Tips For Learning Tarot

Tips for learning how to read Tarot cards

Do you want to learn how to read Tarot? Are you looking for some Tarot reading tips from people who have successfully learned how to read Tarot cards? If so, you’re in the right place! Myself and nine of my Tarot students are going to share with you our top tips for learning Tarot. I … Read more

How To Give Better Love Tarot Readings

Give Better Love Tarot Readings

Do you want to know how to give better love Tarot readings? Do you find yourself doing lots of love Tarot card readings, for yourself or others? Would you like to know how to give love Tarot readings, or improve on your love readings whether you’re reading for love, relationships, romance, feelings, compatibility or more? … Read more

Ancestral Work For Tarot

Ancestral work for Tarot

Do you want to use ancestral work for Tarot card readings? Do you want to develop a spiritual connection with your ancestors so that you can become more psychic, give better Tarot readings, and strengthen your ability to perform divination? If this is your goal, read on! If you want to make predictions using Tarot … Read more

How to Buy Tarot Cards

How to buy Tarot cards

Do you want to know how to buy Tarot cards? Curious if you can purchase your own Tarot deck? Are you wondering where you can even buy a Tarot deck? Unsure whether or not you might accidentally get the wrong one? What’s the best deck for beginners? Read on… This is the ultimate guide to … Read more

Are You Choosing the Wrong Tarot Deck?

Choosing the Wrong Tarot Deck

What if you’re choosing the wrong Tarot deck? Choosing the right Tarot deck is no easy feat, especially with so many on the market. You have done your research and settled on a deck which you love. However, something is wrong. Although you are obsessed with your new deck, you just cannot connect with it. … Read more

How To Clean and Clear a Tarot Deck

Clean and Clear Tarot deck

How often should you clean and clear your Tarot deck? How do you care for your Tarot deck? What are the different methods of cleaning and clearing your Tarot deck? What steps do you need to take to make sure that your Tarot deck is well taken care of? If you are asking any of … Read more

The History of Tarot Cards

History of Tarot

What is the history of Tarot cards? When were Tarot cards created? Did Romany Gypsies bring cards from Egypt? Did Tarot start as a game and develop from playing cards? What is the timeline of Tarot and how do characters like Etteilla, De Gebelin, Rider, Waite and Smith fit into it? Almost everyone has heard … Read more