How to Read The Etteilla Tarot

Do you want to learn how you can read the Etteilla Tarot? I bet you’ve bought an Etteilla Tarot deck and you have no idea what to do with them. Don’t worry! I am going to teach you exactly how you can tackle this historical Tarot system.

Etteilla is a system of reading Tarot which pre-dates the popular Rider-Waite-Smith system. Although the structure of the cards is generally very similar, the interpretations for Etteilla are so much more old fashioned than what modern readers are used to; for example, the Five of Pentacles is lucky for love. 

Not only have I included links to the Grand Etteilla Tarot meanings, but below these links, you can find my top five tips for reading Etteilla Tarot cards! 

Major Etteilla Meanings | Pentacles Etteilla Meanings Swords Etteilla Meanings | Cups Etteilla Meanings | Wands Etteilla Meanings 

How to Read the Etteilla Tarot

Because of the differences (and lack of information available in English), many would-be Etteilla readers just up, thinking that the process of reading in a vintage style is just too difficult. However, I am here to say, don’t let these minor things put you off of this amazing system. 

The fact that you are reading this article tells me that you have an interest in reading Etteilla (hooray!) So therefore, I am going to give you my top five tips for making Etteilla reading easier, so let’s get to it! 

Lay Out Your Etteilla Tarot Cards

Etteilla cards are read best when you have plenty to choose from. When I’m reading Etteilla, I lay them out in a 5×5 table, similar to a Lenormand Grand Tableau, and then I read what jumps out at me. 

Sometimes, I may be drawn to the card in the middle. Other times, I am drawn to the corners. I can combine cards, read left to right, right to the left, the world is your oyster when you’re reading with this amazing system! 

Read from Right to Left

If you read old fashioned Cartomancy books, you will notice that many advise you to read right to the left. Usually, reading direction can also be dependent on using significators. When reading Etteilla, try reading from right to left for a change and see where this takes you. 

Check Court Card Direction 

One thing which is essential if you’re reading Tarot old school is to interpret the direction which the Court cards are facing. The direction the Court cards are facing is relevant because this can help you to see what each of the characters in the seeker’s life is up to. The direction Courts face can reflect everything from priorities to problems in the lives of people who are represented by them. 

Write on your Deck

Crazy right? Ha! I know, but I actually did this to help me learn my Etteilla interpretations. Most people wouldn’t dream about writing on their cards and think it looks terrible. However, I didn’t use just any old pens. I used fancy metallic pens I got from a stationary shop and wrote on the cards in a decorative style; this way, it looks like the writing is part of the design of the cards, not just a lot of scribbles. 

Learn the Ettellia Tarot Card Meanings

This tip is obvious but essential for reading Etteilla. There isn’t much information out there in English for would be Etteilla readers, but I have translated and collected some interpretations. You can find the links to the meanings here:

Closing Thoughts on How to Read the Etteilla Tarot

I love the Etteilla Tarot system, but it is not for absolute beginners. Many people often have a hard time interpreting the card meanings.

How about you? Are you struggling to read the Etteilla Tarot system? What are your biggest challenges? Feel free to share with myself and the Diviner Life community in the comments section below!

Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana Meanings

Learn the Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana Meanings and the cards which correspond to those meanings in regular Tarot. I am going to show you the Rider Waite equivalents, so that you can better understand how to interpret the Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana meanings.

Throughout this description, you will find the Rider-Waite-Smith and Marseilles equivalents for the Major Arcana. It is important that this is used only as a guide. The Etteilla Tarot system must be respected in its own right, many of the meanings are similar to modern systems, but many are not. 

Equivalents can be used as a learning aid but must not be used as a substitute. If you really want to learn how to read the Grand Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana Meanings, then it is best to start afresh and learn the interpretations independently.

The Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana Meanings


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Magician

If you are male, Chaos can be used as a significator and personifies yourself. If you are female, Chaos can represent a significant male in your life, such as a husband, father, or uncle. Your mental strength and moral convictions will play in your favor. The Chaos card also predicts hope for the future.

Reversed, Chaos indicates that you have the potential for fame in your chosen field. Your skills will be put to good use. You will have many resources at your disposal. There will be an increase in brain smarts, which you can use to your advantage.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Sun

In the Ettilla Tarot, Light predicts fertility and expansions in the family. If you long for children, they will be born. Relationships will be fulfilling and lasting for the time being. A newfound clarity will shine on a dark and challenging situation or dilemma. You can look forward to a bright future. Light marks a period of happiness and the end of struggles.

When Light appears reversed, it is a warning. You should control your emotions better. Anger, jealousy, and explosive rage are predicted. You may experience a significant loss if you do not calm yourself. 

Etteilla Tarot Card meanings the same as regular Tarot
Some of the Etteilla Tarot meanings are the same as they are in regular Tarot.

Plants and Birds

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Moon

Plants and Birds predict that you will be a victim of gossip and slander. You will have increased awareness and sensitivity to the opinions of others. Because of your new-found awareness, your emotions will be all over the place. You will have difficulty trusting others. During this period, hypocrites will surround you. 

When Plants and Birds appears reversed, this predicts that there will be uncertainty about relationships and finances. The future of these things does not seem as bright as you previously have hoped. Improvements do not look likely any time soon. The disapproval of others will be made public (Plants and Birds upright relates more so to passive-aggressive attitudes, but when reversed, this card predicts that criticisms of you will be more evident).

The Heavens

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Star

The Etteilla is trying to tell you that the simplest way will get the job done. Choose the easy route, and you will achieve your goals; nothing too fancy is needed. The metaphysical is important; soul mates, destiny, and increased psychic awareness are going to be important features in your life. 

However, all is not wonderful – you should try not to incite envy in other people. Other people may be wanting to take what is yours. Sometimes, The Heavens can predict theft. 

If reversed, The Heavens predicts that you will have increased control over your life and the situations which are troubling you. However, although things will be okay for the time being, your life will still need some work. As it is upright, The Heavens reversed is still negative, but you will be given opportunities for improvements.

Person or Voyage

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The World

You will find yourselves in new places, and you will be opened to new experiences. Travel is indicated with this card. Opportunities will come from abroad; a foreign lover or travel for work could be on the horizon. The Person or Voyage card is said to be Etteilla readers to be exceptionally favorable if you seek a promotion at work.

Reversed, the Person or Voyage card predicts misfortune, typically, in work, money, or business — loss of whatever kind is inevitable. Opportunities you are looking forward to will not materialize. Voyage reversed also signals trouble for relationships if the surrounding cards support this interpretation.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Emperor 

In the future, there will be initial problems, but then you will begin to see improvements. You will need to let go of old relationships so that you can make way for new ones. Stars also predicts that you will get help from a powerful, influential person. You will soon find new hobbies and interests. 

When reversed, Stars predicts that you will obsess over another person. Anxiety seems inevitable. You will place too much focus on someone else and not enough on yourself. This individual may be someone you are close to or someone you do not get along with, and you will feel the clash. You should try to be more mindful of what you are doing and not what this other person is up to.

Birds and Fish

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Empress

You can expect to gain support. In the future, there will be secret enemies but also close friends. There will be aid you’re not currently aware of, but which will nonetheless be appreciated. Your plans and goals will come together quicker than expected. Often, Birds and Fish predict favorable legal judgments.

When Birds and Fish is reversed, this predicts that there will still be help, but to a lesser extent than upright. Often, this card marks reconciliation and the return of a past lover. Good luck is on the horizon.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The High Priestess

In the Etteilla Tarot tradition, the Rest card can be used as a significator and personifies you if you’re female. If you are not female, then Rest can represent a daughter, mother, sister, friend, etc. Rest can predict the revelation of secrets. At this time, you are advised to keep silent. Increased psychic ability is a common interpretation.

When Rest is reversed, you should watch for hidden enemies. You should also be careful that you (or those around you) do not succumb to temptation. Often, Rest can indicate that you are selfish.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – Justice

Justice of the Etteilla Tarot is very similar to Justice in modern Tarot. Upright, Justice represents everything related to legal matters and signing contracts such as marriages, divorces, court cases, and new jobs. You must use your logic. 

Justice can also predict that lies will be told about a friend or family member. You must use your intuition to work out the truth or wait until more information is presented to you.

Reversed, the Justice card represents gossip that will be spread about you by a competitor. A love or work rival will try to make your life difficult. You will become the victim of discrimination.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – Temperance 

You can look forward to positivity after the storm. From this point, there will be a slow but steady movement towards a goal. Your cards are advising you to be moderate. In general, there will be improvements in multiple life areas. The people in your life will all make an effort to stay in your life. 

In an Etteilla reading, when Temperance appears reversed, this can indicate that you refuse to accept assistance. You are also hyper-critical of yourself, and your perfectionism means that you never accomplish anything. Temperance reversed can be a warning that, if you continue down this path, you will suffer from burn-out. 


Rider-Waite Equivalent – Strength

If you work hard, success will be possible for you. Your strong moral code will get you noticed. For now, you must display bravery. The Strength card marks the period when you can win over other people with your caring personality.

When reversed, Strength means that you will abuse your power. You will dominate other people. In the Etteilla tradition, Strength can sometimes predict that you will meet your match in someone more powerful or dominant than you.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Hanged Man

Prudence is a warning to be mindful of saying too much to other people; do not share your plans too freely with others. Assess whether or not you are being influenced by other individuals in a negative way. Patience is needed because the future of something you care about is uncertain at this time.

When reversed, Prudence means that you are placing your loyalty and trust in the wrong place. Arguments with friends, family, or lovers will become a daily occurrence. In extreme cases, Prudence can also symbolize widespread judgment from the public.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Lovers

Clearly, the Marriage card indicates either marriage or a relationship that will one day result in such. The emphasis of this card is on happy relationships and family life. Sometimes, Marriage can predict the birth of a child. Important decisions are to be made.

Reversed, Marriage represents a relationship that is emotionally painful, possible infidelity, or hate. The seeker can expect a delay in plans such as marriage, contracts, etc. This card reversed does not always have to represent difficultly. However, it may just represent a ‘common law marriage’ which has never become official.

Birds and Fish Etteilla Tarot meaning
In the Etteilla Tarot system, the Birds and Fish card corresponds to The Empress from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot tradition.

Force Majeure

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Devil

You will have goals that may be morally questionable but which will result in a good outcome. Force Majeure means that you listen more to your animal instincts than your common sense or intuition. Often, this card represents your desire to control and manipulate other people. Finally, Force Majeure is an intense card and it magnifyings whichever spread position it lands. 

In the case of reversals, Force Majeure predicts that you will be dominated by another person so that they can achieve their goals. Someone is using you. Also, in some cases, Force Majeure can predict that other people will go out of their way to ensure that your plans will fail. In some cases, Force Majeure reversed can also signify depression. 

The Magician 

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Magician

The Magician predicts health problems, sickness, and disease. You can expect ill health. In the slim chance that it does not represent health, The Magician predicts that you will be driven to take extreme risks- you will form associations and friendships which are dangerous to you and your reputation.

Reversed, the Magician card represents mental illness. There will also be trouble in your personal relationships. The Magician reversed can also be a warning that you should not pretend to have knowledge or skills which you do not as doing so will land you in hot water in the future. 


Rider-Waite Equivalent – Judgment 

You will receive a calling which, once you follow, there will be no going back. You have the potential for fame and notoriety. Very soon, you will have increased clarity. You can also look forward to better health and vitality.

When reversed, Judgement symbolizes regret. You will feel as though other people, the universe, and circumstances have been completely unfair to you. Expect to feel as though you have been defeated by life.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – Death

When Death appears in your Etteilla Tarot reading, this means that there will be the end of one thing and the start of another. The Death card can represent the end of a relationship or job. Things that are not working need let go. Turn the situation in a more positive direction

When reversed, Death represents an inability to achieve the things you want. There will be opportunities for greatness, but they will be lost or will evaporate. It is extremely common for the Death card to symbolize life-threatening illnesses; you should be conscious of your health.

The Hermit

Rider-Waite Equivalent – Hermit

In the Etteilla Tarot tradition, The Hermit always represents a betrayal. You will discover that your friends, lover, or workmates lack loyalty to you. People close to you do not share your values. At work, people will try to block you from achieving your goals.

When reversed, The Hermit means that a back-stabber will soon reveal themselves. Other people will cause significant emotional distress. There is also the possibility you will do hard work, which will result in nothing. You should be mindful of where you spend your time and resources.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Tower

Beware – a significant loss or theft could be on the horizon. Misfortune, difficulty, and (in some cases) physical violence are possible. Most Etteilla readers believe that The Temple is one of the worst Tarot cards you can receive. 

In some cases, The Temple can symbolize the breakdown of your previously held morals and beliefs. While this interpretation seems more positive, this breakdown is usually the result of emotionally painful situations. Therefore, whichever meaning you use, The Temple is never positive. 

Traditionally, The Temple reversed can indicate prison or extreme poverty. Even if this is not a possibility, the outlook looks grim for you. Change or improvement is not possible. You will be driven to move away from the conflict in which you have involved yourself.

The Wheel 

Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel predicts an increase in luck. You can expect the rewards of good fortune; holidays, profits, and new purchases are in your future. Positivity and happiness are on the cards, as well as improvements. You will enjoy good health and vitality.

When reversed, The Wheel means that you will still see progress, but your success will be inconsistent. Often, The Wheel reversed can signal gambling; you should look to neighboring cards to discern if gambling is going to be an issue. Sometimes The Wheel reversed can represent an illness that goes away but then returns. In any event, The Wheel will land in a reversed position to symbolize minor failures and setbacks.

Etteilla Tarot Rider Waite Correspondences
Some of the Etteilla correspondences are obvious, some, not so much.


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Chariot

You should be careful not to be too vain or proud as this will cause tension with their personal relationships. Although your relationships will be strained, Carriage symbolizes career achievements. In work readings, Carriage is a good omen. On rare occasions, Carriage can symbolize a desire for revenge. 

When Carriage appears reversed, this predicts that you will see or partake in the overthrowing of a tyrant. Typically, this tyrant may be a superior at work or in the community, but in some cases may also be someone who is in government. 

In addition to the above interpretation, the Carriage card reversed is an excellent omen for the ambitious. You are going to achieve something great. The Chariot reversed can mark an increase in your independence (which, in this context, is a good thing).


Rider-Waite Equivalent – The Fool

Folie marks a period of confusion and disorder that will be of your own making. You lack both the maturity and the mental clarity you need to reach your goals. You will have an inability to commit to anything which involves you shouldering too much responsibility (marriage, children, etc.). Sometimes, Folie can represent rebellion and wild behavior. Mental disorders and delirium is a traditional interpretation.

It is traditional to read Folie the same way reversed as it is read upright.

Closing Thoughts for the Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana Meanings

That’s all for the Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana meanings! If you would like to learn more about Etteilla, feel free to check out my top Etteilla reading tips post, which includes links to all of the other meanings. 

How easy do you feel it is to learn the Etteilla Tarot Major Arcana meanings? Do you resonate with these correspondences? Or, do they surprise you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

(Please note: I do not interpret other people’s readings for them). 

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The Etteilla Tarot Wands Meanings

Learn the Etteilla Tarot Wands meanings with me today! In the Etteilla system the suit of Batons correspond to the suit of Wands in regular Tarot.

Compared to the Rider-Waite-Smith card meanings, the Wands suit is where you will find the most variation between modern Tarot and Etteilla. In general, Wands, also called Batons, are said by Etteilla readers to symbolize stresses. Wands and Swords are mostly negative, and Cups and Pentacles are mainly positive. Keep these differences in mind when you are learning the interpretations for the Etteilla Wands.

The Etteilla Wands Meanings: The Pips

Ace of Batons

Unfortunately, the Ace of Batons is a highly negative card in the Etteilla method of reading Tarot. The Ace of Batons predicts that nothing will work out well for you. You can expect significant loss and misfortune. 

When the Ace of Batons appears reversed, this means that all in your life is not as it seems. You are rushing into things before you have all of the facts. If you want to avoid ill fortune, you should take the advice of other people instead of trying to figure everything out on your own. 

Two of Batons

In the Etteilla method, the Two of Batons signal heartbreak. Most likely, you will suffer from depression because of this. The Two of Batons predicts that you will make the situation worse by blaming others for your predicament instead of taking full responsibility for where you have gone wrong.

Reversed, the Two of Batons predicts that an ex-lover or long lost family member will reappear in your life. You will experience happiness and euphoria.

Three of Batons

Usually, the Three of Batons card is indicative of a new business or endeavor. Success is guaranteed if you work hard to make your plans a reality. Working with others will be the fastest route to achieving your goals.

The Three of Batons reversed signals financial increases. Soon, you will have money in the bank. There will be progress, less stress, and more emotional satisfaction in your life. You will work with other people who are on the same page as you. 

Four of Batons

In the Etteilla method, this card signals a period of socialization and meeting other people. It is a good omen for any endeavor. You will be viewed positively by those around you. You will feel a strong sense of community.

Reversed, the Four of Batons predicts that there will be successful after much hard work. You will receive recognition from your peers. You can expect to feel an increase in satisfaction in a variety of life areas: love, money, and happiness.

Five of Batons

The Five of Batons predicts that you will make investments into want to achieve. This investment could be financial or in the form of time. During this period, you can expect to take significant risks which may or may not pay off.

When reversed the card predicts that your hopes and dreams will be dashed. There will be the end of something which was once essential to you. Usually, this card reversed also signals conflicts.

Six of Batons

The Six of Batons represents the home and all of the comfort that a happy home life can offer you. You will soon experience an increase in responsibility. Your focus will be on family, thoughts about the future, and all that entails.

When reversed, there will be great rewards if you put effort into what you are trying to accomplish. However, there could also be significant failures if you do not invest. You must work hard to pull off what you start. The Six of Batons reversed can also indicate that you spend a lot of time fantasizing about a better life.

Etteilla Baton Tarot Meanings
In the Etteilla Tarot tradition, the Wands suit is often called the Batons. However, they correspond the same.

Seven of Batons

The Seven of Batons represents a change in circumstances, usually for the better and most likely related to your career. You can expect an increase in influence and a possible rise in social status.

When reversed, the Seven of Batons predicts that you will be indecisive about what you want. Different areas of your life will be on shaky ground.

Eight of Batons

In the Etteilla method of reading Tarot, the Eight of Batons represents success and pleasure from the good things in life. There will find new interests or reignite old ones. You can expect trips to the country. This card is a good indicator of marriages, homes, and children.

Reversed the Eight of Batons card represents a desire to right a past wrong. You will feel very insecure. You can expect a time of emotional upset.

Nine of Batons

There will be delays and setbacks which you had not accounted for. Ill fortune will blacken many areas of your life. Traditionally, the Nine of Batons is also associated with natural disasters and severe weather.

Reversed, the Nine of Batons predicts that there will be setbacks that are out of your control. Your goals will not be realized.

Ten of Batons

In general, the Ten of Batons card is negative in the Etteilla tradition. You will be the victim of malice and slander. You cannot trust the people who are around you. Deceit is inevitable. Your enemies plan to ruin you, so you should remain vigilant.

Reversed this card is also negative. This is not the right time for achievements – more hard work is needed. Success is a possibility for the future, but it will not happen at this time.

The Etteilla Wands Meanings: The Pips

Page of Batons

Upright, the Page of Batons represents a young person who is in search of something. Usually, they are looking for a relationship or a job.

Reversed, the Page symbolizes someone who is trying to interfere with your plans in some way. In the Etteilla tradition, the Page of Batons in a reversed position can represent a love rival.

Knight of Batons

In the Etteilla method of reading Tarot, the Knight of Batons represents a person who will deliver news or information to you. Typically, this person will be a friend or relative.

Reversed, the Knight of Batons card means that gossip is being spread about you by the character which the Knight represents. In this case, the Knight’s slander will cause problems between friends and relatives.

Queen of Batons

The Queen of Batons represents an important woman in your life, typically a mother, wife, girlfriend, etc. This lady is said by Etteilla readers to be understanding of your actions. She is a formidable ally to have on your side.

Reversed, the Queen of Batons represents a popular female friend who is well-liked in the community.

King of Batons

The King of Batons symbolizes a man with power and influence. He will offer you advice. Like the Queen of Batons, the King will be an excellent ally to have on your side. Also, the King will assist you in becoming more articulate. 

When reversed, the King of Batons represents a man who will give you money. You can expect to gain financial aid from the King very soon.

Closing Thoughts for the Etteilla Wands Tarot Card Meanings

That’s all for the Etteilla Wands Tarot meanings! If you would like to learn more about Etteilla, feel free to check out my top Etteilla reading tips post, which includes links to all of the other meanings. 

Did you find this outline helpful? How do you feel about the Wands and the Etteilla Tarot? If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments section.

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The Etteilla Tarot Cups Meanings

Learn the Etteilla Tarot Cups meanings with me today! In the Etteilla system the suit of Chalices correspond to the suit of Cups in regular Tarot. In the Etteilla system of reading Tarot, the Chalices suit is mostly positive.

You will notice that the most striking difference between Etteilla and modern Tarot interpretations are the meanings for the Ace of Chalices. It is not read as symbolizing love as it is in the Rider-Waite tradition. This Ace is a card which predicts parties. The Five of Chalices is also very different. However, you will notice trends that blend seamlessly with modern Tarot, so learning the Chalices are relatively straight-forward.

The Etteilla Cups Meanings: The Pips

Ace of Chalices 

The Ace represents socializing – it predicts that you will soon be attending parties. You will frequent places associated with pleasure: clubs, restaurants, etc. Through these events, you will meet new people.

When reversed, the Ace of Chalices represents a period of change and inconsistency. The appearance of this card can be a positive omen, but its meaning can be heavily influenced by surrounding cards.           

Two of Chalices

The Two of Chalices is said by Etteilla readers to represent true love. There will be understanding and commitment between two people.

Reversed, the Two of Chalices predicts that you will experience dis-ease with your relationship. You will be unhappy. Be careful as your emotional distress might lead you to temptation. 

Three of Chalices

You can expect to see success in all endeavors. There will be a turn for the better which will last some time. You can look forward to a new job or relationship. In the future, anything which you want to change for the better will be improved. 

Reversed, the Three of Chalices predicts that there will be happy endings for you. Any battles you are fighting, you will win. Sometimes the Three of Chalices reversed can indicate travel. Everything will take shape rather quickly.

Four of Chalices

A person in your life is going to cause you stress. The Four of Chalices is a sign that you are giving energy to others that you do not have to give. The Four of Chalices is a sure sign that you can expect trouble.

Reversed, the Four of Chalices represents the expansion of horizons. The Four of Chalices is a good card for education. Situations will turn around for your benefit. A set of circumstances may appear to be negative to begin with, but eventually, you will discover that it will bring you opportunities. 

Five of Chalices

Soon, you will experience an increase in riches and personal wealth. The Five of Chalices is often associated with inheritance. The Five of Chalices predicts that you will inherit a legacy that will affect your family for generations.

Reversed, the Five of Chalices predicts that someone you once missed will return. You can expect good news and surprises.

Six of Chalices

The Six of Chalices in the Etteilla method of Tarot is the card of the past. The Six of Wands represents the influence which the past has on the presents. Usually, it can signal history repeating itself. Sometimes the Six of Chalices can be a warning not to let that which was created in the past fade away due to neglect.

Upright, the Six of Chalices concerned with the past, whereas reversed the future is the focus. Reversed, the card speaks of maturity and the gain of experience. The Six of Chalices reversed is reassurance that the mistakes of the past will be corrected in the future. 

Etteilla Chalice Tarot Meanings

Seven of Chalices

The Seven of Chalices is concerned with your mental state. Surrounding cards will give a clue as to what you are feeling, your mindset, and why this is relevant. The Seven of Chalices is also a sign that you must use your mental power and intelligence to make your goals a reality. You should try purposeful daydreaming. 

While the Seven of Chalices upright can symbolize daydreaming, the Seven of Chalices reversed represents action. When reversed, the Seven of Chalices is a positive omen. You will create a plan which will help you achieve your goals. 

Eight of Chalices

The Eight of Chalices can symbolize a blonde woman; you will either seeker the support of this woman, or give support to her. 

When reversed, the Eight of Chalices predicts that there will be a time of happiness, joy and, contentment. Your ‘happy period’ will last a long time. Situations will turn out better than you have previously expected.

Nine of Chalices

As in Tarot other systems, the Nine of Chalices represents fulfilled wishes in the Etteilla tradition. You will triumph against great odds. Luck is on your side.

Reversed, the Nine of Chalices is still positive, but you will encounter small setbacks on the road to success. Eventually, you will achieve the things you want.

Ten of Chalices

The Ten of Chalices predicts that family and home will dominate your life. Cities will also be significant; surrounding cards can give clues to the role that they will play. Also, you can expect to see some type of recognition.

When reversed, the Ten of Chalices predicts that there will be a disruption in your family. Sometimes, the Ten of Chalices reversed can symbolize death and mourning. You can also expect to find yourself at the center of conflicts.

The Etteilla Cups Meanings: The Court Cards

Page of Chalices

The Page of Chalices represents a youngster who can offer you a fresh perspective. The Page is valuable, useful, and their ideas will benefit you. 

Reversed, the Page of Chalices represents a shady youngster in your life. You should keep a distance from the Page of Chalices if you wish to avoid conflict. In addition, when this card is reversed it can symbolize an emotionally unstable person. 

Knight of Chalices

The Knight of Chalices represents a young individual, typically a man, who will bring you gifts. There is also the possibility that they have business or trade offers which you will find are impossible to ignore. 

Reversed, the Knight of Chalices represents someone who will offer you help but will not follow through. Sometimes, the Knight of Chalices can represent someone who just picks up and disappears from your life.

Queen of Chalices

The Queen of Cups represents an important woman in your life, such as your mother, girlfriend, etc. This character is someone who you will go to for emotional support and someone whom you will share your issues with (either now or in the future). 

Reversed, the Queen of Chalices represents a woman who does not wish to assist you emotionally. If anything, she only wants to see you fail. The Queen of Chalices will meddle too much in your business causing more harm than good.

King of Chalices

The King of Chalices represents a man who wishes to support you emotionally in some way. He has previously experienced similar things which you are going through now, so he can speak from experience. The King of Chalices has your best interests at heart.

When reversed, the King of Chalices represents a man who is a terrible enemy for you to make. King of Chalices has a conflict with you, and he wishes to destroy your reputation. It is in your best interest to keep a safe distance from the King of Chalices. 

Closing Thoughts for the Etteilla Cups Tarot Card Meanings

That’s all for the Etteilla Tarot Cups meanings! If you would like to learn more about Etteilla, feel free to check out my top Etteilla reading tips post, which includes links to all of the other meanings. 

Also, the comments section is always open for diviners who are willing to learn. What’s your biggest challenges when it comes to reading Etteilla Tarot? Have you found learning the Etteilla Cups meanings challenging? Feel free to share your questions below! 

(Please note: I do not interpret other people’s readings for them). 

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The Etteilla Tarot Coin Meanings

Learn the Etteilla Tarot coin meanings with me today! The Etteilla Coin suit corresponds to the Pentacles suit in modern Tarot.

In modern times, Tarot readers often view the Pentacles suit in a bad light – it is associated with money, earthy possessions and sometimes, greed. However, back in the times of Etteilla, the Pentacles were considered the luckiest suit.

The Ace of Coins in the Etteilla system is actually the most fortunate card to receive for a reading. Some of the Pentacles vary wildly from modern interpretations but some have remained unchanged which is good if you are just starting your Etteilla journey.

The Etteilla Coin Meanings: The Pips

Ace of Coins

The Ace of Coins (or Pentacles) is said by Etteilla readers to be the best card in the pack. This card indicates happiness, love success, and all things positive. Some readers say that the appearance of the Ace of Coins can override other negative cards in a spread (depending on the positioning of other cards).

When reversed, The Ace of Coins is still positive. You can expect substantial financial increases. Problems will begin to fade.

Two of Coins

The Two of Coins predicts embarrassment. Quarrels with others will create obstacles. You can expect inconveniences and niggling stresses. Things could be worst, but they could be better.

Reversed, the Two of Coins indicates news out of the blue, traditionally, in the form of a letter. This news will come from an unexpected source.

Three of Coins

You can expect to meet a prominent, well-known person. You may even find yourself rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous! These people will have an influence on your life in some way.

Reversed, the Three of Coins predicts that you will irritate people around you. You will come across as annoying and immature to others. You need an increase in maturity. 

Four of Coins

You can expect new opportunities which may result either in positive or negative consequences: this depends on surrounding cards. Also, a traditional interpretation of the Four of Pentacles predicts that you will receive gifts.

If the Four of Coins lands in your reading reversed, you can expect setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of your control. You should prepare for delays in advance. You will experience a decrease in energy around this time.

Five of Coins

The Five of Coins represents a husband, wife, lover, etc. it is said by Etteilla readers to be the card of love. You can expect kindness, peace, and contentment in your relationships. 

Reversed, the Five of Coins represents an inability to move forward. You will have difficulty defining what you want. And, you will find that your enthusiasm for aspects of your life has faded – this is the source of your unhappiness. You need new interests.

Six of Coins

The Six of Coins is a card of the future. You are too concerned about what will be instead of what is going on at present. You should live for now, not the future.

Reversed, the Six of Coins predicts that you will set high goals and try hard to achieve them. For the best result, you should be careful not to get swept away by fantasy. Stay grounded!

Etteilla Coins Tarot Meanings

Seven of Coins

In the Etteilla system, the Seven of Coins spells financial troubles, similar to the Five of Pentacles in modern Tarot. Money will be borrowed and sacrifices made. Your relationships will be affected by outside pressure and money.

When reversed, your financial worries will be greater than they would be if the card appeared upright. You can expect problems with borrowing and spending.

Eight of Coins

Someone new is going to come into your life. Usually, this person will be a dark-haired female. You will take this person under your wing and offer them guidance. 

If reversed, the Eight of Coins card represents someone unwilling to spend their time, money, or other resources. This person may you or someone who is involved with you in some way. A lack of generosity can be expected.

Nine of Coins

In the Etteilla system, the Nine of Coins is similar to other systems in the sense that it can represent the rewards of hard work. You may begin a new hobby or business which, initially challenging, will pay off in the future. Also, in your relationships, you will work with your partner in harmony. Overall, the Nine of Coins is an excellent card to receive.

If your Nine of Coins has landed reversed, you should watch for deception and possibly even fraud. Do not loan money to friends or family members as you might not get it back. In general, you should keep your associates at arm’s length.

Ten of Coins

Generally, the Ten of Coins is a good omen in the Etteilla Tarot system, but in most cases, it is a neutral card representing the house and home. Its relevance depends on surrounding cards. 

Reversed, the Ten of Coins card predicts success, good luck, and contentment. This gain may impact your family for generations. You can expect good fortune if this card has landed in your reading. 

Etteilla Coin Meanings: Court Cards

Page of Coins

The Page of Coins represents a student who is in your life. The Page of Coins will be developing their life in some way through either school, work, or business.

When the Page of Coins appears reversed, this means that the person represented by that card is going to experience a loss. The Page of Coins will lose money, fail exams, and go through a period of misfortune. 

Knight of Coins

The Knight of Coins represents a man (typically a friend) who is willing to help you. He has your best interests at heart. 

By contrast, when this card appears reversed, the Knight of Coins represents an end to your friendship with the person whom this card represents. In this case, the Knight cannot be relied on – expect the Knight of Coins to let you down. 

Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins represents a woman who has a good social status and (possibly) lots of money. She will be extremely confident. Her appearance in a Tarot reading will be a sign that she is going to assist you.

When reversed, the Queen of Coins represents a woman who lacks confidence. She will do morally questionable things and will not be a good influence on you.

King of Coins

The King of Coins represents a man of money or science. He may be a banker, a doctor, or anyone who has excellent financial resources and influence. The appearance of this card in your Tarot spread means that he is going to help you in the future. 

When reversed, the same meaning of the King of Coins upright still applies; the only difference is that the King is going to be a lousy influence on you. You should try to distance yourself from the King.

Closing Thoughts for the Etteilla Coin Tarot Card Meanings

That’s all for the Etteilla Tarot Coin card meanings! If you would like to learn more about Etteilla, feel free to check out my top Etteilla reading tips post, which includes links to all of the other meanings. 

Also, the comments section is always open for diviners who are willing to learn. Feel free to share your questions below!

(Please note: I do not interpret other people’s readings for them).

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The Etteilla Tarot Swords Meanings

Learn the Etteilla Tarot Swords meanings with me today! Of all the suits in the Etteilla system, the Swords’ meanings are the most like modern meanings.

You will notice one or two differences between the systems, but these are much more subtle than they are in the other suits. Because of their similarities with modern interpretations, the Swords suit is the easiest to learn, so it is a good idea to start here if you are new to learning how to read Etteilla.

The Etteilla Swords Meanings: The Pips

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a warning against setting goals that you cannot possibly achieve. This card also represents strong emotions that can be used for good or evil. Extremes are always prevalent with the Ace of Swords.

When reversed, the Ace of Swords predicts pregnancy and fertility. If pregnancy is not possible, then this card indicates rewards and increased influence for you. 

Two of Swords

You will give assistance and kindness to a person who needs it. You will find yourself in a position where you are supporting other people. Keep in mind that you will need to remain active during this time.

Reversed, the Two of Swords is a warning that you have a friend who will try to backstab you. You should be careful. Trust no-one. 

Three of Swords

As in the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot tradition, the Etteilla Three of Swords speaks of heartache – you will find yourself in a painful situation. You can expect failures in many things that are close to your heart.

Reversed, the Three of Swords represents loss due to your thoughtless actions. It will be an unlucky time, which will take much effort to overcome.

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords marks a period of loneliness. Often, this card can indicate a time of grieving – this is a standard interpretation. Surrounding cards can give clues to the reason for your solitude.

Reversed, the Four of Swords predicts financial burdens. You should hold onto your money and relationships tightly if you want to protect them.

Five of Swords

In the Etteilla Tarot tradition, the Five of Swords signals a significant, adverse event, possibly even death. Bankruptcy and divorce are also possible. The Five of Swords is one of the worst cards in the pack.

When reversed, the outcome of the Five of Swords is even worst. Misfortune is inevitable. All of your hopes for the future will be dashed. Major depression is indicated by this card; the future of the situation looks bleak.

Six of Swords

As in other forms of Tarot, the Etteilla Six of Swords represents travel. It is possible that this movement can be metaphorical – you will move towards a goal. In general, you will see progress.

When reversed, the Six of Swords predicts that important discussions will take place. A conversation that you will have may not seem significant at the time but will indeed be substantial in your life at a later date. 

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords suggests there will be help available to you if you can forget your pride and ask for it. This help may be emotional; you will experience a dilemma which someone else will help you overcome. You will be unsure if you should do what is in your heart or your head, so a friend will point you in the right direction.

Reversed, the Seven of Swords predicts that you will need the advice of other people, but you will be less resistant to do so. You will happily work in teams. 

Etteilla Swords suit Tarot Meanings

Eight of Swords

In the near future, you are going to find yourself in conflict. You can expect to be heavily criticized by other people. You will argue with someone in public. 

When reversed, the Eight of Swords is a warning to be mindful of dangerous circumstances. A serious accident is a traditional prediction for this card in the Etteilla method.

Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is considered by Etteilla readers to be a very unlucky card and an evil omen. When the Nine of Swords appears in your reading, you can expect solitude and time spent alone. Priests, nuns, and religion, will be significant to you. 

When it appears reversed, the Nine of Swords predicts that there will be trouble for you. A close friend will unexpectedly cause this drama. Be careful of the things you say to others as they might entrap you.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords predicts terrible news. You will experience emotional trauma and depression. There will be an end to something which you once loved, such as a job, hobby, or relationship.

When it appears reversed, the Ten of Swords is positive. You can expect success, which is greater than you have anticipated. Past commitments and efforts will pay off. Also, the Ten of Swords reversed is a reassurance that, in the end, good will triumph over evil.

The Etteilla Swords Meanings: The Court Cards

Page of Swords

In the Etteilla method of reading Court cards, the Page of Swords always represents a spy or a secret enemy. You should remain vigilant and trust no one.

Reversed, the Page of Swords predicts that you will either receive news from the page, or about the page. Shocks, surprises, and gossip are coming.

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords card typically represents people who are in the military. Sometimes, the Knight of Swords can predict that you are at risk. Avoid conflicts with military people. 

Reversed, the Knight of Swords represents someone with an inability to commit. Time and resources will be lost and mismanaged.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords typically represents a widow or single woman older woman. The Queen will be hypocritical and judgmental. Be careful – the Queen of Swords is going to be deceptive towards you. 

The Queen of Swords reversed will have all of the traits of the Queen upright, but she will be less likely to hide her personality. Upright, the Queen is cunning; reversed, she is in your face. When reversed the Queen of Swords is more openly aggressive.

King of Swords

In the Etteilla Tarot method, the King of Sword represents a man of the law or one who works in the police. If not, he holds considerable authority in general. Surrounding cards can give an indication of whether or not his influence is good or bad for you.

Reversed, the meaning of the King of Swords is the same as upright. However, the King of Swords will appear reversed when the King has bad intentions towards you. The King is Swords reversed can represent a man who abuses his power. 

Closing Thoughts for the Etteilla Sword Tarot Meanings

That’s all for the Swords Etteilla card meanings! If you would like to learn more about Etteilla, feel free to check out my top Etteilla reading tips post, which includes links to all of the other meanings. 

Also, the comments section is always open. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Etteilla Tarot Swords below.

(Please keep in mind that I will not interpret other people’s readings).

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