8 Page of Pentacles Tarot Meanings: Love, Outcomes, Feelings & More!

The meaning of the Page of Pentacles Tarot card is ‘student.’ The Page of Pentacles is one of those cards that I read one of two ways. The first is that it represents someone who has little resources but has the potential to make a lot of money. In a positive reading or position, I would use this interpretation.

In some Tarot card decks, the Page of Pentacles is called the Princess of Pentacles or the Daughter of Pentacles, Disks, or Coins. However, the Tarot card meaning of the Princess/Daughter of Pentacles/Coins/Disks and the Page of Pentacles is the same.

Page of Pentacles General Tarot Meaning

The Page of Pentacles can reflect the fact that you or someone else around you is ambitious but does not yet have the finances to accomplish the things they want. If this is the case, the Page of Pentacles advises to build slowly and try to avoid debt. The future of your finances looks good. In a Tarot reading that appears encouraging, I would say the Page of Pentacles is a good sign.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot love and relationships

Page of Pentacles – My Thoughts

“You will receive the Page of Pentacles if you have just enrolled in a course whether that’s online or in real life. The Page of Pentacles reflects your desire to develop and earn more money.” – Lisa

In a more negative reading or position, it can mean that your focus is on money and earthly desires (because the card is a Pentacle), but that you don’t have a good relationship with money (because Pages also represent immaturity). Therefore, this type of reading could warn against over-spending and borrowing to fund a lifestyle that you cannot afford.

In general, I would say that the Page of Pentacles represents the potential for growth. When this card appears in your reading, it can symbolize that there’s hope for a future in whatever you’re reading about, even if you don’t yet have what you need to manifest your desires.

Sometimes, the Page can represent another person coming into your life who has an influence on you and the situation at hand. This individual will be practical, not overly emotional, and hard-working. Despite the fact that they have little money now, this doesn’t mean they’ll have nothing in the future.

Page of Pentacles Love Tarot Meaning

Although its general meaning is quite neutral, I would not read the Page of Pentacles card in a good light if it appears in a love Tarot reading. From personal experience, I have found this to be a rather negative card for readings related to romance. Usually, the Page of Pentacles means the other person does not have romantic feelings. 

Usually, this card is a sign that your lover is not in a position to sustain a serious relationship. They may have the basics, but they lack both the financial and emotional means to take care of you (because, emotionally, they are a Page).

I’ve also found that the Page of Pentacles usually has money issues. You may find later on down the line that your partner doesn’t think twice about taking out loans and credit cards. The Page of Pentacles likes money, but in a very childish way – this is not desirable in a long-term partner.

(If you would like more love and relationship Tarot meanings for the Page of Pentacles, be sure to check out my Love Tarot Meanings e-book.) 

Page of Pentacles Feelings Tarot Meaning

The Page of Pentacles can mean that your lover or potential lover does not hold strong feelings for you. They don’t think of you negatively, but they’re not crazy in love with you. This may change in the future, but at present, they’re not prioritizing you or their love life in general. 

Page of Pentacles Career & Business Tarot Meaning

The Page of Pentacles looks more promising if it appears in a career or business Tarot reading than it does in a love Tarot reading. However, it depends where specifically in a spread the card lands.

Because Pages represent the ‘beginners’ stage, it’s always better if they turn up early on in a reading, close to the past or present. If the Page appears here, it shows that your business ideas have the potential for growth and that one day, you could go on to become a Queen or King of Pentacles (both of which are generally associated with lots of money). If the Page is in the present, you’re on to a good thing.

However, if the Page of Pentacles lands in an outcome position, this is a bad omen. It’s never a good sign if a beginner’s card appears as the end result, as this tells me that your plans will not take off into anything substantial. They will take a lot of time and effort to become profitable, so much so that for the foreseeable future, you’ll still be in the same position you are now. Therefore, if the Page of Pentacles is in the outcome, I would say you have to return to the drawing board.

Page of Pentacles Future Tarot Meaning

If the Page of Pentacles appears in an outcome position, this can mean that, in the future, you will discover that your partner has similar personality traits to the Page of Pentacles. Your lover may be bad with money or not very mature. However, as a positive, they are resourceful and willing to work and study hard. How you respond to discovering this is yet to be revealed.

Yes or No with the Page of Pentacles

General – The Page of Pentacles is usually a no.

Do they like me? – Your lover/potential lover has positive feelings toward you, but they’re not in the position to sustain a serious relationship. 

Page of Pentacles Tarot meaning for relationships, love, outcome, future, ex returningcPage of Pentacles for relationships, love, outcome, future, ex returning, yes or no
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Am I pregnant? – Like the other Tarot Pages, the Page of Pentacles is usually a yes for pregnancy questions. 

Is this relationship going to last? – The Page of Pentacles is not a certain no, but marriage or other serious commitments don’t seem likely. 

Does the future of this look promising? – If you work hard, the future does look promising. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – Reconciliation with your ex-lover does not seem likely for the foreseeable future. 

Page of Pentacles as a Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle

The Page of Pentacles can pop up in a Tarot spread as a negative, weakness, or obstacle to indicate someone who has a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Immaturity with their finances could land this individual in hot water. 

Page of Pentacles as a Positive, Strength, or Advantage

In a positive Tarot reading, the Page of Pentacles can indicate someone who has the ability to grow. You have the potential to make a lot of money. You are both practical and thrifty – these are desirable skills when they appear in a career setting.

In other cases, when the Page of Pentacles appears as a positive, strength, or advantage in a Tarot card spread, it can mean that the thing you’re reading about has the potential to develop into something bigger and better.

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