Stop Googling Love Tarot Meanings

Chances are, you have found your way here because you were struggling your way through Google (or social media) searching for Tarot card meanings. Love Tarot card meanings. This is not the first website you have visited. You have been on several blogs, referred to many books, and referred to more ‘sources’ than you would like to admit.

And yet, you haven’t found the right love Tarot meanings that apply to your situation

“I always refer to the love tarot meanings e-book and find Lisa’s interpretation of tarot messages to have an intriguing and more intuitive take. I always get answers which are less obvious and mundane. It enabled me to develop an approach ( whether reading for self or clients) which is though layered is more relatable, day to day  without taking the gravity away from the empowering message.” – @TellATaleTarot

Do You…

– Spend your days (and nights) searching for Tarot card meanings only to be left even more confused than when you started?

– Feel as if the meanings you do find do not apply to you or speak directly to your circumstances? 

– Get frustrated that you never seem to get a straight answer from your interpretations? 

– Leave your readings feeling even more lost instead of clarified? 

– Perform your love readings more times than you know you should? (You’re not even reading the cards anymore; you’re just throwing them down, hoping they will somehow magically manifest Prince Charming through the door. Unlikely, but you’re optimistic). 

“My friends and family love love love for me to do love readings for them now! Thanks to this E-book so easy to use and easy to understand and most importantly makes you a better tarot love reader. The main benefit was learning to perform love readings in a way that was understandable and accurate for me and my client. You learn soooooooo much in this one E-book! Most people want to know about their love life and if that special someone is returning. This E-book will help you to answer any and all Questions related to love for your clients. I’m so happy I stuck with Lisa’s E-books to help me become the Tarot Reader I am today, I still have much to learn which is why I will be purchasing her probably all of her courses…she is just that good at this! Thank you Lisa!!!” Whitney @BeautyAndThe Soul

Tarot card meanings by Lisa boswell

Hi there! My name is Lisa Boswell, and I have been reading Tarot cards pretty much my entire life. For as long as I have had owned a deck, I have been obsessing over card meanings. (You can probably relate!) 

The first few card meanings I learned came easily to me. The Ace of Cups? Easy. The Fool? Too simple. The Ten of Swords? Brutal but straightforward. With these cards, I had their meanings down pretty much before I even looked at the book (the book which came with my card deck was a little purple number).

However, I had a problem. There was a class of cards that I found extraordinarily difficult to interpret. Even worst, there was another group of cards that I could interpret for pretty much everything other than love readings; it didn’t stop me trying, though!

Like all Tarot card readers, anytime something went wrong (or right) in my relationships, I would whip out my Tarot cards. And, I could guarantee that the Tarot cards which I found difficult to interpret for love readings would show up in every spread I performed. I even became convinced they were stalking me as some sick joke.   

I had a lot riding on these throws. As far as I was concerned, my destiny was in jeopardy! What if I moved on when there was a chance at reconciliation? What if that guy turned out to be a weirdo? What if my lover never text me back again, and I am left unprepared for a life of nothing but cats and Tarot cards I can hardly interpret?

Whenever I Performed a Love Reading, I Just Could Not Interpret These Cards!

How did I turn it around? I got better at interpreting Tarot card meanings. With many years of practice, diligence, and a whole lot of research, the card meanings began to click for me. Not only that, but over the years, I created my own personal reference for what every card means for different situations, such as love, business, and relationships. 

Eventually, I published my Tarot card meanings on this website. This site now sees around half a million hits every month from 100s of thousands of diviners searching interpretations.

However, that was only half of the story. I realized that the vast majority of diviners, such as yourself, struggled to interpret cards for their love readings. You feel too close to the situation and too invested in the outcome to be able to read your cards and apply them to your current relationship status. Also, the card meanings you have found have been okay, but do not speak directly to your situation. And trust me, you’re not alone. 

 The vast majority of Tarot card readers who visit my site are here for love meanings, just as I used to buy books and search the internet looking for answers. So what did I do? I wrote the ultimate Love Tarot Meanings reference guide…

Introducing the Love Tarot Meanings E-Book!

Love and Tarot - Love a Meanings Guide back

Outlining What Every Tarot Card Means for 15 Spread Positions!

The Love Tarot Meanings E-Book is your answer to your burning love questions. If you want to use your cards to interpret cards confidently (and accurately), this e-book is for you! Ready to stop Googling love meanings? Then grab yourself a copy of the Love Tarot Meanings e-book. 

Life after owning the Love Tarot Meanings e-book involves you being able to interpret Tarot cards for the most common love spread positions. You’ll never have to Google what the High Priestess, Ace of Pentacles, or any other Tarot card means for relationship readings ever again. Not only that, but you’ll have answers to the course of action you should take and the future of your partnership. 

Purchasing this e-book is so simple it is silly. You just click on the big red button and check out as you would with a physical product. Within minutes, you will be emailed a copy of your e-book. And, if you have any issues with your purchase, you can email me directly at [email protected], and I’ll handle it. 

“I focus on love and relationship readings in my business. I reference Lisa’s website often and the book was reasonably priced. It was a good investment for my business. It’s a great personal reference book as well. I developed a better understanding of how to read some of the more neutral cards (such as Judgment and High Priestess) in readings, what they mean in positive/negative/outcome/feeling etc. positions. If you are a diviner, you will appreciate the straightforwardness and predictive bent. It compiled all the info. I like to reference, concisely, in an organized, super accessible fashion. It’s easy to read and apply. From feelings to negatives/positives to environment to outcomes, it addresses everything  you could ask in a love reading. I would 100% recommend it.” – Mina from Feathersea Love Tarot

Which Meanings Are Inside the E-Book?

  • The past of your relationship.
  • The present of your relationship.
  • The future of your relationship.
  • Positives which keep you and your lover together.
  • Negatives which drive you and your love apart.
  • How your partner/potential partner feels about you.
  • How you feel about your partner/potential partner.
  • What your friends, family and peers think about your relationship.
  • Outsider factors which are harming your romance.
  • What you should aim for in a lover.
  • What you should avoid in a lover.
  • Your greatest hopes.
  • Your biggest fears.
  • The course of action you should take to sustain your relationship.
  • Anything about your love life which is unknown or kept a secret from you

Plus, The Love Tarot Meanings 180-page e-book contains three sample readings, and a section which explains how to use your e-book.

For the cost of a standard 30-minute love reading you can have all of these love Tarot meanings at your fingertips, forever, without having to be at the mercy of another Tarot card reader!

“I wanted to improve my readings with my tarot decks and to do so I wanted to understand better every card by having a deeper meaning of the cards. After reading this e-book, I understood a lot better each card and I even learnt new meanings. The main benefits were the price and also the language used to describe the cards, it’s simple and easy to understand. I would highly recommend it if the person wanted to know the meaning of the cards” Kae @kae.att

Questions About The Love Tarot Meanings E-Book, Answered!

Q. “Why should I trust you to teach me Tarot?”

Great question! It is true; you really shouldn’t trust random people on the internet!

As I come from a family of Romany Gypsy fortune-tellers, I have been reading Tarot my entire life. For the last several years, I have been teaching Tarot, specializing in prediction. In 2014, I won the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award for my work with Tarot, I have appeared on TV, radio, and magazines with my teachings, and this website here gets one million viewers every year from diviners like yourself who are looking to improve their Tarot reading skills. So, I have the experience to teach you Tarot!   

Q. “Why should I buy now?”

The time is going to pass you by anyway. If you do not get love clarity today, you’re just going to perform another reading, and then another reading, and never get an answer. Are you not as well as having your guide sooner rather than later? 

Q. “What type of support do you offer?”

If you struggle to download your e-book or have any trouble, I can help you out! Just shoot me a message at [email protected] (my personal email), and I will get back to you ASAP! However, I do not offer support in terms of personally interpreting your spread for you (that is what the e-book is for!) You can see my purchasing terms here.

Q. “Do I need a computer?”

No! The Love Tarot Meanings e-book can be downloaded on mobile, computer, or tablet.

Q. “There are so many Tarot books available, why should I invest in this one?”

There are thousands of Tarot books, but there is not another Tarot guide that offers so much information on love readings. The Love Tarot Meanings e-book is the only resource you can invest in, which will give you interpretations for the most common relationship questions, spread positions, and areas of interest. You will never find another reference like this one! 

Q. “I am convinced, where can I purchase my e-book?”

You can grab your copy of the Love Tarot Meanings e-book below!