Lenormand Bouquet Card Meaning

Lenormand Bouquet Card Meaning

Do you want to know the Lenormand Bouquet card meaning? Are you curious about what the Bouquet (also known as Flowers) beginner interpretation might be? Here, you can discover how to read the Lenormand Bouquet card! Learn the Lenormand Bouquet meanings for love, timing, the card as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Bouquet Lenormand card. On this Lenormand Oracle site, I also have Bouquet card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

Bouquet – 09

Also known as Flowers

Keywords: Appreciations, beauty, happiness, gifts, presents, an invite, joy, traditional values, flowers.

General Lenormand Bouquet Meaning

The Bouquet is easy enough to interpret if you think of it as a gift. Any time this card pops up, imagine a man giving a woman a gift of flowers. Obviously, the gift doesn’t have to just be of flowers, it can be anything, but in literal readings, Bouquet can mean that you will receive a bouquet of roses.

If you are single and looking for love, then you may want to search for a man (or woman) who holds traditional values. They will be the type of person to bring you presents, open doors for you and show you their appreciation. Sometimes, this card can show that good old fashioned kind of person coming into your life.

Sometimes the gift you will receive will not be romantic in nature; it may be something which is given to you from a relative or even an invite to a party.

In general, the Bouquet Lenormand card meaning can just speak of happiness, smiles, and joy. Bouquet can predict that you will get pleasure from showing or receiving random acts of kindness. 

In some readings, The Bouquet is the card of beauty, makeup and everything associated with femininity. The Bouquet and Garden card in combination can predict a trip to the spa or pamper party with friends. 

Lenormand Bouquet Meaning - Bouquet Tarot Card
The Bouquet is from Pixie’s Astounding Oracle Lenormand deck and the Six of Pentacles is from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, Centennial edition which you can check out here.

Specific Lenormand Bouquet Meanings

Bouquet Love Meaning: Bouquet represents old-fashioned kind of love or a lover with these values. Often, it means your efforts will be appreciated by the person you’re dating (or going to date in the future).

Bouquet Career Meaning: When it appears in career readings, the Bouquet means that you will experience joy in the workplace. Sometimes, Bouquet can represent a career in the beauty industry.

Bouquet Business Meaning: In a business reading, Bouquet can predict that you are going to receive a business offer. 

Bouquet Positive Meaning: Bouquet is usually delightful, representing gifts and appreciation. In some cases, Bouquet means that you will be rewarded for your efforts or kindness.

Bouquet Negative Meaning: In less desirable readings (and depending on combining cards) Bouquet can mean there is a lack of appreciation in your workplace, family, friendships, or romances. 

Bouquet As A Person: As a person, the Bouquet card can represent a florist, make-up artist, perfumist, painter, or interior designer. When it pops up as a person, Bouquet can also symbolize someone with old-fashioned values. 

Bouquet Timing Meaning: As Bouquet is card number nine, it predicts that events will unfold in nine days, nine weeks, nine months, or nine years. However, sometimes it can mean that everything will come to a head once someone in your life learns how to appreciate you (or you learn how to appreciate them!) 

Traditionally, Bouquet is associated with Springtime as this is when the flowers bloom. However, there are some readers who read Bouquet as representing Summertime, so it does depend on your preferences. 

So, that’s it for Bouquet Lenormand card meanings. You can see more Lenormand card meanings and Lenormand Bouquet card combinations on this website. 

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Bouquet Lenormand card meaning. An illustration from a Lenormand Oracle card deck.