Lenormand String Spreads

String readings are the most basic form of Lenormand spreads and what you will typically learn when you begin to perform readings. Once you attempt the Lenormand String spread, you will know if learning Lenormand is something you are going to stick to because you can gauge how quickly you will master bigger layouts, such as Grand Tableaus. Today, we are going to look at Lenormand string spreads!

Lenormad String spreads are readings that use lines of, most popularly, two, three, five or seven cards. The cards in the string are ‘put together’ to form one general meaning.

String readings I find are best for daily practice as they are easy to perform. It is not necessary to ask a question when performing string readings. I’m going to show how we can come up with different interpretations. Hopefully, this lesson will highlight how the cards can be taken literally or symbolically which is the most fun part of Lenormand.

Because Lenormand pictures different physical things which someone might come across in day to day life, the cards can be read literally to represent a real event. Here I am going to give an example of how this is done using a reading which I did for a male volunteer seeker/client this morning. Here are the steps I took to perform the reading and interpretation:

Firstly, I decided that I prefer strings of five. Five-card strings are not too simplistic for this post but also not too detailed either. I shuffled the cards thinking of the day at hand (I always shuffle for the seeker or client as they are also known) and this is what I came up with:

Lenormand String Spread - For Beginners

For a literal interpretation, we could say something like:

The Lady (woman) has a letter (Letter) which she wants to deliver to the seeker’s house. Once she gets to the home (Home), the family pet (Dog) then decides to bite her (Scythe).

However, we can also take the cards to mean something symbolic which of course the most in-depth way to perform readings.

The sex of the seeker is important because if he were female, the woman would could represent him.

Secondly, it is essential to know that generally the string is read from left to right, but in some European countries, it is read from right to left. As everything, do what you feel comfortable within your practice. Here is my interpretation:

A woman in the seeker’s life (Woman) will bring him news (Letter). This information will be given at the seeker’s house (Home) and will be about a close friend (Dog). The friend will have made some significant decisions about their life (Scythe).

It also should be noted that some readings ‘add up’ the numbers on the cards to come to the overall energy of the reading or add more detail to it. The sum of all the cards is 87 which then (when adding 8 and 7) adds up to 15. The 15th card is the Bear, symbol of authority and power. Therefore there may be a bit of a power struggle going on between this woman and the friend for the seeker’s attention. It isn’t necessary to use the adding technique, but some find it adds a different dimension to their reading.

Although I have interpreted the cards this way, other Lenormand readers will have read this and said to themselves “I didn’t get that interpretation at all.” There will always be disagreement because interpretations are a very personal thing. Although everyone has the same general idea about what one card means (such as a dog being a friend), their thoughts of what it means when two cards are combined can range widely. The great thing is that you will gain the right answers for you through practice and through developing your Lenormand predictions.

I recommend anyone serious about learning Lenormand should practice string readings a couple of times a week at least. In the morning time perform the reading then record what cards came up. Once your day is over, you can go back and relate your day to the cards to give yourself different ideas about how the cards can be interpreted. You may have understood the Garden to mean a trip to the park when it was a chance to go out and socialize with friends.

So that is how you read Lenormand string spreads! On this site, I also have a free Lenormand for Beginners Guide. You can download that guide here

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How to read a Lenormand string spread. For beginners learn how to read two card, three, card, five card and seven card Lenormand spreads