Multiple Fives in a Tarot Reading

Ever wondered if there is any special significance to receiving two, three, even four Fives in your Tarot card reading? Have you recently performed a Tarot spread for it to have multiple Fives show up? If you’re curious to know what it means when you get lots of Fives in your Tarot card reading, look no further because I have the answers!

In Tarot and numerology, the number five often symbolizes challenges, defeat, and the point which you believe you could just give up (that’s not to say that you should, but you’ll certainly feel that way!) The number five marks the mid-way point between the start and finish. Therefore, the number five marks a crossroads. You will either give up and return to the beginning or solider on and complete your quest. 

Below are the meanings of how I interpret lots of Fives in a Tarot card reading. If you do not agree with these meanings, feel free to come up with your own. As a Tarot reader, you should always do what you think is right for your circumstances. 

Multiple Fives in a Tarot Reading: Four Fives in a Tarot Reading

I interpret four Fives as being very significant when they appear in a Tarot reading. Usually, for me, lots of Fives indicates that you have reached a life-changing turning point with regards to the matter which you’re reading about currently. 

If you’re performing a love reading, then you have to be realistic about your relationship. Your romance may last but four Fives can be a warning that the way your partnership is now, is how it is always going to be for the foreseeable future. Be honest with yourself and ask, “Could I live my life knowing that this is all I am ever going to get out of this relationship?”

Four Fives in career or business readings carry a similar meaning to receiving four Fives in a love reading. For business or career readings, four Fives means that there will be no end in sight to your current situation for the foreseeable future, but things may improve in the future. However, do not kid yourself by assuming that the road to success is going to be smooth or easy. 

In any event, whatever it is you’re reading about, four Fives means that it doesn’t seem likely that your situation is going to change or improve soon so do not count on this happening.

Lots of Fives: Three Fives in a Tarot Reading

I would interpret three Fives as being similar to receiving four Fives in a Tarot reading. By contrast, three Fives is more so a warning of things to come. With four Fives, you’re already in the thick of the drama, but with three Fives, the chaos has not happened yet. 

When you receive three Fives in your love Tarot reading, you should be careful. Your relationship is about to go through a succession of setbacks which will make your partnership very unpleasant. However, these can be avoided if you take some breathing space away from your partner. I suggest that you try to change things now before you get stuck and further developments become impossible. 

Four Fives, Three Fives, Two Fives in a Tarot reading

For business or career readings, three Fives are, again, a warning of the future. If you have just started a new career or business, you have to be realistic about what the future holds. You’re not going to be a millionaire any time soon and you’re going to have to work very hard if you wish to see results. You may even give up before you see a return on your investment, so be prepared for this. 

Some Fives: Two Fives in a Tarot Reading 

Two Fives in a Tarot reading symbolize the fact that there are going to be days when you feel as though you have been defeated, which may be the case. A new course of action is needed. 

If you’re involved in a relationship where you suspect infidelity or you’re in a love triangle, receiving two Fives is not a good sign. Typically, this means that you will not win your potential partner over and will lose them to someone else. 

I do not interpret two Fives as favourable even when they appear in a standard love reading. For me, this means that there is nothing good to come out of your relationship, and your partner may have a tendency to be unfaithful to their lovers. 

Two Fives in a business or career Tarot reading, usually indicates that you will lose out to a competitor. Be careful as someone else will swoop in and execute your ideas or plans because you were too keen on dragging your feet. Do not blame the other person, but take it as a sign that you should push harder and work smarter if you want to achieve your desires. 

Concluding Fives in a Tarot Card Reading

That’s all for what it means when you receive lots of Fives in your Tarot card reading! 

How do you feel about fives when they appear in your Tarot readings? Do you struggle to interpret their meaning? Or, are you comfortable with them? You can share your thoughts in the comments section! 

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