Multiple Sevens in a Tarot Reading

You’re sitting with your Tarot cards, reading away, and then suddenly you’re faced with a dilemma. You have received two, three, or even, four Sevens in your Tarot card reading! If you’re wondering why you have these proportions, read on for the meaning of these combinations! 

In numerology and magical traditions, the number seven is often associated with magic, psychic ability, intuition, and anything related to the spiritual world. Therefore, when lots of Sevens appear in your Tarot reading, you can expect these matters to be major themes in your life. 

The interpretations I am going to share below are based on the above meanings of the number seven, my personal experience reading Tarot, and 20th century Tarot texts. Enjoy!

Multiple Sevens in a Tarot Reading: Four Sevens in a Tarot Reading

If you have been into anything witchy, spiritual, or magical lately, then receiving four Sevens in your Tarot card reading is a very good sign! This reading means that you have great potential in these areas, and could progress these skills better than you could have ever imagined, so keep working on them.

In love readings, four Sevens will appear when you’re manifesting the type of relationship which you want. Your thoughts and feelings are more powerful than you realize, you select them wisely. If you have recently been receiving omens and strange coincidences from the universe, this is why. 

I also believe four Sevens are extremely desirable in business or career readings. If you’re hoping for a pay rise, better working conditions, etc. you should focus on those things right now. You have the potential to conjure up amazing things using the power of your mind and positive thinking. 

Lots of Sevens: Three Sevens in a Tarot Reading

Three Sevens in a Tarot reading is similar to receiving four Sevens. However, while four Sevens predicts effortless manifestation, you’ll have to work a little harder with three Sevens. The trick is to use your psychic ability so that you can navigate your life. 

Four Sevens, Three Sevens, Two Sevens in a Tarot reading

For your relationships, you can use your intuition to predict the likely outcome of certain situations and encourage/avoid them as you see fit. For example, your intuition might currently be screaming at you to get off of your partner’s back and trust the universe; it makes sense to go with your gut. 

You are likely to see great success in career, business, or financial matters if you listen to your intuition, and use your Tarot cards as your guide. However, if you ignore the metaphysical world, then three Sevens predict that you will fail in these life areas.

Some Sevens: Two Sevens in a Tarot Reading 

Two Sevens will appear in your Tarot card reading if you have begun to see signs and messages from God, the spirits, or the universe in your day to day life. These are markers that current situations in your life are significant. 

Some Tarot readers believe that two Sevens are a sign of true love. However, I think it is more likely to mean that your partnership is going to be impactful on a spiritual level. You may even be convinced that you’re receiving signs that your partner is ‘the one’. 

Finally, for career and business readings, two Sevens also indicates that you are at a significant time in your life for these areas. Follow the signals which God, the spirits, and the universe send you and you’ll be on the road to success. 

Concluding Sevens in a Tarot Card Reading

How would you interpret the sevens? You can share your thoughts with our community of diviners at the bottom of this post. 

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