Gypsy Spreads With Lenormand

Hi diviners! In today’s post, we are going to do something a little different. I have not done many posts with Lenormand spreads so I thought I would show you how to perform Gypsy spreads with Lenormand cards. 

Being a Romany Gypsy fortune teller myself, I love a good Gypsy spread! I have a very particular way which I do my Gypsy spreads so I am going to adapt this for a Lenormand reading. Keep in mind that there are other ways to read Gypsy spreads and the way which I do mine for Tarot is different, but I want to show you how I would read one using Lenormand. 

Now, first things first, I am going to explain the difference between a column and a row. Because I didn’t listen in school and do not know which is horizontal and which is vertical, I am going to assume you were a rebel too and call them columns and rows instead! Rows go along the way, and columns go up and down. 

Usually, when I perform a Gypsy spread I would use twenty-five cards, but here I am only going to use fifteen because I feel that doing so makes it easier to highlight my point. So, I am going to put my cards out in five rows of three columns as shown. 

The cards are interpreted along the way in strings. Each row has its own meaning. The first represents work. The second row represents love. The third row represents family. The fourth row symbolizes friends and the final row represents spirituality.

This is a predictive reading, so the cards which appear in these rows are going to predict what is going to happen in these life areas. 

Example of Gypsy Spreads with Lenormand

If I was performing a real reading, I would first ask my ancestral spirits if they would help me to get the best results possible for my reading. Sometimes I am like, “PLEASE HELP ME INTERPRET THIS”! Haha 

Then, I would shuffle my cards and lay them out as shown (but in real life I would do five rows of five). I would then form my interpretation. My interpretation for this particular reading would be: 

Work: Lifestyle changes will help me finish my book (this is relevant to me because I was at the gym today and worried that going every day would mean I did not have the energy to get a certain project finished). 

Love: In my love life, I will socialize with an authoritative man (no idea what this is about!)

Family: A negative person will cause me long term problems (this applies to me as there are a lot of people in my family who are super negative). 

Friends: Good fortune in health will be experienced by a false friend (I have an idea what this is about because an ex-friend who I no longer speak to recently had a health scare. This predicts that it was a false alarm).  

Spirituality: Signs will be more consistent if discussed with other people (For personal reasons, I often interpret lilies as signs from spirits. Working with signs is a big part of my spirituality and one I teach in my psychic development courses. I have been discussing this more in my real life and on social media, so I see how this interpretation applies to both the present and the future). 

This reading was kind of interesting and I now wish that I had done the five rows with five columns! But performing the reading this way makes it easier to understand. If you would like to perform this Gypsy spread with five rows of five, try it and let us know how you get on!  

So, that is how you can read Gypsy Spreads with Lenormand cards!

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Learn how to perform Gypsy spreads with Lenormand cards. If you're looking for a spread that predicts your general fortune (other than the Grand Tableau)