How To Read A Tarot Gypsy Spread

How to read Gypsy Spreads with Tarot cards

Here, I am outlining how to read a traditional Gypsy spread! On this site, I have also shown how to read this spread for Lenormand. But, here I am going to outline how to read this spread for Tarot. This version of this spread can also be used for oracle cards and other forms of cartomancy.  I am focusing on … Read more

Tarot Teacher Spread

Tarot Teacher Spread

Are you in search of a Tarot teacher spread? Do you want a spread that will help you better serve your students? Alternatively, as you a Tarot student and you want to know how you can become a better teacher? If this sounds like you, read on!  I created this spread as an example for … Read more

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread

Love Tarot Spread

The Love Tarot Spread has 15 spread positions that I’ve chosen specifically for the task of giving the most detail on a relationship or potential relationship.  Below, I’m going to perform a real reading on myself and a guy I’ve been seeing (with his permission). For a bit of background, the relationship is somewhat casual … Read more

How to Select a Tarot Spread

Select a Tarot Spread

How do you select a Tarot spread? How do you know which is the best Tarot spread for your circumstances? Are there any tips or tricks which I have to ensure that you chose the correct Tarot spread? This is something which we are covering this week! If you’re a Tarot reader, selecting the right … Read more

Answer Yes or No Using Tarot Meanings

Answer yes or no using Tarot meanings

Do you want to answer yes or no using Tarot meanings? Have you heard about Yes and No Tarot Spreads, for this but want something a little more advanced? Then here is how I answer yes or no in Tarot readings using interpretations. The ‘rules’ for this technique are a little complicated, and the system is … Read more

Yes Or No Tarot Spread

Yes or No Tarot Spread

Here is my super simple Yes or No Tarot spread. If you want to learn how you can answer yes or no using Tarot, this is the spread for you! Answering yes or no with Tarot can be difficult. If you crave some hard and fast rules, this spread is the place to start. The … Read more

Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals

Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals

Here, I am going to teach you Tarot spread for achieving goals. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can use your Tarot cards to help you plan for success. Sometimes, Tarot reading can be brutal. This art form is not just about learning the meanings and then getting the answers you love. You either get an … Read more

What is Not in Your Tarot Reading

What is not in your Tarot Reading?

What is not in your Tarot reading? It’s not always what is in the cards, it can be what’s not that makes it great a memorable reading! As tarot readers we interpret the cards that are drawn and read them in context to the question.  We continue our interpretation with relevance to the position each card … Read more