How to Select a Tarot Spread

Select a Tarot Spread

How do you select a Tarot spread? How do you know which is the best Tarot spread for your circumstances? Are there any tips or tricks which I have to ensure that you chose the correct Tarot spread? This is something which we are covering this week!

If you’re a Tarot reader, selecting the right spread for the job is very important because your Tarot spread is your framework for answering questions. If you’re the type of reader (a good one!), who does not want to keep re-reading the same event over and over again, choosing the right spread straight off the bat is very important. 

So, below are my top tips for selecting the right Tarot spread for the job!

Tip One – Use a Tarot Spread 

This point seems kind of silly, but I want to get this out of the way before I move on to the other tips!

Personally, I never used to read with spreads. For the age of about seven until my early twenties, I read spread-free. I knew what spreads were, but I did not want to use them because I was convinced that using spreads would interfere with my intuition. 

By contrast, not using spreads only made my job a lot harder. Not only did I have to interpret the spread, but I had no clues or direction for how to perform readings. My readings ended up one big jumbled up, stressful mess. 

I now read with Tarot exclusively spreads. My readings are much clearer; they make more sense, are easier to perform, and are more accurate. In fact, I love spreads so much I even wrote a whole e-book on how to perform Love Tarot Spreads. 

Tip Two – Establish the Reading Type

The type of reading which you want to perform is going to have an impact on the type of spread you use. Therefore, establishing the type of reading is important for selecting a spread. 

Whether you’re using Tarot, Lenormand, or even a crystal ball, there are two types of readings – specific and general. Specific readings answer specific questions, and general readings reveal the general future where anything can come up. General readings may or may not have a time frame. 

For example, if you just wanted to know what is going to happen in the future, this is a general reading. However, if you wanted to know what is going to happen between you and your lover Milton, this is a reading with a specific question. 

Chances are if you’re performing a reading on a specific question, you’re not going to want to know more about work when you are only interested in your love life. Therefore, establishing the type of reading is imperative. 

Tip Three – Write Down Exactly What You Want to Know from your Tarot Spread

It is easy to get bombarded and end up all confused when you’re on the hunt for the perfect Tarot spread, so I advise you to write down exactly what you’re looking for before you even look at spreads. 

You should write down what you believe your ideal spreads would include before you actually look at spreads. For example, if I am looking for a spread that predicts the success of a relationship, I like my spreads to have future positions, and reveal the intentions of my partner, so I will write these down as a ‘must’ before I select an actual spread. 

Tip Four – But Know That Not All Tarot Spreads Can Answer Everything! 

One Tarot spread cannot tell you everything. You should not expect to reveal the ins and outs of your relationship, career, or general life. You cannot read your entire life from one Tarot spread. So, if what you want to know includes a lot of details or separate subdivisions, it is best to perform two spreads on the different matters. 

For example, say you believe that your lover has been unfaithful. You want to perform an infidelity reading on them, but you also want to know if you’re going to be together forever and if there is a chance, you will get married. The infidelity and the longevity of your relationship should be read with two spreads because you’re trying to accomplish two goals. 

Tip Five – Go Looking For Your Perfect Spread

Once you have defined exactly what it is you’re looking for, and you have decided whether or not your issues cover more than one area, it is time to go looking for your perfect Tarot spread. 

Closing Thoughts on How to Select a Tarot Spread

That’s all for how to select a Tarot spread! On this website, in particular, I have a few spreads, including ones for love, teachers, planning, and answering yes or no. I also have a Love Tarot Spreads e-book with fifty relationship spreads in it covering pretty much everything you can think of related to matters of the heart!

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