How To Clean and Clear a Tarot Deck

How often should you clean and clear your Tarot deck? How do you care for your Tarot deck? What are the different methods of cleaning and clearing your Tarot deck? What steps do you need to take to make sure that your Tarot deck is well taken care of? If you are asking any of these questions regarding cleaning and clearing your Tarot deck, this post will point you in the right direction!  

Once you’ve found your perfect Tarot deck you need to treat it with respect. One was you can take care of your Tarot deck is to clean and clear it.

Many experienced Tarot readers wrap their cards in a swathe of silk or other type of luxury material, and treat the deck as if it was a piece of valuable treasure. Other people prefer to store their Tarot deck in a portable drawstring pouch with a piece of beautiful Quartz crystal to absorb any negative energies.

It’s entirely up to you whether you opt to wrap the Tarot deck in silk, before placing it in a storage box. You can choose to keep the deck in a special wooden box that is reserved just for it. Place the box with your Tarot deck inside, somewhere it won’t be disturbed. If you have a sacred altar, place your box there when not using the Tarot deck.

When to Clean and Clear Your Tarot Deck 

Every time that you pick up your Tarot deck you are leaving an imprint of your energy on it. If you’re using the Tarot cards for public readings, consider the amount of energy that is being transferred to the Tarot deck whenever the cards are shuffled and handled by other people! Regularly using the Tarot deck for readings means that the energy of the cards will be affected much quicker. It’s therefore good Tarot practice to get into the habit of cleansing your Tarot deck frequently.

As you get to know your Tarot deck you will start to notice when the cards don’t feel quite right. You might drop a few cards as you practice your usual expert shuffling skills. Or find that you pick up a negative vibe as you handle the cards.

Cleaning your Tarot deck is highly recommended for all of the following situations and reasons:

• You’ve just bought your first (or a new) Tarot deck

• You’ve neglected your Tarot deck for some time and it now has stagnant energy

• You’ve allowed your friends and family to touch and handle the Tarot cards

• Your Tarot deck was bought second hand or passed down as a used gift

• You don’t feel fully connected to the Tarot cards and your readings are confusing

• You’ve given a Tarot reading that was particularly draining

• Your Tarot deck has been exposed to negative energy – this could be an anxious or obsessive person or a negative environment

• Your entire Tarot deck has fallen on the floor or been exposed to some kind of ‘accident’

Personally, I do not clean my deck that often because I am the only person who handles my cards. I even shuffle for my clients! However, I do perform some of the following rituals on my decks before an important reading or if I have extra time. 

There are many different ways in which you can clear and cleanse your Tarot deck of negative energy. Your chosen method can be simple or elaborate. As you cleanse away negative and toxic vibes from your Tarot deck you can also bless it.

The Sorting and Shuffling Method

The easiest Tarot deck cleansing technique is undoubtedly the sorting and shuffling method. To do this, separate the cards – Major Arcana, and the individual suits of the Minor Arcana. Line all the cards up in order and start shuffling. Give them a good seven shuffles to reinvigorate the Tarot deck.

Crystal Magic

One of the most popular ways to clean and cleanse a Tarot deck is via the potent power of crystals. You can easily cleanse and recharge your Tarot deck by selecting one, or more, crystals that absorb negative energy. Place a piece of Selenite, Black Tourmaline or Amethyst on top of the deck and leave it to do its thing. If you choose Clear Quartz to do the work, it will also amplify the energy of the Tarot cards.

Using the Power of Meditation 

If you practice meditation you can cleanse your Tarot cards with visualisation. Hold the deck in both hands, and close your eyes. Relax and take your attention to your breath. Visualise beautiful Universal energy being drawn down towards you, and passing through you to the cards that you hold in your hands. Complete the process by visualising a protective shield of glowing white light surrounding you.

Cleansing with Incense

You can clean and cleanse your Tarot deck with an incense cone or stick. Light the smudge stick (or incense) and allow the smoke to waft into the air. Hold the Tarot deck in your hand and pass it through the smoke several times. If you’re using a smudge stick, it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself of toxic energy too.

When it comes to selecting a fragrance, it is best to choose one which you have a string connection to. For example, if you love roses because they remind you of your deceased granny, then use a rose incense. 

Personally, I am a Romany Gypsy and my ancestors came from India. I always use Sandalwood for everything spiritual because this is a sacred wood to ancient Indians. 

Clean and Clear your Tarot Deck with Music

You can use the vibration of a singing bowl to cleanse your Tarot deck and to attune it to your energy.

Sun or Moon Bathing 

Both the Sun and the Moon are powerful sources of energy that you can freely use to cleanse your Tarot deck of negativity. On a warm, sunny day take your Tarot deck outside and allow it to be exposed to the radiant energy of the sun. It’s best to avoid doing this when the weather is scorching and humid!

Alternatively, on a full moon night, place your Tarot deck on a windowsill or outside where it can directly bathe in the moonlight. 

Salt Burial 

Salt is an absorbent material that can be effectively used to draw out negative energy from Tarot cards. To ensure that your Tarot deck isn’t damaged, place it inside a plastic bag (a seal top food bag works perfectly), and then put the package inside a larger airtight container. Now add the salt to the container, filling it up until your Tarot deck is completely buried. Leave alone for up to one week. Take your Tarot deck out of the container and dispose of the salt.

For a mess-free salt cleanse, place your Tarot deck on top of a large slab of Himalayan salt.

Reiki Energy Healing

If you practice Reiki healing, you can cleanse your Tarot deck by holding it in your hands and setting an intention to channel the energy system through your hands to the cards.

To avoid Tarot deck cleansing feeling like a boring chore, choose a technique or method that you actually enjoy. The process will then feel more like a special ritual that strengthens the connection between you and the Tarot cards.

Closing Thoughts on how to Clean and Clear your Tarot Deck

That’s all for my top tips on how to clean and clear your Tarot deck! Feel free to join my free workshop for psychic readers below: