Lenormand Clover Combinations

Lenormand Clover Combinations

Are you looking for Lenormand Clover combinations? Look no further! Here, you can learn how to combine the Lenormand Clover card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine it with the Key, Snake, Ship and other cards from your deck.

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Clover card, check out the Lenormand Clover Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Clover Combinations

Clover and Rider Combination: Postal competition; Games and contests; Fun during horse riding.

Clover and Ship Combination: Winning a trip; Lucky to travel; Chance journey.

Clover and Home Combination: Homely superstitions; Family charms; Glad to be comfortable.

Clover and Tree Combination: Irish ancestry; Long-lasting enjoyment; Stable fortune.

Clover and Clouds Combination: A positive experience which is dampened; Confusing games; Negative gambles.

Clover and Snake Combination: Luck concerning an enemy; Short-term upper hand; Easy to manipulate.

Clover and Coffin Combination: The end of a struggle; Empty fortune; Past times which leave you depleted.

Clover and Bouquet Combination: An unexpected gift; Happy-go-lucky; Charming individuals.

Clover and Scythe Combination: Grass needing cut; Risky gambles; Dangerous past times.

Clover and Whip Combination: Strokes of luck; Multiple gambles; Rough grass.

Clover and Birds Combination: A good meeting; Harmful chit chat; Phoning a funny person.

Clover and Child Combination: Finding small amounts of money; A young gamer; Small charm.

Clover and Fox Combination: Success at work; Street-wise charmer; Lucky charm made from/like a woodland animal.

Clover and Bear Combination: Heavy charm; Accumulate with ease; Fat comedian. 

Clover and Stars Combination: A small but loyal fan base; Blessed fortune; Lucky stars.

Clover and Stork Combination: An unexpected pregnancy; Transferring small amounts of money; Periodical fun.

Clover and Dog Combination: An Irish friend; Relying on luck; Trusting the universe.

Clover and Tower Combination: Small money from the government; Political humour; Tall comedian.

Clover and Garden Combination: Opportunities for fun; Fun party; Gambling with friends. 

Clover and Mountain Combination: Little progress; Blocked fun; Delayed fortune.

Clover and Crossroads Combination: Options which are too good; Alternative past-times; Betting on two horses.

Clover and Mice Combination: Short-term release from stress; Theft of money; Reduction in fortune.

Clover and Heart Combination: Winning heart; Romantic gamer; Passionate and funny.

Clover and Ring Combination: A contract in your favor; Committed to risk; Inclusive lottery;

Clover and Book Combination: A little book; Expert gambler; Educated guess.

Clover and Letter Combination: Small amounts of paper money; recorded fun; Raffle tickets.

Clover and Man Combination: A lucky man; An Irish man; A fortunate man.

Clover and Woman Combination: A lucky woman; An Irish woman; A fortunate woman.

Clover and Lily Combination: A successful time during Winter; Antique charms; Charming old-man.

Clover and Sun Combination: A successful time during summer; Daily gambler; Everyday good luck.

Clover and Moon Combination: Positive recognition; Renowned gamer; Work for little money.

Clover and Key Combination: A lucky break; Subtle humor; Certain luck.

Clover and Fish Combination: Finding money; Expensive past-times; Easy money.

Clover and Anchor Combination: Success which is here to stay; Unchanged fortune; Consistent fun.

Clover and Cross Combination: Possible gambling problem; Risks you need to take; Sacred past-times.

That is all for the Lenormand Clover combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Clover meanings on this website.

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