Lenormand Mountain Combinations

Lenormand Mountain Combinations

Welcome to the Lenormand Mountain card combinations and interpretations. Learn how to combine the Lenormand Mountain card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine Mountain with Star, Heart, Letter, Tower and other cards in your deck. 

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Mountain card, check out the Lenormand Mountain Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Mountain Combinations

Mountain and Rider Combination: Stopping a visitor; Blocking someone from being able to message you; Delayed information; Someone will stop reaching out to you.

Mountain and Clover Combination: Short-term relief from a long-term problem; Separate fun; Stopping something from not being as serious as it should be.

Mountain and Ship Combination: Issues traveling; Limits to your travels; Limits to trades; Stopping something moving forward.

Mountain and Home Combination: House on a hilltop; House far away; Delay in feeling comfortable; unable to get close to someone.

Mountain and Tree Combination: Issues in the family; Isolated from your family; Stopping seeing your family; Limits on your health; Limits on your patience.

Mountain and Clouds Combination: Confusing issues; Overwhelm with an air of negativity; Blocking the thoughts; Isolate a depressive person.

Mountain and Snake Combination: Denial of a problem; Overwhelmed with pride; Stop to envy; Isolate from difficult people 

Mountain and Coffin Combination: End of a problem; Block with a box; Delay a deadline.

Mountain and Bouquet Combination: Challenge that you find joy in; Stall of presents; Limit a palette; Block with a vase.

Mountain and Scythe Combination: Accidents on a mountain; Delay an operation; Stop of a break.

Mountain and Whip Combination: Problems that keep popping up; Limit of questions; Blocking sexuality; Delay a research.

Mountain and Birds Combination: Older couples who cause problems; Isolate from social media; Limiting the chatter; Stop the gossip.

Mountain and Child Combination: Problem child; Delay of a debut; Stop a student; Isolating a child.

Mountain and Fox Combination: Issues at work; Stopping a job; Stalling a career; Blocking your creativity; Limiting your creativity; Blocking a scam.

Mountain and Bear Combination: Issues with authority figures; Alienating an authority figure; Stoping an authority figure; Feeling overwhelmed by your lifestyle; Feeling isolated because of your lifestyle; Stopping yourself from being too forceful.

Mountain and Stars Combination: Long-term fame; Blocking the potential; Limit of electricity; Overwhelm with divine dreams.

Mountain and Stork Combination: Fertility issues; Isolate from a foster parent; Limit the birth; stopping a migrant.

Mountain and Dog Combination: Issues with pets; Stopping your friendships; Limiting your friendships; Stopping your loyalty; Alienating your friends; Removed from your pets.

Mountain and Tower Combination: Problems with the government; Blocking a piece of legislation; Blocking a law; Feeling alienated and alone.

Mountain and Garden Combination: Problems with gardens; Stopping a party; Alienating yourself from your social group; Overwhelmed in crowds of people; Feeling isolated from society; Stop associating with the group you usually do.

Mountain and Crossroads Combination: Hillwalking; Mountaineering; Blocking alternatives; Delaying your choices; Limiting your choices; Stopping yourself from choosing; Isolating yourself from another person or lover.

Mountain and Mice Combination: Chronic stress; Blocking your anxiety; Delays becoming a major inconvenience for you; Stopping because of an illness; Stopping so that you can sabotage yourself.

Mountain and Heart Combination: Problems in relationships; Blocking affection; Stopping any attraction; Limiting your love; Isolating yourself because of a relationship; Stalling a relationship from moving forward.

Mountain and Ring Combination: Long-term commitment; Stalling a commitment; Stopping a commitment; Being overwhelmed by a contract; Feeling overwhelmed by a promise you made; Delays in the arrival of some jewelry.

Mountain and Book Combination: Secret issues; Block by bookcases; Limit of cards; Delaying an expertise.

Mountain and Letter Combination: Problematic contract; Blocking a message; Delay by a delivery man; Limit of information. 

Mountain and Man Combination: Problematic man; Blocked man; Isolated man. 

Mountain and Woman Combination: Difficult woman; Stopped woman; Alienated woman. 

Mountain and Lily Combination: Problems with arousal; Blocking by snow; Day of isolating; Delay a retirement.

Mountain and Sun Combination: Issues at summertime; Delaying the accomplishments; Overwhelm with confidence; Isolating for a day.

Mountain and Moon Combination: Female issues; Block of the emotions; Stopping a dreamer; Isolate a celebrity.

Mountain and Key Combination: Important issues; Block a door; Delaying a discovery; Limit of an importance.

Mountain and Fish Combination: Money issues; Isolate an alcoholic; Block of an exchange; Stopping a stream

Mountain and Anchor Combination: Being trapped; Overwhelmed at a beach; Blocked by security.

Mountain and Cross Combination: Long-term suffering; Isolate a minister; Block of a transition; Stopping the pain.

That is all for the Lenormand Mountain card combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Mountain meanings on this website.

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