King and Queen of Pentacles Together


King and Queen of Pentacles Together in a Tarot reading

What does it mean when you receive the King and Queen of Pentacles together in a Tarot reading? Curious to know what it means when you have the Queen and King of Pentacles Court cards in combination in your general, love, or career Tarot card reading? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Overview of the Pentacles Court Cards

The Pentacles or Coins Courts represent the practical people of the suit. Usually, the individuals represented by the Pentacles Courts love to indulge in earthly pleasures; enjoy shopping and going to restaurants as a past time, and like to build their businesses and careers. 

With the above general ‘Pentacles’ meaning in mind, I am going to interpret the Pentacles Kings and Queens. 

Before we begin, I would like to point out that I generally interpret the meanings of the King and Queen differently depending on the type of a reading. For example, in relationship readings, I always interpret the Kings and Queens to represent lovers but wouldn’t always do this with career readings. 

The King and Queen of Pentacles in a General Tarot Reading 

If I was performing a general reading for a woman or a feminine personality, I would read the Queen of Pentacles as the seeker and the surrounding cards would show me how she behaves at her work/place of business. Therefore, the King of Pentacles would be a man who also works at her work, business, or is in the same industry. 

When the King and Queen appear as Pentacles in a general reading, this tells me that you have a romantic interest in someone who you work with or who is in the same industry which you are. You may or may not have already begun a relationship with this person. 

Does your lover currently not work with you? Then, in this case, the King and Queen of Pentacles in your general reading means that, in the future, you will meet someone who fits this description. You will eventually fall for and start dating someone you meet through work. 

The fact that you are both appear as Pentacles tells me that you are a good fit with regards to money, power, status, and how you like to be perceived by the world. 

The King and Queen of Pentacles in a Love Tarot Reading 

In a love reading, I would read the King and Queen of Pentacles positively. These Courts like to keep up appearances with regards to family and tradition. It is important to the Pentacles suit to give the impression that they have ‘made it in life’. 

When the King and Queen appear in combination in a relationship reading, this can reflect that both you and your partner desire having it all in life; the marriage, the kids, the pets, and a happy family home. You both feel as though this is expected of you. 

The King and Queen of Pentacles in a love Tarot reading combination

However, although the King and Queen of Pentacles can predict that you and your lover will settle down together, this combination is not as favourable as receiving the King and Queen of Cups in a relationship reading. Sometimes, this King and Queen are more focused on how the world perceives them, money, and status than they are focused on loving and bonding with each other. 

The King and Queen of Pentacles in a Career Tarot Reading

In a business or career reading, there are two possibilities when the King and Queen of Pentacles appear in combination in a reading. First, the Queen and King of Pentacles can predict that you and your partner will help each other with your careers and possibly have the same job, go into business, or work together in the future. 

Alternatively, when I perform a reading for my business, I always read the Pentacles suit to represent me and aspects of my personality. For example, the Page of Pentacles will reflect an area where I am being immature in my business but the King will show where I am being a proper boss. 

When I get both the King and Queen in a business reading, these reflect areas where I am doing right and receiving either in an outcome or future position, for me, is very lucky. The Queen and King of Pentacles in combination shows that my priorities are right and in good balance. For example, I will be saving but spending; planning but doing; hustling but resting, and so on. 

Closing Thoughts

So, that is how I would interpret the King and Queen of Pentacles in combination in a Tarot general, love, and career or business reading. Remember, how you interpret Court cards in combination may be different for you, so it is best if you come up with your own combinations. 

Have you recently received these cards in combination? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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