How to Receive Messages From Your Ancestors Using Tarot

How can you receive messages from your ancestors using Tarot? Your relationship with your ancestors should not be confined to Halloween. As a psychic, Tarot reader and diviner, you should aim to strengthen your spiritual connection to your ancestors every single day.

Little things which you can do to acknowledge and honor your ancestors include having photographs of passed relatives around your home and talking about them often. 

The Key to Spiritual Development?

Having a relationship with your ancestors has many benefits. Not only will it improve your peace of mind, but your readings will be stronger and more accurate. 

Before all of my readings, I ask my ancestors and passed relatives to help me give the best readings possible. However, you do not only need to ask for assistance before your readings. You can also ask your ancestors for advice through your readings.

Here is a fun exercise which you can do with your Tarot cards. Remove all of the Major Arcana from your deck and place the rest of your deck to one side. Next, shuffle your Major Arcana cards as normal but do so while thinking of your ancestors and an issue which you need guidance on. Then pull a card. 

Messages from the Ancestors with Tarot

The card you receive will correspond to one of the following pieces of advice:  

The Fool “Take those risks and don’t worry about what other people think.”

The Magician “Thoughts become things! Work on your mindset.”

The High Priestess “Your psychic development should be a priority. Develop your intuition.”

The Empress “There are people around you who need your nurturing and support.”

The Emperor “Be a leader.”

The Hierophant “Do not discount the advice of older, wiser people.”

The Lovers “If it does not fill you with desire it is not worth bothering about”

The Chariot “Move ahead with your plans because the time is going to pass anyway.”

Strength “Show you care, but take no shit.”

The Hermit “It is better to be happy alone than miserable with a lover, friend or family member.”

The Wheel of Fortune “Your luck is turning.”

Justice “People always get what they deserve.”

The Hanged Man “Nothing great was ever achieved without sacrifice. Be prepared to give up your time, energy, or money so that you can move on to the next stage.”

Death “The person you’re becoming will cost you greatly but chose them over everything.”

Temperance “Create a space of your own which will become your sanctuary.”

The Devil “The heart wants what the heart wants. You cannot control human nature.”

The Tower “What is created will be destroyed. What has been cleared makes space for growth.”

The Star “There is hope in your current situation – remain optimistic.”

The Moon “You do not have to know all of the aspects of a situation to be able to make choices. You can choose at any time.”

The Sun “The future looks bright for you. Success is coming”

Judgment “No matter how life-changing a decision is, make it quick!”

The World “New beginnings are on the horizon. This next year will be the year which changes everything.”

You can do this exercise as often as you like, but I think that it is best performed just before the start of something new. For example, just before the start of the new year, a birthday, or a project. 

Closing Thoughts on Using Tarot to Receive Messages from your Ancestors

That’s all for how you can receive messages from your ancestors using Tarot! Did you give this technique a try? Which card did you receive? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How to Receive Messages From Your Ancestors Using Tarot”

  1. Hello, miss Lisa. I receive The Star card.I am in a delicate situation at the moment about my marriage, and the response of my ancestors is similar to what I feel. I also use the Lenormand Lily every week for advice from them or situations I should know about and they are all accurate.Thank you very much for help.

    • Thank you Ioana-Daniela! The Star card is a great card to receive as it symbolises hope for the future. Things are going to turn out in your favour! I read the Lily as a very good omen as well, so you’re on the right track. Xx


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