Lenormand Birds Combinations

Lenormand Birds Combinations

Welcome to the Lenormand Birds card combinations and interpretations. Learn how to combine the Lenormand Birds card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine Birds with Stork, Bear, Man, Moon and other cards in your deck. 

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Birds card, check out the Lenormand Birds Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Birds Combinations

Birds and Rider Combination: An older couple receives news; Talking about horses; Chatting with a visitor; Communicating through a middle-man.

Birds and Clover Combination: Twins get lucky; Telling jokes; Discussions not taken seriously; Discussing something in a fun way.

Birds and Ship Combination: Online friends from overseas; Gossiping about people you do not really know; Expressing your desire to move on.

Birds and Home Combination: Talks about houses; Talking with your family; Communicating a desire to live with certain people; Communicating a desire to live in certain places.

Birds and Tree Combination: Birds in trees; Discussing your health; Talking in the woods; Discussing your levels of patience.

Birds and Clouds Combination: Gossip causes confusion; Talking with a depressed person; Chatting to a suicidal person; Talking about depression; Chatting about the weather.

Birds and Snake Combination: Friends who talk behind your back; Talking to someone you should not trust; Hearing gossip about infidelity; Gossip which is not true.

Birds and Coffin Combination: Being alerted to a death over social media; Talking about morbid things; Expressing that this is the end.

Birds and Bouquet Combination: Gifts from an older couple; Communicating with a designer; Reaching out to someone in fashion; Saying things not because you mean them but because they make you look good.

Birds and Scythe Combination: Unexpected separation of an older couple; Final communications; Expressing that this is the end; Revealing something in a conversation by accident.

Birds and Whip Combination: Addiction to social validation; Talking about abuse; Discuss- ing how you have been hurt.

Birds and Child Combination: Small talk with younger people; Chat with children; Talking about children; Expressing a desire to have/not have children.

Birds and Fox Combination: Gossip around the workplace; Chatting with a creative person; Someone who lures information out of you for their own selfish needs.

Birds and Bear Combination: Selfies at the gym; Chatting at the gym; Being in contact with a powerful person; Expressing your opinion in a powerful way.

Birds and Stars Combination: Tweeting your idol; Talking to celebrities; Talking about celebrities; Conversations which go better than you could have expected.

Birds and Stork Combination: Gossiping about pregnancy; Chatting to a pregnant person; Conversations that ignite change.

Birds and Dog Combination: Chats with friends; Gossiping with friends; Gossiping about friends; Discussing buying a pet; Seeing pets you like on social media; Sharing pictures or information about your pet on social media; Your pet’s social media account.

Birds and Tower Combination: Birdcage; Communicating with an organization; Chatting with an organization; Discussing politics; Gossip which leaves you isolated.

Birds and Garden Combination: Social Networking; Having a large following online; Discussing how you’re perceived by friends, family, and society.

Birds and Mountain Combination: Gossip which causes problems; Feeling as though something is going nowhere and expressing that fact; Talking about your issues; Discussions which lead nowhere.

Birds and Crossroads Combination: Opportunities for chit-chat; Communicating with an alternative person; Hearing conflicting gossip; Connecting with an alternative person through social media.

Birds and Mice Combination: Social media-related stress; Too many notifications; Talks which place a strain on something; Gossip which helps to deteriorate relationships or opportunities.

Birds and Heart Combination: Talking about love; Chatting with a lover; Expressing your priorities; Making a relationship official on social media.

Birds and Ring Combination: Talking about commitment; Discussing getting engaged/ married; Communicating your feelings.

Birds and Book Combination: Secret social media accounts; Talking about a secret; Talking in the library; Expressing a secret.

Birds and Letter Combination: General chit-chat through text; Communicating through private or direct messaging; Gossiping through a messenger; Gathering evidence with other people.

Birds and Man Combination: Male twin; Social man; Expressive man.

Birds and Woman Combination: Gossiping female; Talkative woman; Chatty woman.

Birds and Lily Combination: Rumors about someone’s sexuality; Chats which make you feel reassured; Finding pleasure in social media.

Birds and Sun Combination: Chats which lead to happiness; Social media achievements; Communicating successfully.

Birds and Moon Combination: Reputation for gossip; Recognition for blogging/Youtubing; Expressing your emotions; Gossip which you know is happening intuitively.

Birds and Key Combination: Significant conversations; Rumors which need your attention; Speaking about something which is very important; Chats which lead to breakthroughs.

Birds and Fish Combination: Streaming on social media; Birdbath; Business discussions; Chatting about money; Discussing money; Spending money because of things you have seen on social media; Gossiping about someone’s net worth.

Birds and Anchor Combination: Chats at a seaside; Expressing a desire for consistency; Talking with someone consistently.

Birds and Cross Combination: Hearing gossip which burdens you; Communicating your pain; Expressing your religion; Gossip which weighs on your heavily.

That is all for the Lenormand Birds combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Birds meanings on this website.

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