Are You Choosing the Wrong Tarot Deck?

What if you’re choosing the wrong Tarot deck? Choosing the right Tarot deck is no easy feat, especially with so many on the market.

You have done your research and settled on a deck which you love. However, something is wrong. Although you are obsessed with your new deck, you just cannot connect with it. No matter how hard you try to predict the future, the deck just doesn’t work for you.

You may feel;

– Like your Tarot deck doesn’t ‘speak’ to you.

– As though you cannot perform readings on strangers with your deck.

– Like your deck is just a deck of paper, and not something which you cherish.

There are several well know things which you can do to build up a stronger connection to your deck including journaling on its images, carrying it around and sleeping with it next to your bed. However, if you have tried all of these things to no avail, then perhaps it is time to consider that maybe this style of deck just isn’t for you.

How You Can End up Choosing the Wrong Tarot Deck

The first place where I see both newbies and seasoned pros make mistakes, is during the deck buying stage and you’re probably no exception. You did what feels right and choose a illustrated deck with detailed pictures (as opposed to an unillustrated deck with just swords or just cups) but you may have gone wrong by selecting a deck which is not the right style for your intuition.

There are many types of decks to choose from, but I break illustrated decks down into two styles: lots of symbols or minimal symbols.

Tarot Cards with Lots of Symbols

Cards with lots of symbols are often ‘action’ orientated and depict a scene in detail. You must interpret the seeker’s situation based on this scene. Problems arise, however, when there are interpretation which don’t fit this scene; knowing there is something you are missing which isn’t on the table can cause panic and confusion.

Mastering a scenic system also depends on your personality type. If you resist empathising with others, then reading with scenic cards can cause problems. (remember, resisting empathy is different from having empathy).

Minimal Tarot Decks

Minimal Tarot cards, on the other hand, will feature one symbol you must interpret, such as a crow, a fox or a lotus flower. The backgrounds on minimal cards aren’t really a part of the overall card meaning and do not depict a scene. From minimal cards, you are basically adding together one symbol with many meanings to other cards with one symbol and lots of meanings. Once all of the cards are laid out, you can see how they fit together.

One way to tell for sure if you’re naturally a minimalist or scenic reader, is to try your hand at reading the card system known as Lenormand. Lenormand is similar to Tarot but is read with 36 cards. These cards have only one symbol on them. If you find it easy to read with Lenormand then you should be buying a minimalist deck.

Personally I am a minimalist, but I like to mix it up. In client readings I usually read with Lenormand and for readings for myself I will read with The Alice Tarot. The reasons why I choose Lenormand is because I find minimal easier to predict with when I am under pressure. However, when I am at home and the pressure is off, I read with Tarot.

So, which decks should you be using? If you feel that you need to be able to see action happening, then go for a RWS themed deck or a general themed deck such as:

The Rider Waite Smith deck 

The Alice Tarot 

Tarot Apokalypsis 

If you feel that you would be better using a minimal deck, then you should try:

The Wooden Tarot 

The Wild Unknown Tarot 

The Linestrider Tarot

Closing Thoughts on Choosing the Wrong Tarot Deck

So, what about you? Have you been using the same deck and not seeing results? Do you feel like perhaps it is the style of deck which you’re having trouble with? Let me know in the comments section!

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