Tarot Teacher Spread

Are you in search of a Tarot teacher spread? Do you want a spread that will help you better serve your students? Alternatively, as you a Tarot student and you want to know how you can become a better teacher? If this sounds like you, read on! 

I created this spread as an example for my students. Each week this month, my students perform challenges so that they can win prizes (card decks, Tarot bags, books, etc).

This week, the challenge involves designing a Tarot spread. I designed this layout as an example for my students for what their spread should look like. Usually, I upload my examples onto social media but I decided to also upload this week’s here so that I can give a more detailed explanation. 

For this spread design, I decided to use five card positions, mainly because I don’t want my students thinking they have to create elaborate spreads for the exercise! 

So, let’s get to it! 

I designed this spread so that it can be used for both students and teachers. If you’re a student or teacher and wish to know how you can get more out of the teacher/student relationship, this spread is for you. 

You should shuffle your cards as normal and lay them out as shown: 

The Tarot Teacher Tarot Student Card Spread cheatsheet

I performed this spread on my relationship with my current students. Sometimes, I actually am a student as I do take courses myself (not on divination subjects but on other things) but I thought I might as well perform my course on my relationship with my current students seen as we are halfway through this installment of my Tarot course.

My Spread

Here is what we got and my interpretation: 

Tarot Teacher Spread

Position one symbolizes the strengths in the teacher/student relationship. For this position, we received The Star. Personally, I interpret The Star to symbolize hope and optimism. When The Star appears as a strength, advantage or positive when everyone has the mind-set of success. 

I am very hopeful that all of my students will pass their final exam and qualify for their certificate. I am sure that they believe they will too as most of my students interact well with the course, ask questions, etc. So this is a good positive. 

Position two is all about what needs improved in the teacher/student relationship. For this position, we received The Moon. When The Moon appears as a negative, drawback or weakness this has two meanings; either there are variables which have not been taken into account or the seeker is a negative thinker. 

I am inclined to think that the first meaning has some truth to it – there are weaknesses of the course or of my teaching style which I am not yet aware of. I will have to think of ways which I can make the course better or easier to understand for my students. 

Position three symbolizes what should be done to encourage the strengths of position one. Here, I have The Magician. Sometimes, I interpret The Magician to symbolize initiative and determination. I would take this as a sign that I have to keep on encouraging my students until the very end of the course. I have to make sure willpower is at a high. 

Position four represents what should be done to help heal the issues discussed in position two. The King of Cups landed in this position. I read The King of Cups (generally) as someone who has good intuition. I would take this as a sign that I must be more empathetic towards my students and their needs; this way, I will be more sensitive to issues which the course might have for next time the course runs. 

Finally, position five symbolizes the future of the student/teacher relationship. Here, we have received The Ten of Cups. I would interpret this as a positive outcome, as I often read The Ten of Cups as the card of fairytale endings. The course will be as perfect as I can make it, and I will always strive to improve, as will my students. 

Closing Thoughts on the Tarot Teacher Spread

So, that is all for The Tarot Teacher Spread! Have you tried this spread? How did you find it? Are you the student or are you the teacher? Feel free to share your results in the comments section below!

(Please note that I do not interpret other people’s readings for them. If you’re looking for help interpreting your Tarot readings, feel free to check out the Love Tarot Meanings e-book). 

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread

The Love Tarot Spread has 15 spread positions that I’ve chosen specifically for the task of giving the most detail on a relationship or potential relationship. 

Below, I’m going to perform a real reading on myself and a guy I’ve been seeing (with his permission). For a bit of background, the relationship is somewhat casual and relaxed.

First, pre-reading. For your readings to be accurate, you must first set your intentions. Before this Tarot reading, the exact question I asked was, “Will my and X’s relationship go well for the next six months?” I then performed the reading. 

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread

We actually got quite a good reading, thank God, otherwise this would have been awkward! Here’s what the spread looks like: 

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread for Reading Beginners by Lisa Boswell

I’m going to interpret my spread based on my current relationship using the Tarot card meanings from my Love Tarot Meanings e-book. (If you’re interested in Tarot spreads, I also have a Love Tarot Spreads e-book with 50 card spreads for every possible relationship situation imaginable.) 

So, here are my interpretations! 

Love Tarot Spread: Positions 1-5

The Past

Card Received: The Four of Cups

Position one in this spread symbolizes the past of the relationship – how we got here and the foundation of the matter. Obviously, as with most spreads, this one includes a past position and will tell me what’s happened previously in the relationship. 

For this position, my partner and I received the Four of Cups. When this card appears in the Past spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts the following:

“It is possible that this relationship/potential relationship began out of sheer boredom. Both you and your partner were looking for something new to do because you have grown tired of your circumstances. There was also an extended period in the past when one of you was very unhappy.”

I would say this is correct. At the time we started dating, we had both just gotten out of painful relationships. Neither of us was looking for anything too serious, just someone to spend time with as friends, which then developed into something more. 

The Present

Card Received: The Sun

Position two – the present – represents what’s happening in our relationship now and the current state of our love life. We got The Sun, which is actually rather good!

When it appears in the Present spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that The Sun card means: 

“The Sun can represent a time of happiness together. You enjoy each other’s company. If you’re not yet in a relationship with someone, don’t worry because your chances of getting one look very promising. Also, you may have some bumps in the road with your partner, but they are minor and are not so severe you should worry about them.”

Currently, we do just enjoy each other’s company. It’s great to have someone to spend time with and create experiences. 

Your Feelings: Ace of Wands

Card Received: Ace of Wands

The third position in the Love Tarot Spread reveals my feelings for my lover. Here, we received the Ace of Wands. It’s not exactly the Ace of Cups, but still a rather okay spread. 

When it appears in the Your Feelings spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Ace of Wands means: 

“You want your relationship with this person to be more than what it is currently. You feel as though the two of you could make something great and develop into a more serious relationship. Perhaps you want to go to the next level?”

I’m sort of sitting on the fence with this interpretation. On one hand, it’s correct that I’d like our partnership to develop into something more serious, but on the other hand, I currently don’t have the time! However, if I was to get more serious with anyone, it would be my current partner. 

Your Lover’s Feelings

Card Received: Five of Wands

Clearly, the fourth position in this spread will tell me how my lover feels about me and views our relationship in general. We received the Five of Wands for this position; this card can be good or bad depending on your circumstances.   

When it appears in the Your Lover’s Feelings spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Five of Wands card means: 

“Your potential lover has other love interests on their mind, and this affects their judgment. They have not chosen for certain the person who they want to be with long-term. Alternatively, this card can mean that your partner worries that you are not giving them the attention they feel they deserve; they feel they are competing for you.”

I don’t think the first half of this interpretation is correct; my current partner isn’t seeing another person. I feel that the second part of the interpretation – that they feel as though they have to fight for my affection – is more accurate for our circumstances.

I’m a bit wary about giving this partner too much of my attention because I like to be the one pursued by my partners, not the other way around. However, my current partner is laid back and not very dominant. He’s not the type of person who will try to force a relationship. 

My partner is also not a business person, so he doesn’t understand why I have to work all the time. I’ve recently felt as though he does want more attention, so I would say that this interpretation is accurate.   


Card Received: The Tower

Here, in spread position five, I will find all the positives and good things about my relationship. My partner and I received The Tower, which is often negative in readings. However, The Tower can sometimes represent bad things without it predicting negativity for the relationship itself.  

When it appears in the Positives spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Tower card means: 

“When The Tower appears as a positive, this means that you’re going through transitions in your love life which will eventually be good for you. They’re hard to see now, but one day, you will look back and see that this destruction and hurt made way for something better.”

I’m assuming that this card is discussing my ex-relationships. Before I was with my current partner (at the start of the year), I had gone through a really bad break-up; it was pure hell. My past relationship does hang over me now and greatly affects my decisions. It’s one of the reasons why I’m far less keen on progressing my current partnership.

It’s also possible that my current relationship is breaking down without my knowledge. However, I’m not so attached to this relationship, so I wouldn’t view it as a ‘Tower’ situation. I’m much keener on labeling my previous relationship as a Tower card. 

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread: Position 6-10


Card Received: Three of Swords

The sixth position represents any negatives in my relationship, and will reveal factors that are damaging to my and my partner’s relationship. For this position, we received the Three of Swords. 

When it appears in the Negatives spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Three of Swords card means: 

“This relationship is too painful for you or your lover to handle; it is not going how you thought it would when you first connected. Also, one or both of you may be afraid to love, and this makes forming a relationship difficult. There is also the possibility that fertility issues are at play.”

The above interpretation makes three very good points, all of which actually do apply to myself and my partner. 

The first is obviously the point that this relationship isn’t going how I originally thought it would, which is true. I thought this relationship would help me get over issues with my past relationship, but this wasn’t the case. Therefore, I’ve dragged the partnership a bit and went much more slowly than I normally would. 

The second point is the idea that one or both of us are afraid to love. As I said, I’m wary. My partner has picked up on this, and because he knows I’m apprehensive, he’s now tip-toeing. Clearly, lack of action is not good for a relationship. 

Thirdly, the fertility issues are at the back of my mind. I don’t have problems with fertility per se, but I do have other health problems that may or may not affect my fertility. I don’t know for certain, but this obviously has a negative impact on my love life, otherwise it wouldn’t come up in a reading. 


Card Received: The High Priestess

Position seven of this spread is pretty straightforward in that it reveals my hopes and what I want to happen. For this position, we got The High Priestess. The High Priestess is a card that most readers find very difficult to interpret for love readings. However, because I have the Love Tarot Meanings e-book to refer to, it isn’t that hard! 

When it appears in the Hopes spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“You hope that your intuition is correct. You are praying that your intuition is telling you that everything is going to be fine. There may also be a desire to keep the relationship a secret.”

Both parts of the above interpretation are true. I hope that my intuition is correct (that my partner is not an asshole), and I also wish to keep the relationship a secret for now. 

I’m a professional spirituality blogger and have been one for the last five years. In those years, I have grown my Divination & Fortune Telling blog to receive over 170,000 visitors every month. Clearly, because I’m constantly being watched, a lot of people know the ins and outs of my life. Therefore, if I’m seeing someone, I do like to keep it somewhat secret until the relationship is serious. 


Card Received: Eight of Swords

Position eight of this spread represents my fears and what I don’t want to happen. For this placement, my partner and I received the Eight of Swords, which is pretty standard for a phobia position. 

When it appears in the Fears spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Eight of Swords means: 

“You fear that you are trapped in your partnership/potential partnership. You may even fear falling in love to one day realize that your lover is an abuser or control freak; you like to protect yourself.”

I am an Aquarius with half a dozen planets in Capricorn. Once I have my mind made up that I want a lover to leave me alone, I can’t pretend to love them anymore. I was once in a long-term relationship for four years, but fell out of love and really hurt my ex in the process (who had done some things wrong but wasn’t a bad person). I never imagined that I would be capable of harming someone so badly, but since that happened, I don’t intend on hurting anyone again. 

One fear I have is that I may make my relationship with my lover more serious, only to hurt them if I later realize that a life with them isn’t what I want. I know that, if we had a serious relationship, he would want to tie me down, so I have to be 100% certain that I could be with him long-term.


Card Received: Knight of Pentacles

The Aim position (spread position nine) represents the things I should aim for when looking for a relationship. I’m going to interpret this position and assess whether or not my current lover matches this description. If they do, this is a good sign. If they don’t, this is obviously a bad omen. 

For my Aim, I received the Knight of Pentacles. When it appears in the Aim spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Aim for a relationship with someone who is no stranger to hard work. Pursue people who can show you that they are responsible.”

My lover is a very hard worker. Although he’s not in business like I am, he has a reputation for being devoted to his job. He can be a bit lackadaisical with his time management, but other than that, he’s very much like the Knight of Pentacles


Card Received: Page of Wands

Obviously, the Avoid position (position ten) represents what I should be avoiding when looking for relationships. The Page of Wands appeared here for me.  

When it pops up in the Avoid spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Avoid situations which imply you’re only out for a good time. Make sure your partners or potential partners know that you are pursuing a real relationship and not just something less serious.”

The above interpretation sends up red flags for me because I think I do give my partner the impression that they’re just someone I can spend time with, and that I’m not thinking about the two of us sharing a future together. I do want us to potentially have a future, but as I said, I’m cautious. 

The Ultimate Love Tarot Spread: Position 11-15


Card Received: Ace of Cups

In this spread, position eleven represents the environment of myself and my lover. Things that appear in this part of the layout symbolize things, people, and situations that have an impact on our relationship and don’t directly come from us – for example, our children, family, parents, pets, career, businesses, friends, and anything else that affect us are going to show up in position eleven. 

For this position, we received the Ace of Cups. When it appears in the Environment spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Traditionally, the Ace of Cups is associated with females. It is possible that you and your partner/potential partner have many women in your life; not as lovers but as friends, family, etc. These women influence you. If the females are in your lover’s life, be sure to impress them!” 

Both my and his family are relatively female-heavy; we have a lot of women in our families. We both have sisters. I don’t think he would like to sustain a relationship with someone who doesn’t get along with his sisters, so I’ll keep this in mind! 

Other People

Card Received: Nine of Cups

Position twelve of this spread is similar to the last position, but deals purely with how other people perceive the partnership; this position can be important because it can reveal things other people can see that I cannot. Here, I will discover if outsiders are supportive of me and my lover’s relationship or not. 

When it appears in the Other People spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that this card means: 

“Friends and family desire a relationship for the two of you. However, the Nine of Cups Tarot card has a bit of a reputation for being a very selfish card, so sometimes, it indicates that other people are too wrapped up in themselves to care too much about your relationship (which, in this case, is good).”

I feel as though other people do desire a relationship for us – both probably with other people, not each other! I also agree that our friends and family aren’t yet aware that there’s anything more between us than just friendship. 

What to Do

Card Received: The Lovers

Obviously, the spread in position thirteen is going to give me guidance for what I should do if I want to achieve the things I desire regarding my love life and relationship with my partner.

When it appears in the What to Do spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that The Lovers card means: 

“You have to go all in with your partner/potential partner if you want it to work. You must spend every spare minute with your love interest and really make this partnership a priority. Also, remember to be romantic and thoughtful with your partner; this is something they are searching for. However, try not to be too physical too soon, or the relationship might become only about sex.”

The first part of the above interpretation is scarily accurate. I know I don’t make my lover a priority, but that I probably should if I want the relationship to grow and develop. I usually am thoughtful and romantic, but recently haven’t had the time. The second part of this interpretation definitely doesn’t apply to us!

The Unknown

Card Received: Six of Cups

There will be factors affecting my relationship that are unknown or hidden from me; this spread position (position fourteen) will reveal the things I’m unaware of. Here, I received the Six of Cups. 

When it appears in the Unknown spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Six of Cups means: 

“Deep down, you have a burning desire to return to an idealized view of your relationship; one which you held in the past. You would like to go back to the point when you felt puppy love, and everything was new and exciting. If you had one wish, it would be to re-experience how love felt before you matured and discovered how much your lovers could hurt you.”

I’ve known my partner my entire life and had a crush on him when I was younger. Sometimes, I do wonder what it would have been like if he and I had gotten together years ago. I feel as though it would have been better for us, because I’ve experienced a lot of hurt in my relationships that have changed the way I approach relationships in general. 

It’s actually quite surprising that something like this would come up in our relationship reading. However, I guess that having such a detailed reading is probably down to having the right Tarot spread for the job as I do here! 

The Future

Card Received: Three of Cups

The final position of this spread looks at the future or outcome of the relationship. As I only wanted to see a short distance into the future (6 months) and set this intention at the beginning of my reading, I know that this is the timeframe I’m looking at. Happily, I received the Three of Cups for this spread position. 

When it appears in the Future spread position, the Love Tarot Meanings predicts that the Three of Cups means: 

“In the future, you and your partner have much to look forward to; weddings, baptisms, parties, and births are all predicted. That’s not to say that you will be getting married and having babies any time soon. The card can mean that, but know that the future is fun, bright, and rosy for the two of you. If you’re reading on a potential relationship, sometimes the Three of Cups predicts that you will get your chance to woo your lover over during a social gathering.”

Not to blow my own horn, but the above interpretation I previously wrote is so true! My lover and I will certainly be attending parties, baptisms, weddings, etc. in the near future, as we already have quite a few of these planned in the coming months. Time will tell if in that time, I woo him (or he woos me!).

Closing Thoughts on the Ultimate Love Tarot Spread

That’s all for the ultimate love Tarot spread! Are you going to give this spread a try for your own readings? Have you tried this spread? Do you find it accurate? Feel free to share your thoughts with the Divinerism community in the comments section below!

(Please note that I do not interpret other people’s readings for them. If you’re looking for help interpreting your Tarot readings, feel free to check out the Love Tarot Meanings e-book). 

How to Select a Tarot Spread

How do you select a Tarot spread? How do you know which is the best Tarot spread for your circumstances? Are there any tips or tricks which I have to ensure that you chose the correct Tarot spread? This is something which we are covering this week!

If you’re a Tarot reader, selecting the right spread for the job is very important because your Tarot spread is your framework for answering questions. If you’re the type of reader (a good one!), who does not want to keep re-reading the same event over and over again, choosing the right spread straight off the bat is very important. 

So, below are my top tips for selecting the right Tarot spread for the job!

Tip One – Use a Tarot Spread 

This point seems kind of silly, but I want to get this out of the way before I move on to the other tips!

Personally, I never used to read with spreads. For the age of about seven until my early twenties, I read spread-free. I knew what spreads were, but I did not want to use them because I was convinced that using spreads would interfere with my intuition. 

By contrast, not using spreads only made my job a lot harder. Not only did I have to interpret the spread, but I had no clues or direction for how to perform readings. My readings ended up one big jumbled up, stressful mess. 

I now read with Tarot exclusively spreads. My readings are much clearer; they make more sense, are easier to perform, and are more accurate. In fact, I love spreads so much I even wrote a whole e-book on how to perform Love Tarot Spreads. 

Tip Two – Establish the Reading Type

The type of reading which you want to perform is going to have an impact on the type of spread you use. Therefore, establishing the type of reading is important for selecting a spread. 

Whether you’re using Tarot, Lenormand, or even a crystal ball, there are two types of readings – specific and general. Specific readings answer specific questions, and general readings reveal the general future where anything can come up. General readings may or may not have a time frame. 

For example, if you just wanted to know what is going to happen in the future, this is a general reading. However, if you wanted to know what is going to happen between you and your lover Milton, this is a reading with a specific question. 

Chances are if you’re performing a reading on a specific question, you’re not going to want to know more about work when you are only interested in your love life. Therefore, establishing the type of reading is imperative. 

Tip Three – Write Down Exactly What You Want to Know from your Tarot Spread

It is easy to get bombarded and end up all confused when you’re on the hunt for the perfect Tarot spread, so I advise you to write down exactly what you’re looking for before you even look at spreads. 

You should write down what you believe your ideal spreads would include before you actually look at spreads. For example, if I am looking for a spread that predicts the success of a relationship, I like my spreads to have future positions, and reveal the intentions of my partner, so I will write these down as a ‘must’ before I select an actual spread. 

Tip Four – But Know That Not All Tarot Spreads Can Answer Everything! 

One Tarot spread cannot tell you everything. You should not expect to reveal the ins and outs of your relationship, career, or general life. You cannot read your entire life from one Tarot spread. So, if what you want to know includes a lot of details or separate subdivisions, it is best to perform two spreads on the different matters. 

For example, say you believe that your lover has been unfaithful. You want to perform an infidelity reading on them, but you also want to know if you’re going to be together forever and if there is a chance, you will get married. The infidelity and the longevity of your relationship should be read with two spreads because you’re trying to accomplish two goals. 

Tip Five – Go Looking For Your Perfect Spread

Once you have defined exactly what it is you’re looking for, and you have decided whether or not your issues cover more than one area, it is time to go looking for your perfect Tarot spread. 

Closing Thoughts on How to Select a Tarot Spread

That’s all for how to select a Tarot spread! On this website, in particular, I have a few spreads, including ones for love, teachers, planning, and answering yes or no. I also have a Love Tarot Spreads e-book with fifty relationship spreads in it covering pretty much everything you can think of related to matters of the heart!

Answer Yes or No Using Tarot Meanings

Do you want to answer yes or no using Tarot meanings? Have you heard about Yes and No Tarot Spreads, for this but want something a little more advanced? Then here is how I answer yes or no in Tarot readings using interpretations.

The ‘rules’ for this technique are a little complicated, and the system is also difficult to apply when compared to The Yes or No Tarot Spread. The easiest way to explain it is that a card’s original interpretation gives the answer for yes or no.

A Practice Tarot Reading

As with the last spread, we are going to pretend that a woman called Sally has come for a reading and asked if she can make a living from her passion, which is dress making. Here, we can see Sally’s cards;

How to answer yes or no using Tarot card meanings

On first glance, these cards look promising. However, I would argue that it does not look likely that Sally will make a living as a dressmaker. My prediction may seem rather controversial (and brutal), but I shall explain how I have come to this conclusion.

Have you, as a reader, ever asked a question and never got a straight answer? Is this especially true for yes and no questions? Say, you have asked a question,” Does he love me” and you received an 8 of Pentacles. Because you have a money card and not a love card, you are stumped for an answer. You get confused and pull more cards; you begin looking for an outcome.

Looking for an answer is a chaotic trap that most Tarot readers fall into when the reality is that the answer is no if the answer is not there in the initial reading.

If the cards are not there, the love is not there; the money is not there, etc. In this technique, if you do not get the cards you should get which predict a successful business, relationship or whatever, then this is a no (or not for the foreseeable future). Cards which you would expect to see in these circumstances mean yes.

How to Answer Yes or No Using Tarot Card Meanings

For this technique, the basic principle is that if the card’s basic interpretation is silent on the matter of love, money or whatever else you ask then that card means that you will not get what you seek.

In Sally’s case, the best outcome for her would be cards which indicate her financial security, or even, success such as a 9 of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles or a 6 of Wands. Sally’s reading is silent on these matters, so the answer to her question is no. This result is regardless of the fact that her reading can be read as being rather positive. I would argue that the cards are too neutral in the matters of business to predict long-term security. Here is Sally’s basic interpretation:

“I can tell Sally is in love, possibly with the excitement of her new business venture (Ace of Wands). She will still love dress making in the future. She wishes to jump in head first and start a new life (The Fool). Sally indeed will. She will receive the first fruits of her hard work (Ace of Pentacles). However, there is nothing to indicate that long term she will make the business a success. The initial excitement of the venture will help the investment pay off short term. However, it is not enough to make a living.”

There are one or two other things within the spread which I have picked up on, but they require other knowledge which is too detailed for this post.

Closing Thoughts on How To Answer Yes or No Using Tarot Meanings

Although I have read the spread negatively, I would argue that Sally, because of her passion and initial success, has a chance she can make her dreams a reality but she would only be successful if she takes the advice given to her. An action plan which would be required so I would do this in another reading or spread which I have included in another section of this website (here!)

If you tried out this technique you can share your thoughts with the Divinerism community. We always want to hear how you get on, so get commenting in the comment section below!

That is all for how you can answer yes or no using a Tarot card meanings! If you’re just learning how to read Tarot cards, you can grab my 100% free Tarot for Beginner’s Guide on this site! Grab your free copy here:

Yes Or No Tarot Spread

Here is my super simple Yes or No Tarot spread. If you want to learn how you can answer yes or no using Tarot, this is the spread for you!

Answering yes or no with Tarot can be difficult. If you crave some hard and fast rules, this spread is the place to start.

The Yes or No Tarot Spread can be used for any type of question for answering yes or no. It is efficient, and is ideal if you’re short on time. However, it isn’t as accurate as some spreads. If you’re reading on love, I have a Love Tarot Spreads E-Book you might want to check out after reading this post. 

A Practice Reading

For this exercise, let’s pretend we have an imaginary seeker named Sally who wishes to become a professional dressmaker. She has received some interest and bookings from friends lately. She would like to know if she can make it a profitable business and if her career will take off. Here are Sally’s cards:

Tarot spread for answering yes or no

For The Yes or No Tarot Spread, all that is required is that there are more upright cards than reversed for a positive result. So, if 2 or 3 cards are upright, it is a yes. If 2 or 3 cards are reversed, it is a no. 

Surprisingly, for this spread, the answer would indeed be yes, for Sally due to the fact all of her cards are upright.

For this spread, it does not matter if the cards have a positive or negative interpretation. Because the majority of cards were upright, Sally would be encouraged to follow her passion despite the fact that these cards have a negative interpretation. However, if more cards were reversed than upright, then the answer would be no.

If you would like to try technique one for yourself here are the steps:

Ask your Ancestors for Assistance

Before you even begin to think about the pre-reading, you have to think about the pre-pre-reading! Ask the spirits of your ancestors for help and guidance during your reading, and hold the intention that you are going to read your destiny. 

Set the Question you Would Like Your Yes or No Tarot Spread to Answer

It is important before the reading that you commit to a set question and card amount. If you tell yourself that you will only use three cards to get your answer then you should only use three cards. Commit to your card number and the question before you begin as not to confuse yourself.

Reverse Half of the Cards

Reversals are required for this spread. Half of the deck should be reversed, so rotate half of them before or during the shuffling process. For the best result, ensure they are split evenly.

Shuffle Your Tarot Cards

Shuffle your Tarot cards as you normally would. You do not have to do anything fancy or out of the ordinary. Make sure that you keep in mind the question you would like your spread to answer yes or no to.

Lay Your Tarot Cards in the Spread

4. Lay cards out in a pyramid. I recommend a pyramid because if the cards are read in a line then, the reader may accidentally fall into the habit of reading them as “past, present, future.” This particular question only deals with the future so should only be read this way.

Take Note of Proportions

After a quick glance at the Tarot cards, it is easy to see if the spread answers yes or no. Remember if the majority of cards are upright it is a yes, if the majority is reversed it is a no.

There are benefits for answering a yes or no question using this spread, and one of them is obviously ease. This spread is so simple to learn that even those who do not know Tarot can learn how to perform yes/no readings. Another benefit is quickness; you can fire this reading out when you’re short for time. However, there are negatives to using spread like this one.

Spread such as these can lack substance because you do not really have much to go on other than a yes or a no. There is also the question of what to do about negative cards which are upright, how would you interpret a Ten of Swords upright, for example. 

An accurate Tarot reading (especially a predictive one) is obtained by reading the entire spread. You must take into account the past, the future, the feel of the reading, how the cards interact etc. It is not enough to just look at how the cards fall.

Closing Thoughts For the Yes or No Tarot Spread

I am not a fan of this spread because I have personally found it to be inaccurate. I also feel that the negatives outweigh the positives. Personally, I like my readings to have detail and generally don’t like reversals (for me they just feel wrong). However, I know other readers who sing this spread’s praises so you should try it for yourself and see how you get on! 

That is all for how you can answer yes or no using a Tarot spread! Has this spread helped you to answer yes or no? Do you find this method accurate? You can share your comments with the Divinerism community in the comments section below!

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Do you want to learn how to read a Celtic Cross spread using Tarot cards? Are you wondering why some texts say that cross has 10 cards and others say there are 11? Are you confused over why positions 5 and 6 are sometimes switched? Which one is the past and which one is the future? This post explains.

Today I am going to teach you all the ‘proper’ way to read a Celtic Cross. I will be using Tarot cards based on resources from the early 1900s. The biggest part of the Celtic cross which causes the most confusion is positions 5 and 6, so I am going to explain the meanings of these positions. 

(This post was originally written back in 2015. However, the method is still the same so I am sharing it on this blog).

A Practice Reading with the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Online, I see the question of how to read one posted a lot, so I am going to show everyone here. The way I am going to outline and explain appears in A.E Waite’s ‘Pictorial Key of the Tarot’ (1911). Waite is also known as one of the creators of The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. However, I am going to use my Soprafino Deck to teach you how to read a Celtic Cross.

Here is my Celtic Cross:

An 11-card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Anyone who knows me knows that I built a big part of my business around my Facebook business pages. I actually have a couple of these pages, but I have recently discovered you can ‘merge’ all of your business pages into one super page. Therefore I did this reading on the question “what will happen if I merge all of my pages into a public figure page? Is it a good idea?” I will use the results of this reading to explain how to read a Celtic Cross.

Card 0: The Significator

I am calling this first card, Card 0 because it does not have a set number position for the Celtic Cross. However, it is very important. This card is going to determine the positions of the rest of the reading so do not skip this step. If you do not know how to select a significator, then head over to the Significator Selection post then scroll back once you have read it. 

Here is my significator: 

How to read a Celtic Cross significator

I have always represented myself as a Queen of Cups. I don’t know why this is but it is probably because on my first deck that Queen had proper bleached blonde hair and was glamourous, and I wanted to be like that when I grew up lol

Next, you must take note of the direction in which the figure on your card is looking (mines is looking to the left). It is important for the rest of the reading to make sense that you do not miss out on this step. A misunderstanding of this is why so many resources on the Celtic Cross differ causing conflicts and confusion among readers.

The direction which the figure on your significator card is facing is going to determine where your positions 5 and 6 are. If the figure on the card looks to the right, then your past is to the left (behind them), and your future will be to the right (in front of them). If your figure is looking to the left, then your past is to the right, and the future is to the left. This is how Waite first outlined how a Celtic Cross should be read, but a misunderstanding of these facts has resulted in many books discounting the significator and giving conflicting information on which position the past and future should be in.

Card One: What Covers the Seeker

Card one should cover the significator completely, as shown below. This is another area that causes confusion. This is position one NOT the Crossing Card (that’s card 2). When you cover your significator with this card it should look like this:

Tarot Celtic Cross for career readings by Lisa Boswell

Notice how this card overlaps the Significator? This is why you must take note of the direction which the court is facing early on. You will need this information to determine what position you are going to read in the future.

Card 1 outlines the situation in which the seeker finds themselves in. In a nutshell, it is what is going on in and around the seeker. It represents the seeker’s life in general. This position of the Celtic Cross Tarot spread. is not necessarily an obstacle. It just sets the tone for the seeker’s general situation. Here is how it is read;

“For this position, I have the 4 of Cups which is, of course, a card of boredom and lack of excitement. Although my life is stressful, I do find myself doing the same things day in and day out. The majority of stuff I do are related to business and family as there isn’t much time for anything else. Wanting to change my page could be me just wanting to switch things up a bit instead of fixing a serious problem.” 

See how that’s done? Try to always make sure that in your analysis of a card you explain the card and then link it to the question or issue at hand (if there is one).

Card Two: What Crosses the Seeker

This card indicates the problem which the seeker is going through and why they have come for a reading. If you are reading for someone and they have not indicated what they would like to know about, then you can usually find the reasons for this card.

This card is known as a ‘Crossing Card’ because it crosses the card diagonally. Do not confuse this with Card One (previous card) which is called a ‘Covering Card’ because it completely covers the significator. A Crossing card crosses. Here is what the crossing card looks like: 

The correct way to read a Celtic Cross spread

It should be noted that if this card is positive but in a negative position like this one, you can read it one of two ways. A good card can indicate that the problem is not as serious as the seeker thinks it is. Another way is the card can take on the negative attributes of that card, for example, a 9 of Cups would tell me that things the seeker wishes for are not good for them.

I got a Court Card – The King of Pentacles – in this position, which is not really negative or positive. A court in this position shows an attitude or ideal which the seeker is trying to reach for. I received the King of Pentacles:

“For this position, I have the King of Pentacles, which highlights that I am trying to be the ultimate business person and obviously make more money. I do feel that changing my page is a good business move. It will not only free up some of my time to concentrate on other things, but it will also be easier for me to run and compare business adverts.”

It should be noted that if I did not know the nature of this question, from this position I could probably tell that the seeker secretly wanted to know about business and/or making money. Therefore this spread is gold for those who have reluctant seekers!

Card Three: This is what Crowns the Seeker

This position usually shows the best the seeker can hope for out of the situation. It can also show where the seeker may be heading without making any changes to improve their situation. Often seekers get confused because this position seems to contradict with position 10.

You can have a 10 of Swords here but a 10 of Pentacles in the Outcome. This would tell me that the seeker is currently heading for ruin, makes changes, then receives the reward of the 10 of Pentacles.

If there were a 10 of Swords in the Outcome but a 10 of Pentacles in position 3, it would tell me that the seeker could have the 10 of Pentacles but because of something they need to change (and don’t) they end up with the 10 of Swords.

For this position, I got the Queen of Pentacles. Here is how I would read it:

“The best I can hope for in this situation is a Queen of Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles is the female version of the King; generous and financially secure. Therefore, I would guess that merging my pages is a good idea.”

Card Four: This is what is Below the Seeker

This card represents the root of any anxiety which the seeker has. In a nutshell, it drives the psychological reasons why the seeker wishes to know what is going to happen in the future instead of letting it just be as it will be. This position represents something that has happened in the seeker’s past.

For this position, I got Judgment:

“Judgment usually reminds me of a calling, the type of calling to do what it is you are meant to be doing. This card I got a lot when I started fortune telling again, and before then nothing went well for me. I have this underlying fear that the career I am in now will turn out not to be for me either and this is where a lot of my anxiety related to my work comes from.

Judgment also usually symbolizes that if an opportunity is not taken, it can pass us by. I feel this burning need to strike while the iron is hot. People’s popularity can wear pretty quickly, and I have seen this happen to people close to me; they have been sought after readers one day then yesterday’s news the next. Therefore, I feel I should be putting my stamp on things, and one page which I can manage and control will provide a platform for this.” 

It is common for seekers to be taken aback by some of the statements which you will make during your outline of position 4. This is usually because the ability to read into someone’s anxieties and where they come from can be quite shocking to those who do not read Tarot.

Card Five: What is Behind the Seeker in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Note: I am reading The Hermit in this position (as the past) because my Significator (Card 0) is not facing this card (For the picture below I have removed cards 1 and 2 so that you can see what I mean about where my significator is facing). If it were, I would read The Hermit as the future. If you have not already, please read the Card 0: The Significator part of the article above.

I have removed cards 1 and 2 so that you can see where my significator is facing on my Celtic Cross. This is what the past and future look like: 

Celtic Cross position meanings

This position of the Celtic Cross concerns the recent past of the situation at hand. These are things which have happened in the past which still have an influence over the question. This position shows what has happened in the recent past to bring them here now, to want to make changes, etc.

For this position, I received The Hermit which is pretty self-explanatory.

“I read the Hermit as a caution. I would say in the past I was cautious with regards to my page; there were no pictures of me, I did not give anyone any reason to think I am as young as I am, etc. This is because people in this industry do not get judged on their time reading but their age. Now I am 25; I suppose it is time to get over that. Also, I used to be a bit of a lone wolf. Now I feel like I want to connect to my page and the people who like it more and a more personal platform will help me to do that”.

Card Six: What is in Front of the Seeker in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Next, we have position six of the Celtic Cross Tarot spread. This card tells us what they can expect in the very short-term future. I estimate that it probably outlines the next 6 weeks to 3 months of the seeker’s life. It is basically what they can expect post Tarot reading.

For this position, I got The Chariot:

“The Chariot to me represents triumph and moving towards a better state of being. I will say though that short term I may find myself running into some problems and conflicts: a lot of people may not be happy with the fact that I am merging my pages. I will need to take these things into account if I decide to do so”.

For the rest of the reading, we are going to focus on what is known as “The Staff” of the cross, which is the line with 4 cards next to the actual cross. The presence of a staff is what makes this a Celtic Cross and not just a regular Cross Spread (which is a thing by the way). 

Card Seven: The Seeker

Next, we are going to interpret the staff of the Celtic Cross:

Celtic Cross spread meanings positions

This position outlines the seeker and their attitude towards the situation in general. Card 7 differs from a significator because significators are selected by the reader whereas Card 7 is a part of the reading and appears at random.

For this I got the Hanged Man:

“The Hanged Man makes me think that I am in limbo about my page. To be honest, my attitude is indifferent because the outcome could swing either way. I literally swing between wanting to get it done to not wanting to do it at all. I think that I will need to make some firm decisions or I am not going to do anything and remain in this situation, it is a tough one.”

Card Eight: The Seeker’s House

This position outlines the environment which the seeker finds themselves in which influences the question. It could be situations and people around them, or it could be how they are viewed by the outside world.

For this position, I received The Page of Cups.

“It is actually funny I received this because it highlights my point that this position can be read as both how the seeker is viewed and another person. I think the fact this card is a Page kind of reinforces the fact that I am viewed as being quite young by a lot of seekers, and this might be off-putting. The fact I look younger than I am makes it worst!

However, in some ways, I feel this card also represents another person who is influencing my decision. It is a young reader who has his page in the same format which I want mine. He is the same age as me but his page is phenomenally more successful. Seeing his success makes me wonder if merging my pages into one big page and having it how I want it will, in the end, be worthwhile.”

Card Nine: Hopes and Fears

Card 9 is another position which often causes confusion when diviners are trying to master the Celtic Cross Tarot spread. For simplicity, I would read a ‘positive’ card in this position as their hopes and negative cards as their ‘fears’. If you are into the law of attraction, you can pretty much gauge what they are putting out into the universe with this position. It also tells me if they are being realistic or not about their endeavours. 

For this position I got the Page of Swords:

“I usually read Courts as neutral but Swords I always look at quite negatively. I would say I am trying to be impartial for what I hope or fear for in this situation. However, I do worry about the backlash which changing my page is going to cause. I worry that those who comment, like, and share things on my page will be turned off and view it as a low move.

The fact that I have two Pages so close together also mirrors this; I assume this means friends and associates will judge me unfairly. I will have to take this into account when I make the decision to merge my page or not.”

Card Ten: The Outcome of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This card shows the outcome which the seeker will get for the whole situation. It predicts the future long term. For this, I received the 3 of Cups

“The 3 of Cups tells me that my plans to merge my pages would ultimately be successful and a good move. It predicts that I can lay back and celebrate my victories. I feel this is a definite sign I must merge my pages for a smoother running business.”

Closing Thoughts on the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

So that’s it, folks! If you would like to know, after I merged my pages it did grow substantially, to around 5000 likers. However, eventually, I deleted my page recently and I now have a new Facebook page which is much less stressful. 

Finally, how do you feel about the Celtic Cross Tarot spread? Do you struggle to read one? Or, are you confident in your interpretations? Feel free to share with the Diviner Life community below!

Articles Related to the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals

Here, I am going to teach you Tarot spread for achieving goals. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can use your Tarot cards to help you plan for success.

Sometimes, Tarot reading can be brutal. This art form is not just about learning the meanings and then getting the answers you love. You either get an outcome you do not like, or the cards are not what you would have preferred.

I love Tarot spreads, I even wrote an e-book on love Tarot spreads. I know that having the right spread can really make the difference in your Tarot reading. 

If you have performed a spread which gives you negative or neutral cards (cards which are silent on the matter at hand) then you should try another spread to see how you can get the outcome you desire.

How Sally Can Achieve Her Goals

For this post, I am going to use an imaginary seeker called Sally because I have used this example previously in the yes/no posts. Sally is a dress-maker who wants to make a career from her passion. In her last readings, the outcome was not what she wanted so I am going to do a spread that can show her the steps she is to take to make her business a success.

If the cards are somewhat neutral (positive but silent on the matter at hand), then I would say you should perform another spread to see how the seeker can get the outcome they desire. This spread outlines ways in which the seeker can achieve their desired outcome in several steps.

The Tarot Spread

Here are the steps for creating this spread:

1. Decide if you prefer using 5, 7, or 9 cards for this spread. I am sticking to 5 for the sake of making this post shorter in real life probably go for 7.

2. Pick your question. “How can the seeker achieve their goals of x” is pretty safe. In Sally’s case, we are asking how she can reach her goal and make a good living from her business.

3. Go through your deck and select whichever card represents the seeker’s current situation. Sally, I will take as being represented by an Ace of Wands because she has the basic foundations of her business and has already received the first financial rewards for her hard work. Place whichever card you chose down on your work surface.

4. Go through your deck again and pick a card that represents what the seeker wishes to obtain. Sally wants a half-decent living so for this I shall select a 9 of Pentacles but other, similar cards will do. Place this card next to your first card with some distance like this:

Goal making Tarot card spread

5. Shuffle your deck and lay the number of cards that you have decided to use on your work surface.

6. Turn the cards over. Your reading should now look something like this:

Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals
The Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles, King of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, and 9 of Pentacles

7. Interpret these cards. These cards predict the steps which the seeker needs to take to receive the life which they would like. Here is my interpretation.

A Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals – My Interpretation

“Sally firstly receives a Page of Pentacles which I would read as her having the resources which she needs to make her business successful (talent) but not the money to do so. There are also things she needs to learn, possibly how to manage her money. The King of Swords represents an expert who gives decent yet costly advice. Sally doesn’t know the first thing about business so may need to invest in a coach or consultant to assist her. Sally also needs to think out logically how she can make a business successful as, in business, passion is not enough. A logical approach mirrors the idea in the 7 of Pentacles which is associated with planning for the future. She must make long-term plans for her business instead of taking it day by day. I would say that a business plan is a necessity if she is to achieve any of her goals. After this, her business will be sustainable”.

In a real-life reading, Sally would be given an action plan to work through and then told to come back once she has done those things. If she has, then her reading would have changed, and she will be living happily ever after. If not, then she will not be in the position which she wants to be in the future.

Some may wonder why I go into an ‘advisory’ reading when I specialize in prediction. It is falsely assumed that those who read for prediction believe that the future is fixed. Destiny, fortune-telling, and free will is something in which I deal with at length in other parts of this website.

Tarot Spread for Achieving Goals – My Conclusions

While there are many Tarot spreads you can use to help you achieve your goals, I believe that this goal achieving Tarot spread is up there with the best. Give this spread and try and see how you get on!

I’m interested to know your thoughts – feel free to share in the comment section. How did you like this Tarot spread? Do you intend on using it in your Tarot practice?

(Please note that I do not interpret other people’s readings for them. If you’re looking for help interpreting your Tarot readings, feel free to check out the Love Tarot Spreads e-book). 

What is Not in Your Tarot Reading

What is not in your Tarot reading? It’s not always what is in the cards, it can be what’s not that makes it great a memorable reading!

As tarot readers we interpret the cards that are drawn and read them in context to the question.  We continue our interpretation with relevance to the position each card is placed.  We strive to enhance the quality of the reading by applying the meanings and techniques we have learned through on line courses, books and even YouTube tutorials.  These are all great resources and valuable to our development.  

We do, however, need to be careful not to fall into the trap of applying all the “theory” we have gathered but rather we need to find that balance between the learned (and practised) techniques and allowing our intuition to flow and guide us.

For the novice, interpreting the cards can seem overwhelming, rather like when learning to drive a car, there is so much to think about in seemingly a short space of time.  Soon driving becomes almost automatic (I use the term lightly) and so will your tarot readings.  You will soon identify what techniques work best for you and use these repeatedly, therefore not being overly concerned about other applications that don’t necessarily resonate with you.  Every reader is different and we soon develop our own style.

One of my go to techniques and one I use in most of my readings is the one I am sharing with you in this article.  I came across this little snippet from “Tarot Techniques” a Divination & Fortune Telling on line course designed and developed by Lisa Boswell.

When we lay out the cards in our chosen spread it’s a really good idea to look at the suit combinations and see what the balance of the suits are to identify which are the most dominant?  This can quickly indicate the overall theme for your reading. However, one of the most overlooked techniques is observing what suit (or suits) is missing or weakly represented. This can add a whole new level to your reading, enriching the experience for your Client and for your progress as a tarot reader.  A quick summary would suggest that the absence or limited representation of a particular suit could indicate what is lacking (and therefore impacting) in any given situation.  For example, the lack of:

Pentacles – Would likely indicate the lack or limited resources: time, money, in wrong job or no job etc. 

Swords – Would indicate that little thought or analysis has gone into the situation.   An emotional rather than a logical approach is being applied.  

Wands – Indicates little or no interest being expressed.  Lack of motivation, energy etc.

Cups – Emotional aspect is missing.  Little or no feeling applied or displayed.  

Of course all of this needs to be read in conjunction with the cards drawn for the reading but it does add another dimension, another layer to your interpretation.   

Here I share an example to demonstrate this technique.

A Client comes for a reading concerned that her relationship with her husband has deteriorated from what was once a loving and caring relationship has now declined to an all-time low.  She adds, “We just don’t have the time for each other and can’t talk to each other without snapping and I feel the love has gone”.

You prepare and place the cards in your chosen spread. You cast your eye and note that the suits of Pentacles and Swords dominate.  Intuitively you immediately recognise that it is likely pressures from responsibilities (Pentacles) e.g., work, finances, children’s needs are impacting negatively on the Client and having implications on her relationship with her husband.  This, as indicated by the Swords, has resulted in stress manifesting as irritability, tiredness and likely conflict between them.  You share this observation with your Client and ask “does this sound familiar?’  She confirms that it does.

So we have clearly established what’s going on for our Client and by looking at what is not in the cards we have insight into some practical suggestions we can discuss with our Client to get her relationship back on track.

In this example there is a lack of both Cups and Wands. The passion and emotional needs are not being met and here lies the heart of the problem.   We can confidently share with the Client that there is a lack of an emotional connection (Cups) and the passion they shared in the past has died (Wands).  Outlining the issue and likely cause of it we are now able to confidently offer the guidance the Client was searching for and the reason they came for the reading in the first place.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get your Client to feel involved in the solution. You can ask, for example:

·      What were the things they enjoyed as a couple in the past? 

·      When was the last time they had a break away, just the two of them? 

·      How does she feel about planning a date night, romantic dinner etc?

It is important, especially for newer readers, to understand that we don’t necessarily provide the solution or instruct on what they should do but rather by highlighting what are the influences at play enabling them to generate ideas and showing direction to help them move forward; empowering them to formulate decisions and actions for themselves.  

Sometimes the Client is unaware of the cause or subconsciously passes the blame onto others, failing to accept some personal responsibility. By uncovering what is not in the spread, this can raise awareness of what they failed to recognise and the impact this was having on their situation.  Aha!! I hear her say.

It is my personal belief that whatever problem we have, the answer’s lie within us.  As a reader, I feel it is my job to facilitate my Client’s understanding of the true situation and stimulate the dormant ideas within them into practical ways allowing an address their problems.  

Have fun with this technique, if it doesn’t help you then don’t use it.  But Im putting my money on the fact that you will see the potential it offers and it will quickly become one of your go to techniques and the Client leaves feeling empowered with a feeling of renewed hope, likely viewing the reading as a memorable experience.

That’s all for how to read what is not in your Tarot reading! In the comments, I would love you to share your experiences of Tarot reading.

Article by Jennifer Kelly. Touched by Tarot. Find out more about Touched by Tarot here: .www.tbt.co.nz