Lenormand Clouds Combinations

Lenormand Clouds Combinations

Welcome to the Lenormand Clouds combinations and interpretations. Learn how to combine the Lenormand Clouds card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine Clouds with Moon, Book, Scythe, Heart, and other cards in your deck. 

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I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Clouds Combinations

Clouds and Rider Combination: Arrival of further information to clear up confusion; Questioning someone’s motives; Unbelievable news.

Clouds and Clover Combination: Confusion over winnings; Avoiding a charmer; Avoiding a gamble.

Clouds and Ship Combination: Bad weather at sea; Doubting a trip; Questioning some- one’s motivation.

Clouds and Home Combination: Negativity at home; Feeling suspicious of people close to you; Avoiding your family members; Staying away from your home town.

Clouds and Tree Combination: Health complications; Negative thoughts about your health; Hiding how patient you’re willing to be; Health problems from smoking.

Clouds and Snake Combination: Enemy putting confusion in your head; Mistrusting other women; Hiding your rivalry.

Clouds and Coffin Combination: Difficult illnesses; Questioning if it is really over; Suspecting the end is near.

Clouds and Bouquet Combination: Confusion over a gift; Avoiding your own self-care; Muddling up gifts.

Clouds and Scythe Combination: The end of confusion; Lacking trust in doctors and dentists; Avoiding the warning signs.

Clouds and Whip Combination: Negative competition; Avoiding the tough discussions; Suspecting someone is critical of you.

Clouds and Birds Combination: Confusing conversations; Doubting gossip; Questioning what you read online.

Clouds and Child Combination: Small amounts of confusion; Negative younger people; Doubting if a new beginning is ever going to happen.

Clouds and Fox Combination: Gaslighting; Avoiding work; Questioning your own creativity.

Clouds and Bear Combination: Uncertain authority; Avoiding exercise; Your mind-set being impacted by your lifestyle choices.

Clouds and Stars Combination: Recognition for something negative; Doubting if your dreams are worth the effort; Feeling confused when the truth is obvious.

Clouds and Stork Combination: Questioning a pregnancy; Hiding a pregnancy; Mind-set changes.

Clouds and Dog Combination: Uncertainty over a friend’s loyalty; Avoiding your friends; Depression in a friend or peer; Pets outside during bad weather.

Clouds and Tower Combination: Confusion caused by the government; Negative view of authority; Avoiding people in power.

Clouds and Garden Combination: Confusion at a social event; Avoiding rooms filled with people; Doubting that you’re welcome to join in.

Clouds and Mountain Combination: Long-term inability to make concrete decisions; Avoiding facing your problems; Hiding from others and becoming a hermit.

Clouds and Crossroads Combination: Worrying that there are no alternatives; inability to see the way out; Doubting you can proceed this way.

Clouds and Mice Combination: Negativity which slowly affects you; Your mental health deteriorating; Suspecting someone has stolen from you.

Clouds and Heart Combination: Confusion over a relationship; Avoiding relationships; Doubting someone loves you; Suspecting you’re not your lover’s priority.

Clouds and Ring Combination: Confusion over a contract; Second-guessing your commitments; Hiding just how invested you really are.

Clouds and Book Combination: Learning the facts but doubting them; Questioning an expert’s qualifications; Suspecting secrets are being kept from you.

Clouds and Letter Combination: Weather reports; Mixed-up information; Hiding letters; Questioning an expert; Shady history.

Clouds and Man Combination: Confused man; A male meteorologist; A depressed man; A male smoker.

Clouds and Woman Combination: Difficult woman; A female Aeromancer; A negative woman; A questionable woman.

Clouds and Lily Combination: Dementia; Avoiding the aging process; Disturbing the peace; Suspecting an older person.

Clouds and Sun Combination: Bad weather; Avoiding achievements; Hiding your accomplishments.

Clouds and Moon Combination: Inability to tell between intuition and thoughts; Questioning what you intuitively know to be true; Hiding how talented you are.

Clouds and Key Combination: Rain on an important day; Avoiding something of extreme importance; Putting off something which needs to be dealt with by you.

Clouds and Fish Combination: Confusion over finances; Questioning where you’re money is going; Mindset issues caused by alcohol.

Clouds and Anchor Combination: Rain at the beach; Doubting your place; Avoiding security.

Clouds and Cross Combination: Difficult burdens; Avoiding your destiny; Questioning how much someone is really suffering. 

That is all for the Lenormand Clouds combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Clouds meanings on this website. 

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