Multiple Eights in a Tarot Reading

Have you just performed a Tarot card reading and received lots of Eights? Are there four, three, or two cards numbered Eight in your reading? Does your spread contain multiple Eights? If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! 

The number eight is considered rather special in many religions, cultures, and traditions, so receiving many of them in your Tarot reading can be a positive omen, depending on what your goals and aims are. 

In Tarot and numerology, the number eight is associated with re-evaluating where you have come from and assessing if this matches where you would like to go. In some cases, eight can represent drive and perfectionism. 

The above interpretation is what I am going to use as a guide to decipher what it means when you receive lots of Eights in your Tarot reading. I will also be using my own experience plus early Tarot texts in the below meanings. Enjoy! 

Multiple Eights in a Tarot Reading: Four Eights in a Tarot Reading

Four Eights can indicate a major dilemma or a mind-set shift. The things you assumed you wanted from your life will no longer be suitable for you. You will begin to question if what you previously wanted is what you truly need. Although you may think this is a bad thing, it is not. You will gain more clarity with regards to your life choices. 

In love readings, four Eights indicate noteworthy psychological changes with regard to how you perceive relationships. For example, if you currently believe in true love you may start to question this belief. Or, if you never believed in marriage you will reassess these opinions and so on.

When it comes to business and career readings, four Eights will signal a desire to completely change paths. You have been working hard on your career up until this point, but you will begin to get the nagging feeling that what you have built is no longer suitable for you.  

Four Eights, Three Eights, Two Eights in a Tarot reading

While many people may view the above interpretations as negative, they are not. These revelations are a very good thing for you and will lead you in a positive, clear direction. 

Lots of Eights: Three Eights in a Tarot Reading

I would take three Eights as symbolizing a mindset shift that you do not act upon. Instead, you take the path which you have previously set out for yourself and go through with your initial plans. In the end, all will work out for you. 

In relationships, you are going to get cold feet in the future. You’re reaching the point of no return and, once you get there, you’ll begin to question if this is what you desire from your life. However, you will push through and be glad you continued with the relationship. 

For business or work-related readings, three Eights represents you taking stock of where you have come. No longer will you wing it, but you will move forward with a plan. The future of your career looks very, very promising.

Some Eights: Two Eights in a Tarot Reading 

I would interpret two Eights as a symbolizing will-power and motivation but also a desire to do things perfectly the first time around. 

For love readings, two Eights can represent the drive to make your relationship amazing. You will go out of your way to do things well this time around. Your romance will be well-balanced. 

In career-related readings, two Eights predict that you will try your hardest to do a good job and be noticed. However, as far as you’re concerned, your current path is just a stepping stone for something greater. 

Concluding Eights in a Tarot Card Reading

How would you interpret the Eights Tarot card meanings? Would you say that they symbolize drive or determination? You can share your thoughts with our community of diviners at the bottom of this post. 

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