Lenormand Scythe Card Meaning

Lenormand Scythe Card Meaning

Do you want to know the Lenormand Scythe card meaning? Are you curious about what the Scythe beginner interpretation might be? Here, you can discover how to read the Lenormand Scythe card! Learn the Lenormand Scythe meanings for love, timing, the card as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Scythe Lenormand card. On this Lenormand Oracle site, I also have Scythe card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

Scythe – 10

Keywords: Quick endings, cuts, accidents, something being cut out, the unexpected, a warning, death, scissors, a scythe.

General Lenormand Scythe Meaning

Scythe is a much-dreaded card due to its quick and destructive nature. It is similar to Coffin in the sense that it symbolizes endings. However, Scythe differs from Coffin because Scythe’s endings are swift and unexpected. 

Also, like the Coffin card, the Scythe Lenormand card can spell death. But unlike Coffin – with Scythe – death will claim his victim swiftly in an accidental or unexpected manner. The Lenormand Scythe card meaning is usually one of negativity.

Scythe predicts accidents in general, not just ones associated with death. These accidents may be small or sinister depending on context and surrounding cards. Cuts will appear as Scythe. You should be careful if you’re into crafts and scrapbooking. 

Literally sharp things, cutting, scissors, etc. can all be represented by Scythe. In a Lenormand reading, Scythe can predict operations or medical procedures.

Although Scythe can symbolize sharp objects and death, it is much more common for the card to represent something figurative. If Scythe appears in your reading, something in your life will be removed quickly and without warning. Therefore, this card is a bad omen for relationships, especially if you’re in the habit of selecting lovers who leave you at the drop of a hat. 

Lenormand Death Meaning - Death Tarot Card
The Scythe is from Pixie’s Astounding Oracle Lenormand deck and Death is from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, Centennial edition which you can check out here.

Specific Lenormand Scythe Meanings

Scythe Love Meaning: Scythe can represent the end of your relationship. Scythe can also mean that a person whom you’re considering dating is not good for you. 

Scythe Career Meaning: Scythe in a career reading, Scythe can mean that you will be in an accident at work. Scythe can also predict that you will be cut unexpectedly from your job or a project. 

Scythe Business Meaning: In a business reading, Scythe represents a warning about your company; you should remain vigilant. 

Scythe Positive Meaning: Scythe can be desirable if it means that something bad in your life (such as a roadblock or obstacle) will be removed quickly. 

Scythe Negative Meaning: Scythe usually takes on a sinister interpretation and warns against quick endings, accidents, and unexpected changes (even death).

Scythe As A Person: I read Scythe as representing someone who loves Halloween as this is what I think of when I see the card! Traditionally, Scythe is associated with doctors, dentists, and anyone who can perform operations. 

Scythe Timing Meaning: As Scythe is card number nine, it predicts that events will unfold in nine days, nine weeks, nine months, or nine years. Scythe can also represent October and Halloween time. 

However, when timing events be mindful of Scythe’s meaning – it predicts quick, unexpected events. Therefore, it is typical for Scythe to mean that everything is going to happen when you least expect it. 

So, that’s it for Scythe Lenormand card meanings. You can see more Lenormand card meanings and Scythe card combinations on this website. 

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