Tips For Learning Tarot

Tips for learning how to read Tarot cards

Do you want to learn how to read Tarot? Are you looking for some Tarot reading tips from people who have successfully learned how to read Tarot cards? If so, you’re in the right place! Myself and nine of my Tarot students are going to share with you our top tips for learning Tarot. I … Read more

How To Read A Tarot Gypsy Spread

How to read Gypsy Spreads with Tarot cards

Here, I am outlining how to read a traditional Gypsy spread! On this site, I have also shown how to read this spread for Lenormand. But, here I am going to outline how to read this spread for Tarot. This version of this spread can also be used for oracle cards and other forms of cartomancy.  I am focusing on … Read more

How To Give Better Love Tarot Readings

Give Better Love Tarot Readings

Do you want to know how to give better love Tarot readings? Do you find yourself doing lots of love Tarot card readings, for yourself or others? Would you like to know how to give love Tarot readings, or improve on your love readings whether you’re reading for love, relationships, romance, feelings, compatibility or more? … Read more

How To Make Predictions With Tarot Cards

Make predictions using Tarot

How do you make predictions with Tarot cards? How can Tarot predict the future of your love life, career, or life in general? Would you like to know how you can improve your ability to make accurate predictions using your Tarot cards? If this sounds like you, read on! There are many aspects to being … Read more

Reading Tarot to Predict the Return of An Ex

Tarot predict return ex

Are you frequently asking your Tarot cards to predict the return of an ex? Something which I get asked a lot is, “Which Tarot cards are the best to indicate the return of an ex-lover”? Or, “Will my lover and I have a reconciliation”? These are valid questions and one which as a Tarot reader … Read more

Tarot Teacher Spread

Tarot Teacher Spread

Are you in search of a Tarot teacher spread? Do you want a spread that will help you better serve your students? Alternatively, as you a Tarot student and you want to know how you can become a better teacher? If this sounds like you, read on!  I created this spread as an example for … Read more

Tarot Cards That Indicate Cheating

Tarot cards that indicate cheating

Which are the Tarot cards that indicate cheating? Do you know which Tarot cards represent infidelity? Curious to find out which Tarot cards you don’t want to see if you’re worried your partner has been unfaithful? Here’s a list of the Tarot cards for cheating and infidelity. It’s a sad fact, but cheating and infidelity … Read more

What Are Court Cards?

What are court cards?

What are court cards? Courts are funny Tarot cards that are in a class of their own. They’re classed as Minors while still being somewhat halfway to Majors. The fact that they don’t fit nicely in a neat little box can make them very confusing.  One thing that makes Tarot Courts special is their ability … Read more

Tarot Cards That Predict Physical Death

Tarot cards that predict physical death

What are the Tarot cards that predict physical death? Can death be predicted with Tarot cards? What are the top death Tarot cards? Before we begin on the matter of Tarot, physical death, and which cards interpret death, I’ve included some common questions people have around Tarot, death, and considering whether you can or should … Read more