Lenormand Scythe Combinations

Lenormand Scythe Combinations

Welcome to the Lenormand Scythe combinations and interpretations! Learn how to combine the Lenormand Scythe card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. Here is how to combine Scythe with Coffin, Fish, Fox, Bouquet and other cards in your deck. 

And, if you would like to learn the card meanings of the Scythe card, check out the Lenormand Scythe Meanings post!

I do not recommend that you memorize these card combinations. Their purpose is to let you see what is possible when it comes to combining Lenormand cards. The best way to learn is to practice with your own combinations and see what you can come up with! However, if you get stuck, you can always refer to this list:

Lenormand Scythe Combinations

Scythe and Rider Combination: The end of the communication; Harming a horse; Risky visits; Dangerous acts.

Scythe and Clover Combination: Cutting the grass; Killing the fun; Cutting out the laughs.

Scythe and Ship Combination: Travel plans canceled; Dividing your travels; Risky strangers; Risky moves.

Scythe and Home Combination: Accident in the home; Harming your home; Risking your comfort.

Scythe and Tree Combination: Cutting down trees; Hurting your health; Surgery for your health.

Scythe and Clouds Combination: Cutting out confusion; Cutting off difficult people; Risking the bad weather; Deciding to think negatively about your situation.

Scythe and Snake Combination: The end of an enemy’s interest in you; Execute an enemy; Hurting some with lies; Harming relationships with lies.

Scythe and Coffin Combination: The end of an illness; Breaking free from something which died long ago; Breaking free from something which serves no purpose.

Scythe and Bouquet Combination: Botox and fillers; Pruning flowers; Risking appearances; Deciding to change up the decor.

Scythe and Whip Combination: Strangulation; Physical harm; Hurting yourself during a sporting match; Deciding to take the most aggressive route.

Scythe and Birds Combination: Deleting social media accounts; Cutting contact with people online; Cutting out gossip; Hurting because of a rumor.

Scythe and Child Combination: Fresh start, possibly too soon (as in, jumping out of one relationship and straight into another); Deciding to start again; Ending one thing so that you can have a new start with something else.

Scythe and Fox Combination: Accidents at work; Harming your position at work; Dividing your time at work; Running the risk of getting involved with con-artists; Deciding to take a more manipulative approach; Ending it with someone after you discover they are not as they appear to be.

Scythe and Bear Combination: Lifestyle change after a health scare; Risking your lifestyle; Warning not to trust authority figures; Harming your relationship with authority figures; Something which hurts your power and strength.

Scythe and Stars Combination: Progress after a disaster; Deciding to go for your dreams; Cutting short your dreams; Killing your vision.

Scythe and Stork Combination: C-Section; Change after a disaster; Execute change; Quick change; Risking your pregnancy; Warning against change.

Scythe and Dog Combination: End of a friendship; Divided loyalty; Warning for a friend; Harming your pets; Risking your pets; Killing your pets; Killing your loyalty.

Scythe and Tower Combination: End of government involvement; End of government assistance; Cutting out your involvement with an association; Risking your position in an association; Ending your isolation.

Scythe and Garden Combination: Accident at a party; Risks to your standing in a community; Breaking away from your social circle; Removing yourself from the public eye.

Scythe and Mountain Combination: Injury which takes a long time to heal; Risking something for the long-term; Warning that this situation or relationship has a limited future.

Scythe and Crossroads Combination: Accident during a walk; Accident during a hike; Harming your choices; Dangerous alternatives; A warning to decide quickly before your choices get taken away.

Scythe and Mice Combination: Cuts which get infected; Remove the stresses in your life; Removing the anxiety; A warning that this person/situation is toxic.

Scythe and Heart Combination: Heart surgery; Broken heart; Risky relationship; Quick ending relationship; Harmful relationship; Divided priorities.

Scythe and Ring Combination: Broken valuables; Broken promises; Ripping up a contract.

Scythe and Book Combination: Suddenly leaving school, college or university; Harming your knowledge; Risking the exposure of a secret; Threatened into silence.

Scythe and Letter Combination: Letter opener; Hurtful message; Cutting contact; Having a break from your Lenormand or Tarot cards.

Scythe and Man Combination: Accident-prone man; Divided man; Risk-taking man.

Scythe and Woman Combination: Sharp woman; Hurt woman; Decisive woman.

Scythe and Lily Combination: Frostbite; Anti-aging treatment; Risking your peace of mind; Harming your contentment; Killing an older relative; Dividing your time; Risking discretion.

Scythe and Sun Combination: Risking your success; Hurting your accomplishments; Harming your happiness; Deciding to do what is best for you.

Scythe and Moon Combination: Negative emotions; Emotional harm; Warnings which come from your intuition; Having a break from anything mystical.

Scythe and Key Combination: Cutting keys; Ending this situation is very important; Serious warning.

Scythe and Fish Combination: The end of a stream of income; Dividing your income; Dividing your business; Harming your bank account; Risking a large sum of money.

Scythe and Anchor Combination: Accidents at sea; Risking your stability; Warnings about your security; Deciding to stay where you are (even when you shouldn’t).

Scythe and Cross Combination: Surgery for arthritis; Endings that are fated; Risking being in a lot of pain; Deciding to make a sacrifice.

That is all for the Lenormand Scythe combinations! Be sure to check out more Lenormand card combinations and the Lenormand Scythe meanings on this website. 

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