Multiple Tens in a Tarot Reading

You’ve done it. You have thrown a Tarot spread on a matter you really care about (love, relationships, career etc) and you have flipped them over. Suddenly, you notice an enigma – you have lots of Tens in your Tarot spread! What is the meaning of this phenomenon? If you’re curious to discover what it means when you receive multiple Tens in your Tarot reading, then read on! 

In numerology, the number ten often represents the end. One chapter is closing, and another is about to begin. You can see this reflected in Tarot based on the general meanings of the cards: 

Ten of Wands – A burdensome ending. 

Ten of Cups – A happy, fairytale ending. 

Ten of Swords – A painful ending. 

Ten of Pentacles – An abundant ending. 

Because of these meanings, I interpret multiple Tens in a Tarot reading to represent endings and beginnings, but to varying degrees depending on how many Tens there are. 

Multiple Tens in a Tarot Reading: Four Tens in a Tarot Reading

Four Tens in a Tarot card reading predicts that you will go through several events that may be painful at first, but they are needed for you to have a fresh start. Four Tens represent a long, drawn-out ending which will take some time to complete. 

In a love reading or relationship, I am inclined to interpret four Tens are symbolizing marriage and divorce. Or, a divorce and then a marriage. Again, the four Tens represent the end of one cycle and the start of another and will take a very long time. Sometimes, you will think there is no end in sight but this is not the case.  

Similarly, I believe that four Tens predict a dramatic end to one career path. You will then go and work in a completely different field or business. It could take you years to get from point A to point B. 

Four Tens, Three Tens, Two Tens in a Tarot reading

Lots of Tens: Three Tens in a Tarot Reading

In my readings, I interpret three Tens to also symbolize painful endings and new beginnings, but ones which will play out much quicker than they would if you or your seeker received four Tens. 

In love and relationship readings, I believe that three Tens predict marriage and divorce (as they do with four Tens). However, your relationship will come to a conclusion faster than it would with four Tens. This will not make your situation less painful at the time, but it will not drag on for too long.  

For career, work and business readings, I would interpret three Tens the same way I would four Tens but, as I said before, all will happen in a shorter period of time. With four Tens it may take you years to find your path, whereas with three Tens you’re looking at a matter of months not years. 

Some Tens: Two Tens in a Tarot Reading 

If two Tens appear in your Tarot reading, this means that several areas of your life are coming to their natural end so that you can begin a new stage in your life. While these may feel as though they are painful at the time, you will look back in the future and see it is for the best. You will eventually like the way in which your new life shapes up. 

Two Tens in a love reading can be positive or negative depending on how the rest of your reading looks. On one hand, two Tens can symbolize you and your partner’s relationship going to the next level. However, in a reading which looks negative two Tens can also predict separation and the start of a new relationship. 

Finally, in career, business, and financial readings two Tens also predict several endings and beginnings.

Concluding Tens in a Tarot Card Reading

Have you received lots of tens in your Tarot reading? Do you resonate with the meanings I have outlined above? Feel free to share with me in the comments below!

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