Lenormand Tower Card Meaning

Lenormand Tower Card Meaning

Do you want to know the Lenormand Tower card meaning? Are you curious about what the Tower beginner interpretation might be? Here, you can discover how to read the Lenormand Tower card! Includes Lenormand Tower meanings for love, timing, the card as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Tower Lenormand card. On this Lenormand Oracle site, I also have Tower card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

Tower – 19

Keywords: Authority, government, politics, organizations, standing out, standing alone, isolation, independence, buildings, towers.

General Lenormand Tower Meaning

Because the government can play a consistent role in most people’s lives, I usually take the Tower to represent it (and that is the traditional interpretation). You will start to notice tonnes of Tower cards rearing their heads during tax season. Honestly, it is so weird how the cards just seem to know these things are going on! The Tower can also highlight the effect of political elections on your life so watch for this card during political elections.

If the Tower card isn’t representing the government, then it will symbolize another organization that you are a part of. Sometimes, the Tower will literally be tall buildings, but a group or club doesn’t need to have a physical address to be represented by this card.    

In the figurative sense, Tower can represent you standing out from the crowd and raising above those around you. Sometimes this can be an excellent exercise in independence. However, it is for this reason that the Tower card is often negative – if you’re standing out from your peers, you may be standing alone. 

Lenormand Tower Meaning - Tower Tarot Card
The Tower card is from Pixie’s Astounding Oracle Lenormand deck and The Emperor is from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, Centennial edition which you can check out here.

Specific Lenormand Tower Meaning

Tower Love Meaning: In general, Tower is not very desirable for relationships as it can mean that you will feel distant from your partner. Perhaps your lover is unreliable. Tower can symbolize the single life.  

Tower Career Meaning: The Tower can represent work for the government. In many cases, Tower can symbolize  the building where you work. For example, Lily and Tower combined can represent an old building. 

Tower Business Meaning: In a business reading, the Tower card can represent your business’ premises. In some cases, Tower will symbolize your business’ taxes. 

Tower Positive Meaning: In a good reading, Tower represents independence and an ability to stand on your own two feet.

Tower Negative Meaning: In a negative reading, Tower speaks of loneliness and a lack of people you can confide in.

Tower as a Person: Tower can symbolize a tall person, an independent person, a bureaucrat, a politician, or a person who works for the government. 

Tower Timing Meaning: Tower can mean that an event will take place during a government or bank holiday. Tower is also associated with the number nineteen – nineteen days, nineteen weeks, or the 19th of any month.

So, that’s it for Lenormand Tower card meaning! You can see more Lenormand card meanings and Lenormand Tower combinations on this website.

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