Planet Meanings in Astrology

Learning the planet meanings in Astrology is essential if you want to become a diviner. The planets are intertwined in every system of fortune-telling. 

I once lived in a state of ignorance. I could read Tarot for about 10 years before I realized you could just walk into somewhere like Waterstones or WHSmith and buy books on Tarot. When I was in college, a friend alerted me to this wonderful fact, and joyfully skipped down to WHSmith to have a look.

I was very happy the day I discovered Tarot books in WHSmith. However, I found the books I bought there to be very confusing. They all kept banging on about correspondences (something I’d never used), and I just didn’t understand how this fitted in with not only my Tarot but my fortune-telling practice in general.

It wasn’t until years later, when I began to seriously study Western palmistry, that I realized something: correspondences serve as a tool for learning. You can get a lot of information from studying astrology. And, the most effective way to do this is to study the planet meanings in Astrology.

An Overview of the Planet Meanings in Astrology & Divination

In astrology, the meanings of the planets and zodiac signs correspond to ancient Greek and Roman myths. It’s from mythology that the meanings of the planets and zodiac signs originate (although today, we’re just going to be looking at planets).

In Western fortune-telling, if you learn the basic meanings of the planets and zodiac signs, you can quickly learn Tarot card meanings, palmistry, etc. You can even interpret dreams, the crystal ball, tea leaves, and bone readings based on your understanding of planets.

I should note before we begin that the moon and sun are viewed as planets in Western astrology. This is obviously because astrology predates the modern knowledge that they are not in fact planets in the technical sense. 

Planet Meanings in Astrology: The Sun & Moon

Planet Meaning: The Sun 

Sun KeywordsLife, conscious, identity, success, positivity, fame, victory
Sun MythologyApollo
Sun TarotThe Sun card XIX
Sun Palmistry The Sun finger, the Line of Apollo, the Mount of Apollo
Sun Symbolism Laurel wreath, lyre

The zodiac sign of the sun landing at the time of your birth determines your ‘sun sign’ (whether you’re an Aquarius, Gemini, etc.). In this context, the sun represents life, consciousness, identity, individuality, and what you’re known for.

Along with the above interpretations, the sun also symbolizes success, recognition, and happiness. The sun is a positive omen, and one that pops up time and time again in most forms of divination.

In Tarot, The Sun card predicts everything positive, from projects ending well to longed-for children being born. In Lenormand divination, the Sun card carries pretty much the same meaning; it’s a card of success, good health, and positivity.

Planet meanings in astrology - The Sun

In palmistry, the ring finger is known as The Sun Finger and corresponds with the same meanings as the sun in astrology. The fleshy part of the palm below the ring finger is called the Mount of Apollo. The Mount of Apollo can reflect how successful you will be; a star on this part of the palm predicts fame. Some people have a line going down the palm from The Sun Finger; this line is known as The Line of Apollo. The longer and more distinctive your Line of Apollo is, the more success you will see in your lifetime.

From the myths of Apollo (the sun god), we have the symbols of the laurel wreath and the lyre. In dreams, the crystal ball, and tea leaf readings, the laurel wreath and the lyre are positive symbols that hold the same meaning as the sun. They even pop up in Tarot. On the Rider-Waite Tarot card the Six of Wands, a card that predicts victory, you’ll notice there is a laurel wreath.     

Planet Meaning: The Moon 

Moon KeywordsFemales, subconscious, secrets, infidelity, emotions, reputation, dreaming, creativity
Moon MythologyLuna (Roman), Selene (Greek)
Moon TarotThe High Priestess II
Moon Palmistry The Moon Mount
Moon Symbolism Crab, water, ocean, women

Most cultures personify the moon as female. The reasons for this are obvious; there are 28 days in the average female cycle, just as there are 28 days in the moon’s cycle. Therefore, everything traditionally associated with women is linked with the moon, such as feelings, emotions, psychic ability, and the subconscious.

In Tarot, The High Priestess card corresponds to the moon; it’s a card of psychic ability and emotions. This may sound good, but this Tarot card can sometimes take on a more sinister meaning.

In divination, there’s a trend of psychic equaling secrets. You’ll find that anything that symbolizes occult knowledge or ability can also represent things like secrets and infidelity. The reason for this is because darkness and night are symbols of hidden information, which may only be available to a select few. In Tarot, while The High Priestess is a card of intuition, it’s also a card of cheating.

Planet meanings in astrology - The Moon

In divination, anything linked to the sun, moon, or stars can be interpreted to represent how you’re perceived by others; this is because these bodies shine their light on you. The Moon card in Lenormand has the same meaning as the moon in other forms of divination, with an added focus of your reputation.  

Obviously, because the moon comes out at night, it’s usually linked with other things that happen at night, such as dreaming and creative thoughts.

In palmistry, the area in the bottom third of your hand, which is in line with your pinkie and ring finger, is known as the Mount of the Moon. This area represents not only your intuition and psychic gifts, but also your daydreaming ability and imagination.

In nature, crabs change shape with the waxing and waning of the moon. The ocean and tides are also affected by the moon. Therefore, in other forms of divination, crabs, water, and the ocean are interpreted in the same way the moon is. Crabs and water symbolize psychic ability, intuition, females, emotions, and hidden knowledge. In fact, the Mambila people of Nigeria and Cameroon use a method of divination called Nggam, which is fortune-telling by interpreting the movement of crabs.

Planet Meanings in Astrology: The Inner Planets

Planet Meaning: Mercury

Mercury KeywordsCommunication, travel, social, networking, knowledge
Mercury MythologyMercury (Roman) and Hermes (Greek)
Mercury TarotThe Magician
Mercury Palmistry The Pinkie, The Mount of Mercury
Mercury Symbolism Wings, winged items, the infinity symbol

Mercury is the planet of communication. Not only does it symbolize the ability to speak, but the ability to do so in a logical and thought-out manner.

In Tarot, Mercury corresponds to The Magician, a card of enterprise and knowledge. The Magician is also a card associated with diplomacy. Due to his way with words and his wit, The Magician can be everything from a good showman to a con-man. In fact, in mythology, Mercury is the god of thieves. However, although it can have some negative associations, Mercury typically symbolizes communication, social networking, and how well you vibe with others.

Mercury planet meaning in astrology

In palmistry, the pinkie is known as The Mercury finger. A short Mercury finger means your communication skills are lacking. A long Mercury finger means you talk too much and are obsessed with social media.

In symbolism, there are a couple of things that correspond to Mercury, such as winged items and the infinity symbol. You’ll notice on Tarot cards that The Magician and Strength both have infinity symbols above their heads.

Planet Meaning: Venus

Venus KeywordsLove, desire, relationships, beauty, harmony, fertility
Venus MythologyVenus (Roman) and Aphrodite (Greek)
Venus TarotThe Empress
Venus Palmistry The Mount of Venus, The Girdle of Venus
Venus Symbolism Shell, myrtle, rose, swan, girdle

Probably among the most famous of Greek and Roman goddesses is Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love. Almost everyone in the Western world knows that she represents romance and relationships.

Luckily for us diviners, Venus correspondences are the same right across the board. In all forms of divination, anything associated with Venus represents love, fertility, harmony, desire, and relationships. Sometimes, Venus also symbolizes sexuality. 

In palmistry, the Mount of Venus is the fleshy area on the palm below the thumb. The Mount of Venus reflects how well you express emotions and your willingness to give affection to others. Obviously, a large mount will be found on someone with a strong sex drive, and a flat mount can be found on someone who’s somewhat sexually disinterested.

The Empress correspondence planet and astrology

In palmistry, there’s also a ‘minor’ line that goes along the top third of the palm known as the Girdle of Venus. Not everyone has this line, and it’s generally not a desirable feature to have on your palms; it’s found on someone who is hypersexual and promiscuous.

In Tarot, Venus appears as The Empress. In the guise of The Empress, Venus’ focus is more so on harmony and fertility in Tarot. The Empress usually predicts pregnancy and children. She’s also a card of nature and things working in balance.

In mythology, the symbols of Venus are the shell, myrtle, rose, and girdle; these are common love and female sexuality symbols. To dream of one of these symbols or see them in a teacup or crystal ball reading usually predicts the start of a new relationship, the progression of a current one, or the birth of a child.

Planet Meaning: Mars

Mars KeywordsAggression, will, anger, drive, determination, war
Mars Mythology Mars (Roman), Aries (Greek)
Mars TarotThe Tower
Mars Palmistry The Inner Mount of Mars, The Outer Mount of Mars, The Plain of Mars
Mars Symbolism Sword, shield, spear, helmet, boar

Next to Venus, Mars is the planet that most people know how to interpret. Mars is the planet of masculine aggression, war, drive, anger, and determination. Although Mars has several positive attributes, its correspondences are often read quite negatively.

In Tarot, Mars corresponds to the Tower, a card of ruin, destruction, and everything negative. You will also find much Mars/Ares symbolism in the Sword suit – the suit of trouble, conflict, and emotional pain

In symbolism, items of war (swords, shields, spears, and helmets) correspond to Mars. Dreaming of one of these items can predict future trouble and arguments with those close to you. The boar, which is sacred to Mars/Ares, holds the same meaning.

In palmistry, the middle third of the hand is assigned to Mars; it reflects your level of aggression. The center of the palm is known as The Plain of Mars, the area in between the thumb and forefinger is called The Inner Mount of Mars, and the middle of the outer part of the hand is called The Outer Mount of Mars.

The Tower correspondence planet and astrology

The Inner Mount of Mars deals with how physically brave you are. A fleshy Inner Mount of Mars means you’re quick to use your wits to sort out your problems. A weak Inner Mount of Mars means you cower away from physical aggression.

An Outer Mount of Mars symbolizes how morally brave you are. A prominent Outer Mount of Mars means you’re a bit of a social justice warrior; however, if it’s flat, this means you don’t stand up for the interests of those less fortunate, even if you know you should.

The Plain of Mars, the middle of the palm, represents how self-assured you are. If it appears raised and fatty, you are overconfident to the point of arrogance. However, if your Plain of Mars is flat and bony, it means you lack belief in yourself and others walk all over you. 

Planet Meanings in Astrology: Gas Giants 

Planet Meaning: Jupiter

Jupiter KeywordsLuck, fortune, expansion, leadership, charity, confidence
Jupiter MythologyJupiter (Roman) and Zeus (Greek)
Jupiter TarotThe Wheel of Fortune
Jupiter Palmistry The Jupiter Finger, The Mount of Jupiter
Jupiter Symbolism Lightning bolt, oak, eagle, bull

Traditionally, Jupiter is the planet of luck. A well-placed Jupiter planet will be found in the chart of someone who is naturally fortunate, whom the gods have blessed with the good things in life. That’s not to say they don’t have to work for it; it simply means the universe will give them a little nudge in the right direction.

In Tarot, the planet Jupiter corresponds to The Wheel of Fortune. Like Jupiter, The Wheel of Fortune predicts luck and also what is destined, fated, and made easier with the help of the divine.

Jupiter planet meaning in astrology

Named after the king of the gods, Jupiter is obviously a planet of power, authority, and leadership. In palmistry, the index finger is known as The Jupiter Finger. The fleshy part of the palm just under your index finger is called The Mount of Jupiter. Both these areas of your hand symbolize how confident you are and how much you crave a position of authority. A dominant Mount of Jupiter and Finger will be found on someone who likes to be in charge.

In symbolic forms of divination (tea leaves, dreams, crystal ball reading), the lightning bolt, oak tree, eagle, and bull all have a similar meaning to Jupiter because these are the symbols of Jupiter/Zeus. The lightning bolt is a particularly powerful symbol; it not only represents authority but also the approval of the gods. 

Planet Meaning: Saturn 

Saturn KeywordsAuthority, responsibility, limitations, restrictions, time
Saturn Mythology Saturn (Roman) and Cronus (Greek)
Saturn TarotThe World
Saturn Palmistry The Saturn Finger, The Mount of Saturn
Saturn Symbolism Scythe, sickle, grain, watch, hourglass

In Greek mythology, Cronus was at one point king of the gods. One day, he learned of a prophecy that predicted he would be overthrown by one of his offspring, so when his wife, Rhea, gave birth, he swallowed his children. However, when Rhea birthed Zeus, she hid him from Cronus in order to save his life. When he came of age, the prophecy was fulfilled, and Zeus imprisoned his father in the underworld.

Saturn symbolizes authority and your sense of responsibility and duty. As in the myth, Saturn represents the things you have to do, which are necessary but you don’t like: Cronus had to cannibalize his children, Rhea had to betray her husband, Zeus had to imprison his father.

Astrologers speak of the ‘Saturn Return’ – a time when you question if you’re really happy. Saturn will make you assess if you’re truly content and where you want to be in life. Saturn highlights where you feel like you’re lacking or where you feel like you have a responsibility you don’t want. The Saturn Return is the point you realize you are now an adult.

Saturn planet meaning in astrology

In Tarot, The World corresponds to Saturn. This is probably because The World, like the Saturn Return, represents a major change. The World is when you start one phase of your life and leave the old one behind.

In palmistry, the middle finger and the fleshy part below it are known as The Mount of Saturn and The Saturn Finger. These symbolize your sense of responsibility. If your middle finger is overly long, it means you take on responsibilities that aren’t yours and which you don’t want. If your middle finger is short, it means you run away from your responsibilities and have trouble committing to things.

In fortune-telling, the scythe and sickle are symbols of Saturn. Oddly, these symbols are also commonly associated with death, new beginnings, and change.

Grain, watches, and hourglasses are also symbols of Saturn. To dream about one of these things can represent success in business but also reflects your level of responsibility; sometimes, they can warn that a window of opportunity is closing. 

Planet Meanings in Astrology: The Icey Planets

Planet Meaning: Uranus

Uranus KeywordsOriginality, technology, change, individuality
Uranus Mythology Uranus (Greek) and Caelus (Roman)
Uranus TarotThe Fool
Uranus Palmistry
Uranus Symbolism The sky

Uranus is a sky god, a Titan who predates the Olympian Gods. Uranus is the personification of the sky. Unlike many other gods and goddesses, the worship of Uranus/Caelus was not as extensive as the Olympians such as Zeus or Aphrodite. Therefore, the symbolism for Uranus is not as detailed as that of the so-called ‘inner’ planets of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Uranus was only discovered in 1781, long after the establishment of traditional fortune-telling forms such as astrology and palmistry. Therefore, there are no palmistry correspondences for Uranus.

However, because Uranus was the first of the ‘outer’ planets to be discovered, it is associated with originality, new technology, change, and individuality. Uranus is the planet that heralds the beginning of industrial revolutions and technology.

Uranus planet meaning in astrology

In Tarot, The Fool corresponds to Uranus. The Fool is a very ‘airy-fairy’, up-in-the-air kind of card – one that’s often pulled for people who aren’t easy to pin down. The Fool advises seekers to take the leap and make major changes to their lives without giving a second thought.

In mythology, Uranus was said to despise the children he made with his Gaia, and this is typical of all Uranus symbolism. Uranus doesn’t like to hold too much responsibility and needs to do his own thing. In fact, in Tarot, The Fool can predict that you don’t want to be chained to anything long-term.

In symbolism, Uranus is associated with the sky, air, and atmosphere. Dreaming of the sky can represent originality and can predict that you will be recognized for being different.

Planet Meaning: Neptune

Neptune KeywordsSpirituality, intuition, dreams, confusion
Neptune MythologyNeptune (Roman), Poseidon (Greek)
Neptune TarotThe Hanged Man
Neptune Palmistry The Bracelets of Neptune
Neptune SymbolismTridents, dolphins

Neptune is the planet of spirituality, intuition, and dreams. A well-placed Neptune will be found on someone with intense psychic ability and the power of prophecy. However, Neptune can sometimes symbolize a need for clarity; a badly-placed Neptune can predict that you will grow to be someone who struggles to make decisions and never feels like they have all the facts.

In Tarot, Neptune corresponds to The Hanged Man. Like Neptune, The Hanged Man can represent a spiritual awakening, but it typically symbolizes a time when you feel like you’re unsure of your direction. It’s common for Neptune to represent confusion.

Neptune planet meaning in astrology

Neptune was only discovered in 1846, but there is a Neptune feature in palmistry, where the lines that go around the wrist are sometimes called The Bracelets of Neptune (sometimes also known as The Bracelets of Fortune). They represent not only how lucky you are, but also your level of clarity.

In symbolism, the trident and dolphin are associated with Neptune and Poseidon. In fact, to have a palmistry line end in a trident predicts great achievements in that area. To dream about a dolphin or see one in a teacup or crystal ball predicts a massive increase in paranormal powers and the ability to work with sea magic.

Planet Meaning: Pluto

Pluto Keywords Rebirth, renewal, change, transformation
Pluto MythologyPluto (Roman) and Hades (Greek)
Pluto TarotJudgement
Pluto Palmistry
Pluto Symbolism Key, multi-headed animal, sceptre, pomegranate

Like the other outer planets, Pluto was discovered relatively recently in 1930. This was long after the establishment of traditional fortune-telling forms such as astrology and palmistry. Therefore, there are no palmistry correspondences for Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of rebirth, renewal, and transformation. No surprise there, as it’s the planet of Pluto/Hades, the god of death and the underworld. Often, death is associated with major change and new beginnings.

In Tarot, the Judgment card is ruled by Pluto. This is a good fit, as Judgment has a similar meaning to Pluto. It is the card of transformation and life-changing opportunities that are not for the fainthearted.

Pluto planet meaning in astrology

As it represents death, there are many symbols that correspond to Pluto. These symbols (including multi-headed animals) symbolize renewal and change. However, the symbol that’s most used – and one you will see most frequently in dreams and crystal balls – is that of the pomegranate.

In Greek mythology, Hades took a fancy to Persephone and had her abducted from Earth and brought to the underworld. Eventually, she was rescued. However, because she had consumed the seeds of the pomegranate, she could not leave the underworld 100% of the time. For one-third of the year, Persephone must return to Hades, and this causes the world to plunge into darkness (the winter months). Therefore, pomegranates are symbols of death, winter, and the underworld.

Closing Thoughts on Planet Meanings in Astrology

That’s it for planet meanings in Astrology! I know that the meanings of the planets in astrology are often hard to grasp. However, do not give up. You can apply planet meanings, not just in Astrology, but other systems of divination.

Did you enjoy reading about the planet meanings in Astrology? Which planets do you resonate with? Personally, my favourite planet is Uranus – feel free to share yours in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Also, how do you feel about the correspondences in this article. I find it weird that the High Priestess (and not The Moon) corresponds to the Moon in astrology, but hey that’s the way it is. Let me know your thoughts on this and the other planet meanings in Astrology.

How To Interpret a Birth Chart

Would you like to lean how to interpret a birth chart? Initially, an encounter with Birth Charts can confuse a beginner in the field of astrology. Since it contains a lot of planets, signs, and degrees that even intermediate practitioners consider as challenging to accurately interpret, beginners often shy away from the subject.

With that, we’ll take you to a quick run-through of how to interpret a Birth Chart. By familiarizing yourself with the basics, it becomes easier for you to know which means what and how to apply it in your own life. 

What are Birth Charts?

An astrological Birth Chart, or often referred to as a Natal Chart, is a detailed collection of your signs and symbols according to specific key areas in life. 

In general, it contains a specific set of information that will tell you about basic characteristics about yourself based on planetary locations and movements. 

In particular, there are three main major components of Birth Charts: the 12 signs, 12 houses, and 10 planets.

 12 Signs

Basically, comprised of your traditional 12 astrological signs, these are often portrayed as a set of qualities that one can refer to. While each sign is unique and extensively complex, examining two major aspects will give us a good grasp of them. 

As such, here’s a summary of their fundamental characteristics:

1.    Aries – Cardinal Fire

2.    Taurus – Fixed Earth

3.    Gemini – Mutable Air

4.    Cancer – Cardinal Water

5.    Leo – Fixed Fire

6.    Virgo – Mutable Earth

7.    Libra – Cardinal Air

8.    Scorpio – Fixed Water

9.    Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

10. Capricorn – Cardinal Earth

11.  Aquarius – Fixed Air

12.  Pisces – Mutable Water

In understanding these two qualities, one must take note of the following: 

Modalities exhibit the sign’s pacing together with its subsequent qualities. In general, a Cardinal Sign is good at starting things but has a problem with sustaining it, whereas a Fixed sign is good at sustaining things but avoids change. Lastly, a Mutable sign is adept at changes and consolidation but lacks stability. 

With each sign having its own element, it is also important to note their overall qualities. In general, Fire signs are passionate and creative, Earth signs are worldly and stable, Air signs are rational and social, while Water signs are intuitive and emotional. 

By pairing these qualities, you’ll get a good understanding of each sign without having to look them up. As these signs will define the succeeding sections, it is crucial to gain a general understanding in order to give you a grasp of how they influence the other areas. 

How to interpret a birth chart for beginners Astrology houses, transits and planets

12 Houses

Representing key areas in our life, these 12 houses the most crucial dimensions of our existence. Here are their specific meanings as follows: 

1st house: House of Self/Rising Sign

2nd house: House of Wealth/Value

3rd house: House of Communications

4th house: House of Family

5th house: House of Pleasure

6th house: House of Health

7th house: House of Partnerships

8th house: House of Transformation

9th house: House of Philosophy

10th house: House of Enterprise

11th house: House of Blessings

12th house: House of Undoing

As you look at your birth chart, you will see these 12 houses and their respective zodiac signs. By connecting the general knowledge of the previous section with this one, you’ll get a good impression of what the stars say about a particular aspect of your life. 

 10 Planets

Determining mind functions, the 10 planets of astrology represent celestial bodies which speak of major aspects of our metaphysical existence. Here are their particular meanings as follows: 

1.    Sun – Basic Traits and Personality

2.    Moon – Emotions and Inner Self

3.    Mercury – Mind and Communication

4.    Venus – Romance and Love

5.    Mars – Willpower and Energy

6.    Jupiter – Luck, Wisdom, and Growth

7.    Saturn – Tasks and Challenges

8.    Uranus – Change and Originality

9.    Neptune – Dreams and Healing

10.  Pluto – Power and Transformation

With each planet referring to a particular aspect of your metaphysical existence, it’s easier for you to know what the stars have to say since you simply have to allocate their meaning based on the areas of yourself, as stated above. 

How Do You Create A Birth Chart?

Manually identifying your Natal Chart is a complex task. Reserved only to those who are expert practitioners of Astrology, doing a personalized reading often costs a lot. After all, this task requires the expertise of identifying and interpreting based on your specific time zone and climate, on top of celestial positions. 

However, with the internet, you don’t need to pay anything in order to know your Birth Chart. 

With the presence of websites such as, you can already get a full result of what your signs for each planet and house are, on top of a comprehensive guide on their supposed meaning and function. 

Simply by entering your birthdate with exact time & location, you can get an accurate reading for free. Take note, it is very important to know your exact birth time and location. Since different time zones are present on top of locations, results may not be as accurate if you miss out on them. 

 Final Words for How to Interpret a Birth Chart

As such, we’ve provided you with an overall grasp of its important components instead of explaining how certain degrees and positioning pans out. 

In this way, you’ll get a better understanding of these charts simply by connecting the dots. As you make sense of how an Aries or a Mercury affects key areas of your life, you’ll be able to appreciate more about these Birth Charts!

Have you recently had a look at your birth chart? Did you find anything interesting? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

 Author Biography

Aaron is an Astrologer who writes for Individualogist, a personality-testing resource based on Carl Jung’s study of the 12 jungian archetypes. He is a firm believer of using Astrology as a tool for uncovering one’s purpose and direction. Individualogist has guided thousands of its active members to achieve transformations and experience success in various aspects of their lives.