Multiple Queens in a Tarot Reading

What does it mean when you receive multiple Queens your Tarot card reading? Does getting two, three, or four Queens at once have any special significance for you? Today, I am going to teach you what the meaning is when you get lots of Queens in your general, love, career, or business reading! 

In Tarot, the Queens represent mothering figures, women in power, and (like the Kings) the ultimate maturity of their suit. The Queen of Pentacles, for example, symbolizes a woman who has a taste for luxury. Also, because they are Court cards when multiple Queens appear in your Tarot reading, this predicts that you will associate with many women in the future. 

With the above general Queen meaning and historical Queen interpretations from 19th and 20th century sources in mind, I am going to outline what it means when you receive multiple Queens in your Tarot card reading.

Multiple Queens in a Tarot Reading: Four Queens in a Tarot Reading

In general, when you receive four Queens in a Tarot reading this predicts that you will attend lots of events where large groups of women meet. For example, it is common to get these proportions before a life-changing event, seminar, or retreat. 

When they appear in career or business readings, four Queens mean that you will speak at important events related to your career. I once did a reading for a woman who spoke at a very famous mind-body-spirit publishing event; she received four Queens in her career reading. 

In love readings, four Queens can mean that your partner will attend or host events that are specifically targeted at women. Alternatively, the four Queens can be a sign that, in the future, you will separate from your current partner and meet someone else who fits this description. 

Lots of Queens: Three Queens in a Tarot Reading

Traditionally, three Queens in a Tarot reading are associated with lies and deception. In fortune-telling multiple women are often interpreted by diviners to represent gossip about infidelity. 

Four Queens, Three Queens, Two Queens in a Tarot reading

Three Queens can symbolize the loss of a job due to slander. It is also possible that you will lose out on opportunities, such as a job promotion or career progression, because of bitchy, high school behaviour. 

Clearly, in love and relationship readings, three Queens can predict infidelity. Usually, when multiple Court cards (Queens) make an appearance in these types of readings, it means that many people will know about the affair before you do. 

Some Queens: Two Queens in a Tarot Reading 

Finally, two Queens in a Tarot card reading symbolize the support of females who are close to you. These two Queens may represent specific people (a mother and a sister etc.) or they could symbolize just the TLC of other females in your life in general (your group of friends or female family members).

If you are looking for a new job, then these proportions can mean that female friends or family members will assist you in your efforts. If you already have a job, then the Two Queens represent career help you will receive from women close to you. Sometimes in business readings, two Queens can predict that you will one day hire friends or family to work for you in your business. 

Finally, in relationship readings, two Queens mean that your friends or family will ‘put in a good word for you’ with your partner. Also, the people represented by the Queens will give you very good advice on how you should proceed with regards to your relationship; do not ignore their wisdom. 

If you’re single, two in your Tarot reading can predict that you will meet and fall in love with someone whom you meet through friends or family members; the fact that your future lover has the seal of approval by people close to you is a very good omen. 

Concluding Queens in a Tarot Card Reading

That’s all for what it means when you receive lots of Queens in your Tarot card reading! Do you love or hate the Tarot Queens? Feel free to let me know in the comments section!

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