Divination Combinations

Here at Divinerism, I have a special list of special card combinations for both Lenormand and Tarot reading. You can find each individual list here:

Please keep in mind that Lenormand is traditionally read by diviners in combinations. So, it is standard for you to read two Lenormand cards together.

By contrast, to learn Tarot all that you must do is learn the individual card meanings. However, you may receive four Aces in your Tarot card reading, and that is why I have included a list of special Tarot card combinations on this website.

4 thoughts on “Divination Combinations”

  1. Hi. I love your page! I have a question that I can’t seem to crack. In a love reading in the outcome position I drew the Sun, the Tower and the Lovers. I can’t seem to get a read on the combination. Any i site?

    • Hi Adrienne,

      These cards together do not have a particularly special meaning. They mean what they mean individually. I am curious how you got so many cards in an outcome position? You should not have three cards in one position, you should only have one.

      It is very common for readers to pull something called ‘clarifier cards’. This means that they pull more than one card for a particular spread position. Do not do this if this is what you have done as pulling more cards causes confusion – it doesn’t clarify anything. The first card which initially landed in the outcome position is the card which you want to interpret. Don’t pull additional cards on top of this one or your reading will not be accurate.

  2. Hi Lisa, you are fine. I’m Eli. I love learning tarot and everything related to tarot. I like to learn. I just need support. I do not have the money to make purchases to receive books and pamphlets. Support dear Lisa

    • Thank you Eli! You can learn Tarot by reading through the articles in my website. I learned Tarot with the little book that came with my cards – I didn’t buy a book until a good ten years later lol so you do not need to make purchases right away. The best learning will come if you practice, practice, practice.

      Good luck with your Tarot! Lisa xx


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