8 Nine of Cups Tarot Meanings: Love, Outcomes, Feelings & More!

The meaning of the Nine of Cups Tarot card is ‘wish.’ When you receive this Tarot card, you can be assured that your wants and dreams will be fulfilled, especially if it appears in an outcome or future position of a Tarot spread.

If you’ve asked about a relationship running smoothly, the Nine of Cups card predicts that, for a time, it will go the extra mile. The Nine of Cups card often pops up to symbolize engagements and marriages, so if this is what you want from your relationship, you’ve gotten a good card for that!

Nine of Cups Tarot Meaning

As this card is associated with luck, you can be sure that you’ve made sound investments with your time and money. Business plans will pan out and gambles will pay off. Whatever you’re working toward will be in sight. The Nine of Cups is good for both business people and gamblers alike.

The Nine of Cups Tarot love and relationships

Nine of Cups – My Thoughts

“The Nine of Cups predicts that you will receive everything you ask for – make the most of it.” – Lisa

Remember, however, that getting what you want is only half the story. If you wish to keep your happiness, you must work to sustain it. Good things come to those who hustle.

The Nine of Cups card is often not too negative, but it can sometimes appear in a negative spread position or as a challenge. If it does, it can mean that you’re overindulging in the finer things in life without much thought about the future. You may be making it all about what you desire at the moment and not about what truly matters. If this is the case, you should aim for a more balanced lifestyle.

Another possibility (if the Nine of Cups appears as a negative) is that you place too much focus on success, status, and gaining attention. You crave the high life but don’t want to do the hard work required to achieve the things you want. You’re more about quick fixes than you are about the grind. However, even in a bad position, the Nine of Cups still says there’s a strong possibility of obtaining your desires if you do what’s required of you.

Nine of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

In a love Tarot reading, The Nine of Cups is your guarantee that you’ll get the things you wish for from your partner. However, make sure you’re clear on what you really want first, as you may end up manifesting something you don’t intend!

There’s a high chance that this relationship is going to give you everything you ever wished for and more. So, if you’re looking for someone to settle down with, have kids, and marry, the Nine of Cups is one of the best love Tarot cards you can receive. 

The only thing I would warn against is a partnership that’s overly sexual in the early stages of a relationship. The Nine of Cups is the card of physical pleasure, but the excitement of this can fizzle out fast. Therefore, this card can warn you not to give the milk away for free if you want them to buy the cow!

(If you would like more detailed love and relationship Tarot meanings for the Nine of Cups, be sure to check out my Love Tarot Meanings e-book.)

Nine of Cups Feelings Tarot Meaning

Are you wondering what your partner or potential partner is feeling about you? Don’t worry, the Nine of Cups means that they feel the way you want them to feel. In fact, their desire for you is strong enough that you can have them eating out of your hand! If you play your cards right, you will have your lover right where you want them. 

Nine of Cups Career & Business Tarot Meaning

Nine of Cups Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

The Nine of Cups is an excellent Tarot card for business and career readings. It predicts that everything you attempt will turn out well. You will obtain success beyond your wildest expectations. 

The road to the Nine of Cups, however, will not be easy. If you feel as if you’re beginning to lose hope in your career, don’t! You’re nearly there. The Nine of Cups is telling you not to give up when the going gets tough. The effort you’re putting in now will all be worth it in the end.

Nine of Cups Future Tarot Meaning

The Nine of Cups will appear in the outcome position of a Tarot reading to indicate that you’re going to achieve your heart’s desires. The meaning of the Nine of Cups is clear – eventually, you are going to achieve everything you want. This is especially true for relationships. If you can wish it, you will get it! 

Yes or No with The Nine of Cups

General – For any type of Tarot reading, the Nine of Cups is always a yes.

Do they like me? – Yes, they like you. 

Am I pregnant? – Although Tarot is no substitute for medical advice, I would read the Nine of Cups as a card that predicts pregnancy if having a baby is what you want. When you don’t want to get pregnant, the Nine of Cups is a no for matters related to conception.

Is this relationship going to last? – Yes, this relationship is going to last.

Does the future of this look promising? – Yes, the future of this matter looks better than you could have ever imagined. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – Yes, your ex-lover will return and come back into your life in the future. 

The Nine of Cups as a Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle 

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When the Nine of Cups appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means you will get the things you want, but that they won’t be what’s best for you. Alternatively, the Nine of Cups can appear as negative when you wish for the wrong things. Instead of praying that you’re going to feel happy, you’re instead focusing on attracting people into your life. Your prayers don’t add anything of value to your life. 

In some cases, the Nine of Cups will pop up as an obstacle if you like to overindulge in food, drink, and sex. There’s more to life than physical pleasures, and eventually, they may even begin to have an adverse effect on you. 

The Nine of Cups as a Positive, Strength, or Advantage

When the Nine of Cups appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, this means that all of your wishes are going to be fulfilled. You will see success in all areas of your life, and obtain all your heart’s desires with the help of both hard work and positive thinking, especially if you have other manifestation cards (such as The Magician) in your Tarot spread. 

In some types of readings, the Nine of Cups represents happy, loving relationships. In fact, the Nine of Cups is often interpreted by Tarot readers as a card of physical pleasure. Your relationships will be fulfilling emotionally and sexually – your love life will be enjoyable.

Closing Thoughts on The Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

How do you feel about the Nine of Cups Tarot card? Do you find it hard to interpret its meaning? Or, is reading this card easy for you? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

(Please note that I do not interpret other people’s readings for them. If you’re looking for help interpreting your Tarot readings, feel free to check out the Love Tarot Meanings e-book). 

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