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What does it mean when you receive the King and Queen of Swords together in a Tarot reading? Curious to know what it means when you have the Queen and King of Swords Court cards in combination in your general, love, or career Tarot card reading? Well, you can read this interpretation below! 

For this post, I am only going to look at interpreting the King and Queen of Swords in combination. If you are interested in what the other Courts predict, I have written what the other King and Queen suits mean when they appear in combination, you can find links to those articles at the very end of this post. 

Overview of the Swords Court Cards

Of all of the Court cards, I often read the Swords Courts the most negatively. Usually, I read them as representing someone in your life who is causing you trouble be that an outsider, friend, family member, or even you yourself. 

I understand that not all Tarot readers interpret the Swords Courts so negatively, so if you fall into this camp, feel free to mould my interpretation into something which makes sense for you. 

Before you read my full interpretation below for what the King and Queen of Swords mean when they appear together, remember that I may interpret them differently for every reading; this is only a general guide. For example, sometimes I would read Court cards as outside people but other times I would read them as representing the seeker (the person getting the reading). Keep that in mind when reading the below interpretation! 

The King and Queen of Swords in a General Tarot Reading

In general readings, I would interpret the King and Queen of Swords together as representing a couple who wish to do you harm. These individuals do not want what is best for you and have plotted together to try and destroy your goals. 

In my experience, I have found that the Queen and King of Swords usually symbolizes two people who operate together in some way. For example, they may be two people at your place of employment, a romantic couple, or your parents.  

The King and Queen of Swords in a love Tarot reading combination

It is entirely possible that the King and Queen of Swords negatively impact you but do not mean to do so. Your parents may be the type who is constantly giving you ‘constructive criticism’. What they feel is them helping you by being realistic, is actually not; they are shooting down your dreams. In these situations, your parents would appear as the King and Queen of Swords. 

The King and Queen of Swords in a Love Tarot Reading 

If the King and Queen of Swords appear together in a love reading, this can indicate two things; it can mean that outsiders are a bad influence on your relationship, or that you and your partner are both negative influences on each other. 

If you’re finding that other people are quick to meddle in your relationship, then the King and Queen of Swords can represent these individuals. This interpretation is especially fitting if you or your lover’s parents both nit-pick at your partnership. 

Alternatively, if you and your lover both have children to other people it is not unknown for those individuals to appear as the King and Queen of Swords, especially if they are causing you both trouble. 

However, I have found that (in most cases) the Queen and King of Swords appear together in love or relationship readings because they symbolize both you and your partner. 

Individuals appear as Swords Courts in relationship readings when they are unhappy. They no longer feel the same way they used to feel about their lover, and just ‘go through the motions’. The relationship lacks fun, excitement, and passion. Although this combination does not predict you will separate, it does not look good to have it in your love reading.

The King and Queen of Swords in a Career Tarot Reading 

Are you in business? Then the Queen and the King of Swords represent your competitors. It is very possible that your biggest hurdle towards business success is your competitors; they are giving your ideal customer something which you are not supplying so stalk the competition and try to decipher what that thing might be. 

Alternatively, if you are in a relationship the King and Queen of Swords together in your career reading is a sign that your partnership is having a negative impact on your career. If this is the case, you may want to make changes to your love life so that it doesn’t interfere in other places that are of importance to you. 

Finally, in career readings, I have found that the King and Queen of Swords together most often represent your boss/bosses. This combination is a warning that those in charge wish to see you fail. Do not put all of your career eggs in one basket, especially if you do not feel as though your current job is secure. 

Closing Thoughts

Have you recently received the King and Queen of Swords together in your Tarot reading? How did you interpret them? Did you struggle to interpret them? You can let me know in the comment section below! 

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