Palmistry Mounts Between the Fingers

You can have mounts between the fingers. This happens when two of your palm mounts are fused together. This has its own special meaning in palmistry.

Some readers struggle to read the mounts on their palms because the mounts don’t appear directly below the fingers, but between the fingers, or even take up two fingers entirely. These instances are known as merged mounts (if you don’t have merged mounts, check out our Palmistry Mounts for Beginners post!).

Merged mounts usually have positive meanings, typically related to success. In general, merged mounts take on the good interpretations of both mounts.

Merged mounts can appear to take up a small space (between one finger) or can cross into multiple fingers. Mounts that are merged have their own special meanings, so I’m going to outline how to interpret them here! 

Merged Mount Quick References

Merged mounts in Astrology - palmistry
Below the index & middle fingerJupiter/Saturn MountDetermination, action, generosity, loyalty
Below the index & ring fingerSaturn/Sun MountSuccess, drive, self-sufficient, fame-hungry
Below the ring & pinkie fingerSun/Mercy MountInfluencer, speaker, articulate, tech-savvy

Palmistry Mounts Between the Fingers

Mount Between the Middle and Index Finger

If you have a Jupiter/Saturn Mount, you are highly determined. Whatever your goals are, you’ll do whatever it takes in order to achieve them, in all areas of your life. However, you also have a realistic outlook that keeps you grounded; you don’t just fantasize, you create.

Mainly, you’re driven because of your family. You don’t want success for selfish reasons; you want to share your gains with your loved ones. It is common for you to feel as though it’s your duty to take care of everyone around you.

When you’re in a relationship, you like to surprise your partner with gifts. It’s not that you believe love is shown with material things; you just want to see the smile on your lover’s face. You are very loyal to those you love.

With regard to work and career, you’re a real go-getter. You’re confident and remain cool under pressure (even though the pressure does get to you!).

Obviously, there are negative associations with a Jupiter/Saturn Mount. You can be loyal to a fault. It is common for you to take on responsibilities that aren’t your own and integrating them into your life. You can also look down on people who aren’t as hard-working or passionate as you.

Mount Between the Middle and Ring Finger

If you have a Saturn/Sun Mount, there’s a good chance that you have what it takes to achieve a large amount of success in your life. You’ll get the things you want on your own terms. Those with a Saturn/Sun Mount usually end up running their own businesses, as they generally don’t like making money for others!

When you’re in relationships, you like to take the wheel. You feel as though it’s your duty to influence your partners into doing things your way, because you think you know best. When you fall in love, you envision you and your lover as being a power couple.

You most likely run your own business, which will have a creative element to it. If you’re in a job that you feel restricts your lack of freedom, you will feel trapped and depressed.

Although a Saturn/Sun Mount is rather positive, there are negative aspects to it as well. You secretly like to be the leader and the center of attention, and you use your wits to influence people. You think your words should be final. These aspects of yourself may be a prominent feature in your life or may only come out every now and then, causing conflict in your life.

Mount Between the Ring and Pinkie Finger

Those you have a Sun/Mercury Mount will be natural-born speakers and influencers. You can talk yourself in and out of any situation imaginable. There’s a possibility that these aspects of yourself will never be realized to your full potential, but trust me, they’re there!

When you’re in relationships, you have to communicate your feelings. If your lover is angry at you and refuses to speak, you find this unacceptable. You won’t take no for an answer and must talk through your conflict. Nothing drives you crazier than a lover who ignores your calls or texts because they’re upset!

If you run your own business, you shine on social media. You can easily gather a following of devoted fans. With a Sun/Mercury Mount, you may even run your business entirely online one day or start a business in the communication sector.

Don’t run your own business? Then you would do well in the tech sector. You would also shine if you were in a position that meant you were influencing others. You would make a fine politician, lawyer, or journalist.

In palmistry, there are also negatives to having a Sun/Mercury Mount on your palm. You analyze others and can speak to them easily, but you’re not very good at listening. You launch into a conversation with an agenda to get people on your side. Also, you only put other people’s feelings first if they’re airing their criticisms of you, thereby harming your ego and reputation. Therefore, although you like building communities, there are many selfish aspects to your personality.

Closing Thoughts on Palmistry Mounts Between the Fingers

Do you have mounts between your fingers? Which ones do you have? Did you resonate with any of the meanings found here? Don’t be shy, feel free to share in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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Palmistry Mount Meanings

What are the palmistry mount meanings? The mounts on the hand are the fleshy lumps of muscle, skin, and fat that reflect your personality.

Many fortune-tellers who are trying to learn palmistry often attempt to jump past learning the mounts. However, you’ll find later that you need to know the mounts, because they come into use when you study markings and lines. Therefore, if you’re learning palmistry, it’s desirable to learn the mount meanings first.

Palmistry Mount Meanings Overview

Below, I am going to give you a full explanation of the palmistry mount meanings. However, first, here is a quick overview of the meanings:

Mount NameLocationKeywords
Mount of Jupiter Below the index fingerAmbition, priorities, drive, leadership
Mount of SaturnBelow the middle fingerpassion levels, analytical skills, reliability
Mount of the SunBelow the ring fingerFame, success, influence
Mount of MercuryBelow the pinkie fingerCommunication, social media, speed
Plain of MarsCentre of the palm Aggression, anger, patience
Inner Plain of MarsInner-centre of the palmPhysical aggression, physical bravery, willingness to fight a physical fight
Outer Plain of MarsOutter-centre of the palmMoral aggression, moral bravery, willingness to fight a moral fight
Mount of VenusBottom of the palm, close to the thumbTradition, sexuality, family, need for approval, how you give and receive affection
Mount of the MoonBottom of the palm, opposite to the thumbImagination, intuition, sensitivity, independence, individuality `za1qA

When reading your palm, you’re going to read how prominent your mounts are compared to one another. Doing this will give you your basic personality traits. Once you know this, you can reveal how you will react to events in your future.

For example, if you have an overly developed Moon Mount, you are highly intuitive. A palmist will be able to say that you’ve seen many major life events coming and were able to mentally prepare from them (and the ones that caught you by surprise really caught you by surprise!). These events will appear on your palm lines as breaks, crosses, etc.

The mounts typically appear directly below the fingers. However, on some people, the mounts appear to be ‘merged’ between the fingers (if your mounts are merged, check out the Palmistry Merged Mounts Between the Fingers post).

Full Palmistry Mount Meanings

Before we jump into weakness and prominent mounts, let’s first look at the general location and meaning of each mount.

I should say that these areas are not strictly divided; they’re just the general areas of the mounts. You can even get mounts that merge into one another – these are known as merged mounts.

Mounts on the Upper Third of the Hand

Palmistry Mount meaning - upper third hand

Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter appears below your index finger (pink on image), and is concerned with your level of drive and energy levels. Mainly, the Mount of Jupiter represents your ambition, priorities, drive, and ability to lead others. Sometimes, this mount reflects your loyalty to others and general confidence.

Mount of Saturn 

The Mount of Saturn can be found below the middle finger (blue on image) and reflects your passion levels, ability to analyze a situation, and sense of responsibility. How well you’re are to restrain yourself can also be found here. 

Mount of The Sun

The Mount of the Sun (sometimes called Apollo) can be found under the ring finger (purple on image). Here, you can find your level of creativity and read how well you make decisions. Traditionally, the Sun Mount is associated with fame, the ability to socialize, and how skilled you are at influencing others.

Mount of Mercury

The Mount of Mercury is just under the pinkie (Mercury) finger (green on image). The Mercury Mount is mainly associated with communication, but can also reflect your speed levels and how tech-savvy you are. In modern times, how you act on social media will also appear in the Mercury Mount.   

Mounts on the Middle Third of the Hand

Palmistry Mount meaning - mid third hand

All the mounts on the middle third of the hand are named after Mars. In general, they all reflect traits associated with the planet and god Mars.

Inner Mount of Mars

The Inner Mount of Mars can be found in the area between your thumb and index finger (red on image). Inner Mars is all about how you assert yourself physically; your level of physical ability and physical aggression can be found here. Sometimes, this also reveals your level-headedness (or lack thereof!). 

Outer Mount of Mars

The Outer Mount of Mars (orange on image) is similar to the Inner Mount in that it can reflect aggression, but this mount looks at moral aggression. The Outer Mount of Mars shows how brave you are and your willingness to do the right thing. Your sense of right and wrong and the likelihood of you expressing this is reflected in the Outer Mount of Mars.

Plain of Mars

The Plain of Mars is the area in the middle of the hand (yellow on image). This area symbolizes how balanced you are and how much confidence you have in yourself.  

Mounts on the Lower Third of the Hand

Mount of Venus

The Mount of Venus can be found below the thumb area in the lower third of the hand (black on image). As the name suggests, it rules your love life and reveals how you give and receive affection. The Mount of Venus will also tell you how much influence your family has on you, how much you need their approval, and your willingness to follow cultural traditions.

Mount of Moon

The Mount of the Moon is the area on the lower third of the hand, directly opposite the Mount of Venus (white on image). The Mount of the Moon reflects your ability to use your imagination, the strength of your intuition, and your level of sensitivity. Other than anything spiritual, the Mount of the Moon can also reflect your sense of individuality and reveals how independent they are.

How to Read the Plan Mounts

Now you know the location of the mounts, you can start reading them! As mentioned earlier, the first step to reading mounts is to establish whether they’re weak or prominent.

Mount weakness and prominence reflects how you express the feelings related to that mount. An over-developed mount shows the extremes of the emotions associated with that mount, while an underdeveloped mount means that you’re lacking in the qualities of that mount. Obviously, a ‘normal’ mount is desirable and means that you’re well-balanced in this area.

There are two methods for discerning whether a mount is weak or prominent: you can read physical flesh or use your intuition.  

Reading Palm Mounts Method One: Reading the Flesh 

The first and most common method of reading palm mounts is to read how chubby the mounts are compared to each other; this is the more traditional method of mount reading.

The main benefit of reading how fleshy your mounts are is that you can easily read yourself. It’s kind of hard to lie to yourself when you have one mount that’s flat as hell and another sticking out like a sore thumb! However, this method becomes difficult when you get used to reading your own hand and use it as a backdrop for reading others.

You have to judge each hand individually. Some people will have chubby hands and some hands will be skinny. However, you’re looking for thickness in relation to the other mounts on your hand in general, not how your hand looks in comparison to other people’s. I personally find this method difficult because I have fat hands, so I always fall into the trap of reading other people’s as looking weak! Therefore, for other people, I tend to rely on my intuition.

Reading Palm Mounts Method Two: Intuition 

When you rely on your intuition, you’re reading what jumps out at you and what doesn’t. There will be times when you’re particularly drawn to a certain mount. If this is the case, you can treat the mounts you’re drawn to as having a lot of energy and read it as though it’s prominent.

By contrast, if you have no interest in a mount and easily breeze past it, this can mean that your intuition feels as though the mount is lacking. Therefore, you can read this mount the same way as you would a mount that’s flat or non-existent.

Closing Thoughts on Palmistry Mount Meanings

If you’re struggling to remember the order of the mounts, here’s some tips so that you can:

  • Say: “Victorious Jugglers Still Show Madness” – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury.
  • Remember that the Inner Mount of Mars is tucked next to the thumb and the outer is on the outside of the hand.
  • The Moon always stands alone away from the fingers, just as our world’s moon stands away from the Earth. 

How do you feel about this post? Do you agree with these palmistry mount meanings? Or, do you think that this list is inaccurate? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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