How to Use Oracle Cards

Wondering how to use Oracle cards? Would you like to learn how to read an Oracle card deck for love readings, connecting with angels, etc.? Today, I’m going to show you the art of reading these beautiful cards, how to connect with spirit for readings, a quick Oracle card spread, and teach you how to journal on your session.

So, you would like to learn how to use Oracle cards? Before we begin, I should say that the advice I’m going to give you here will work with all types of Oracle cards; Doreen Virtue, energy cards, goddess cards, homemade cards, the sky’s the limit! 

Recommended Oracle Card Decks

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle card deck
I recommend the Animal Spirit Oracle deck

First things first, if you want to learn how to use Oracle cards, you have to find yourself an oracle card deck! Here are my top recommended decks:

My Oracle Card Journey

In the UK, Oracle cards are huge. I would go so far as to say they’re more popular than other forms of cartomancy (card divination) such as TarotLenormand, or playing cards. For many people, Oracle cards are their ‘gateway’ form of divination; it’s the type of readings they discover first, which may then lead to other forms of fortune-telling. 

Lisa Boswell Oracle Cards
Me around the time I discovered Oracle cards. I had taken a trip to WHSmith one day after collage. At the time, I was looking for a new Tarot deck and accidentally purchased Oracle cards.

Oracle cards were not my first form of divination, but I’m still happy to have found it, even by accident. I was 17 and had bought them by mistake when I was out shopping for a new Tarot deck. Despite my initial disappointment when I got home and realized they weren’t Tarot cards, I kept them and still use them to this day. 

Since learning how to read Oracle cards, I’ve amassed a collection of Oracle card decks. At one point, I used them for client-based readings. After I had finished giving my predictions, I would pull an Oracle card to reinforce the advice I’d given my seeker. 

Nowadays, however, I only use them for personal readings. Since I now do most of my face-to-face readings with Lenormand cards, I feel like a Grand Tableau is enough to cover all of the bases. Therefore, I only use Oracle cards for myself. 

I find myself pulling an Oracle in the morning while I’m getting my daughter ready for school and waiting for her to get out of the bathroom. I’m not religious about my routine in the sense that I feel the need to get my ‘card of the day’ fix – I just like to see what type of energy I should bring to the day. 

An Oracle Card Spread

Simple Oracle Card Spread - How to read oracle cards for beginners

The spread I do is one that was actually shown to me in my dreams by a dead relative. In the dream, he told me that if I was ever doing a card reading on myself, I was to pull two cards and lay them as shown. These two cards represent advice from the spirits. 

If you want to try this spread, I recommend that you first connect with the spirits around you. Spirits are there all the time will link with you for your readings – it just takes a bit of practice, and pulling Oracle cards every day can give you this. 

If you’re worried about linking with spirit because of possession, don’t; it’s really not easy to become possessed. You don’t have to worry at all in this case because you’re not linking with strange spirits, but rather the spirits of loved ones who are watching over you and protecting you in life. In a way, you’re already communicating with them all the time, even if it’s in a subconscious manner. Reading Oracle cards simply means that now, you’re going to ask them for help deliberately. 

How to Use Oracle Cards

Step One: Clear Your Mind

To perform a reading, first, sit in meditation for a couple of minutes. Meditation means nothing more than trying to still your mind and think of nothing (it shouldn’t be difficult or unnatural). 

Step Two: Petition the Spirits

Next, when you feel relaxed, ask the spirits around you to give you guidance while you work with your Oracle cards.

You may feel a physical sensation that makes it hard to relax, such as an itch on your face or the feeling of a grab of your hand. Don’t fret, this is a very good thing! It means that spirits are making themselves known to you. You’ll notice that the next time you perform a reading, you’ll get the same ‘signal’ telling you that you’re ready to do business. 

Step Three: Decide on your Reading Type

After a few minutes (not too long or your ass gets sore), you can perform the reading. First, decide if you want to perform a general or non-general reading. General readings are where you don’t ask a specific question, but simply pull cards. So, if you want to do a card of the day, all you do is pull a card (or several cards if you like) and read the outcome as ‘general’ advice.

Oracle cards for beginners

Alternatively, if you want to do a specific reading (non-general), you ask about an area of your life. For example, “What do I need to know about my love life?” Even if you’re just learning how to read Oracle cards, I recommend that you try both styles so you can get used to ‘flexing’ card meanings to fit different scenarios. 

Step Four: Shuffle Your Cards

Shuffle your cards with your question in mind. If you don’t have a question, just hold the intention of uncovering the greatest good for you. 

You will know when the right time to lay the cards out is because you’ll either get a heavy sensation in your hands or will become hyper-aware of a card’s presence. Don’t get too caught up on the ‘right’ time to draw though; you will always pull the right cards for you at the right time. 

Step Five: Record Your Results

Once you’ve laid your cards out, record your advice. It’s best if you write down what comes to you at the time before referring to the booklet. Ideally, you should train yourself to trust your intuition before relying on the book that comes with your cards. Read the book only after you’ve written down your first impressions. 

If you’re new to divination, I recommend you write your interpretations down in some type of diary or journal assigned for that purpose. Recording your readings is a good way to train your intuition into organizing your thoughts in a more structured fashion.

By record your Oracle card readings, can also begin to see patterns in what times of days, card decks, even weather affects your divination. Things you may want to keep a record of include spreads, card decks, the date, where you were, astrology, incense, rituals, weather, mood, dreams you had that and night, among other things – it’s fine to get creative! 

The Don’ts of Oracle Card Reading

I also have another piece of advice. If you want to learn how to read Oracle cards don’t pull too many cards at once. Doing so can give you information overload. Oracle cards were designed specifically for giving advice. And if you’re given too much advice, you’re less likely to take it!

Closing Thoughts on How to Read Oracle Cards

So, that is how you can read Oracle cards! Did you learn a lot from this post? Did it include things you already knew? Or, things which surprised you? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

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