Combine Lenormand And Tarot

How do you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Should you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards? Is it possible that your personal (and professional) readings will be more accurate if you use Lenormand and Tarot cards together? Today, I am going to answer these questions! 

Ever since I started to learn Lenormand, I have been combining it with Tarot cards. I am going to show you how to combine Lenormand and Tarot, because it can add to your divination practice. 

Why Combine Lenormand With Tarot?

You may want to combine Lenormand with Tarot cards if you use each of the systems for reading different areas. For example, I use Lenormand cards for general readings and use Tarot cards for specific questions. Other readers I know use Lenormand cards to make predictions because they struggle to predict with Tarot, and they use their Tarot cards to give advice. 

How you combine Lenormand and Tarot cards is completely up to you. However, I do recommend that you try your hand at combining these systems because both offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Lenormand cards can represent literal things; the Stork card can be a real stork or the House and Boat combined can symbolize a houseboat. Being able to read the cards literally is a strength that Lenormand offers which Tarot does not. 

By contrast, it is much easier to get a straight answer with Tarot cards than it is with Lenormand cards. This is especially true if you’re reading yourself or are emotionally invested in the situation. If you’re not just looking for your general life but want to read on a specific issue then Tarot is your tool. 

Should You Combine Tarot and Lenormand Cards?

In short, yes. BUT I should warn you that you will need to brace yourself for doing so. 

Many diviners fall into the trap of using diverse methods of divination and fortune-telling as a backhanded way of getting a different answer from the same question. Do not make this mistake!

To avoid asking the same question twice, before you even sit down to conduct your reading make sure that you have a set purpose for your Tarot cards and a set purpose for your Lenormand cards. If you know your strengths and weaknesses of using Lenormand cards and your strengths and weaknesses of Tarot cards, then you should be fine. 

If you have a ritual that you go through performing readings, it is much easier to combine Lenormand and Tarot cards while avoiding asking the same question twice. I have one, which I describe below. 

How Do You Combine Card Systems?

I have a ritual that I go through when I am performing readings. In a nutshell, I grab my Lenormand and Tarot cards, I light my incense, invoke my ancestors, and sit down to do the actual reading. 

When it comes to the actual reading, I always start with a Lenormand Grand Tableau first. The Grand Tableau does not require a question (and it is best if you do not ask one). The Grand Tableau has 36 positions that deal with pretty much every life area; love, career, money, business, home, children, health, mail, commitments, everything. 

I begin with a Grand Tableau because I do not have to ask my Lenormand cards a question. I read my Lenormand cards and that is pretty much it. My Grand Tableau reveals what is going to happen in the future within the time frame which I am reading; it doesn’t give an opinion or advice on a course of action. The Grand Tableau is there to reveal tomorrow as it is, without any padding or filler. 

It is important that you record anything which jumps out at you during your Grand Tableau reading. I recommend that you keep a journal so that you can later look back on your readings, remember them, and measure their accuracy, especially if you’re the type of person who easily forgets your readings.

Once I have read my Grand Tableau, I will perform a Tarot card reading. I only use my Tarot cards for specific questions. The spreads I use for my Tarot readings is a Horseshoe spread which is a semi-circle shaped spread of seven cards which tell me: the past of the situation; the present of the situation; positives in the situation; negatives in the situation; attitudes of other people; what to do; the outcome. 

I perform my Tarot reading after using Lenormand because my Tarot can tell me more specifics about my Lenormand reading. If something appears as an issue in my Lenormand reading, I can work through how to fix it or make it better using my Tarot cards. 

For example, one day I might perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau. I have a particular interest in my business, so even though I read all of the houses which jump out at me, I will give the ‘business’ houses (Fox, Moon, Star, Sun, Fish, etc.) my special attention, and perhaps a bit more time during the interpretation process. 

If during my glance at the business houses I see something wrong – such as a rouge employee – I will take note of it. Then, I will finish up my Grand Tableau and perform my Horseshoe Tarot Spread on me and my employee’s relationship, in the hope that it will reveal any tension between us, what is on my employee’s mind, and tell me what I should do to strengthen our relationship. 

Also, I should note that I also use Oracle cards, but I draw Oracle cards for the present. So, if I am waiting on a result (for example, progress in my business) but feeling anxious, I will pull an Oracle card because they make me feel better and give me reassurance. Therefore, in the example of my business my reading will look something like this: 

Step One: I perform a Lenormand reading which reveals my employee will go MIA in the future. 

Step Two: I perform a Tarot reading which gives me more detail on myself and my employee’s relationship. 

Step Three: I pull an Oracle card at the end of the reading which says something like, “All is as it should be in this situation” or something similar. 

Step Four: I journal my readings so that I can measure the accuracy of my predictions. 

So, That’s It! 

There you have it, my process of combining my Tarot and Lenormand cards for a more meaningful reading! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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