Multiple Threes in a Tarot Reading

You’ve thrown your Tarot spread about your love, business, or general life area and suddenly there is a lot of Threes in your reading. What is the significance of getting four, three, or two Threes in your reading? Is there a special meaning? You bet! 

I interpret Threes are generally symbolizing teamwork. The number 3 marks the point that two partners (who have previously come together in 2) form together to make more than a partnership. Three is the number of fertility, childbirth, and group settings; multiple threes in your Tarot card reading is a strong indicator of this.

The interpretations which I am giving below are my own personal meanings. Feel free to use them in your Tarot reading practice. However, if you find these meanings do not suit your needs, you can come up with your own!

Multiple Threes in a Tarot Reading: Four Threes in a Tarot Reading

Especially in general readings, I read four threes in a Tarot card reading as being rather lucky. Great things will happen for you, but only if you can work well with others! You shine as part of a team. As long as you can devote yourself to being well organized, life will go well for you.

Reading about love? Then four 3s is an excellent occurrence! For relationship readings, I would interpret four Threes as predicting multiple births, possibly even more than once, or many children. 

For business and career readings, four Threes is a sign that you will make an awful lot of money by working closely with other people. You will lead and inspire others, but you will only get there by inserting yourself into teams. Learn from other people so that you can become successful. If you haven’t already, you should join the masterminds and business groups. 

Lots of Threes: Three Threes in a Tarot Reading

Again, as with four Threes, three Threes in a Tarot card reading is a rather fortunate occurrence, and not one which happens often. I would still interpret four Threes as symbolizing teamwork but, although working with others will be important, you will not lean on others as much. Therefore, success comes much slower with three Threes than it does with four Threes. 

As I do with four Threes, for love readings, I would take three Threes as predicting multiple births, twins, triplets, etc. but not as many as with four Threes. If you’re not wanting babies, be careful! 

However, if childbirth and conception is not a possibility for your relationship, then I would not read three Threes as positive 100% of the time as three can become a crowd. Too many Threes may signal that you’re not just dating your partner, but his mother, father, friends and family. 

For business and career readings, you will work in teams and become successful in doing so if three Threes appear. However, you will be resistant and drag your feet, especially if you do not like to admit when you need help or work well with others. You’ll learn the hard way that, sometimes, you must rely on the support of other people. 

Four Threes, Three Threes, Two Threes in a Tarot reading

Some Threes: Two Threes in a Tarot Reading 

It is rather common for three Threes to appear in Tarot card readings. Usually, I read it as a sign that you need love and support from multiple people. Alternatively, you will need the assistance of others to get you past any hurdles you are facing. 

I should point out that Tarot Threes are not like Tarot Twos. While Twos can predict you need the support of just one other person, Threes mean you need a squad. With Twos, you would seek advice from just one friend, for example. By contrast, with Threes you would sit down and listen to the wisdom of your friend, sister, mother, and grandmother all at once! So, that is what two Threes mean in general. 

If you’re performing a reading on a lover you are not yet in a relationship with, two Threes can mean that you should get dating advice from a group, or friends or relatives; ask them how you should proceed. Also, read dating books and watch YouTube videos. 

Throwing a love spread on an established relationship? Then two Threes can mean that you and your partner will look for help from others. Visits to a relationship councilor, priest, or therapist is a possibility. 

Finally, in business or job readings four Threes can signal a group coaching program or even a course. You will educate yourself so that you can make more money in your chosen career, and you will join others who are in the same boat as you. If you’re struggling to move forward and make more money further training could be the answer.  

Concluding Threes in a Tarot Card Reading

That’s all for what it means when you receive lots of Threes in your Tarot card reading! Do you love or hate the Threes? Feel free to let me know in the comments section! 

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