How Fortune-Telling Predicts the Future

How can fortune-telling predict the future? How can fortune tellers and psychics use tools and methods to tell people what is going to happen during love (and general) readings? How Tarot readers, make accurate predictions, and is it real and true that they can? Here is how divination and fortune-telling predicts the future!

The future can be predicted using fortune-telling. I have seen it for myself. I have predicted, for myself. I assume that you have also made predictions or have had a reading which has come true, and that is why you are reading this blog. I am also confident that, at some point in your life, if you believe you can predict with Tarot you will have to justify your beliefs to others. 

One of the greatest battles we face as predictive readers, is the assumption that we do not believe in free will. People assume that if we think the future can be predicted, then it must be set in stone, unchangeable and that we like to believe our clients are shackled to the misery that is their fate. It is this assumption which forces many people to reject fortune-telling. 

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, this is certainly not true. Where would the fun be without free will? What would be the point in life? Then there are the moral implications as well; where would our responsibility lie if there was no such thing as free will? 

I believe that fate, destiny, and free will work together. It may appear contradictory that I think free will and destiny co-exist. However, these concepts do not conflict with each other; they work in harmony to give life meaning and direction. 

Your destiny is not something that is holding you against your will. Your destiny is your full potential. Your destiny is what can be, what you can have if you follow the signs from the universe, and go in the right direction. Destiny is all that is good and wonderful. A life lived from a place of destiny is a comfortable life. However, many people do not follow their destiny, and this is where life gets tricky. 

There are callings we do not listen to, soulmates we reject, past times we love but do not build jobs around. The signs are there that some things are meant to be for us: we obsess over them, do them for fun, and yet we do not take the full leap, we sit idle telling ourselves that it is only other people who live the lives we dream about. We assign our passion to the realm of a hobby. Using our free will we reject the things which truly make us happy, which warm our souls, which are our destiny. 

We live lives that are so far away from our full potential it is sickening. We settle for relationships that are painful, jobs which we hate. We wait for tomorrow to be happy. We ignore the signs that something better is out there because we get comfortable in the false sense of security that a controlling lover or steady job brings us. We chase men who do not want us and careers we will never excel in because we have built this web which convinces us that if we don’t let go and cut loose, the universe will let us crash to the ground. 

We reject or chase our destiny using our free will. We can decide to surrender to the unknown or fight against it. We can stay in the box or break it down. We can choose happiness or settle for existence. We manipulate ourselves into thinking that existence is the safe option which comes with no surprises but playing it safe is rarely ever danger-free or permanent. 

By an act of divine intervention, that which is too far away from our destiny often doesn’t last: this is where fate comes into the mix. Have you ever tried your hardest for something only to watch it fall apart? That lover who changes overnight? That job you cannot get? What we often brush off as just bad luck is actually fate; fate often steps in to pull apart the road which veers too far from our destiny. 

The good news is that fate brings us blessings in disguise. It is often not till years later once we chase and work with our destiny that we are grateful life turned out the way it did. You meet a much better man who didn’t come with all of the emotional baggage of your last partner or you start your own business and truly live to work (and not the other way around). 

Growing up, I always loved divination, but I convinced myself that I had to get an average job after the birth of my daughter. I played it safe. I went back to school, then to college. 

While I attended college, I got great qualifications, won attendance awards, and obtained fantastic references. Through two charities I got trained in computing and financial matters. I had a professional CV made. I lived next to Scotland’s capital city and every week I literally applied for hundreds of jobs in three different counties. You would think that I would have had a chance at employment now wouldn’t you? 

In those 4, nearly five years I only had three interviews. And, apparently, the interviews didn’t go too well. Not just that but the signs were there that I wasn’t going ever to get a job. I began to get the feeling my progress was being blocked. My library card would disappear out of my pocket when I was going down to apply for jobs. I would try to sign into my Government Job Search account and (despite having the passwords written down) I would be denied access. The printer would break every time I would try to print my CV. The phone numbers on the job advert would be disconnected. I would get to the post office to post applications, and it would be closed due to some freak accident involving fire and a banana. That was my life day in day out. 

In Gypsy culture, we have this philosophical concept known as prikaza. Prikaza are basically signs from spirits, ancestors, and the universe that you’re doing something wrong. My family took my misfortune as a sign that my job hunt was always going to be fruitless. They would say things like “oh well that’s a sign. However, there must be something better for you out there”! Clearly, my poverty-stricken-self had a difficult time believing that to be true. 

Now that I work in the spiritual industry professionally, I can see what my family meant. I honestly believe that this is my destiny, and I would much rather be doing what I’m doing now than working in one of those jobs I applied for out of a place of desperation.

Building my business wasn’t always a walk in the park, but at least I made reasonable, consistent progress and then my career took off. Eighteen months after setting up my business and working hard I went from a chronically unemployed single parent with only £3 in her bank to being an international award winner with thousands of social media followers, 50inch TVs in my living room. Days once reserved for the job center now involve sitting on the beach writing magazine articles. All this because I found a book in the library. If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is. 

During my unemployment years, I used to ask my cards what I was meant to do, and I kept getting the High Priestess. Being too emotionally invested in the situation, I didn’t know what this meant. Other psychics had also told me that one day I would be a well-known reader and write a book about Tarot (spoiler alert I didn’t believe that was possible). When it comes to divination, I think that the signs were there that being a professional reader was what was to be for me. 

The universe and spirits around us send us signs to usher us towards our destiny. These signs are either through nature, and natural means or they come to us through deliberate means i.e. in Tarot readings. We can use the cards as markers to pinpoint if we are going down the right path or if the road is not our destiny and will not last.  

To have faith in destiny is not to give up trying, belief in destiny means that there is a point in trying. Destiny says there is something better out there for our clients if they trust in their signs, in the universe, and in themselves. I don’t know about you, but for me, destiny sounds like a pretty wonderful thing. 

Closing Thoughts for How Fortune-Telling Predicts the Future

That is all for how divination and fortune-telling predicts the future! Have you successfully used fortune-telling to predict the future? Are you considering learning how to read Tarot cards? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

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