, we are going to be looking at the general demographics of readers including their gender identity, age, and whether or not they have gone pro (or would like to). 

Not only is the information gathered from these surveys fun to read they can also tell you a lot about what types of people are interested in divination. So if you work in the spiritual, psychic and/or divination industries professionally and are looking to go into something like teaching, advertising, product creation, or even writing, these results will be useful to you. 

If you quote any facts which you have read here either on social media, in a magazine or blog post, please link back to www.divinerlife.com and give us credit. As long as you give me credit, you can use the results as you wish. 

Finally, I would like to say that I am sharing this information here with you today, but a full write up and break down of the results and trends are going to be published in the future. But more on that another time!

Again, thanks to everyone who took part in the survey. Next time I conduct the survey, we are going to go bigger and better so keep your eye’s peeled! 

Here are the results: 

The Countries Where Readers Reside

U.S.A – 51%

UK – 14%

The Rest of Europe – 11%

Australia & New Zealand – 7%

Canada – 6%

South America – 3%

East Asia (Japan, China, etc.) –  3%

India – 2%

Africa – 2%

Islamic Asia (Jordan, Iran, etc) – 1%

Obviously, the survey was in English so it was mostly English-speaking countries who took the survey, making it more representative of the West. Next time, if I want to compare and contrast diviners from different countries, I will expand the survey by getting it translated into Spanish and possibly Chinese or Arabic. 


While most readers are female, there are considerable proportions who are male (8%) and a small amount (less than 1%) who appear under the ‘gender-queer’ umbrella. There are some methods of divination which are more likely to attract men, such as Lenormand. 

Age They Began Practicing Divination 

The average age to start practicing divination has risen from 27 to 32 in the last five years. This means that diviners are beginning their divination journey at a much later date than they have previously.

Age Range

The smallest age ranges of readers are over seventy (1%), in their sixties (7%), and in their teenage years (3%). I feel the more mature age’s numbers are probably representative of life expectancy dropping off as people get older. Not many teens practice divination, so this is why this number is so low. 

After these numbers, comes the 50’s age range which makes up 16% of diviners. I am actually quite surprised at this as I assumed this number would be higher. 

The biggest proportions of diviners are in their 20’s (21%), 30’s (27%), and 40’s (24%). The proportion of these readers are pretty similar, and they make up the vast majority of divination practitioners (72%). 

Length of Time Practicing Fortune Telling

The vast majority of diviners are newbies (54%) who have been practicing for less than a year (21%) or between one and five years (33%). I think these stats are due to the growing popularity of Tarot and other divination methods in the last few years. 

After newbies, the highest proportion of diviners are what could be considered as very experienced readers who have been reading for more than twenty years (21%). If the newbies of today stick to their divination journey, this number will rise in the future. 

Finally, the smallest amount of readers have been diviners for between five and ten years (11%) after them comes readers who have been reading for between ten and twenty years (14%). These stats may reflect the fact that many people begin their divination journey but do not stick with it longer than five years. However, the ones which do end up being readers well into the future for 10+ or even 20+ years. 

First Method of Divination 

The most common first methods of divination are as follows: 

Tarot – 55%               

Playing Cards – 11%   

Astrology – 6%  

Pendulum – 5%                  

Oracle cards – 4%     

Runes – 2%                

Lenormand – 2%              

Palmistry – 1%       

I Ching – 1%        

Gypsy Cards – 1%

Most other methods of divination represented under 1% of the divination population. However, there was a wide variety of methods including using online generators, sticks, stones, shells, the wind, coin flipping, mirrors, water, trees, automatic writing, and the movement of birds. 

Support From Family and Friends

Of all diviners who answered 22% said that their friends and family were not supportive of them practicing divination. While I am sure that this number will drop in the coming years, there is still a significant proportion of the divination community who are reading without support. 

Fortune Tellers in the Family

Surprisingly, most divination practitioners are the first in their family to practice divination (58%). Next, the largest proportion has ancestors who were diviners (21%), and equal amounts have both ancestors and close family members who are diviners (10%) or just close family members who are also diviners (10%). 

Facts about Professional Fortune Tellers

Only a small percentage of diviners (3%) believe that it is wrong to charge money for Tarot readings or readings with divination tools. The rest of the divination population are either professionals (38%) or do not believe it is wrong to charge for readings but have no interest in doing so (59%). 

Of the diviners who do read for payment, the vast majority only make a small amount of money (67%). The rest make either a part-time income (24%) or a full-time living (9%) from their craft. 

Although most diviners are not professional, most are either interested (18%) or very interested (42%) in learning more about marketing, and making more money, and working as a professional diviner (total 60%). 

However, a significant proportion of the diviner population are not interested in learning more about the business side of divination. Just under 8% said they were not interested and 15% said they were very disinterested (total 23% not interested). The remainder of diviners said they were indifferent (17%) when it comes to learning more about business. 

Closing Thoughts on Facts About Fortune Tellers

That’s all for the facts about fortune tellers. Did any of this facts surprise you? Did you expect them? Feel free to share with myself and the Divinerism community in the comments section below!

How I Became a Gypsy Fortune Teller

I believe that doing what it is you are meant to be doing in life gets the best results. Find your calling, follow the signs, and do what makes you happy. My story of how I found my destiny as a Gypsy fortune teller started years ago. 

I was raised in a Romany Gypsy household. I obviously, therefore, had professional Gypsy fortune tellers in my family and many of my ancestors are famous readers and witches. In our culture, it is not automatically assumed that every Gypsy child has the ability to be a psychic. However, my mum says she knew pretty much as soon as I was born that I would have the ability to ‘read’ people.

Gypsy fortune teller crystal ball
Me with the crystal ball my family bought me when I was a teenager.

My mum never usually dreams but one night she had a nightmare. In the dream, my twin sister and I were in the bathroom getting our hair brushed. I had a third eye on the back of my head which would close and ‘hide’ as she touched my head. 

In waking life, my family also noticed that I appeared to talk to spirits. Having imaginary friends coupled with the dream was taken as a sign that I would become a reader. Long story short, I started using Tarot cards which were in my house when I was around the age of 7 and the prophecy was fulfilled. 

Psychics usually have stories that incorporate some revelation of how and when they discovered they were different from other people. To be honest, I always knew; I think probably because I had a twin to compare myself to, unlike most people. The only apathy I had was when I realized there were other people out there who had similar abilities to my own. 

How I Became a Gypsy Fortune Teller

I had a great aunt called Catleen. My aunt was my grandad’s sister who worked as a professional psychic. My grandad’s other sisters were readers, but Catleen was said by the locals to be amazing. She was much younger than the rest of her siblings so was still alive when I was younger up until only several years ago. 

Around the time I began using cards (when I was 7 or 8) my aunt Catleen came to my house. She sat on the couch in the living room. Silently I stood next to the radiator, and I began to feel her looking at me. Suddenly, I had this awful cold feeling come over me; I became aware that she was reading my mind. It was much more than a general childhood fear; I could feel her look deep inside of me. The weird thing about it was that it was as though she communicated with me; I am 100% certain that at this moment, she was aware that I knew that she was reading me. I can remember how it felt; she was just so powerful. She both scared and excited me. I thought, “my god she can read people as well, just like I can. This ability is actually a thing”! 

When she finished, I just stood there. To my absolute surprise, she then turned around to my mum and said totally out of the context of their conversation “Do you know that if you ever think that someone is reading you, you can just imagine a brick wall, this will stop them.” This statement did nothing but confirm to me that for that moment my soul shared space with my aunt’s.

For those of you who don’t know, when you read someone it’s as though you look inside of them. You read all of your seeker’s hopes, fears, and anxieties. It plays out like a dream, and you gain information rather quickly. The information appears not as it is in your brain but somewhere else; you can think and read someone at the same time. It is like you use a sense which you cannot explain to someone who doesn’t have it. It is using this sense that you also communicate with spirits. Using this sense is what allows you to know what Tarot card interpretation to use for each person. Some people use the word intuition, but it is much more than that. It is more than sensing something. It is like an experience. You truly experience things others don’t. Now back to the story.

Becoming a Child Fortune Teller

When I was about 10, my mum gifted me my first deck of my own; The Jonathan Dee Tarot. I then started daily going to people’s houses and reading them all day in some cases and always without pay. Other children were playing on the slides at parks; I was under them for protection from the wind so my cards wouldn’t blow away while I was reading for people. Around this time I also learned to interpret dreams. I’m proud to say the first person other than myself who’s dream I interpreted was my granny’s, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

real Romany Gypsy fortune tellers
Me at the age of fifteen with my daughter just after her birth

I wasn’t interested in school and was constantly in trouble; I would read people instead of doing homework and was disruptive and aggressive in class. Outside of school, I was also constantly in bother; joining my local Young Team (Young Team is the name of a Scottish gang). 

The only thing I was really committed to was reading people; I carried my cards everywhere. In my early teens (about 12 and 13) I bought several books on esoteric subjects: astrology, dreams, Witchcraft, ancient civilizations, and things of that nature. That was all I was into reading about, not textbooks the school supplied. Also, around this time, I was gifted my first crystal ball by my mum on my 14th birthday.

Losing my Path

After several rough years of my life (which I will not go into in detail) I had my daughter Candyce at the young age of 15 with an older boyfriend. I had hidden my pregnancy from my family until I was around 7 months gone. After I had got rid of the boyfriend, I decided to go back to school to have a somewhat normal life. 

I decided to try to get a real job and let go of my professional Gypsy fortune teller ambitions. To be honest, I was tired of being afraid of spirits every time I went to bed at night.

Around this period I had an awful experience which was the stuff of nightmares; one night there was something in my room. It wasn’t the spirit of a human or an animal, but I could feel and hear it was there. It made this horrible scratching noise. I had had similar experiences before but this time was different.

From this moment on I actively blocked anything I picked up on unless I was reading cards for myself or close family members. I began getting vivid dreams, premonitions, and terrible migraines. 

I went to school then college and got some good qualifications; I chose to do my HNC in social sciences because those subjects interested me. At this point, I decided not to plan a career as a reader but something relatively ordinary such as a psychologist or anthropologist.

Changing my Mind

I was going to go to university, but the thought of taking out a huge student loan scared me.  I made the decision not to go straight to university after I had dreamed I was in a hallway that looked like the halls of a university. I opened a door that led outside. There was torrential rain. There were all of these cows dying of some horrible disease and struggling to get up this grassy, muddy hill. I knew this dream was a sign not to go to university. 

Lisa Boswell fortune teller
Me after attending collage

Not long after I finished college my daughter was diagnosed with high functioning autism so I decided I would just get a job and take care of her. Straight after college, in my quest for a job, the first thing I did was make an appointment with a career advisor. The consultant was impressed with my qualifications and assured me I could apply for all of these fantastic jobs. I left the place full of enthusiasm.

No Way Out

Searching for a job was anything, but lollipops and unicorns – the hunt lasted several years. There was a meat factory in my town which was known as an easy way to get a job as they had temporary contracts several times a year and they didn’t require experience or qualifications. It was an awful place with terrible working conditions. Those in charge rightly assumed you were there because you were desperate and treated you like crap. I worked there for several times for only a month or two at a time in 5 years.

When I wasn’t working at the factory I volunteered for charities because I needed work experience and didn’t want to look like a bum. I was severely ashamed of the fact that I didn’t have a job. I live close to Scotland’s capital, so jobs were constantly available. Sometimes I could apply for 30 jobs a day. I would just apply for everything going from the worst jobs to the best jobs and not hear a peep.

In those five years, I only had about three interviews. My predicament made me extremely depressed and bitter. There were people who I had went to school with who I knew didn’t sit their standard grades (basic qualifications), but if we applied for the same job, they would get it. To make matters even worst, people who done the same courses as me were earning double the minimum wage and now living in foreign countries with good jobs. One girl lived in Dubai and had a swimming pool in her garden. People around me would apply for jobs and would just get them without a problem.

Other than the embarrassment of not having a job probably the worst part about the situation was that life stayed still. People on Facebook and around me my age and sometimes younger were working away, buying houses, driving cars, getting married, starting families, going on holiday, and living life. It was like other people just went out and created their lives, and I just couldn’t move forward. I didn’t understand why and what I was doing wrong it was like there was some force in the universe holding me back and I would cry about it all the time.

Before becoming a romany gypsy fortune teller
Me around the time that I struggled to obtain employment

This sounds paranoid, but there seemed to be something working against me. I would go to print off applications, and suddenly the printer would break, the computer would shut itself down, something would always go wrong: it was like there was a struggle for such little things which just seemed to fall into other people’s laps.

The advisors at the job center just couldn’t explain it either. I had experience, qualifications, training, had volunteered for charities, had a professional CV created, went to open days, and still got nowhere. I was a stereotypical young single mother without a job and people whom I used to be close to in my younger years would look down their nose at me as I walked past them in the street. It was humiliating when people asked me what I did for a living.

The job center was my weekly haunt, and I could tell my advisors felt sorry for me. Intuitively, I felt their pity. However, things were about to work in my favor. 

Asking for a Sign

One night, in 2013 I, got desperate. I sensed a spirit in my room watching me, so I spoke to it and asked it for a sign, “I just need a sign as to what to do” I said. I rolled over and went to sleep. 

The next day I was on my way to the job center, and I realized I was early for my appointment. I decided to go to the library; a decision which I’ll never forget because changed my life.

I walked into my local library and browsed the books. One caught my eye: “An Angel Called My Name” by Theresa Cheung. Usually, I don’t read books by other psychics because I prefer reference books to ‘story’ books. However, I said to myself the hell with it and got that book along with about six history books. I then went to my appointment at the job center and went home.

Someone Like Me?

That night, I sat in my daughter’s room and decided to read the book which, at the start, tells Theresa’s story of how she became an author on supernatural subjects. I became entranced in the book because her story was just so much like mine. In some ways, her life was even more depressing.

Like me, Theresa was a psychic. Also, like me, her gifts were encouraged by her family, and she too had readers as relatives. Unlike me, Theresa took the plunge and decided to go to university. She went to Cambridge (one of the top universities in the world) and got a degree in Theology and English. Theresa then landed in the same predicament I was in; struggling to get a job. 

After a strange course of events, Theresa found employment. She had applied for a position at a mind-body spirit magazine: a post which she only came across by a chance encounter. The lesson in the story was that she couldn’t get any job that she applied for because she wasn’t doing what it was she truly was meant to be doing. The job was her destiny.

Stepping into my Destiny as a Gypsy Fortune Teller

Theresa’s story moved me so much. After reading it, I realized that the signs were there that I was meant to be a reader. I thought back to all the psychics who had predicted it, my mum’s dream, my aunt Cathleen, my interests, my cards being my only faithful companion, just everything. I set up business as a fortune teller and to my delight, everything just fell into place. 

I started getting booked all of the time, and everything just got better and better: other parts of my life also began to improve. I started dating my soul mate and my daughter’s health improved. It is as though the barriers I had in life are now gone, and I can make plans for the future. I don’t feel that it is a struggle to obtain the most basic things which other people take for granted.

Lisa Boswell divinerism divination and fortune telling
Me now, embracing my true fortune telling self!

I wrote this blog post because I know that even if by chance there is someone out there who is in the position Theresa and I were once in, and they will read this and make necessary changes for a better life. The hard part of life is discovering what your calling is, but once you do, things just happen for you. Destiny is the real reason why it is ethical for people to charge money for readings: because it is their destiny to make a living this way, just as it is the destiny of a doctor who saves lives and the destiny of a teacher who will teach our children.

After I had set up professionally as a gypsy fortune teller, I emailed Theresa and informed her how much her story inspired me; I truly owe my everything to her and that chance meeting of her book at the library. I can honestly say she changed my life, and I will be forever grateful. I am happier now than I have ever been. I am also thankful to God that I am not trapped miserably in one of the thousands of jobs I applied for all of those years ago. The lessons here is never to run from what it is you have a God-given talent for and never give up hope. 

In the end, what is for you never passes you.

Closing Thoughts on How I Became a Gypsy Fortune Teller

So, that is my story of how I became a Gypsy fortune teller! Can you relate to my story? If you can, please feel free to share your comments with me below (I would love to hear from you!)

Posts Similar to How I Became a Gypsy Fortune Teller

Here’s some posts related to how I became a Gypsy fortune teller:

Real Gypsy Fortune-Telling

Gypsy Beliefs Regarding Fortune Telling

There are a lot of misconceptions around Gypsy beliefs and fortune-telling. Someone messaged me yesterday and asked me if Tarot was a ‘closed practice’ among Gypsies. I want to take a minute to discuss this because I am getting tired of fake Gypsies spreading misconceptions about Romany Gypsy culture within the Tarot and divination communities. 

In Gypsy culture, we do not have a concept of a closed spiritual practice. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have secret, arcane knowledge. This stereotype was started by gorgers (non-Gypsies). It is similar to the stereotype of the curse-happy Voodoo practitioner. These beliefs are entertaining for Hollywood, but they are inaccurate. 

Divination is not a Closed Spiritual Practice

The concept of a closed spiritual practice is a gorger one. We do not mix with gorgers, so our ideas about spirituality are completely different. Our culture is closed, but not because we have valuable, secret knowledge. 

In our culture, we don’t even have things like alters or prayer stations. We believe that spirits, God, etc. are everywhere – this is a very common belief among nomadic and tribal people. Most Gypsies cannot read or write, so we do not even share knowledge through spellbooks or diaries.  

So, when you see these movies with Gypsy fortune-tellers attending to their alters or sharing spellbooks, this is bullshit. I believe that having a set place to pray or talk to God and the spirits is a good thing. But that is my own personal opinion, it is not one of my people’s. In fact, if I told a relative that they had to have a set place in their home for spirits they would think I was insane. They would suspect that I had been spending too much time with gorgers. 

Gypsy Rules Regarding Fortune-Telling

With regard to divination, a relative may teach their child how to use a particular method, but this is not something we view as being open to some and closed to others. 

For us, divination is a past-time, hobby, or talent just like playing football or an instrument. In gorger culture, people practice divination because they are special, but we practice divination only if we want to. We have virtually no rules around divination. You can start at any age and read how you want. 

Gorgers have a lot of rules for reading Tarot. It is quite common for gorgers to believe that it is morally wrong to read people without their consent or to charge money for readings. After I started mixing with gorger readers online, I told my family about these beliefs. They couldn’t understand why gorgers would believe those things.

Romany Gypsy Tarot
Gorgers seem to have a lot of rules regarding reading Tarot – Gypsies do not feel this is appropriate because we do not view fortune-telling the same way as gorgers do.

A lot of gorger’s beliefs around divination stem from Christianity. In the Bible, Simony is the sin of charging money for spiritual services. Gypsies don’t believe that taking money for psychic readings is wrong. From observing my family, I realize that Gypsies believe in the transfer of energy. In some cases, it is wrong not to charge money for readings. 

If my mum buys granny milk, my granny will make her take the money for it, even if she doesn’t want to. They do this because they believe that if you’re indebted to someone, something else can be taken from you as a way to balance the energy of that debt. Debt can lead to bad luck. 

Maintaining spiritual balance is a belief that is so ingrained in our culture we don’t even discuss it. We don’t view it as a spiritual belief, but as a literal fact. When we were children, we were even warned not to laugh too much because something would happen to make us cry. If we find money, we believe that it is lucky to give that money to someone else, because this way it will come back to you. Favours are always returned, in one way or the other, as this maintains balance. 

If someone performs a reading for you and you do not pay, you have tipped the balance. You have gained something without payment (even if that payment is only a penny) so something else will be taken from you. Gypsies believe that taking payment for readings is not only in their best interest but also their seekers. This belief is separate from Christianity and organised religions, so it is different from what gorgers believe. 

Similarly, the belief that God knows all and sees all is a trait of organised religions. Some Gypsies may also believe that this is true, but because we do not view divination as a strictly spiritual practice, we don’t view diviners as being God-like. Diviners can’t play God. We firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. You cannot reveal things in your divination that you’re not ‘meant’ to know. Diviners are not Gods who can predict anything that they want. Because you can only predict what you’re meant to see, it is not wrong to read other people without their permission – because if you weren’t meant to know, you wouldn’t be able to make predictions on the matter. 

Our Spiritual Beliefs Revolve Around Cleaning

The idea that we would have closed spiritual practices is inaccurate because we need to pass our beliefs from generation to generation in order for them to survive. Plus, Gypsies just do not view divination and fortune-telling this way. Again, it is viewed as a hobby, so there is no reason to keep it as a secret. 

Most of our spiritual beliefs are related to mundane matters such as staying clean. For example, we are superstitious about washing dishes in a certain order or we don’t say certain ‘dirty’ words out loud. But, again, for us, these are facts of life, facts of the universe. They are what make our world safe and the gorger world chaotic. We believe that these rules are what make us Gypsies. We do not view them as spiritual, even though they underpin Gypsy spirituality. 

Gypsies must follow our cleanliness laws if they want to be accepted as part of the family. If a Gypsy was to act or think too much like a gorger, we would label them as one. We were often ostracised as children to ensure that we followed our family’s rules. If I was washing dishes and used the wrong cloth, for example, everyone would gang up on me and say stuff like, “You’re spending too much time with the gorgers, you are one now cause you can’t even use a cloth.” Acts like this are used as a way to shame the person into behaving correctly. It sounds sick but they are necessary to guarantee the continuation of our culture. 

Gypsy Tarot, crystal ball and tea leaf reading
Most of our spiritual beliefs revolve around cleanliness and dirtiness, not fortune telling.

These beliefs are not unique to Gypsies living in Britain or the U.S. Romany people have the same language, culture, and beliefs whether they are living in the U.K, Romania, Brazil, or Iran. We are also all related to each other, and follow these beliefs regardless of where we live. So, we all Romany as long as 1. Ethnically and biologically, we are Romany Gypsy and 2. We follow our cultural rules. 

It is Not Enough to be Ethnically Romany

Someone can be ethnically Romany Gypsy but not be considered one by other Gypsies if they are too influenced by gorgers and their culture. This has consequences on who they can befriend or even marry because families do not want their descendants to mix with outsiders. 

As time goes on, if people drift apart from their family, they can begin to relax their beliefs and their rules until they are no longer considered to be one of us. So, ethnically, they can be Gypsies but if they were not raised with our traditions we would view them as gorgers. 

And if they were not raised as Gypsies they know nothing about our culture.  In turn, they know nothing about our symbolism, or how we practice divination. 

There are plenty of people on the internet who claim to be Gypsies and who speak for us, but we would never consider them to be one of us. They go on Instagram or TikTok and think that it is okay for them to spread beliefs about our culture because their granny (or whoever) was a Gypsy.  When, in reality, they weren’t even raised in our culture so they wouldn’t know what we believe. And we know if someone is one of us just based on how they act, talk, and behave. 

Trust me, There’s a Lot of Gypsy Fakes in the Fortune-Telling industry

Gypsies would never tell someone that they cannot read Tarot or crystal balls because it is ‘appropriating their culture’. Because, again, divination is just a past time and nothing to get narked over. But, we do take issue with people who claim to be Gypsies when they are not. And, trust me, it is very common for gorgers to claim to be Gypsies as a marketing ploy to sell readings. In reality, we don’t even consider a lot of ethnic Gypsies to be Gypsies if they do not follow our rules. 

Our culture is closed to outsiders. Not because we have secret knowledge about divination, but because our culture is based on continuing our traditions. We believe that there is our world and the gorger world. If you’re a Gypsy you’re part of our world, but being ethnically Gypsy is not enough. 

Romany Gypsy divination and fortune telling
The only real ‘secret’ we have regarding divination, is how we interpret symbols. The way in which we interpret symbols, such as that of a horse, is impacted by our upbringing, culture and traditions. For example, in Gypsy culture we interpret horses the same way as gorger readers would interpret a dog. But, in reality, this is not a secret in the traditional sense of the word.

You have to follow our cultural rules which are passed from elders to children. If you break away from our norms, your children will not learn the rules. In turn, they will be cut off from the group and be considered gorgers. I’ve seen Gypsies be ex-communicated for allowing a dog to lick their hand. It may seem extreme to gorgers but this is how our culture has survived 1,000 years. 

I’m 30-years-old and there are certain things I cannot do online because if my family found out they would be ashamed and they would chastise me for acting like a gorger. For example, I cannot say certain words or discuss certain subjects. Just from glancing at someone’s profile, I can tell if they were raised in our culture based on the things they say. 

We wouldn’t post pictures of ourselves with a member of the opposite gender in a bedroom. Or, women wouldn’t post about hormonal changes. We wouldn’t even post pictures of certain animals on our profiles. My family once went ballistic at me for pointing out a picture of a monkey. Because I used an unlucky word, monkey, while my uncle was driving it would cause bad luck. These are things which only we know because it is how we have been raised, and we look for these things in other people to assess if they are or aren’t really Gypsies. 

Gypsy Symbolism and Divination

Because our culture is different, how we interpret certain symbols are different. That is the true ‘secret’ to our divination. And because we do not mix with gorgers they are unaware of our symbolism. But, our interpretations themselves are not a secret. My family knows that I teach divination and fortune-telling online to gorgers. My family is very supportive of my career as long as: 

  1. I am not telling gorgers they can be Gypsies. 
  2. I am not allowing my students to market their own courses as being ‘Gypsy’ methods. 

Gypsies usually do not like to talk about their culture as openly as I am here because gorgers can use this against us. I know that there are going to be Romany people reading this who think that me even posting here is shameful. Gorgers are interested in us and our divination – this draws attention to us which can open us up to criticism and cause shame. This is the real reason why we do not talk about our beliefs. It has nothing to do with hoarding arcane secrets. 

We live in fear of persecution, harassment, and racism. We stay secretive as a way to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. I have friends and family who do not even want me to share pictures of them online. But, at this point, there are so many faux-Gypsies posting crap about our culture online I had to make this post before what they’re saying becomes ‘common knowledge’. It is not knowledge. They are just posting misconceptions when they cannot speak for us because they are not even a part of our culture. Never mind knowing enough to post the ‘truth’ about Gypsy fortune-telling.

My Family Have Always Been Supportive

In my real life, my partner, his family, all of my friends and family are also Romany Gypsies. However, the vast majority of my students are gorgers. A lot of my advanced students have gone on to teach divination. I’ve actually found that gorger families are less supportive of their family members teaching divination than what my family are of my career. My students have had issues with their family’s not supporting them. This is insane to me because, in my culture, fortune-telling is just a hobby and is nothing to be for or against. 

While I do believe that divination is a spiritual practice, for us, everything and nothing in particular is a spiritual practice because spirit is everywhere all of the time. I might see a sign while I am walking down the street. That doesn’t mean that walking is morally right or wrong or only open to certain people, just as divination is not only open to certain people.  Anyone can practice divination if they want to. 

The true ‘secret’ to Gypsy fortune-telling is that we interpret signs and symbols based on how our culture views that sign or symbol. And you have to be raised on our culture to interpret a symbol through the lens of Romany Gypsy culture. However, all cultures do this. I will interpret a snake very differently from how a Palo practitioner like Ambrozine LeGare would interpret a snake because we come from completely different cultures (you should follow her if you want to know more about Afro-American spirituality, she’s a great teacher and a great person). But that is okay! 

Everyone has their own culture. You should be proud of yourself and your culture. Even if you feel that your culture is plain or boring, you should take pride in it and your ancestors. You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to be able to sell readings or have people like you. 

So, beware that anyone can claim to be anything online. Take everything, even the things I am saying, with a pinch of salt, do your research and take everything at face value. (And, if you do want to learn more about Gypsy culture, I recommend that you read We Are The Romani People, it is the most accurate book regarding our culture.)

Have a great day, and happy divining, 


If you’re interested in learning more from me, I have a free e-book on this website which is an introduction to fortune-telling with a card system known as Lenormand. Feel free to download it here: 

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    P.S. I understand that a lot of Romany people do not like to use the word ‘Gypsy’ and some people consider it a slur. I’ll be 100% honest, I have to use that word otherwise gorgers will not know who I am talking about. I wish I didn’t have to, but sadly that is the way the world is.

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    The truth about Romany Gypsy fortune telling and divination.
    The truth about romany gypsy divination and fortune telling. Including Tarot, crystal ball reading and similar.

    Lenormand Card Readers

    Are you a Lenormand card reader? Are you interested in learning some statistical facts about Lenormand card readers? Would you like to read some information about the gender, location, and professionalism of the Lenormand fortune-telling population? Are you a Lenormand card reader who is dying to know if your experiences as a Lenormand card reader are typical? 

    If this sounds like you, read on! 

    In August 2018, I conducted a survey of 947 divination practitioners and asked them about their likes, dislikes, and experiences. Lenormand made up a big part of the survey, and today I am going to reveal the results. 

    So, here they are, statistical facts about Lenormand card readers: 

    Where Do Lenormand Card Readers Live?

    Lenormand readers are more likely to live in the US, Africa, India, and Islamic Asian countries than diviners who do not practice Lenormand. I think these results reflect the growing popularity of Lenormand.

    Surprisingly, Lenormand readers are slightly less likely to live in the UK and other European countries when compared to other methods of divination (such as Tarot). I am still working out why this might be but I think it is quite a shocking find considering that it has been assumed by the Lenormand community that most readers are living in these parts of the world.

    What Is Their Gender?

    Lenormand readers are twice as likely to be male than readers who do not practice Lenormand. One of the reasons for this may be because many of the ‘flag wavers’ for Lenormand are male. A strong male presence in a niche divination community inspires other men to join the party – this is a theme which I have found to be true in not just the Lenormand community, but other divination niches such as the bone-casting community.  

    Lenormand readers are also less likely to identify as being non-gendered, genderqueer, or gender-neutral – the more experienced someone is at reading Lenormand, the less likely they are to be such.

    What’s Their Experience? 

    A large percentage of Lenormand readers (21%) consider themselves to be advanced readers. This is another surprising statistic as it is assumed in the Lenormand community that practically all English speaking readers are beginners.

    Lenormand readers are generally more experienced with divination than people who do not read Lenormand. Nearly one-third of Lenormand readers have been reading for over twenty years. 

    It is not common for Lenormand to be a diviner’s first method of divination (more than half began their divination journey with Tarot.) The fact that Lenormand readers have often started with another method of divination means that most readers have a considerable amount of time between when they start reading and when they discover Lenormand – this is why Lenormand readers are more likely to have decades of experience with divination. 

    What Types of Support Networks Do Lenormand Card Readers Have? 

    Lenormand readers have stronger support networks. The friends and family members of Lenormand readers are more supportive than the rest of the general divination population’s friends and family are.

    Lenormand readers are statistically less likely to have close relatives who are diviners, but more likely to have ancestors who practice divination.

    Are They Professional Diviners? 

    Lenormand readers are a lot more likely to be professional readers, and they are more likely to build sustainable businesses than diviners who do not read Lenormand. In fact, Lenormand readers are more than twice as likely to make a full-time living than readers who do not read Lenormand.

    The Big Divination Survey found that 77% of all readers who make a full-time living from their readings are Lenormand readers, and 66% make at least a part-time living. 

    It is possible that Lenormand readers make more money because they have supportive family members and family. There is a very strong correlation between peer support and success as a psychic reader. 

    Another reason why Lenormand readers are more likely to run successful businesses is that they read for prediction; predictive divination is an extremely profitable skill set. 

    Do Lenormand Card Readers Want To Improve Their Businesses? 

    Despite being more successful, Lenormand readers are less likely to want to learn more about business. One of the reasons for this may be because they are already doing well so do not feel the need to learn more about these topics. They would rather spend their time learning more about how to improve their skills.

    Is Lenormand Growing In Popularity? 

    Yes! Lenormand has grown (and will continue to grow) in popularity. 

    Only a few short years ago, there weren’t any Lenormand books or decks, and only a handful of Lenormand resources available in English. Now, Lenormand has boomed in popularity thanks to an increase in the public interest and English resources.  

    Many readers are attracted to Lenormand’s ability to make specific and accurate predictions about love, career, and life. The Big Divination Survey revealed that 77% of diviners had a high interest in learning how to read Lenormand cards; that’s more than the number of diviners who were interested in Astrology, Numerology, or any of the methods of divination which use crystals. 

    So, that is it for the statistical facts about Lenormand card readers! 

    I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

    Feel free to follow me on your favourite social media platform for more divination goodness:

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    Illustration Are you a Lenormand card reader? Are you interested in learning some facts about Lenormand card readers? Here is their gender, reading experience and more!