What Your Tarot Reader Wants to Say (But Probably Doesn’t)

As Tarot readers, there are certain things we want to say to our clients but because of lack of confidence, safety concerns, or to protect your feelings. 

Believe it or not, us Tarot card readers are only human, so as Tarot readers, there are some things we’re all burning to say to our clients but choose not to. In this post, I’m going to tell you the things that your card reader wants to say but won’t or can’t due to lack of confidence, safety concerns, or a desire to protect their seeker’s feelings. 

My Story

Many years ago, one chilly March morning, I visited a client who had booked me for a Tarot reading at her home. The woman was in her late 50s, single, chain-smoking, unemployed, and from her own admission, was always financially unstable and in and out of intense relationships. 

Just like in most Tarot readings, my seeker desired to know what the future held – specifically, when she was going to meet Mr. Right and what she could do to speed up the process. 

Rather early on during our sitting – five minutes after meeting her, in fact – she told me she wouldn’t settle. She refused to date anyone she described as ‘old’ (over the age of 25), someone pale (we live in Scotland), someone who wasn’t ‘gorgeous’, or someone who wasn’t rich. She also refused to try not only online dating but really anything that involved leaving the house to attract this man. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer. I do think that some things are meant to be and that the right person does come along at the right time. However, I also know that the universe comes to those who go out and look for the things they want. I didn’t need to perform a Tarot reading to tell me that my seeker’s chances of finding Mr. Right while she sat on her couch were pretty slim. 

I shuffled and laid down her cards; they didn’t look good. 

I slowly tried to think up ways to tell her that her chances of fulfilling her fantasies were rather slim. I conjured this prediction not just from her reading, but also from her unwillingness to compromise her incredibly high expectations when she wasn’t in a position to offer anything to this young, beautiful, wealthy, Arabian prince she so desperately ached for. However, I didn’t get far enough to break the terrible news to her. 

I said something that could be classed as somewhat pessimistic, and she blew that thing way out of proportion (I can’t remember exactly what it was, it was so insignificant). I don’t think I even got through 5 cards in her reading, but she spent the whole afternoon basically screaming, “fuck the universe.” There was one point where she disappeared into her kitchen, and I thought she was going to come back with a knife and murder me. Yeah, it was brutal. 

That day sticks in my mind because it was probably the most awkward, frightening, and downright bizarre experience of my life. Not only was it the worst Tarot reading experience I’d ever had, but I left that session with many regrets. I never got far enough to say to her, “You need to lower your expectations.” 

I’ve since realized that many readers have had similar experiences; those experiences will vary in seriousness, but a common theme is that they wish they’d said certain things that they never got the chance to. 

Therefore, I’ve created this list of things your readers want to say to their clients but probably don’t. And trust me, Tarot readers aren’t immunes from this list; I’ve read other readers who I also wish I would have said one or two of these things to. Enjoy! 

“You’re Too Picky”

I wish I had said this to my ex-client. I’m all for holding out for the right guy; however, it must be for the right reasons. Are you holding out due to superficial reasons such as age and looks? Or are you holding out for the right reasons such as values, morals, and ethics? If it’s the former, you might want to check yourself and be realistic while doing so. 

Not only should you look for a partner for the right reasons, but you should keep in mind that a Tarot reading isn’t magic. Hiring a Tarot reader is only one step in the list of things you could do to meet a partner. You have to actually leave the house if you want to meet new people. You can’t hire a Tarot reader and expect them to predict what will happen if you’ve closed off all possibility of ever having a relationship. 

“You’re Too Clingy”

Okay, I get it. You’ve been dating a guy for all but six weeks now, and you’re starting to wonder if he’s the one. We’re only human, and everyone does it occasionally because we don’t want to waste our time on the wrong person. 

However, there’s a limit between planning for the future and being a bit creepy and stalkerish. Dating a guy and pondering the future of the relationship? In this instance, it’s okay to get a reading. Starting to see/date a guy and wanting a reader to tell you if you have a shot at a future? This can be iffy, but okay if you have lots to lose in the relationship, like if you’ve been hurt in the past. 

Spot a guy at the bus stop and want to get a reading because you suspect he’s The One? Want to know if the guy on Instagram who liked your picture is husband material? These instances both cross over into kind of creepy. As a general rule, the less contact you have with a guy, the less likely you should be to run to a reader. 

“I’m Not God”

There’s a particular type of client who’s never happy with their readings, no matter how much information you provide. No joke, I’ve performed phone readings where I’ve told the seeker the color of their partner’s t-shirt, the name of their dogs, and their mother’s date of birth, and they were still unimpressed. 

By contrast, I’ve performed other readings that were an hour of very general, self-help-style advice (drink more water, love yourself, etc.), and the clients raved about it. 

Some people will never be happy with their readings no matter what. You have to remember that your reader isn’t God. Tarot readers are not all-knowing magical beings. If you find you have unrealistic expectations, you may want to pull them back a bit. Which brings me to my next point: 

“Psychic Demonstrations on TV Are Not Real Life”

Seriously. When you watch these shows on TV, they’ve been edited in such a way to make the psychic seem magical. However, remember that you could be (and probably are) watching demonstrations taped over hours, with all the mistakes, awkwardness, connecting time, and blank stares edited out. 

It’s also important to note that these mediums have the energy of hundreds of people to choose from, whereas in one-on-one readings, they have to try to connect with only you. Different readers connect to different people differently. One medium may be fantastic with one person but uninspiring with you. That’s the risk you take when you hire a reader. 

“We Are Not All the Same”

Often, seekers get disappointed because they choose the wrong type of reader. Do you want predictions? You’re looking for a fortune-teller. Want someone who can connect with spirit? You’re looking for a medium. Just because someone has Tarot reading skills doesn’t automatically mean they can speak to the dead, predict the future, or heal your pain. 

In the same respect, it’s the responsibility of the reader to be truthful with how they market their services if they either don’t perform a particular reading style or aren’t confident in doing so. 

For example, I’m a medium, but I rarely advertise as such for two reasons. Firstly, where I live, people usually assume that you’re formally trained or affiliated with a spiritualist church (because there’s such a church five minutes away from my house, people often falsely assumed I was affiliated with them).

Secondly, I grew up when mediums were all the rave on British TV, and people often have unreal expectations of mediums because of this fact. I would rather have someone book me and be pleasantly surprise than book me expecting mediumship and be disappointed if I can’t connect as well as another medium could. Therefore, I like to avoid even mentioning mediumship. 

Closing Thoughts on What Your Tarot Reader Wants to Say, But Doesn’t 

So, that’s it for the list of five things that your Tarot reader wants to say but probably doesn’t. Remember, before you get a Tarot reading, be sure to ask yourself: 

  • Am I too picky? 
  • Am I too clingy? 
  • Do I expect too much from my reader? 
  • Do I have realistic expectations of my Tarot reading? 
  • Finally, do I understand what my reader’s abilities are? 

As a professional reader, is there anything you wish that you could say to your clients? Feel free to share with us in the comments section if there is anything you are holding back from telling your seekers.

How to Create a Tarot Business Plan

How do you create a Tarot business plan? How can you properly plan your Tarot reading business when you don’t know how often you’re going to get bookings or how many people you’re going to read? Here, I’m going to show you how you can plan your Tarot business so that you know what to expect in the future. 

Once I became a successful Tarot business owner, I noticed a few trends in my business. For example, I knew that most parties I performed at would involve reading five people, earning me £250. I could expect a party at least once every three months.

After I followed these kinds of trends in my Tarot business, I could predict how much money I would earn each month. Once I did this, I would make generalized goals that I would work at achieving to grow my business, such as seeing three clients a week in July instead of the usual two per week I’d seen in May. 

Business planning isn’t an exact science, but you can make educated guesses based on past trends. You can then work with these trends to help you see where you should be devoting your time so that you can grow your business faster.

Below is the three-step process I go through whenever I’m making financial plans for my businesses. I apply this process when I’m writing a business plan for anything at all, even e-books and courses. Give it a bash, and get planning your Tarot business!

Plan an Income Goal for your Tarot Business

You should be making income goals for your Tarot business, as setting goals ensures that you’re on track and in the right mindset. Your income goals are going to be the core of your business plan.

Goals for Tarot reading and psychic business
Even though I now only teach divination, I still have to make plans for my Tarot business. I have to plan when I am going to be running courses, which emails to send, and I also make income goals.

I recommend that you always make goals that are a minimum of 20% above what you think you can achieve; this is because it’s human nature to underestimate the effort needed to hit goals (which is why nobody achieves what they want). So, if you aim higher than you’d like to, you’ll do everything in your power to make that goal achievable. You’ll put more effort into meeting a harder target than the one you assume is effortless.

For example, say your income goal is to make at least minimum wage in your Tarot business, which would be about £320 per week. It’s better if you shoot for £382 and fall slightly short than it is if you aim for that £320 and fall short.

A lot of people don’t like to make high goals out of fear that they won’t achieve them. However, there’s nothing more discouraging than not hitting a target you assumed would be easy, which often happens with easy goals. Never underestimate yourself. Aim high and shoot for the stars (or at least 20%!).

Of course, it’s all fine and dandy to say that you want to make a million dollars this year, but you need a plan. A goal is not a plan unless you have steps in place to make it a reality. To make that plan, you need to measure.

Measure How Much Money you Have Made from Your Tarot Business

Not being able to convert my plans into tasks is what made me never be able to complete them. Selling Tarot readings seemed to be so unpredictable, so I couldn’t work out how I was supposed to plan to make £300 this week or £500 the next. However, once I became an experienced business owner, I realized that the secret was in measuring.

There are some things that can be measured, and these will help you predict the growth of your business and give you clues as to what you can do to achieve your income goals. Below are the stats that I’ve found to be accurate for my businesses, but variables will apply (such as how good you are at marking, brand consistency, and your physical location).

These measurements will give you a general ballpark idea of how you can measure certain aspects of your Tarot practice for yourself and the types of results you should be aiming for:

  • If you do no active promotions other than posting on your social media accounts (let’s say, 1,000 followers each) about your Tarot readings, you can expect around 2-4 face-to-face bookings per month.
  • With the same platform as above, you can also expect to book a party once every three months. The average Tarot party has four or five seekers. (Jenna Matlin is a business coach who specialises in Tarot parties).
  • You should earn about £100 or $100 for every event you read for – sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Be sure to average out your earnings over multiple events for a more accurate figure for your area of operation.
  • Once you hit 1,000 email subscribers, you should be making $1 per month for every subscriber (if you’re sending out weekly newsletters).
  • Around one in every eight people you read for will refer a friend very soon after you read Tarot for them.
  • If you read on phone lines, a few hours working on a busy night can earn you around £50. Remember, you must take into consideration the in-between time calls where you make no money, so average out the payment made for the overall time you’re clocked in for.
  • If you launch a Tarot course, 2% of your email list and 0.2% of your social media presence should buy this course.
  • You’ll make a full-time income from your blog (around $3,000 per month) once you hit 100,000 monthly page views. Therefore, if you have a blog that gets 10,000 hits a month, you can expect to make $300 per month from your website in Tarot readings sales.
  • I strongly advise that you pay attention to how many hits you get on your website and how this correlates with sales. If you’re getting 1,000 views per month and selling two Tarot readings through the website at $20 each, you’ll know you need to double your traffic if you want to make $80 per month.
Psychic business plan - Rider Waite Smith deck
If you record your plans in writing, you will be more likely to stick to them. You should refer to your business plan every single day.

Put the Pieces of your Tarot Business Plan Together

Based on your desired income, you must work out exactly what you have to do to achieve that figure, and you can do that once you know the stats for your business. So, if you plan to make a full-time living (£320 per week, or $400) you know you can:

– Promote heavily on social media to book two face-to-face readings for $100.

– Do an event to bring in $100.

– Spend four nights on the phone lines for a total of $200.

Based on the above formulas, you can get a general idea of how you could make money reading Tarot without making your business a chore – or worse, preparing business plans that aren’t realistic. For example, you know that there won’t be Tarot events to read at every week, or you won’t have the energy to do so, so you can instead make your $100 working extra time on the phone lines.

Alternatively, if you’re unhappy with your income, you can try increasing the cost of your readings. If you’re currently charging less than 50 an hour (either $50 or £50), you should have a plan to increase your prices sometime in the near future.

Closing Thoughts

That’s all for how you can create a Tarot business plan! How are you planning your Tarot business? Are you excited to get started on your goals? Feel free to share your plans in the comments section! The divinerism community can’t wait to hear from you.

Why Your Psychic Business is not Making Money

Why is your psychic business not making any money? How can you make more money as a Tarot reader? Would you like to know why you’re failing at business while other people out there seem to be getting bookings almost effortlessly? If you’re asking these questions, this post is for you! 

Before I start this article off by discussing why your psychic business is not making money, I’d first like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I’m in the position to give you advice on working and making money in the spiritual industry. 

I started my business seven years ago, when I was only 23 years old, so relatively young. I naïvely thought that I’d throw up my Facebook psychic reading page, get a few good reviews here and there, and everyone would eventually flock to me for readings. Needless to say, it didn’t work like that. 

Why tarot business not making money - Lisa Boswell
Me quite early on in my psychic business. This image was taken just before my business took off.

At the time I started my psychic business, and even for the first couple of years, I had nothing. I didn’t have a penny to my name. I was broke and a single parent. Sadly, I had to borrow money from my parents for my daughter’s birthday and Christmas presents. My bank account was constantly at zero. 

I stuck with my business because I knew that one day, I would figure it all out and manage to make a career out of my passion for reading and divination. Even though, initially, my psychic business was not making money, eventually, I made it. 

I’ve made very good money from giving readings and teaching. This week, my website celebrated its first month, hitting the 500,000 hits in 30 days mark. I’ve won awards and even read live for SKY TV. 

The difference in my life currently compared to what it was then is unreal. When I think back, it’s like a completely different person lived that life. Most people who meet me now or visit my website have no idea about the crippling emptiness I crawled myself out of. It was slow, and it was hard, but I would do it all again if I knew that my business would look the way it does now.

So, here are my top reasons for why your psychic business is not making money:

Get Advice from other People

Although I’ve included tips below, my main tip to those running psychic-based businesses is this; read articles like this one and take other people’s advice. Even though I was doing so badly, I never bothered to turn to Google or other successful business owners for help. I didn’t even think to reach out to others. 

As a general rule, if you see people who are doing what you want to do and killing it, align yourself with them so that you can figure out how they’re achieving the things you want. Don’t be too embarrassed or proud to ask for help; the success of your business has nothing to do with how good you are as a reader. The basics of reading is a somewhat natural skill, but marketing is something we only learn over time or from other people. 

This sounds so cheesy, but a lot of business success is actually down to mindset. You have to be willing to do what it takes, receive advice, and take advice. Years ago, someone telling me to get my ass off Facebook and try a different tactic hit close to home and used to irritate the hell out of me. I realize now that it bothered me because, intuitively, I knew it was true. However, my mindset was in such a place that I didn’t see any other option other than wasting my life posting ads in Facebook groups. 

Also, it’s not seedy or wrong to want the things that business owners in other industries take for granted. There’s no shame in having aspirations – for example, being able to take your kids on holiday, having nice clothes, or buying nice presents for your friends and family. Having money and a successful business means you can also help people out this way, which feels amazing. 

Put Money Back into your Psychic Business

Invest wisely in your business. Believe it or not, buying that self-published $40-plus-delivery Tarot deck does count as a business expense, and all those decks add up. If it’s not going to make you more money directly, bring in more clients, or help you to do so, it’s not a justifiable expense if you’re struggling. 

Here’s some justifiable expenses:

  • Business books
  • Business courses
  • Website hosting
  • Newsletter hosting

If you want to know more about creating a thriving Tarot or psychic business, I have an e-book called Psychic in Business on my site. Literally, for the cost of a reading, you’ll read it, get more clients, and get your business making a profit.

You’re Relying Solely on Social Media to Market your Psychic Business

The main place I see Tarot readers go wrong is in the location of their marketing. They spend their lives posting their ads (or being ‘helpful’) in Facebook groups, rather than investing their time in other marketing options that actually work. 

It’s a sad fact, but social media simply doesn’t convert well. Trust me, I’ve run about five websites in the spirituality niche, and not one of them was successful off the back of social media. None. Even years ago, when social media actually got you half-decent traffic. 

Years ago, I used to spend all day promoting myself in Facebook groups. It was my only form of marketing. From when I got up in the morning until when I went to bed at night, I would be on there. It didn’t take long before I was sucked into every bit of drama going on. I hate to admit this now, but I spent more time involved in crap than what I did promoting my Tarot business. And by the time I did get a booking, I was so stressed out that my readings weren’t that great. Not a sustainable marketing plan. 

Make more money in your psychic reading business
You will make more money if you do not rely solely on social media to promote your psychic reading business

Instead, do things that work. If you’re trying to market your face-to-face readings, try posting flyers in local health and beauty places. For example, approach hairdressers or eyebrow waxers and ask them if you can put your ads in their businesses. 

Getting your stuff in health and beauty places has two benefits. One, their clients have disposable income, so they can afford readings; if they can get their hair and nails done, they have money for readings. Two, the types of people who work in the beauty industry are often interested in alternative healing, divination, and intuitive services; they’ll be walking into work every day and seeing your ads. 

If you place yourself in front of the right people, you bypass the need to force them to find you. Therefore, always look for ways you can interject yourself into profitable traffic. 

You Don’t Have an Email List

Email converts so much better than social media. Unlike social media, people who sign up for your newsletter will receive all your posts. Any time you post a new blog post. Any time you talk about your readings. Or, any time you have something to say, your email list will listen to you. 

Remember, you must treat your subscribers well. Don’t pop up in people’s inbox with any old crap – make sure you’re providing quality content that they’ll find useful. However, don’t worry about being annoying; the people on your email list want to hear from you. 

I recommend sending out one newsletter a week. It sounds like a lot, but trust me, it’s not. If you have the time to run a Facebook or Instagram account, you have time to email your list.

Believe it or not, in our industry, it’s ridiculously easy to write newsletters that people open and read. We have a major advantage: horoscopes. 

No-one can resist a newsletter with the subject line, “Your weekly horoscopes!” (or taroscopes or whatever). People just have to open them and see what’s in store for the coming week. In your email, you can also include general chit-chat about your day, plus your CTA (call to action) for them to book a reading, read your blog, like you on Facebook, etc. Trust me, if the content is good, people will read them and purchase your stuff. 

Newsletters have a pretty shitty reputation, but yours are going to be different because you’re going to make sure your weekly ‘scopes, blog posts, etc. are amazing. I always joke that my newsletter is the newsletter people read. If you try hard to be the same, your newsletter will grow your business. 

It’s true that you’ll get unsubscribers, but people unsubscribe for many different reasons, most of which usually have nothing to do with you personally, your Tarot readings, or your content. However, I should point out that you’re a lot more likely to get unsubscribers if you send fewer emails than if you send more. 

That’s right – the smaller the number of emails you send, the more likely your subscribers are to hit that unsubscribe button. Why? Because you’re not consistent in your marketing. Which brings me to my next point…

You’re Not Consistent in Marketing your Psychic Business

A lack of consistency could be the reason why your psychic business is not making money. You have to constantly be out there promoting your Tarot readings and your business. Otherwise, you’re never going to sell anything to anyone. You have to be forever reminding people that you’re the Tarot reader who can make predictions about their business, heal their broken heart, etc. 

If you only tell someone something once, they won’t remember it. I know a lot of readers struggle with this fact because they don’t want to annoy people by repeating themselves, but here’s the thing: you have to say something again and again for people to know you for that thing. 

I can guarantee that everyone you follow online has one core message they bang on about, day in and day out, and it never bothers you. They never waver. They could tell you their story for eternity and you’ll still be along for the ride. Why?

Because that’s exactly what you’re there for, so you never get bored. 

Take Danielle LaPorte. I’ve never followed her, don’t know who she is, but I know that she’s pretty much famous for one thing: her ‘truth bombs.’ Do her followers get sick of truth bombs? No. Do they unsubscribe because they don’t want truth bombs? No. Are they commenting on her Instagram posts, “Danielle, put that shit away and try something new?” No. They’re there for that very thing. 

If your marketing isn’t consistent, your subscribers and followers don’t know how to perceive you. And if it’s too much effort, they’ll just walk on by. You have to be consistent; otherwise, you’re as good as starting from scratch every day. 

You Have No Target Audience

When I first started my business, I had no target audience. I just thought I was going to go out and sell my readings to people who wanted them. Huge mistake. 

It’s not enough to tell people you’re a Tarot reader; you have to tell them you’re their Tarot reader. You can help them fix their problems. And that problem has to be very specific; otherwise, they won’t put two and two together and work out that you can assist them. If they don’t know how you can help, they won’t see how you can fix their problem. If you’re not the solution to an issue, you become a non-essential. 

People usually don’t buy things unless it fulfills some type of innate need (power, money, status, sex, whatever) or issue (emotional distress, pain, etc.). You’re selling Tarot readings that in your seekers’ minds, aren’t something they need right now because it isn’t addressing a need or an issue. You have to position your readings as something they need; otherwise, they’ll have no incentive to buy right now. Not buying right now means they won’t buy ever.

To position your readings, you must know what issues your seeker has. What’s the thing that’s keeping them up at night? If you know this, you can design your offerings, your sales pages, and even your social media posts around this issue so that your target audience knows you can help. 

Why psychic business not making money online
My target audience are people who want to change their lives through divination. I attract this audience by providing value in the form of blogposts and free downloads because this is what this audience likes.

Here’s the shit thing about Tarot that nobody tells you; a lot of the general public doesn’t know or understand what Tarot is or how it can help them. That’s why mediumship is so much easier to sell than Tarot readings, because most people can do the math with mediums. If they want to talk to their dead auntie Frida, they go to a medium. But most of the public doesn’t realize that Tarot readers can fix their love problems. When your target audience doesn’t know you can help, they’re not getting on the phone and dialing your number. 

You have to go out into the world and scream from the rooftops, “I’m the Tarot reader of Montreal, and I can tell you if your relationship is going to last forever” (if that’s what you do). You have to show your target audience that you can make their lives easier, and that’s why they should buy a reading; otherwise, you’re just a fun party idea they’ll get around to booking (but not actually) someday. 

You Rely on One Form of Income

There are dozens of ways you can make money from the spiritual industry. If you’re relying on one form of income to get by, you’re essentially leaving money on the table and walking away from amazing money-making opportunities. If you’re just selling face-to-face, one-on-one Tarot readings, you’re missing out. 

I can honestly say that every time I’ve been broke, it’s because I haven’t diversified my income. If you only rely on one way to make money, I can say from experience that you’re never going to have anything, because you can’t build a successful business from selling and marketing just one product or service. Every area you can get yourself into means a bigger slice of the pie. 

In my e-book, Psychic in Business, a third of it is dedicated to diversifying your income, because I know for a fact that this is the quickest way to making real, serious money. The point in my business when I began to see a consistent, guaranteed 4-figures a month was when I dipped my toes into the things I outlined in that e-book. 

Trust me, it’s not rocket science. As a psychic, you can start by offering one-on-ones. Then, you can graduate into distant readings, email readings, parties, fairs, and events. And eventually, you can branch out into teaching (if that’s what you want). Honestly, the sky’s the limit! 

Closing Thoughts on Why Your Psychic Business is Not Making Money

So, remember, your Tarot business is not making money because:

  1. A lack of consistency.
  2. You need the advice of others.
  3. Money needs to be put back into your psychic business.
  4. You’re relying solely on social media.
  5. You do not have an email list.
  6. A target audience has not been outlined.
  7. You are only relying on one form of income.

Which one of these points are you going to work on today? In the comments section below, feel free to share what your next steps are for making more money in your psychic business.

Get your Psychic Readings Found Online

Do you want to get your psychic readings found online? Are you a spiritual-based professional, psychic, medium, Tarot reader, or astrologer? Are you wanting to discover how you can get to the top of Google and other search engines so that you can be found by people who are wanting readings?

Here is how to optimize your site for people in your local area who want psychic readings so that your readings can be found online!

SEO is how your website is picked up by Google and other search engines in order to be ranked. The higher your SEO score, the higher your site ranks. And the higher your site ranks the more chances that you have of being found online as the go-to Tarot reader or psychic in your local area. 

SEO is important because you want to be found by your target audience (people who want Tarot readings). However, there are many elements to a good SEO strategy, too many to go over in one post, and I cover SEO in more detail in my Psychic in Business e-book, but I will give you my best tips. 

Getting your Psychic Readings Found Online: The Basics

Search engines have crawlers that scan the world wide web collecting data. Your website will be ranked based on the things these crawlers pick up i.e., the things which add to SEO scores. Every now and then, the crawlers will crawl your site. 

Waiting for the crawlers means that you will not see your website at the top of Google as soon as you post an article or make changes to your site. You have to wait for the crawlers to make their round trip to your website. Optimizing your site for SEO can take a couple of weeks or even months to kick in, but it is a worthy investment. 

All websites are crawled (unless they’re blacklisted), and the higher your SEO, the more they are crawled. However, this does not mean that a terrible SEO score means they will be crawled once and never again. Doing things to increase your SEO means that your website will be found, crawled, bumped up in the search engines, and then crawled even more, hence why popular Tarot website’s optimization doesn’t take long to kick in compared to less popular websites. 

Today, I’m gonna teach you some general SEO basics which will start building up your SEO score. If you follow this advice, you can then add to your SEO score to be ranked for specific terms.

Publish Frequently 

As a general rule, frequent publishing = higher SEO because of website crawlers like new content. Search engines take frequent publishing as a sign that your website is up to date. If you are blogging, you do not need to worry because blog posts count as fresh content. 

The fact that search engine crawlers prefer new content can be used to your advantage if you have competition clinging to the top spot on Google with their 1991 webpages. If you are publishing on a topic more frequently and your SEO is better, you have a chance of knocking them off their pedestal. 

Write Longer Posts so that it is Easier to Get your Psychic Readings Found Online

Search engines favor longer posts, so make sure that the majority of your webpages exceed 300 words. It is a good idea to go back over your website and lengthen any posts which are less than 300 or 400 words. And, within those words make sure that you mention your area name and ‘Tarot readings’ or ‘psychic’ multiple times or nobody will be able to find you online. 

Make Your Site Readable 

Although search engines prefer longer posts, they also take readability into account. A website is deemed as more readable if it is well-formatted. Google picks up on the proper use of headings to separate text. Notice how I have used headings in this article? You should do the same!

Watch Your Load Speed

The time it takes for your website to load matters because people often click away within a couple of seconds if a website is sticky and not loading properly. Visitors who are clicking away from your website before they have had a look around damages your SEO score. If your load speed is a problem, you can browse plugins for your site, which, once installed, will speed up load time.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links which lead to nowhere damage your SEO because they affect user experience and give crawlers the impression your site is outdated. If you have too many links that lead to deleted pages, Goggle will penalize you. Every few months, it is good practice to go through your website clicking on hyperlinks to make sure they still work. This is especially if you regularly mention other people’s blogs and websites in your posts. 

Make Your Content Relatable 

The length of time your visitors stay on your website will have an enormous impact on your SEO. If they have visited one page, stayed to read it, and then clicked on other pages out of curiosity, this is really good for your SEO score because it tells search engines that your website is useful and relevant to what your visitors are looking for. If your visitors have stayed to nosy around, then this helps your score because the user experience is obviously positive. 

One thing which has caused many sites to fall from the top to the bottom of search engines is the use of manipulative attics to gain visitors. For example, years ago, some business owners would optimize their websites for popular terms such as ‘childbirth’ using SEO hacks and crappy backlinks in order to claim money for ad space on their webpages. However, when visitors landed on their pages, they weren’t getting birthing tips, they were faced with ads for Viagra. Obviously, not getting what they were visiting for causes users to click away. 

To counteract the problem, search engines now take relevance into account when ranking websites. If a visitor comes to your website and immediately clicks away, this damages your SEO score.

Fix Your Navigation 

If search engines work out what your visitors are frantically clicking all over your website like headless chickens without spending quality time on your site, they will knock off some SEO points. It is important that your website is easy to read and navigate. 

It is my personal opinion, but one thing I DETEST is websites that have the blog as their home page. Most people don’t know what a blog is and how to navigate one, so having your blog feed as the first page visitors come to is confusing. If they’re not confused on the first visit, they will be on the second when the post they were looking for has magically disappeared. Confusion = frantic clicking = a lesser SEO score. I recommend always setting a proper home page. 

Create Backlinks 

Backlinks are links on other people’s websites, which lead to yours. Backlinks signal to search engines that your website is relevant. 

The quality of a backlink matters, so do not hire a 3rd party company to increase your backlinks as they may be using low-quality websites, and this will damage your SEO score (some companies have been blacklisted for hiring this type of ‘help’). 

Similarly, being linked for Tarot from a popular Tarot website will give you more points than being linked by a company that specializes in socks. However, some popular mainstream websites such as The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail have lots of weight across the board, and getting backlined by them for Tarot will add greatly to a Tarot reader’s SEO score. 

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Finally, your SEO score will be significantly decreased if your website is not optimized for mobile and tablet. Being optimized for mobile means that your site automatically converts to a mobile format when you visit it on one. You can tell if a website is not optimized for mobile because the text and pictures will appear cut off, and you have to zoom in and out in order to read anything when you look at your website from a smartphone. 

If your website isn’t optimized, it is imperative you fix the problem ASAP. To fix it, you will need to hire a website developer, but trust me, it will be worth doing so.

Name Your Pics

A final tip I have for optimizing your site’s SEO is to name your images. By naming your images, you are telling the Google crawlers that you have picture content that matches the term you wish to be found for. 

For example, let’s say you want to be found online for your Tarot or psychic readings and you want to rank on Google. If you want to be found for the phrase ‘Tarot Reader Devon,’ then change the filename of your image from ‘imagepng23’ to something like ‘Tarot Reader Devon’ or ‘Tarot Reader in Devon.’ 

For extra search engine points, try to have your image something which is similar to the thing you’re trying to optimize for. So, if you’re trying to optimize your site for crystal healing terms, make sure your images are actually of crystals! Trust me; this is the best practice for optimizing your images.  

Closing Thoughts for How to Get Your Psychic Readings Found Online

So, that’s my tips for optimizing your website for Google. Hopefully, now you can take my advice and get your psychic website to the top of search engines. This way, you can become the number one psychic reader in your area!

If you would like more business growing tips (including SEO tips) feel free to check out my Psychic in Business e-book. And, if these tips have worked for you, feel free to let me know in the comment section of this post (below).

Articles Related to How to Get your Psychic Readings Found Online

Doing Tarot by Email

Are you doing Tarot by email? Are you considering giving Tarot readings through email? Or maybe you already have and want to know how you can give better email Tarot readings? Do you want to know how you can sell more email Tarot readings, regardless of the place you’re selling them? If you’re interested in getting some tips for how to develop your email Tarot reading practice, read on.

As always, I like to give a bit of background on my experience with certain things so that you know I know what I’m talking about!

Why I started Doing Tarot by Email

A couple of years ago, I ran a blog called ‘Fortune Teller Lisa Boswell.’ A pretty shitty and uninspiring name, but it was still a somewhat popular site. From this website, I wrote my blogs and performed email Tarot readings. At one point in time, my sole source of income was the email Tarot readings I sold from my fortune-teller blog; no face-to-face, no phone or Skype, just 100% email (not the best business plan in the world, but more on that later).

Lisa Boswell Business
Me in 2015, two years after I began reading online. By this point, reading online had became my bread and butter.

When I began reading online, I didn’t initially intend on only providing email Tarot readings, but once I started, I got hooked and went all in. The reason why I went down this road was that:

1. The place in the UK I live (Scotland) isn’t densely populated, which means I have to travel a fair distance for most readings. Email readings meant I could cut down on travel time, and therefore make more money per hour. 

2. My sleep patterns and energy levels were unpredictable. My daughter has HFA; one symptom of autism is an inability to sleep. She would be up all night for days, which meant I would be awake as well. Performing email Tarot readings meant I could manage my time better than I could if I were on a set deadline.

3. I developed my own health problems. I was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 24. Not having to leave the house to perform readings was a massive draw for me toward email readings.

4. To be honest, I just preferred working online.

Performing email readings made me feel as though my income was much more passive than it was if I had arranged to see clients face-to-face or over the phone, because I could read when I felt like it (within reason). I didn’t like the feeling of having my time-restricted, so Tarot by email was the way to go.

I no longer provide email Tarot readings, and one of the reasons why is because I now make my money online from things that are more passive, such as e-books. Don’t get me wrong, I would make a lot more if I was still performing online readings as well, but I like my business setup the way it is. Moreover, a large percentage of my students perform online readings, and I don’t want them to feel as though I’m competing with them for clients.

So, that being said, here are my tips for performing online Tarot readings and attracting clients to read for. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful, whether you’re charging top dollar or giving them away for free.


Don’t Make Your Email Tarot Reading a Back and Forth 

People buy email readings for different reasons than they do other types of readings. For other types of readings, they want that conversation and interaction. They want to be able to put you on the spot and ask you profound questions. Face-to-face, phone, and Skype readings require intimacy.

By contrast, the type of seeker who orders email readings doesn’t want to have to pluck up the courage to interact with you in a game of email tag. Email readings provide them with a level of anonymity they can’t get if they have to sit in front of you. They don’t want an interrogation. Your email seekers want to ask you their question and get an answer without the back and forth.

Don’t turn your email readings into the type of conversation that you’d have through Messenger. For example, 30 minutes of:

Your email: “I’m seeing a Knight of Wands, do you feel as though he is caring?”

*sends email, waits 3 minutes*

Seeker’s email: “Yes, I feel that way.”

*sends email, waits 4 minutes*

Your email: “You have an Ace of Cups as challenges, perhaps you’re too emotionally involved.”

*sends email, waits 2 minutes*

Seeker: “Yes, that’s right.”

*sends email, waits 3 minutes*

Your seekers want email readings because they won’t have to commit to a specific time or even a conversation. Instead, your email readings should involve them sending you their question, you typing up a 500-word answer (the reading), then them reviewing how they feel about the reading – nothing more.

If you’re advertising your email readings as 30-minute readings done at a particular time of the day (which you both have to be present for), you’re doing email readings wrong. Email readings should be done with the word or card count in mind, delivered within a set period; otherwise, they’ll be off-putting to your clients who either can’t commit to a set time or are scared off by the personal level of conversation.

Be Very Clear on the Order Process

It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing email readings for free or charging a billion dollars – you’ll get no takers if you’re not clear on the ordering process. This tip can apply to any type of Tarot reading, so take note!

Most readers make the mistake of assuming that their clients (or potential clients) know how the ordering process works. Readers think their clients know they will have to pay, send the questions, wait a couple of days, then read their readings.

Newsflash: most people don’t know anything about the ordering process for email readings.

Trust me, 99.99% of your potential clients have what I call ‘ordering anxiety’. Ordering is a massive psychological hurdle that you must get them over if you want them to go through with the sale.

The main thing that causes ordering anxiety is uncertainty over what happens once they pay. Nobody wants to be defrauded or made to look like a fool, so anything that makes the ordering process uncertain will cause a mental flag that says, “Warning! We don’t know what we’re doing, so let’s not buy!”

You have to explain, in a step-by-step manner, that ordering a reading with you is easy. In a short and snappy section on your sales page, you have to tell your clients the process of getting an email Tarot reading. Remember to include a part that says that if they have any problems, they can easily email you at getmytarotreadingnow@emailtarotreadingmaster or whatever your address is.

You might think that the ordering process is evident; it might be for you, but it isn’t for everyone, and they need that extra guarantee that it’s simple. I have these directions on all my e-books (including Psychic in Business), and it makes a huge difference.

For example:

“Ordering an email reading with me is as simple as selecting a cream cake at the grocery store. All you have to do is click the ‘buy’ button below, and you’ll be directed to PayPal and pay for your reading as you would with any other purchase. Then, email me your question at Jessie@savemylovelife, and within two working days, you’ll have 1,000 words of clarity in your inbox. If you have any questions about ordering, feel free to also reach out to me personally at Jessie@savemylovelife.”

It may sound easy and super simple, but adding a paragraph such as the one above will increase your sales.

Let Buyers See Examples of your Email Tarot Readings

Similar to the point above is the fact that your seekers must know what they’re getting. It’s not enough to say to them, “In 300 words, I will dissect your love life!” You have to show them what a reading by you entails – otherwise, once again, ordering anxiety will rear its ugly head and talk your clients out of buying a reading.

When I was doing Tarot by email, I noticed a difference in my sales once I created a page on my website that showed examples of my readings on my site. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a page where I had typed up an imaginary email reading to show my seekers what one would look like.

It’s not enough to tell your potential clients you’ll use 15 cards, or that a quick reading will be 200 words and a detailed one 2,000 words; unless they’re a blogger, they’ll have no idea what this means. They have to actually see the physical, typed-up difference of each; otherwise, they can’t imagine what it looks like. Remember, uncertainty breeds anxiety, and buyer anxiety creates a lack of sales.

How to Price Email Tarot Readings

The number one mistake I see Tarot readers make is that they assume their email readings are the ‘less than’ option. Because they find them easy to perform and can do them in their own time, readers think that their email Tarot readings aren’t worth as much money as regular readings, so they subconsciously do things that imply that email readings are the budget option. 

Doing anything that implies your readings aren’t high quality will be off-putting to your potential clients. If people are looking for a solution to a significant problem, they want only the best. Undervaluing your email readings does nothing but highlight to your seekers that your other readings could be better.

The most obvious way you can undercut your email readings is in pricing. Don’t make any of your email readings cheaper than a regular reading, even if the difference is only $5. A penny less than a regular reading implies that, somehow, your email readings aren’t as valuable or important as they could be. You want to encourage your seekers to buy your email readings, so remember to keep the price the same.

How to price email Tarot readings
If you make your email Tart readings the low-cost option, your business will never grow. There are plenty of people online who read for free. If you’re running a business, you do not want to be one of them.

It’s a sad fact, but buyers always equate higher prices with quality, especially in non-essentials such as readings. You may think you’re giving your seekers a good deal, but they won’t see it that way.

You’re selling email Tarot readings, not toilet paper. People aren’t looking for the best deal, they’re looking for the best readings. Try to avoid doing pretty much anything that screams, “Hey, this is an excellent deal!” Instead, go for, “Hey, this is excellent, high-quality reading, just like my other readings!”

The pricing factor is one of the reasons why some readers struggle even to shift free readings. Believe it or not, the more expensive your readings are, the easier they are to sell.

Although pricing is a visible indicator of quality, you have to consider more subtle ways you could be devaluing your readings – for example, turnaround time.

Watch Your Turnaround Time

Years ago, I had a super-fast turnaround time for every type of reading, including my email Tarot readings. If you called me up for a reading, I would bend over backward to get to your house and perform it as soon as possible. I’m not kidding; I once traveled over an hour and a half away on New Year’s Day to perform a £25 reading (and my travel and lunch probably took a considerable chunk of that).

Once I began to perform readings online, this attitude bled into my email readings. I would drop everything and perform my readings in record times. Back then, I thought that advertising the fact I had a turnaround time of fewer than 12 hours was a good thing, but it actually had the opposite effect.

If your delivery time is super-fast, your seekers will assume that you’re not providing a custom-made service. Nobody wants to pay good money for a reading they think is a cut and paste job. They’ll also assume you’re not busy and possibly wonder why. When you promise your readings too quickly, your clients will devalue them.

Instead, advertise on your business page that you’ll deliver the reading no less than 48 hours after the request is given. If you wish, you can perform the reading quicker than this and surprise your clients with your quicker than expected delivery time, but don’t give them the impression that you’re sitting at home waiting on business to float your way.

Don’t Overwhelm Seekers When Doing Tarot by Email

An unspeakable crime that you can make on your website is going wild. And no, I don’t mean by spilling your life’s story on your blog after a bottle of wine and a few texts to your ex. I mean by being over-the-top with the amount of email Tarot reading options you provide.

Just because you can now update your website and throw up sales pages to your heart’s content doesn’t mean that you should.

If you provide your seekers with too many options, they will choose nothing. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bombard your potential seekers with 10, 100, 1,000 Tarot spreads they can choose from if they want a reading from you. Most seekers won’t know which spread is best and won’t want to make a decision. Again, buying anxiety will creep in, and surprise surprise, you’ll make no sales.

Instead, have a few options for your email Tarot readings, nothing more. Ideally, I suggest you have a snappy, detailed, and maybe even a ‘weighing up two options’ email reading selection, but no more than that. Providing only a few options means that your seekers can quickly weigh up the right one for them, order, and you can get on with the reading. Giving them fewer options to think about means that you’ll sell more email Tarot readings. 

Develop Your Business from Just Email Readings

There are ways to make money as an online psychic from methods other than email readings. If you want to work online as a reader, email readings aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Back when I just started working online, one thing I wish someone had told me was that I didn’t just have to provide my seekers with services. It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. I once relied solely on email readings to get me by, and I wish I hadn’t. Instead, I wish I’d explored other ways I could make money online so that I could receive multiple levels of income.

You don’t have only to provide email readings. You can sell worksheets, e-books, guides, even courses. The opportunities for working online are endless. Don’t just commit to one method of making money on the internet – spread your love around!

Psychics with Imposter Syndrome

There are many psychics with imposter syndrome. Is your confidence destroying your psychic or Tarot business? Are you subconsciously doing things which mean that you cannot grow a successful spiritual or intuitive based business? Are you harming your own success due to your lack of confidence? Chances are, you might be, and do not even realize you’re doing so.

It happens to all of us — someone who we do not know books a reading. Slowly but surely, their day and time come. We prepare for it and travel to the location. We should feel somewhat confident; after all, we have done it a million times before. Then all of a sudden; reader anxiety sets in. Why does this happen? Why do we feel this way? 

An Overview of Psychic with Imposter Syndrome

There is a little-known syndrome known as imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is when you convince yourself that you are somehow fraudulent or deceptive when you are not. If you have this syndrome, and you are a psychic or Tarot reader, you convince yourself that your readings are not good and worry that your next seeker is going to discover this ‘truth’ and criticize your readings. 

Imposter syndrome is such an issue among Tarot or psychic readers, that five days of my 21-day psychic course is dedicated to how you can increase your confidence. During my years of as a full-time reading teacher, I have found that confidence is the number one factor is the success or failure of my students.  

Anyone who loves what they do can suffer from imposter syndrome. The sad thing is that many do not even realize that they have it, and if you are a sufferer, you may find your feelings overwhelming but convince yourself that they are both justified and rational.  

psychics with imposter syndrome - can't sell readings
For the first few years of my business, I struggled horribly with imposter syndrome.

I have written this post on what imposter syndrome is and its symptoms because I myself was once a sufferer. 

My imposter syndrome prevented me from being able to sell my readings, and it greatly affected my spiritual business. Not only that, but it caused me to sabotage myself in other ways. I missed out on a lot of opportunities and money because I felt a constant need to hide. 

I previously never knew that the way I felt had a name. It was like this big, bad secret which I kept to myself. However, once I realized that the crazy thoughts running through my head were actually a ‘thing,’ I began to feel much better.

I have written a list of 10 symptoms you may display if you suffer from imposter syndrome. Here are the symptoms; 

You Tell Yourself that Your Readings Are Terrible

If your seeker is not singing your high praises, you take this as a sign that your reading was not good. Nothing but complete amazement is enough to make you feel as though you are worthy of readings others.

If you’re a psychic with imposter syndrome, you go above and beyond what is expected of you

In email readings, you may decide to add extras but not raise your prices. You try to get your readings done in record time. You are at your client’s beck and call. They ask for a ten-card Tarot reading, but you have to give them twenty. These are all signs that imposture syndrome is at play. 

You could live with yourself more if you turned down work than you could if you gave a half-arsed attempt at a reading

You would rather not perform a reading then do one which doesn’t blow the seeker away. This will go beyond the typical need for wanting to do a good job – you would seriously rather die than do a reading when you’re not 1000% on the ball.  

You Go Through Periods of Extreme Laziness

Sadly, you put so much pressure on yourself for extended periods (for example, up to 20 hours a day every day for weeks or months at a time) that you get to the point where you don’t want to do anything at all. You’ve been known to burn yourself out. But, friends may think you’re uncommitted. You would rather sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch crap on TV than look at a Tarot card or that book you are writing.

You Compare Yourself to Other Readers

Compassion is a habit. You look at other reader’s rave reviews, their achievements, their security in themselves, and you wonder why the hell you’re not like that. 

What is it they are doing that they are doing right that you are doing wrong? They must be a better reader than you! Oh, no…

You Set Unrealistic Expectations For Yourself 

It is not enough to do the basics; – you feel the need to do everything. You must work 100 hours a week. Similarly, you must pin on Pinterest 1000 times a month. Sure, you think you can post to Instagram five times a day. You must wake up early and go to bed at 12 pm.

Setting unrealistic expectations has the dual purpose of patting your ego when you can achieve your unrealistic goals but also confirms the beliefs you hold to be true. Because your goals cannot be obtained, you prove to yourself that your outlook is accurate. 

Sadly, the brain likes to keep itself comfortable and safe. While your imposture syndrome causes you anxiety, it is what you are used to, and this makes it difficult to let go. Your negative thoughts become an addiction, so you set yourself up to fail. One of the ways you can do this is by setting unreal expectations. 

You Make The Simplest Task or Idea Much More Challenging Than it Has to Be

If you ever wanted to make jewelry or candles as part of your business, you would seriously consider learning how to blow your own glass so you could get the bead, jar shape, and fancy labels which you want. Everything has to be perfect. 

Overcomplicating tasks is a form of procrastination. Instead of getting your hand out and doing the work or hiring people to make life easier, you think up excuses that will stall your time. You put off doing these things because there is a part of you which, deep down, is convinced that nobody will want to buy your candles. If you do not complete them, you do not need to advertise them; then nobody can hurt your feelings. 

psychics with imposter syndrome - can't sell readings
I am much more confident now, but this inner strength is something that took years to develop.

Words Like Okay and Average Fill You with Deep Anxiety 

Instead of taking words like fine, okay, and good as compliments, you interpret them as failures. Deep down, you think that the seeker is just kind to save your feelings. 

You Feel Fraudulent as a Psychic with Imposter Syndrome

You have never conned or misled anyone; in reality you believe in your abilities and have never lied about your background or experiences. And yet, you feel like, somehow, you have tricked the world into thinking you are this fabulous reader. If you have had a great review, you just got lucky. 

You truly are your own worst enemy. You could count on one hand any minor criticisms others have had for your readings. The criticism you have gotten from others is minuscule compared to the criticisms you have for yourself. Always living in your head is what causes you to think that others do not see you the way you truly are and what you are is (in your mind) somehow deceptive. 

Because you feel deceptive, you will dream up weird and wonderful reasons why you shouldn’t take your client’s money. You give out freebies just because. You offer discounts to strangers. All of these are classic signs of a lack of confidence.   

You Sabotage Your Opportunities 

Lack of confidence convinces you that you are not ready. You are not ready to teach; you need more qualifications, more experience, more time. Inner doubt tells you that you cannot do that podcast interview because your internet connection is terrible and the dog might bark; You cannot charge for readings because you do not like Mondays, and so on. 

It isn’t that you don’t love what you do, it is that you don’t like the thought of being judged while you are reading. You would rather hide in the corner, in the dark with nobody looking. You let life and opportunities which you rightfully deserve sail by and go to someone else; someone who is not you. 

Closing Thoughts on Psychics with Imposter Syndrome

That’s all on psychics with imposter syndrome? Are you a psychic who is suffering from imposter syndrome? Has this post helped you to overcome your feelings? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

Sell Your Tarot Readings with Confidence

Do you want to sell your Tarot readings with confidence? Do you perform Tarot readings online or in-person? Or, do you lack the confidence you need to market yourself, your skills, and your abilities? Perhaps you’re a good Tarot reader but cannot make money from your calling because you struggle to put yourself out there? The trick is that you have to believe in the benefits of what you’re selling. 

First of all, I hope that all is well in your intuitive studies, and that you’re crushing it! 

If you’re not, don’t worry – I have a tip that will make all the difference!

My Personal Journey to Confidence

This website, is 18 months old. In this site’s first year, I saw a massive amount of growth, including:

(This article was originally published in December 2017, but don’t worry, these stats are still accurate.)

  • Last July, I presented about Gypsy Fortune-Telling at TABI’s Tarot conference at Birmingham University.
  • Last year, I held two online masterclasses, one on Lenormand, the other on Court Cards.
  • In March, I hit 100,000+ monthly views, making Divination & Fortune Telling one of the top half-million websites in the world in only 11 months!
  • This April, I launched my e-book, Love Tarot Spreads (50 Tarot card spreads you’ll actually use).
  • I’ve gained 3,000 email subscribers.

From the outside looking in, for many people, it looks like I just popped up out of nowhere, threw my face in front of everyone, and grew my company. 

Trust me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It hasn’t always been this way. I know what it is like to not be able to sell your Tarot readings with confidence.

I Used To Struggle with Confidence

Only a few years ago, before every intuitive service I provided (especially readings), I used to shit my pants. Just booking readings made me so damn nervous. I’m not only talking about paid readings; I’m also referencing readings where I was reading people I knew personally, who weren’t even paying me. 

To top it all off, I wasn’t only like that with readings. I was also a big scaredy-cat when it came to doing what I really wanted: teaching. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the concept of my website in my soul. And for about three years, I fantasized about building a website like this one. But I never actually went for it. I always held myself back. 

Confidence when giving Tarot card readings
I’ve always been a confident person, but I really struggled to sell myself

My biggest block wasn’t in my actual performance; it was in selling myself. 

I worried about coming across too ‘salesy’ or sounding pushy. I assumed that my potential clients/students would think I was a con-artist if I wrote a half-decent sales page or ‘about me’ section. Writing any form of wording for my company, from site pages to social media posts and replies on Facebook Messenger took me forever. 

If You’re a Tarot Reader, You Probably Struggle to Sell Your Tarot Readings with Confidence

Just from the conversations I’ve seen this last week, I know that many other readers feel the same. They really struggle to promote their readings or teachings, even if they’re free and just for practice. 

Here’s the thing: you just have to get over that. But don’t worry – if I did, you definitely can too. 

You’re probably now wondering how I moved past fear, went out there, and sold myself. Well, I have to tell you that the solution is so simple, it will blow your mind. 

You have to know the benefits of what you’re selling.

Even if it’s a trade. 

Even if it’s free. 

Or, even if you’re only doing it for practice. 

You need to know that what you’re putting out there is going to be so beneficial to that person’s life, the price becomes irrelevant. This applies whether your readings, teachings, e-books, spells, or candles are free, $5, or $500. 

You Have to Promote Your Tarot Readings

About three years ago, I tried to sell my first online workshop. I put it together because it was what I wanted to do, and it seemed like a really good idea. I desperately wished I could teach divination and spirituality online, and obviously, this was how I planned to do it. The workshop wasn’t even that expensive – it cost around $50 to enroll.

No joke, it probably took me a good week to get around to writing that sales page. And when I published it, I didn’t want to promote it because I was so nervous. 

Don’t get me wrong, the content in that workshop was amazing. I would even say that for a divination practitioner, it was life-changing. But those phenomenal benefits weren’t what I was focusing on when I was promoting the workshop. All I was doing was driving myself crazy, panicking whether people would buy it, whether they would want their money back or not, whether the tech was properly in place. I was immersed in all the wrong things. 

I even think back to years ago when I first started giving readings. My focus and worries were always placed on being right, not on being helpful. Then, when I was selling my readings, I was so consumed with selling that I was hyper-conscious about it and didn’t really even want to sell, because I didn’t want my selling to turn people off! (If you struggle to sell readings, this is something I focus on how to do in my Psychic in Business e-book.)

When You’re Doing Spiritual Work, You’re Working with Energy

Not to get all airy-fairy, but when you’re doing spiritual work, you’re working with energy. You have to keep yourself believing that what you’re doing is worth paying for, because if not, you’ll feel like a fraud and not attract the right opportunities. You need to know that you’re doing what you’re doing for the right reasons. 

And here’s the confusing thing: the right reasons aren’t the same for everyone. Maybe you’re not a naturally caring person. That’s fine; everyone is different. However, maybe your big reason why is because you enjoy educating people on yoga, astrology, or whatever it is you do. You’re doing it because you love it. 

Wild Unknown Tarot and Animal Spirit Tarot deck
I recognised a fellow Tarot reader based on their Wild Unknown tattoo. (Card pictures is from the Oracle card version of the Tarot deck).

Personally, I’m a bit like that myself. I don’t get as excited about selling readings as I do about teaching divination. The reason for this is because deep down, I honestly believe that everyone can and should learn how to read themselves. I’m super passionate about spreading the magic of divination; it’s like an obsession. I’m so sure of this that I can happily stop strangers in the street and tell them to go visit my website. I recently handed my site address to a McDonald’s worker who had a Wild Unknown tattoo. 

You Have to Know Why You Want to Read Tarot

Knowing your reason why you’re doing your work – and fully understanding the benefits of your offers – should make you feel like you have a cure for a disease. Your potential clients are riddled with this deadly condition, and they’ll turn to zombies by midnight if you don’t deliver the serum. If you don’t feel this way, you’ll be creeped out at the thought of promoting yourself, and your energy will repel anyone you wish to sell to or practice on.

If you don’t know your big reason why you’re doing your work, your words will whisper, “Take up my offer!”, but your nervous energy will scream, “Please don’t contact me!” 

It won’t just be your energy, either. It will be reflected in the things you say (or don’t say) and the way you act. 

For example, for my first paid workshop, I focused heavily on what people got, not how they would feel once they completed the work. My focus on things, not feelings, was very obvious on my sales page. I said things like, “You get a 20-page workbook and a 60-minute presentation, and we talk about psychic development and crystal balls and stuff.” Nothing about the benefits, nothing about the impact it would have on their lives, because I was working from a place of ‘features’, not ‘benefits’. 

By contrast, when I’m promoting my Psychic in Business E-Book now, I’m not shy. I believe in this. In fact, I believe in it so much that I tell people, “you will get results, and these practices will change your life.” I’m excited to talk about it. I tell people who I know don’t even care just because I want to hear myself bang on.  

Closing Thoughts on How to Promote Your Tarot Readings with Confidence

So, what can you do if you’re scared to promote your readings even if they’re free? You need to sit down and get your thinking cap on. You must be able to answer these questions: 

1. What are the three main benefits of my offer? 

2. How will my client’s life change/improve once they invest in my offer?

3. Why do I love my offer? 

4. What big, bad, burning pain does my offer address? How can I relate to this?

5. Do I really want to supply what I am supplying, and if not, what would I be more excited to promote instead?

Did you learn anything regarding how to sell your Tarot readings with confidence? Are you excited to get out there, performing readings? You can share your thoughts with me and the Divinerism community in the comments section below!

Will Speaking out Against Racism Harm Your Spiritual Business?

As I write this article, the world is currently in a state of protest after the killing of an Afro-American man, George Floyd. As you probably already know, the death of George Floyd has sparked protests and demonstrations against police brutality and racism experienced against Afro-Americans. 

I have made my stance pretty clear. I know that Black lives matter. Not only do I not support racism, but I am actively against racism. I am of the opinion that peace is a basic human right which should be standard for everyone.

I’m not going to lie, over the last few weeks I have seen some things in this industry which have disgusted me, especially from people who should know better. Based on my previous experiences I am not surprised, but the way some people have justified murder and racial profiling boils my blood every time. 

However, that is not the point of this article – I am not here to ‘out’ anyone. My goal is to instead discuss whether or not you should speak out with regard to racism if you are running a spiritual-based business. Should diviners be advocates? Or should they keep their mouths shut as not to offend anyone?

Over the last few weeks I have seen posts which allude to the belief that being too vocal about racism is not ‘spiritual’. Apparently, silence is a magical act. Most of these readers are concerned about the impact that speaking out can have on their Tarot or Astrology businesses. They don’t want to offend anyone and lose money. 

I don’t believe these views and in some ways, they irritate me for a couple of reasons. However, instead of going off on a rant about what I think, I am instead going to tell you a true story about something that happened to me earlier this year. 

If you do not already know, I am a Romany Gypsy (a real one). My family left India 1,000 years ago. They walked, rode horses, and drove in wagons around the world until they eventually landed where I live now (the UK). We have our own culture, beliefs, traditions, and language. Over the last thousand years, we have been persecuted, kept as slaves, and have experienced many genocides including the Holocaust. Racism against Romany people is commonplace and pretty standard even in the spiritual and divination industries. 

Well, other than that I live my life like a normal person. I run my own businesses and websites. One of my websites is this one, Divination & Fortune Telling where I teach divination, Tarot, and psychic development. 

On my websites, I rarely ever recommend products that I like. I never write reviews for Tarot, Lenormand, or Oracle decks. It’s not something I even think about. Instead, I spend my time creating educational posts on my websites. 

Six months ago, I made an exception. I used a deck that I really liked and I wanted to share it with my audience. I also quite liked the deck creator, so I wanted to help her to get the word out about her deck. I wrote the post, took some awesome pictures, and scheduled that glowing review on my website. 

I’m not an influencer so I do not recommend products for a living, but I know that a review from me is valuable. Just now, I have around 22,000 newsletter subscribers, 15,000 social media followers and my website sees over one million visitors per year. 

For a mid-range priced product (a product between $99 and $300) 2% of newsletter subscribers and 0.2% of social media followers will buy a product recommended to them – this number is probably much higher for a lower-priced product like a card deck. Once my post was published, this deck creator would have made a lot of money. I did not have an affiliate link for her deck, so I would NOT have benefited in any way from this review. All of the money which was gained from the review would have been hers.

Anyroad, after I made the post I had scheduled it for a future date. I am now glad that I did not post the review straight away. 

Not long after I wrote the post, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across one of her posts where she had posted a picture of a Romany person wearing traditional clothes. Personally, I NEVER click on pictures or articles about my people because the comment section is always filled with a bunch of Nazis posting some racist bull shit. But, I wanted to see what her friends were saying, so I clicked on it.  

There were a lot of comments. One of the comments was one of her friends properly going off on one about Gypsies in this massive comment. In particular, the friend was going on about Romany Gypsy readers and how they were stealing the business of the locals in her area (the usual racist ‘they’re stealing our jobs’ crap). She said some other shit I would rather not repeat. The comment infuriated me and I wanted to tell her to go and fuck herself, but I didn’t. Instead, I said nothing. I sat and watched. 

Due to the aggressiveness of the comment, I thought that surely the deck creator would remove the comment. Sure to God that someone working in the spiritual industry of all industries would not want to have that crap on their profile, but she didn’t. I then hoped she didn’t see the comment, but sadly this wasn’t true either – she replied to the comments below this one and continued to not address her friend. I waited a couple of days and nothing. 

It pissed me off so much that I went onto my website and deleted the scheduled post and newsletter. There would be no deck review, money, no free promotion. She missed out on thousands of dollars because she chose to do nothing. Not only did she not say anything, but she gave this person a platform, her platform, to spew hate. If she was going to share her platform with someone so deplorable, I was not going to share mines with her. 

Similar situations have happened to me in the past. I once really liked a Lenormand deck and used to recommend it all of the time. But, once the deck creator allowed members of his Facebook group to come after me for being Romany and did not address them, I left his groups and stopped promoting his work. 

Tellingly, these deck creators have never commented on what is currently going on in the world – they are silent on the matter of social justice. This teamed with my previous experience makes me question whether or not they were silent because they secretly believe that diasporic people are below them. I am assuming that they allow their audience to attack people because they feel the same way. I am assuming all kinds of shit about them now when I once held them and their work in such high esteem. I don’t even own their decks anymore. 

You may not think that your silence says anything, but silence speaks louder than words. Myself, and other minorities who have experienced racism have had past bad experiences with people who have chosen to remain silent. If your audience has previously supported or recommended your work to their followers, friends, or family, your silence is offensive. Not using your platform to speak out against injustice will be costing you not just money, but respect and admiration. 

Closing Thoughts

I am not saying that you have to be an activist. You don’t even have to say or do anything. But know that silence is not passive – it is an active choice. 

By being silent, you’re also attracting people into your audience who do not want to hear about the oppression of minorities; and they have their reasons for feeling this way too whether they themselves are racist, oppressive, or the type of people who would rather remain ignorant. Through your choices, you’re sending a message. What type of message is your spiritual business sending?

Why You Cannot Sell Your Psychic Readings

Here’s why you cannot sell your psychic readings. Are you struggling to sell your psychic readings? Are you a Tarot reader, astrologer, or psychic who’s trying to grow your psychic business but can’t sell your readings? Today, I’m going to give you some tips for how you can sell more readings so that you can make more money as a professional reader. 

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to not even want to think about your Tarot or psychic reading ‘business.’ On the outside, you have everything going for you; you’re good at what you do, you’re passionate, and you may even have qualifications and been certified. However, nobody is buying your readings. 

The Story of my Psychic Business

At one point in my life, I had the same problem. I spent my entire life promoting my readings online. I posted in Facebook groups, ran Google ads, blogged. Also, I cut my prices, I read for reviews. Nothing seemed to make any difference. 

It wasn’t until years later that I learned how selling was done. And one of the mistakes I made was so subtle yet so significant that I couldn’t believe how easy it was to overlook. 

I grew up assuming that all types of marketing were the same; that all web copy (the writing on websites) was the same. I thought I should just throw up a site, write an ‘about’ page, and inject all my amazing credentials into it. But it doesn’t work that way. It didn’t work like that for me, and it won’t work like that for you. 

There’s a mistake you made when you created your website, social media, etc., and it’s this: you created high-end copy while targeting the mass market. Here’s how this works. 

Don’t Brand Yourself the Wrong Way

Many psychic readers trying to sell readings make the mistake of branding themselves like luxury businesses because this is what most people are used to seeing when it comes to the ‘about’ section of a website. The problem is, even though you’re branding yourself for that market, your prices, marketing, and offerings aren’t aimed at high-end customers. 

Selling high-end requires a very different strategy to selling your run-of-the-mill readings – a strategy that you don’t simply fall into by accident. It’s not difficult to sell readings at a premium, but you have to know how to sell. There’s a lot of detail in the subtle differences between luxury and high street selling, but one of the main ones is in the way that products are presented and the effect this has on the minds of potential clients. 

Luxury businesses invest money into their stories, their backgrounds, their brands. They do this because they don’t need to convince people like you and me to buy from them. It’s a given that we want to wear Chanel, but this isn’t their primary motive. They mainly want to create a culture, a legend, and a magic associated with their brand. Typically, this is done with a fabulous background story – for example, Louis Vuitton, the 16-year-old trunk maker.

Example of an About Page

In general, an example of a high end ‘about’ page would look something like this: 

“My name is Lisa Boswell; I’m a Romany Gypsy fortune-teller. At the age of 7, I fell off a swing and scarred my face. I have an HNC in social sciences and an award in Tarot.” 


“My name is Cheryl. I’ve been reading Tarot for four years since I discovered a deck at my local thrift store. I like to buy vintage and only use cage-free eggs in my cooking.”

In a nutshell, I’ve told you how fabulous Cheryl and I are. I have not tried to sell you anything because I’ve assumed that you’ll go on my waiting list and, when a spot comes up, race to pay my monthly fee and then brag to your friends about how difficult it is to book a reading with me. Nonetheless, you have me on speed-dial because you’re so fantastic and passed the screening process (because that’s how high-end works). 

Most psychics don’t operate like that. Most just want to make a half-decent wage by reading people like Joan down the street and the odd email reading. Therefore, Joan is your target market, and you need to target Joan. 

However, Psychic Readings Are a Luxury Service

In general, your average Joan needs a reason to buy luxuries, and you have to remember that reading is a luxury service. It doesn’t matter if your readings are £10 or £1,000 – nobody ever needs a reading to survive. The problem is that you’re most likely targeting people who don’t want to waste money on non-essentials, but you’re selling a non-essential. 

I bet you’re thinking, “Hold on, doesn’t that mean those high-end clients should flock to me because of my high-end services and my about page?” No, it doesn’t mean that unless you’re also charging high prices, advertising in high-end places, have an on-point website and branding, your services give them bragging rights, and your intake process is strict. In other words, it takes a lot more than the right ‘about’ page and offerings to draw in upper-class clients. 

You now have a severe problem. Your ‘high-end’ style story and your about page, sales page, and homepage all scream ‘luxury brand’. However, you’re doing your run-of-the-mill readings and targeting the working class. Don’t worry – this problem is easy to fix. 

You have two options. Option one requires learning how to target, market to, and create products for high-end clients, which usually needs a substantial initial investment because of the design preferences the market currently has. Alternatively, you can fix your about, home, and sales page so that it speaks to Joan, the everyday woman from down the road. 

How to Target ‘Joan’

How do you go about targeting Joan? What makes the Joans of the world buy spiritual services that they don’t need? The answer is easy; you have to find out what Joan’s problems are. 

There’s only a slim chance that Joan is going to buy your readings because she views them as a non-essential, an afterthought. If you want to sell them, your job is to present your readings as a cure to an issue Joan has. Introducing your readings in this way will turn them from a luxury that Joan can keep putting off to a ‘must-have’ product with urgency attached.

Ask yourself this: what’s the number one problem your clients have? What do they always ask you about? What do they want readings on? If you figure this out, your target market will flock to you and hang onto your every word, because from this point, you can create offerings (readings, social media posts, newsletters) that speak directly to them, as you can highlight and fix their problems. Fixed issues are worth paying for; your readings will go from non-essential to needed cure. 

Knowing my target market is precisely why you’re reading this. You’re reading what I’m writing right now because I pulled you in with the subject matter. I know that not being able to sell readings is a severe problem for readers. I know what it’s like to worry about your direct debits coming off, to panic about Christmas, to wonder why nothing in this business (which is meant to be your calling) is working. Connecting with you in this way means that I can speak to you on a level that other people can’t and tailor-design offerings to please you. You can learn how to do this for your potential clients.  

Branding Your Psychic Business

So, let’s say you now realize that most of your clients want to know when they’re going to meet Mr. Right. Your about page, service page, even your social media ‘about’ section, should therefore say something like this: 

“Are you tired of spending Friday nights calling around friends, begging them to sit with you because you’re the only one who’s single, alone, and sad? 

Hi there, my name is Cheryl, and my purpose in life is helping the ladies of London find their Prince Charming. If you need assistance in this area, then through the use of Tarot readings and intuitive spiritual counseling, I can guide you towards Mr. Right.”

Usually, you’ll then go on to let your clients know you can empathize with them, which you will because 99.99% of the time, readers are drawn to help people who are in a similar situation they were once in: 

“I used to believe that there was no-one in the world for me. I sat at home all the time, stroking my cat and watching Law and Order, feeling lonely and resentful. Then, I discovered X. I now help women just like you get X through Tarot readings.” 

By saying the above, in however many words you want, what you’re really saying to clients and potential clients is this: 

1. You know what problem they’re having. 

2. You’re highlighting that issue and making it visible. The pain this causes usually means they will act quickly to fix it. 

3. You’re letting your clients know you can empathize with them. 

4. You’re letting them know that if they ever get sick of having this problem, they can come to you for a reading. Your reading is the cure to their pain. 

You Cannot Sell Your Psychic Readings if you Don’t Care

Here’s the catch: you have to genuinely want to fix this problem your target market has. Otherwise, you’ll feel seedy and weird selling your readings and advertising about them. You must be honestly passionate about the subject matter. You have to think like your target market has a disease that will kill them by midnight, and only you have the cure. Also, you must truly believe that what you’re offering adds real value to their lives. If you struggle with targeting, this is something I cover in the Psychic in Business e-book. 

If your clients want love readings but you don’t want to give them one, you’re targeting the wrong market. Likewise, if you’ve found that you’re crazy about offering a particular type of reading, service, spell, etc. but no-one around you is taking the bait, you’re not targeting the right market. You have to find the people who would die for that butt chakra spray you’re so obsessed with making. 

Once you have your target market, their pain points, and have written great copy that highlights their issues (and lets them know you can solve these), you have to put it everywhere. Yes, everywhere. You have to keep repeating, “I am the love psychic for London!”

Constantly remind your target market that you’re the person who’s there at hand, ready to work with them on making improvements. Never worry about repeating yourself. People love consistency. 

Closing Thoughts on Why You Cannot Sell Your Psychic Readings

I would love it if you would be so kind to share your thoughts with me in the comment section. Do you struggle to sell your psychic readings? Has this post helped you in any way? Feel free to share with the Divinerism community!

When Clients Scam The Psychics

Clients can scam the psychics. What happens when the clients scam the psychics? It’s not always the psychic readers who are frauds – psychics themselves can be defrauded by their clients. Psychics can be defrauded out of money, time, resources, and services. Here’s my story about when I was the victim of a seeker’s online scam.

How Can Clients Scam Psychics?

For being in the psychic business, many readers aren’t very good at listening to their intuition. Sure, they might know who’s calling before they pick up the phone or sense when their partner eats the last Mars Bar, but when it comes to acting on that intuition? That’s where we often lack. 

I cannot stress how important it is that before a reading, you assess the energy of a potential client. Before you even let them book with you, as yourself, “Do I like this seeker? Do I get a good feeling from them? Or is my intuition screaming for me to run the other way?”

How I Got Defrauded by a Client

Several years ago, I got an email from a potential client. This woman lived somewhat close to me but requested an email Tarot reading (an oddity in itself). 

Over the course of several emails, I got the impression that she was a bit pushy and demanding. She wanted a custom spread (25 cards), was trying to haggle me on price, and asked (more than once) if I had a refund policy. She wanted the reading within the next few hours but didn’t specify what she wanted it for (just a general reading). 

I could feel my spirits warning me not to read this woman, but I agreed anyway. I did her reading, typed it up, and sent it away. 

It wasn’t even two minutes after I hit send that she requested her money back. She wouldn’t have even had time to read the reading after I asked her why. She sent me a list of the points I made in the reading that she agreed with, even details such as the color of the shirt her partner was currently wearing. However, she didn’t agree with the future (which obviously hasn’t happened yet), and she wanted her money back. 

At the time, my Facebook page was a significant source of business for me, and I relied heavily on reviews. She threatened to review me poorly and tell people I was a fraud if I didn’t refund her money. So I did – I paid her to go away. 

It is Quite Common

I’d heard from other readers about seekers who went around buying readings to request refunds, but I honestly thought it would never happen to me. I’ve even heard of other readers buying readings from other readers to then request refunds for no reason, or buying readings and products so that they can review them poorly on sites like Amazon and Fiverr. 

There are people in this world who do so to get free readings, which I suspect was this client’s motive. Therefore, this post is to warn you that yes, this kind of does happen. So what are the signs that a client may be up to no good? 

Signs That Your Client Wants to Scam You

1. They repeatedly ask about the refund policy. They do this because they want to assess how much of a fight it will take for them to score a refund. 

2. They have negative energy, which will be reflected in the way they speak. For example, my ‘client’ emailed me comments like, “You better be good.” 

3. They don’t want to meet you face to face. Scammers rarely book face-to-face or even Skype readings because they like to have some form of anonymity. 

4. They haggle on price and timeframe. Stay away from any seeker who demands special treatment in the form of discounts, turnaround time, and even things like custom Tarot spreads. Usually, this is a sign that they don’t respect you or value your work. 

5. They don’t want to pay before the reading takes place. This one never happened to me, but it has to my friends. Always clear payment before performing readings. 

6. They give you a bad feeling in general. They can come across as overbearing and demanding, but can also be manipulative in the way that they attempt to make you feel sorry for them or sympathetic before the reading even takes place. Stay away from seekers with toxic energy. 

If you suspect that your seeker is maybe like this, don’t read them. It’s always your right to say no. Trust me, there are some people in this world you don’t want as clients. Make sure you’re only providing for clients who excite you and won’t scam you. 

Closing Thoughts on When Clients Scam the Psychics

I know that I am not alone. I know for a fact that there are other psychics who have been hustled out of their hard-earned money. Are you one of these people? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below!