How to Choose a Method of Divination

Do you want to know how to choose a method of divination? Don’t worry, lots of people wish to practice fortune-telling but often struggle to select the one that is right for them. There are so many types to choose from and they’re all so interesting!

Remember, there’s probably no one single type of divination that’s right for you – there are likely several! Don’t worry about choosing the wrong method of divination. The worst that can happen is that you’ll get possessed by demons…

I’m of course joking, but seriously, if you do commit to the ‘wrong’ type of fortune-telling (for you), then don’t fear – there are plenty of other methods to choose from.

The key to choosing a method of divination is to try as many as you can. In my 27 years of being on earth, I’ve probably dabbled in about 30 divination methods, but would call myself an active participator in only about 6 (apantomancy, Tarot, Lenormand, crystal ball reading, dream Interpretation, and Oracle cards).

How to Choose a Method of Divination

Although there are no downfalls to trying everything, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself when trying to select the right type of divination for you. The following fifteen tips will ensure that you discover your dream method in record time so you can start divining ASAP.

Can it Provide Me with What I’m Trying to Accomplish? 

The first thing you must consider when choosing a method of divination is whether or not it can provide whatever you’re setting out to achieve. For example, do you wish to predict the future? Do you want to provide people with holistic advice? Do you want to read on specific questions or on general life areas?

Usually, most would-be diviners wish to learn how to predict the future. A divination method such as Lenormand is perfect for this, because a Grand Tableau Spread will allow you to look into 36 life areas at once. Lenormand is ideal for making detailed, accurate predictions for both specific and general readings.

By contrast, a divination method such as Oracle cards is designed specifically for advisory types of readings. Oracle cards give advice on which course of action to take, but won’t necessarily tell you where those steps will lead.

How Long Does it Take to Perform? 

Some methods of divination can be performed in record time, such as dowsing or Poe divination. Quick types of divination answer a straight yes or no question, so if this is all you require, they’re ideal.

However, other methods of fortune-telling can take a very long time. Apantomancy or brontomancy, for example, can take an undisclosed amount of time because you’re waiting for God, the spirits, and the universe to send you specific signs. How much patience you have should be a factor in selecting the right method of divination for you.

Is the History a Pro or Con? 

Throughout history, there have been hundreds and probably thousands of ways to divine. Most types of divination (such as belomancy) were once super popular but have now fallen out of fashion. In modern times, these methods of divination are not widely practiced, the information on them is slim, and they lack supportive communities where you can get tips and advice.

Another possibility is that you don’t like forms of divination that lack a rich history. Some divination tools, such as ouija boards and dobutsu uranai, are relatively recent inventions, and this may be a turn-off to you if you like your divination methods to have a more colorful past.   

How to choose a divination method for beginners
A lot of people are attracted to divination methods that use crystals. One of the reasons for this, is because crystals are aesthetically pleasing. Crystals also have a long history as spiritual objects.

Therefore, when choosing a more ancient type of divination, you must ask yourself if there’s still enough information on them for you to learn. When selecting a more modern method of reading, you need to consider if the lack of history bothers you or affects your faith in the system. This brings me to my next point:

Is it in Line with my Beliefs? 

Part of discovering which method of divination is calling you is deciding whether or not you actually believe it’s possible to divine the future or solutions to problems in the manner the tool provides.

Some people don’t like methods of divination that have no room for error. Therefore, a strictly yes or no form of fortune-telling (such as Poe) isn’t going to be right for you. I personally fall into this camp, and if you do as well, you’d be better off finding a divination tool that can provide some wiggle room, such as Tarot.

Another thing that may be important to you is the system’s history (as discussed above). If having a colorful past is of significance to you, you have to believe in the backstory of the divination tool. For example, many people question the authenticity of ogham as an ancient form of prediction. Do you feel like a complete sucker when telling a method’s backstory? Does it make you feel weird? These are important considerations, as they may impact your level of belief in the system, and therefore your ability to perform readings.

Finally, there may be some moral considerations you have around a type of divination. Because they don’t believe in using animal products, many vegan diviners steer clear of bone reading and instead opt for something like charm casting. Although there are plenty of companies out there that source bones humanely, you might feel weird about using bones in your practice. The right form of divination for you is going to be based on your personal preferences.

Does it Have to be Pretty?

It’s no coincidence that some of the most popular methods of divination, such as Tarot or runes, employ the use of pretty divination tools.

Although I’m not encouraging shallow behavior by recommending that you go for a form of fortune-telling based entirely on looks, there’s something special about having attractive divination tools. It’s fun and exciting when those Tarot cards you’ve been eyeing up for months appear in your letterbox. Looking good can add to a divination method’s appeal.

However, there are types of divination that don’t require beautiful tools (such as cledonism), but which still get the job done. Having a shiny crystal ball or gold-edged Tarot cards may not be a major priority to you, but if it is, be honest with yourself before you commit to learning a system.   

How Much Money Can I Spare?

You honestly don’t need fancy reading cloths, herbs, or any other non-essential – practicing divination doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

That being said, some types of fortune-telling tools and systems can become rather expensive. Quartz crystal balls cost hundreds of dollars. If you want to practice Ifa, an initiation into an ATR can cost thousands. If you’re low on cash, some methods of divination will unfortunately simply be out of your budget.

How Much Time Do I Want to Devote?

Some types of divination can be mastered very quickly. For example, I learned how to read Lenormand in only 2 days – and I don’t just mean I learned a few keywords. I was proficient enough to perform readings for seekers I’d never met only 48 hours after learning what Lenormand even was.

By contrast, there are other divination systems such as astrology that I’ve been dipping in and out of for over 13 years. I feel like there are so many components to Astrology that it’s not the type of thing you can just pick up over a weekend.

As a general rule, the more aspects there are to a method of divination, the longer it’s going to take to learn. I’ve also found that more popular types of fortune-telling seem to take a very long time to get your head around, because there’s always something new to learn due to so many educators getting their bit in over the years and constantly evolving the system.

If you feel that you don’t have the time to learn every single interpretation of a system (or if you’re impatient like me), an info-heavy method may not be right for you.

However, some methods of divination can be mastered quicker if you personalize them. For example, if you develop your own way of interpreting symbols, you can apply this to crystal ball reading, bone throwing, dream interpretation, Oracle cards, etc. 

Is it Highly Requested? Do I Care?

A little tip here for professional readers: there are some methods of divination that are more popular than others, so this can work in your favor. If you learn something like dream interpretation and get to the top of Google for the search term ‘dream interpretation London’, you’ll be away laughing. It’s worth your time learning systems that are highly requested if you want to divine on a professional basis.

However, it’s sometimes a good thing to go against the grain. At one point, I was probably the only Lenormand reader within a 3-hour drive. Then, almost overnight, Lenormand became super popular and the method blew up. Suddenly, I was receiving requests for Lenormand readings left, right, and center. Sometimes it pays to be different.

I’m not saying anyone should learn a form of divination just to make money, but learning anything will be an investment for any professional reader. Therefore, this is obviously something you should consider if you know that one day, you’ll be incorporating it into your professional reading practice.

Is There Information Available in English?

Or any other language you wish to learn in, for that matter? For me, learning how to read Etteilla was extremely difficult, because I had to sit online with Google translate and a French dictionary; there was simply no information on Etteilla available anywhere in English, either online or in print. It took months just to obtain and be able to understand the information in English, and while I’m grateful for the opportunity, it was a lot of hard work and effort.

While it’s rewarding when you truly work for knowledge, if you’re a newbie, I don’t recommend going down the road of translating books and articles to learn a method of fortune-telling. Master something in a language you’re familiar with first, then move into more ambitious territory at a later date if you wish.

How Much Research is Needed? 

Sometimes, there will be information available in your first language but which is few and far between. You might have to buy lots of new books, join communities, or piece together nuggets of information from around the internet.

Although there’s far more information available on Lenormand than there was when I started, that information can be a little hit-and-miss. It’s hard to know for sure whether you’re being told the right things. This is why I periodically run Lenormand courses on Divinerism, so that my readers know they can get quality Lenormand information without having to play guessing games online.

Which fortune telling method should you choose?

When choosing a method of divination, you have to take into account the level and quality of information already available out there. Otherwise, you could be in for a lot of hard work and hustle before you’ve even begun.

Is There a Community?

For some people, the community aspect is very important. Communities can help you to grow and develop as a reader. Facebook groups and forums dedicated to your chosen method of divination can be a place where you go for support and advice from other readers. Being part of a community allows you to connect with people who have similar goals and interests.

For instance, I have a Facebook page where diviners can learn and are asked to give their opinions on symbols, card spreads, and more. 

However, finding a community might not be a priority for you for several reasons. You may not feel as though you need other people in order to learn a method of divination; you’re self-taught and proud. Alternatively, you might be the type of person who doesn’t want to socialize with others and doing so makes you feel awkward. This brings me to another important point:

Do I Have to Touch People?

There are some types of fortune-telling (phrenology, palmistry, etc.) that require you to get up close and personal with your seekers. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to be touched (or doesn’t like to touch others), you must take this into account when choosing the right method of divination for you.

You may also wish to one day practice a method of divination professionally and consider doing email or distant email readings. Wanting to one day read online? Or do you already read online and can’t always touch your clients? If you’re reading in a business capacity, you need to consider the pros and cons of each type of fortune-telling. How much skin-to-skin contact you need with your seekers should come into the equation.  

Is this Method of Divination Religious in Nature?

There are some methods of divination that are naturally religious in nature, such as Ifa divination. These types of divining aren’t something you can just pick up from a book and learn. They’re passed down by other initiates of the spiritual traditions they’re a part of.

There are also some fortune-telling methods that are popular in temples, especially in the likes of China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. These types of divination, such as o-mikuji and kau chim, can hypothetically be practiced outside these places, but their religious and ceremonial significance is what makes them special. Just because a form of reading can be done outside of a religious context doesn’t mean they should be.

Is this Method of Divination Practical?

Not all types of divination are practical. It’s not easy to sacrifice a goat to the gods and interpret the shape of its liver (haruspicy). Obviously, these things must be considered when choosing the right type of divination for you.

You might also live in a part of the world that makes a particular method of reading difficult. For example, if you live somewhere far away from nature, apantomancy could get a bit boring. Or maybe the country in which you reside has consistent weather year in year out, meaning something like aeromancy would be practically out of the question. These are things you must look at honestly in your quest for your perfect method of divination.

Does it Match my Skillset?

If you’re new to prognostication, you might not yet know what your skills are. However, you can usually get a general idea just by doing some light research into the divination method.

While every type of divination requires some level of intuition, some also require a lot of study. Memorization may not be your thing. By contrast, you might love the intellectual approach, and if this sounds like you, a divination method with a lot of information (like astrology or Tarot) would be ideal.

With some types of divination, you must have strong intuition and be able to read between the lines. Something like Lenormand or dream interpretation can be symbolic or literal, and you must be able to separate the thoughts in your head from your intuitive voice.

With some types of reading, you may or may not work with spirits, so whether you can or can’t do this may not matter to you. However, other types of divination work exclusively with spirits (necromancy). Is mediumship your thing? Do you have the skills needed to talk to spirits? If not, are you willing to learn? These are all things to consider when deciding if you want to take up a particular method or not.

Closing Thoughts on How to Choose a Method of Divination

My final tip for how to choose a method of divination is to ask yourself this: “Does it feel right for me?”

You will know if a divination method is right for you based on how drawn you are to the method. You’ll notice that, throughout your life, you may have had an underlying interest or fascination with the system.

Once you begin practicing a form of divination, if it’s right for you, you’ll take to it like a duck to water. At times, learning will feel effortless, and you won’t feel intuitively blocked when trying to perform or progress with that divination method. That’s not to say it will always be easy or that there won’t be one or two things you’ll get stuck on, but the difference is that you’ll rise to any challenges you face because overcoming them will be enjoyable. 

That’s all for how to choose a method of divination! If you would like to know more about divination systems, feel free to check out my divination book below:

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