What Are Court Cards?

What are court cards?

What are court cards? Courts are funny Tarot cards that are in a class of their own. They’re classed as Minors while still being somewhat halfway to Majors. The fact that they don’t fit nicely in a neat little box can make them very confusing.  One thing that makes Tarot Courts special is their ability … Read more

Signs You Struggle to Read Court Cards

Struggle to Read Court Cards

You should not struggle with Court cards. It is my mission, to make sure that all Tarot readers can interpret the courts. And, if you really struggle to read Court cards, you should be getting help. The devil isn’t The Devil. The devil isn’t The Tower or even the Ten of Swords. For you, me … Read more

How to Use a Tarot Significator

How to use a Tarot Significator

What are Tarot signifiers used for? How do you use a Tarot significator in your Tarot card readings? Do they even add to your readings?  Often, when Tarot educators talk about significators (often called signifiers), they discuss how to select one. However, most Tarot readers who are interested in significators, want to know how to … Read more