The Starting with Lenormand Guide is a free PDF download for anyone who wishes to learn how to read Lenormand cards. This 12 page guide will take you from absolute Lenormand beginner to budding Lenormand reader in a matter of minutes. This free PDF includes everything you need to start reading with Lenormand cards including:

  • The basics of Lenormand.
  • Which deck you should buy.
  • How to store and care for your deck.
  • Beginner Lenormand card meanings.
  • How to combine with Lenormand.
  • How to perform String readings.
  • How to perform square readings.
  • How to perform Grand Tableau readings.
  • And much more.

This free beginners Lenormand guide also include a glossary of Lenormand terms so that you’re never left second guessing what a word means in the world of Lenormand.

The Starting with Lenormand Guide is 100% free and available on mobile, tablet and computer. You can grab your guide here: