Lenormand Cross Spread

Are you looking for an alternative Lenormand card spread? Well, The Cross Spread is for you! The Lenormand Cross Spread is a spin on a traditional spread shape usually used for Tarot and playing card divination. I have adopted this spread especially for you. 

If you have enjoyed this spread, be sure to give it a try. And, if you like the look of the deck I am using in this post, you can check that deck out here

The challenging part about creating Lenormand spreads is that Lenormand cards must be combined. When designing Lenormand spreads, you have to ensure that each card is combined with at least one other card otherwise your reading will not make sense. We do not have this issue with the Lenormand Cross Spread because all positions combine easily. 

Here are the positions of the Lenormand Cross Spread: 

The Past: Card positions 1, 3 and 5 reveal the past of the situation. 

Obstacles: Cards 1, 2 and 5 reveal any obstacles in the seekers path. 

Advantages: Cards 1, 4 and 5 reveal any advantages the seeker has. 

Near Future: Cards 2, 3 and 4 reveal the near future for the next few weeks. 

Distant Future:  Cards 6, 7 and 8 reveals the more distant future. 

So, let’s say that we have an imaginary seeker called Moira. Moira does not get along with her family – she suspects that this estrangement has been exacerbated by her brother, Bart. Moira has fallen out with her brother and wishes to know more about the relationship. We have performed a Lenormand Cross Spread using our Lenormand cards. Here are the results: 

Lenormand Cross Spread Example

A past rivalry with Moira’s brother Bart has cost her dearly because Bart has played with Moira’s emotions (Fish, Snake, Moon). Bart is counting on Moira’s estrangement from the family becoming official – she has placed a lot of emotional energy into this thought and this is causing further tension in her relationships (Fish, Tower, Moon). An advantage of the situation is that Moira is invested in keeping her emotions to herself (Fish, Book, Moon). 

In the near future, Bart will control his jealousy and keep it under wraps (Tower, Snake, Book). This may offer Moira some short-term relief, but that does not mean that their relationship will improve. There is no hope in the long-term future; a notable action will severe the relationship (Key, Ship, Scythe).  

This spread was relatively easy to perform because all cards are combined in different ways. Because all cards are combined, this makes continuing the ‘story’ of the spread a breeze. 

So that it is for the Lenormand Cross Spread! Feel free to try it out for yourself. 

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