Lenormand Moon Combinations

Lenormand Moon Combinations

Welcome to the Lenormand Moon card combinations and interpretations! Learn how to combine the Lenormand Moon card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine Moon with Anchor, Key, Fish, Lily and other cards in your deck. 

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Moon card, check out the Lenormand Moon Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Moon Combinations

Moon and Rider Combination: Recognition approaching; Receiving messages in a dream; Someone showing their feelings with how they act, not what they say.

Moon and Clover Combination: Positive reputation; Excelling in gambling; Excelling in the gaming world; Being influenced by chance events.

Moon and Ship Combination: Boats; Dreams of moving away; Acknowledging you must move past this point; Showing that you’re developing emotionally.

Moon and Home Combination: Psychic family; Acknowledging your family; Checking up on family members; Facing your family head-on; Being influenced by family; Being influenced by your comfort-levels.

Moon and Mice combined can predict PMS in a female seeker. Cards are from Pixies Astounding Oracle.

Moon and Tree Combination: Hormones; Female genetics; Female blood-relatives; Honouring nature; Recognizing how patient you have been.

Moon and Clouds Combination: Confusing emotions; Facing your depression; Nightmares; Emotionally charged dreams; Expressing how you feel.

Moon and Snake Combination: Suspicion; Excelling despite people trying to snare you; Recognizing who is there for you and who is not; Facing someone’s infidelity; Shining a light on unfaithfulness.

Moon and Coffin Combination: Hormonal trouble; Excelling after putting something to rest; Acknowledging that this is the end; Dreaming about an ex.

Moon and Bouquet Combination: Intuitively gifted; Gifting an occult object; Influencing someone with gifts; Swaying someone with your values.

Moon and Scythe Combination: Magic used for evil; Intuition used for evil; Excelling after putting something has been cut out of your life; Showing someone that it is over; Facing a medical procedure head-on.

Moon and Whip Combination: Menstruation; Being influenced by abusive behavior; Being influenced by sex; Exercising at night.

Moon and Birds Combination: Lesbian couple; Using social media at night; Facing the gossip; Realizing something thanks to social media; Being too influenced by what you learn online.

Moon and Child Combination: Female child; Psychic child; Intuitive child; Recognizing that you’re in the early stages; Excelling after a fresh start.

Moon and Fox Combination: Creativity; Dreaming of a better job; Dreams of running your own business; Being recognized for something creative; Being recognized for your business; Being influenced by a trickster; Convincing people to take your side.

Moon and Bear Combination: Strong emotions; Visiting the gym at night; Realizing that what goes on at night impacts your lifestyle; Honor your mother; Honouring people in authority; Acknowledging the power something or someone has.

Moon and Stars Combination: Fame; Celebrity status; Clearly seeing where you want to go; Knowing what your goals are and acting on them; Results are influenced by the power of manifestation; Receiving recognition for being a guide for other people.

Moon and Stork Combination: Psychic development; More psychic during pregnancy; Honoring the seasons; Acknowledging that things have changed; Showing during pregnancy.

Moon and Dog Combination: Pet fish; Seeing who your true friends are; Being influenced by your followers; Showing people you’re here to help them; Trusting your intuition.

Moon and Tower Combination: Standing out; Being recognized; Dreaming big; Influencing an organization; Acknowledging the law.

Moon and Garden Combination: Being recognized in public; Gaining notoriety all over the world; Influencing a group; Your social group influencing you; Showing people how social you are.

Moon and Mountain Combination: Being known for something for a long time; Excelling under pressure; Acknowledging your limits; Realizing there is no getting around this issue.

Moon and Crossroads Combination: Using intuition to make choices; Using your intuition to find alternatives; Acknowledging that you have other options; Being shown the way; Dreaming about which choice you should take.

Lenormand Star, Moon and Sun combination
Stars, Moon and Sun in combination can predict a lucky break which leads to a good reputation and success. Cards are Pixies Astounding Oracle.

Moon and Mice Combination: Stressful cycles; Menstrual problems; Achieving well under stress; Recognizing the stress that a person is causing you; Seeing the anxiety which a situation is causing you.

Moon and Heart Combination: Love of the psychic world; Admitting how much you love someone; Seeing the influence someone has on you; Romantic love.

Moon and Ring Combination: Committing to intuitive development; Dreaming of a commitment; Committing to your dreams; Honouring your past commitments.

Moon and Book Combination: Spiritual books; Receiving recognition as a teacher; Shining a light on what has been hidden from you.

Moon and Letter Combination: Psychic messages; Tarot cards; Lenormand cards; Oracle cards; Being recognized in the form of a certificate or award; Drawing up a schedule and honouring it.

Moon and Man Combination: Famous man; Intuitive man; Magicians.

Moon and Woman Combination: Psychic woman; Hormonal woman; Well-known woman.

Moon and Lily Combination: Menopause; Honouring your ancestors; Honouring older people in your family; Excelling during times of peace; Acknowledging that you need a break.

Moon and Sun Combination: Great achievements; Incredible success; Achieving influence and prestige; Obtaining the results you desire.

Moon and Key Combination: Important opportunities; Diagnosing an issue; Having influence where it matters; Receiving important information psychically or intuitively; Diagnosing an issue with occult means; Dreaming of the answer.

Moon and Fish Combination: Creative business; Excelling financially; Showing a wave of emotions; Recognizing your deeper feelings; Dreaming of financial increases.

Moon and Anchor Combination: The ocean; The sea; Recognizing that you’re stuck; Intuitively knowing that you’re in this situation for the foreseeable future; Honouring your standards.

Moon and Cross Combination: Mainstream spirituality; Recognition in a religion; Honouring your destiny; Showing how much something hurts; Realizing that this situation is causing your to suffer.

That is all for the Lenormand Moon card combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Moon meanings on this website.

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