Meaning of Mythological Creatures on Tarot Cards

What is the meaning of mythological creatures on Tarot cards? What’s the significance behind the creature and monster symbolism of the Tarot? What are the Tarot cards with magical animal symbols and their meanings? 

I’m going to explain the meaning of mythological creatures on Tarot cards. Some of these symbols you may already be familiar with (such as the sphinx) and others you possibly recognize but didn’t know the names for them. 

There are also two animals I’m going to outline here that aren’t mythological – the snake and the jackal. The reason for explaining them in this section is that, in Tarot, they represent beings from Greek and Egyptian mythology. Because they are Gods/demi-Gods and not just regular animals, they appear here alongside their mythological counterparts. 

Meaning of Mythological Creatures on Tarot Cards

CaduceusTwo of CupsEternal love & male energy
Chimera Two of CupsFemale energy
Dragon Seven of CupsRiches
AnubisWheel of FortuneDeath & fate
TyphonWheel of FortuneMisfortune
TetramorphWheel of Fortune & The WorldFour Evangelists

Anubis Meaning: Wheel of Fortune

The jackal appears on The Wheel of Fortune, but it’s not only a jackal per se; it represents the Egyptian God Anubis. 

Anubis is highly associated with death. In fact, in divination and fortune-telling, jackals are generally associated with deaths and dying because they have a reputation for hanging around graveyards at night. 

Anubis possibly appears on The Wheel of Fortune because he is a symbol of death, which in itself is a symbol of fate. There is not one person who can escape death, just as one cannot escape fate, and therefore, he’s an obvious addition to this card.

Caduceus Meaning: Two of Cups

The caduceus is an ancient symbol that features two snakes intertwined in a figure 8 around a staff topped by a set of wings. The symbol of the caduceus first made an appearance in human history around 4000-3000 BC. In Tarot, the caduceus appears on the Two of Cups and is very rich in meaning. 

The Two of Cups is obviously a card of lovers, love, and even soulmates. While the caduceus doesn’t necessarily represent soulmates, the individual symbolism that makes up this symbol as a whole does: 

The snakes – temptation and sexuality

Two snakes – lovers intertwined 

The 8 figure – infinity, forever lasting

The wings – a blessing from God, something holy

The staff – magic and supernatural forces

Chimera Meaning: Two of Cups

There also appears to be a chimera symbol on the Two of Cups, just above the caduceus. A chimera usually makes up of three animals, but – because you can only see it head-on – you can just make out a lion and the wings. 

In Greek mythology, chimeras are usually female. I’m pretty sure that the caduceus is male, so having one above the other may represent both the male and female aspects of spiritual love and soulmates. 

Some people have theorized that the three animals within a chimera symbolize time and a three-part yearly calendar. Therefore, it’s possible that the chimera on the Two of Cups represents the everlasting nature of a soulmate relationship. 

Other than a chimera, it’s also possible that the lion and wings represent the winged lion, a symbol of Mark the Evangelist.

Dragon Meaning: Seven of Cups

The dragon appears on the Seven of Cups, and it looks are though it’s slowly creeping out from one of the chalices. Dragons are very much like mermaids in that they appear in pretty much every culture all over the world. Although their meanings vary slightly depending on where you live, I assume here that the dragon of Tarot will take on the European meanings and superstitions. 

In Europe, dragons are associated with treasure. There’s a belief that dragons locate and hoard riches, so if you find and kill a dragon, you get to keep its wealth. Because of these myths, dragons can also be interpreted to represent hoarding and the discovery of lost objects. 

Sometimes, dragons can also symbolize the triumph of good over evil, and stories of dragons are often told to highlight the power of bravery and doing the right thing. For example, in the legend of George and the dragon, the dragon demands a daily human sacrifice until St. George defeats and slays the monster. 

The dragon on the Seven of Cups reflects the fact that the figure has many choices to make. They can choose between the riches of the dragon or the other items in the cups (sex, power, property, etc.). This can obviously be interpreted as the seeker having to make difficult decisions.

Sphinx Meaning: The Chariot & Wheel of Fortune

The sphinx pops up twice in Tarot – once on The Chariot and again on The Wheel of Fortune. The sphinx is a symbol of divine right (The Wheel of Fortune) and nobility (The Chariot). 

Meanings of Mythological creatures on Tarot cards - Wheel of Fortune Symbolism
There are many mythological creatures features on the Wheel of Fortune.

The sphinx’s symbolic meaning of divinity and nobility is highlighted in the story of Thutmose IV. A young Thutmose one day fell asleep and dreamed that a sphinx spoke to him, promising him that, if he dug him out of the sand, he would become pharaoh (apparently, the sphinx was buried at the time). Thutmose did as he was instructed and eventually went on to become an 18th dynasty king.

Typhon Meaning: Wheel of Fortune

There is a snake slithering its way down The Wheel of Fortune. However, this is no regular snake; it represents the monster of Typhon from Greek Mythology. Typhon does not meet a fortunate ending; it is eventually defeated by Zeus and banished to Tartarus. 

The presence of Typhon on The Wheel of Fortune is rather interesting, but a good way to look at it is that the creature can symbolize the misfortunate aspects of The Wheel of Fortune. Although the card is generally read quite favorably, it can also mean that your fortune is turning; if you’re already going through a positive streak, The Wheel can mean that this is about to change, especially in a more negative reading.

Tetramorph Meaning: The World & The Wheel of Fortune

A tetramorph is a composite of four symbols. However, when symbolism experts discuss a tetramorph, they speak of it as one.

Tetramorphs appear twice in Tarot – once in the corners of The Wheel of Fortune and once in the corners of The World. These tetramorphs are supposed to represent the four authors of the Four Evangelists; Luke as the ox, John as the eagle, Mark as the lion, and Matthew as the man. 

Closing Thoughts on the Meaning of Mythological Creatures on Tarot Cards

That’s all for the meaning of the mythological creatures on Tarot cards! Did you learn anything new? Did you notice some symbolism which you never noticed before? Do you agree or disagree with my interpretations?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Myself and the rest of the Divinerism community would love to hear from you!

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Meanings of Animals on Tarot Cards

What are the meanings of animals on Tarot cards? What’s the significance behind the animal symbolism of the Tarot? What are the Tarot card animal symbols and their meanings? I often get asked these questions by people who are first learning to read Tarot.

These diviners are smart. They know that learning the meanings of the symbols on Tarot cards (in particular, the Rider-Waite deck) is one of the fastest ways they can go from beginner to pro reader.

And let me tell you, if you’re learning symbolism, there’s no better place to invest your time than in animals. Animals are the most common groups of symbols you’ll see in any method of divination. That is true whether that’s Tarot cards, dreams, tea leaves, everything!

Meanings of Animals on Tarot Cards

BullKing of PentaclesEarthly Pleasure
CatQueen of WandsFemininity
DogThe Fool, Ten of Pentacles & The MoonGrowth, animal instinct & financial status.
FishPage of Cups & King of Cups Emotions
HorseKnights, The Sun, Death & Six of WandsInitiative, hard work, loyalty & achievement
LionStrengthMastery, honor & strength
LizardKing of WandsElement of fire
RabbitQueen of PentaclesSexuality, fertility, financial success, good luck
RamThe EmperorAries
SnakeThe Lovers & Seven of CupsTemptation & sexuality
TortoiseKing of Pentacles Achievements, wisdom, and expertise
WolfThe MoonAnimal Instinct

Bull Meaning: King of Pentacles

On the throne of The King of Pentacles, there are bull symbols that probably represent the sign of Taurus. These reflect the fact that this King is determined, indulgent, and a lover of all things beautiful, just like your typical Taurian.

Other than the sign of Taurus, bulls are associated with sexuality. References to Greek myths are common in Tarot, and the idea that bulls are symbols of sexual desire comes from the Greek myth of the minotaur.

The legend goes that King Minos asked for a sign of approval from the god Poseidon and was sent a white bull. Because the bull was so beautiful, he did not sacrifice it to the god, which angered Poseidon. As punishment, Poseidon made the king’s wife, Pasiphaë, fall in love with the bull. She mated with the bull, got pregnant, and eventually gave birth to the minotaur, who was born half-man and half-bull.

Therefore, because of the minotaur myth, bulls symbolize earthly pleasures. In Tarot, the King of Pentacles is the ultimate earth-grounded Court, hence why there’s a bull on this card.

Cat Meaning: Queen of Wands

The cat on the Queen of Wands has always been a bit of a mystery. Cats are obviously associated with intuition and psychic ability, so you would probably be much more likely to see one on the Queen of Cups, not the Queen of Wands.

However, think of it this way. All the other grades in the Wands suit (Page, Knight, and King) have the same attributes as the Queen. They are all energetic, enjoy hobbies, easily influence others, etc. The difference is that the Queen has a feminine touch. Femininity is often linked with felines, hence the cat.

Crayfish Meaning: The Moon

The crayfish, a type of crustacean, only pops up on The Moon Tarot card. Like all crustaceans, they are associated with emotions, rivers, and women, and is therefore is a standard feature on moon-related art.

Dog Meaning: The Fool, The Ten of Pentacles & The Moon

Dogs are read differently depending on where you come from. For example, because I’m a Romany Gypsy, I read dogs to symbolize work. However, in the West, dogs are read to represent friends, followers, and confidants.

However, in the Tarot, dog symbolism is completely different again. These dogs are used to reflect growth, animal instinct, and even financial status.

Take the dog on The Fool as an example. Much like The Fool, his dog appears wild, unkempt, and not very tame. The lack of grooming on The Fool’s dog can also signal The Fool’s state of poverty; he doesn’t have much and is just starting out. The Fool’s dog is an extension of The Fool’s meaning.

By the time we make our way to the Ten of Pentacles, the white dog again makes an appearance (this time, there are two instead of one). However, in this instance, the dogs are controlled, tame, and well-trimmed. The owners of these dogs can clearly afford to take their pets to the groomers! The white dog has now become a symbol of the Ten of Pentacles’ meaning. 

(Note: there is another dog on The Moon card – see below under ‘wolf’ for its meaning.)

Fish Meaning: The Page of Cups & The King of Cups

In Lenormand divination, fish can represent money, business, and commerce. They also symbolize emotions and feelings, and this is especially true when fish appear in Tarot.

Any animal that swims can usually be interpreted to represent emotions and feelings because this is what water is generally aligned with. Therefore, as a general rule, you can say that water creatures usually signal some type of emotion, and you can generalize this to all water animals.

In Tarot, it’s common for the progression of a Court card suit to signal development in maturity. The Pages come first because they are the most emotionally unstable and insecure. The Kings, however, while emotional, find a way to handle their feelings and don’t let them take over.

You’ll notice how the fish on the Page of Cups is at the forefront; this represents the fact that the Page is very upfront, almost uncontrolled with their emotions. By contrast, the King of Cups’ fish is swimming about in the background; the King is able to hide his emotions, and yet they are still there, bubbling under the surface.

Horse Meaning: Knights & Death

Of all the animals on Tarot cards, horses make the most frequent appearance. In divination, horses have very rich and detailed symbolic associations; the Tarot is no exception.

In Romany Gypsy culture, it’s common for horses to represent friends, similar to how dogs do in gorger culture. Therefore, for me, it makes sense that Knights are riding horses, as I often interpret them as someone with whom you may have a friendship. However, in the case of Tarot, the Knights’ horses are supposed to symbolize initiative and hard work – another common interpretation of the horse.

Sometimes, horses can signal royalty and achievement. To own a horse is to have some level of wealth and status, and this is probably the reasoning behind the horses on The Sun and Six of Wands cards. 

Finally, there is a horse on the Death card. In contrast to the other horses, this one does not have a positive meaning; it’s meant to represent one of the four horses of the apocalypse, and is therefore symbolic of death and destruction. 

Meanings of animals on Tarot cards - dogs Fool and ten of Pentacles
The dog is wild on The Fool Tarot card. However, by the time we get to the Ten of Pentacles, the dogs are tamed and well-groomed.

Lion Meaning: Strength

The symbol of the lion on the Strength card is pretty obvious, as lions symbolize mastery, honor, and strength. Sometimes, lions also signal important people. The fact that the woman on the card is taming the lion and opening its mouth is a sign of control and the ability to conquer animal instincts – a common theme in Tarot.

(Note: there are also lions on The World and The Wheel of Fortune, but these represent a tetramorph, which has a different meaning.)

Lizard Meaning: King of Wands

Many diviners mistake the creature on the King of Wands for being a generic lizard. However, it’s actually a salamander, and these creatures represent the element of fire. This one on the King of Wands is a nod to the fact that Wands are associated with the element of fire in the Rider-Waite Tarot tradition. Salamanders are associated with fire because it used to be believed that they could firewalk. 

Rabbit Meaning: Queen of Pentacles

I’m in two minds about the symbolism behind the Queen of Pentacles. It’s possible that the furry creature could represent a rabbit, but it’s also possible that it’s a hare. 

It is a popular European superstition that rabbits are good luck (especially their feet). Rabbits are especially associated with financial windfalls. In some ways, the Queen of Pentacles is very fortunate and lives a rather privileged life, so little wonder there’s a rabbit drawn on her card (if that’s what this animal is).

In divination and fortune-telling, rabbits are also linked with sexuality and fertility. One interpretation of the Queen of Pentacles is that she represents motherhood and the female aspects of the physical world, hence the rabbit.

Although the animal on the Queen of Pentacles is probably a rabbit, there’s a chance that it’s a hare, which I will explain more about under ‘tortoise.’

Ram Meaning: The Emperor

The ram head appears on the throne of The Emperor, symbolizing the fact that this card is associated with the sign of Aries

Snake Meaning: The Lovers & Seven of Cups

It’s pretty obvious that snakes represent temptation and sexuality, as most people are familiar with the story of the snake tempting Adam and Eve. In fact, both individuals and the snake make an appearance on the Lovers card. In the case of The Lovers Tarot card, the symbolism is self-explanatory. 

Many Tarot readers are confused, however, as to what the snake represents in one of the cups of the Seven of Cups. In this case, the snake symbolizes the same thing as it does in the Lovers card. The snake is in the cup because sexuality and earthly pleasures are one of the choices the figure can make, the others being money, beauty, spirituality, and so on.

Tortoise Meaning: King of Pentacles

A lot of readers have never noticed this, but there appears to be something the King of Pentacles has his foot on. Many people have speculated as to what this thing is, but I suspect it might be a tortoise. Like the tortoise, the King of Pentacles is associated with achievements, wisdom, and expertise.

It’s interesting to think that if the King of Pentacles features a tortoise, then what if the animal on the Queen of Pentacles is actually a hare? How do the card’s meanings change in that respect?

If these animals really are a tortoise and hare, this can mean that the Queen symbolizes the quick-thinking, opportunistic aspects of the suit. The Queen is more aggressive in going for what she wants – a stark contrast to the other Tarot Queens when compared to their King counterparts. If the King is standing on a tortoise, this means he is the slow-moving, wise, and cunning Court of the Pentacles suit – an interpretation that fits in nicely with this card.

Wolf Meaning: The Moon

Finally, we have a wolf figure on The Moon card. This wolf appears with its dog counterpart. 

The wolf and the dog on the Moon Tarot card are supposed to symbolize both human restraint and animal instinct. The dog is tamed, but the wolf is the wild, natural, intuitive thoughts and feelings we all have, buried deep beneath the surface.

The dog and the wolf on these cards are there to remind the seeker to use both intuition and common sense when making decisions. There is no clear-cut way with The Moon, no this or that. All choices must be made on their own merit and dealt with individually at that particular time. There cannot be too much listening to the spirit or too much following of the mind. Both must work in harmony if the seeker wishes to achieve the best outcome.

Closing Thoughts on the Meanings of Animals on Tarot Cards

That’s all for the meanings of animals on Tarot cards! I hope my outline of animal symbolism helped you to better interpret your Tarot cards.

Are you surprised by this list? Was there anything included which you did not expect? How to you feel about the meanings of animals on Tarot cards? Let me know in the comments section!

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Meaning of Birds on Tarot Cards

What is the meaning of birds on Tarot cards? What’s the significance behind the bird symbolism of the Tarot? What are the Tarot cards with bird symbols and their meanings? 

Birds frequently make an appearance on the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, and their meanings are significant. Learning how to interpret birds means that you can easily fall back on bird symbolism. If you get stuck remembering the card meanings, just refer to the symbols. 

Meaning of Birds on Tarot Cards

Below, you can find my outline of the meaning of the birds on Tarot cards. Birds appear on the following cards:

BirdsSwords Cour CardsElement of Air
DoveAce of CupsLove, peace, femininity
Eagle Wheel of Fortune & The WorldFate, heaven, destiny
HawkNine of PentaclesRestricted freedom
IbisThe StarMagic, manifestation, insight

Birds Meaning: Swords Suit 

In Tarot, birds make an appearance on multiple cards, including the Queen of Swords, King of Swords, Knight of Swords, and Page of Swords. These birds don’t appear to be any particular breed of bird, and therefore probably reflect the general symbolic meanings of birds, not one specific to any given type. 

Birds generally have two main meanings in the context of Tarot. On the one hand, they represent the element of air; on the other, they symbolize freedom.

You will notice on The Rider-Waite deck how all the Sword Courts have birds; this is because birds are the mascot of the element of air (obviously due to their ability to fly). It’s quite comical how, once you notice the birds in the background of these cards, you’ll be hyper-aware of how empty the sky looks on the other cards in the pack! 

In divination, birds can also symbolize freedom and a lack of restrictions; this interpretation gives an extra layer of meaning to the Sword Courts. Unlike the other Court cards, the Swords have a reputation for making logical, brain-driven decisions free from emotional entanglement. Therefore, in this case, the birds symbolize an ability to deal with facts and not be limited by other factors.

Dove Meaning: Ace of Cups

A dove makes an appearance on the Ace of Cups. The Ace of Cups is obviously a card of love, peace, and femininity. Doves are also signals of these things. The Ace of Cups is often also interpreted as being a very spiritual card, given that it’s the first in the Cups suit (which is a suit aligned with the water element, reflecting intuition, emotions, and psychic ability). 

Sometimes, I interpret the Ace of Cups to predict a sign from spirit, God, or the universe. Coincidently, doves are associated with signs and messages from God; in the story of Noah, for example, Noah sent out a dove to determine how far he and his family were from land. 

Doves often appear in Christian art to signal the presence of the Holy Spirit. You’ll notice that the Virgin Mary is often depicted with a dove or holding a dove. Therefore, not only is the dove a sign of spirituality, but just like the Ace of Cups, is also a card of women and the feminine aspects of the divine. There’s a belief that the Ace of Cups predicts the birth of a girl, and that the Ace of Wands foretells the birth of a boy.

Eagle Meaning: The Wheel of Fortune & The World

An eagle appears on The Wheel of Fortune and The World Tarot cards. While this bird is not meant to represent an actual eagle (it’s supposed to be a tetramorph), there are some similarities between The Wheel of Fortune, The World, and eagle symbolism. 

In Greek mythology, the eagle is a symbol of Zeus, and Zeus is often depicted with an eagle companion in both art and myth. Obviously, Zeus is the king of the gods and of heaven. 

Both the Wheel of Fortune and The World cards are heavily associated with heaven, fate, and destiny. Some Tarot readers even say that they represent the will of God. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the eagle is on both cards symbolizing God’s presence.

Meanings of Birds on Tarot Cards_ The Star and Ace of Cups

Falcon/Hawk Meaning: Nine of Pentacles

The falcon or hawk on the Nine of Pentacles is a rather strange addition. In symbolism, falcons have pretty much the same interpretations as eagles do. However, this is not the purpose of the bird on the Nine of Pentacles.  

Like all birds, falcons can represent freedom. To see a restrained or caged bird in a dream, on a Tarot card, or in another form of divination symbolizes a lack of freedom and an inability to fly.

The figure on the Nine of Pentacles card is content with what she has achieved. She is very much a woman of the house. In some cases, the Nine of Pentacles can represent someone who has all their financial needs taken care of. But, they are trapped in a prison of their own making. The bird represents the fact that this woman is content, but still tied down to her responsibilities and held back, in a way, because of the lifestyle she has created and now must maintain.

Ibis Meaning: The Star

Finally, an ibis appears in the tree on The Star card. The ibis is associated with the Egyptian God Thoth, the god of wisdom, magic, writing, and insight. This interpretation fits in nicely with that of The Star, as it too is a card of magic, manifestation, and the future being revealed. 

Closing Thoughts for the Meaning of Birds on Tarot Cards

That’s all for the meanings of the birds on Tarot cards! As you can see, birds feature heavily on Tarot cards. By learning how to read birds, you are one step closing to digesting Tarot card meanings.

How do you feel about the birds on Tarot cards? If you have any questions or if you would like to share your thoughts, feel free to share in the comments section. You can find the comments at the bottom of this post.

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Autumn Dream Meanings

Would you like to know some autumn dream meanings? For diviners, fall (also known as autumn) is a very exciting time of the year! We have the Mabon celebrations, Halloween, Day of the Dead, and the lead up to the winter equinox. It’s the time of year where we are officially classed as experts, not weirdos (ha). 

Due to the fact that it’s so heavily linked with magic, ritual, and mystery, a lot of symbols are associated with fall. These signs will regularly appear in your life and have you thinking, “WTF did that mean?”

In this post, I’ve unraveled the mystery and revealed the meanings of some of the most popular fall symbols in divination and fortune-telling. The meanings outlined here apply to most forms of divination, including dreams, tea leaves, crystal balls, Tarot cards, and more!


Autumn Dream Meanings: Nature


The acorn is a common symbol to see in many types of divination, even Oracle cards! If you read crystal balls or tea leaves, the acorn symbol will make an appearance time and time again.

Because it’s heavily associated with this time of the year and fall artwork, acorns typically serve as a timing symbol. Just as a snowman may tell you that something’s going to happen around Christmas time, the acorn will tell you that something significant will happen around fall. For example, if you dream of fish and an acorn, you can predict that you’ll receive some money sometime around fall.

For some people, the acorn is a symbol of family, and it’s a rather frequent occurrence for them to be read this way in European fortune-telling. You’ll find that many symbols usually associated with fall and winter are also associated with family. I’m unsure why this is, but it might be because, pre-industrial revolution, this time of the year used to be especially dangerous, so families had to stick together and work as a team to survive (hence the recurrent dual meanings).


It’s almost universal that corn is a symbol of abundance, fertility, and growth. To dream of corn or see it in another form of divination is a very good sign predicting everything from longed-for babies to riches. The only time corn takes on a negative meaning is if you dream of a barren cornfield, as this symbolizes financial ruin.   


The meaning of the pumpkin is pretty obvious and doesn’t need much explanation. Sometimes, they are a timing mechanism representing October/November. However, for most people, they are symbols of spiritual development, magic, divination, and an increase in spirit communication (obviously because of their association with Halloween). Dreaming of a smashed or rotten pumpkin means that your spirituality is superficial and you feel a level of uncertainty around your chosen spiritual path.


It’s pretty obvious that leaves are a symbol of nature in divination. Leaves represent the natural circle of life and predict healing. If you’re not in great health, getting leaves in any method of fortune-telling is a positive omen.

For witches and magical practitioners, leaves can predict that you will conduct more rituals. Whether this is a good or bad thing is dependent on context and the feel of the dream.

Sometimes, if they appear in a dream, the color and state of the leaves will give you a timeframe. Growing leaves represent spring. Healthy green leaves come out in summer. Orange, crispy leaves symbolize fall, while leafless trees predict the dead of winter.

Autumn Dream Meanings: Animals 


Before I get into what it means to see a birdhouse symbol in fortune-telling, I should warn that a birdhouse isn’t the same as a birdcage. Dreaming of anything that cages an animal is usually a bad omen; a birdcage symbolizes a lack of freedom and can even predict prisons and abusive relationships. A birdhouse is completely different, because a bird chooses to spend its time there and can come and go as it pleases.

The birdhouse has several different meanings depending on the context. Sometimes, a birdcage can represent the body. If you dream that you’re building a birdhouse, you will work toward the body you desire, but if you destroy one, this obviously means you will destroy your body in some way.

Because birds make homes in them, birdhouses can also symbolize the home. Usually, birdhouses can represent a time when you’re transitioning from being fun-loving and carefree to more settled down.


Chickens have a dual meaning in fortune-telling. On one hand, they symbolize gossip and slander. However, on the other hand, they’re a symbol of divination. Therefore, the meaning of the chicken will change depending on context – what’s going on in your life at the time and how you view the chicken.

For millennia and across the world, chickens have been used for divination, and many religious traditions use chickens in their rituals. Therefore, to dream of a chicken pecking or being sacrificed can predict that you will form a closer relationship with the spirits around you. Your fortune-telling skills will increase. Dreaming that a chicken is flying means you are exceptionally gifted in metaphysical matters.

However, being a Romany Gypsy I tend not to read chickens so favorably. We generally don’t like anything that isn’t one way or the other. For example, chickens are birds but they cannot fly, so they’re also like mammals; this causes me to interpret them negatively. Because they all huddle around each other clucking and don’t soar in the sky, I read them to symbolize gossipers who talk badly about the other birds, who are out there doing their thing. 


Turkeys represent special events and gatherings. A fat, healthy turkey predicts a happy home life. A dead or injured turkey symbolizes family disagreements. 

Autumn Dream Meanings: Indoors


 Because you place items in a basket, they’re usually read as symbolizing riches and rewards. If you’ve been hustling recently, you can look forward to being recognized for your commitment.

Autumn dream meanings for fall
Although these meanings have been writing with dreams in mind, you can apply these meanings to other symbolic methods of divination such as crystal ball reading.


Buckets carry water, which represents emotions. However, because they’re holding water, buckets mean you will evolve to the point where your emotions are under control.

If you dream about a bucket that has holes in it and the water is leaking out, it means you will try to control your emotions during times when you should, but will be overwhelmed and not be able to. If you dream of empty buckets, this can predict a lack of care.

The exception to the above meaning is if you have a dream in which your basket breaks. In the case of a broken, fallen, or lost basket, it means you’ll be putting a lot of hard work into your endeavors to receive nothing but disappointment in the end.


It’s quite a common superstition in many countries that a broom falling predicts unexpected visitors. Therefore, for one to appear in your divination also means you’ll receive unexpected visitors.


Candles are almost always symbolic of spirituality and ritual. If you see a candle in your crystal ball, tea leaves, or other forms of divination, it can predict that you will progress spiritually. The meaning of dreaming of lighting a candle is similar; it marks a time when you will discover spiritual truths. However, if you dream that you snuff out a candle, this can mean that you’ll turn your back on your spirituality.  


Although fun, there’s a rather negative meaning behind dreaming of a costume or dressing up. In divination, costumes are symbols of deception. To dream that everyone around you is wearing a costume means that others are trying to deceive you. Dreaming that you’re wearing a costume means you’re either deceiving others or deceiving yourself. If your costume is destroyed, this means you will be exposed for the way you really are.


The pie is another common divination symbol. Because many people have an image of granny making pies, they are homely symbols of the older generations in your family. A beautiful pie represents a happy family. Dreaming of a pie dropping can warn of a death.

Sometimes, pie can also represent counseling. If you’re worried there is no-one there to listen to your problems, don’t fret – you will soon have an outlet for your concerns.   

Autumn Dream Meanings: Outdoors

Cart or Wheelbarrow

Carts and wheelbarrows symbolize home improvements, particularity in the garden; usually, you will be making these changes yourself. If you dream of a broken cart, you will take on more than you can chew in regard to DIY.


The fence as a symbol is always a sign of stress, effort, and labor. In Tarot, the Nine of Wands are stacked as a fence; this card symbolizes delays, hard work, and canceled plans. The more solid the fence, the heavier your burdens.

To dream you have built a fence means you’ve taken on a lot of responsibility which wasn’t initially yours, but now you’re stuck with it. Dreaming of painting a fence means you’re trying to spruce up a negative situation but aren’t really lessening the stress on yourself in the process.

The meaning of climbing a fence or wall is a positive one; dreaming you’re doing so means you will overcome your obstacles. However, this will not be an easy feat. Nevertheless, you will achieve your goals in the end.   


The scarecrow is a very peculiar symbol that many diviners read differently. In a good dream or session, it can be a sign that you have divine skills such as prophecy. In a more negative dream or session, it can be a sign of restrictions (not only does it restrict crows, but the scarecrow itself is restricted on a pole).   

The scarecrow can also be read very similarly to The Magician. The role of the scarecrow is to believe things that aren’t there. For these reasons, on the one hand, the scarecrow is a symbol of manifestation. On the other, it’s a symbol of the con-man.


Spades appear in playing-card divination and as Swords in Tarot. Just like other symbols, they can also pop up in dreams, crystal balls, etc. As positives, they represent responsibilities that you’re quite happy to take on. As negatives (which they usually are), they predict problems and issues. To dream you have broken a spade means that you will give up.   

Watering Can

Watering cans are quite joyful symbols. In divination, they’re a sign that someone will offer you their assistance without making you feel creeped out or weird. Dreaming of a watering can also mean that you will soon invest in new technology.

Closing Thoughts on Autumn Dream Meanings

So, there’ say list of Autumn dream meanings! Did you find what you were looking for? Or, do you feel that other symbols should have been added to this list? Did you enjoy this post?

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