Reading Tarot to Predict the Return of An Ex

Are you frequently asking your Tarot cards to predict the return of an ex?

Something which I get asked a lot is, “Which Tarot cards are the best to indicate the return of an ex-lover”? Or, “Will my lover and I have a reconciliation”? These are valid questions and one which as a Tarot reader you should not shy away from asking. 

At different times in our lives, we have all asked about the return of an ex. Everyone ishunting for the Tarot spreads and cards which will give us answers. When I was nineteen, I performed a Tarot reading on whether or not my ex would return. Keep in mind, I had not seen this ex since I was 14!

I did record the reading in my journal, but not all of the details. I didn’t even write what the reading was about in case someone found it and thought that I was stupid!

At the time I predicted that he was in love with someone else (which he was). But, I predicted that he would return (which he did). We ended up staying together for four years! So yes, ex’s to return even the ones which make you pull out your Tarot cards. 

You may feel too close to read the situation to read it accurately – this is not true. It is best if you read the cards yourself and do not consult another reader. Heartache is a good opportunity for you to get experience with predicting these situations. You can then go on and predict these things for other people because you will be experienced in the matter. 

Tarot Cards to Indicate the Return of an Ex

There is no one Tarot card which represents the return of an ex. Instead, you will want your reading to include these cards especially if they appear in the future (also known as outcome) or positive (also known as strength or advantage) spread positions. 

(I have more detailed relationship card meanings in my Love Tarot Meanings e-book feel free to check that out)

The Wheel of Fortune: This Tarot card symbolises a turn in fortune and everything starting to go your way. If you feel as though you have had nothing but bad luck, this is a desirable card. 

The Empress: The Empress was one of the cards which really stuck out when I read whether or not my ex was going to come back, so I now interpret it as my top ten reconciliation Tarot cards. 

The Sun: The Sun is all about happiness and getting what you want, hence why it made the list. 

The Eight of Wands: The Eight of Wands does not promise a reconciliation as such but it does mean that your ex will call, text, or contact you and you will have a heart to heart. 

The Two of Cups: As the Two of Cups is a love card it is a good sign if it appears in your Tarot reading. 

The Six of Cups: The Six of Cups is the classic reconciliation card. In most cases, if you have the Six of Cups in your reading, it means that your ex will more than likely return. 

The Seven of Cups: While it is not a reconciliation card as such the Seven of Cups can indicate that your ex just needs some time apart to figure out what they want. 

The Nine of Cups: The Nine of Cups is the ‘wish’ card so it is welcome in any reading. 

The Ten of Cups: I remember seeing the Ten of Cups in many of my readings before me and my ex reconciled. Although I was not reading about him in particular, I can remember always seeing that card at the time and also after we had got back in contact. It is for this reason, that I would read it as a reconciliation card. 

The Knight of Cups: The Knight of Cups is interpreted by many Tarot readers to indicate the return of a lover. While I do not read it that way I have included it on our list just in case you do. 

The Reconciliation Tarot Spread 

Once you have read the list of Tarot cards thet indicate a reconciliation, it is time to perform a reading on the matter. I have designed this quick spread, which we shall call The Reconciliation Spread. Feel free to try this spread for yourself. 

Relationship Tarot spread for reconciliation and return of an ex lover

Let’s pretend that our seeker, Mary, has split from her boyfriend Max. She wants to know if they are going to get back together. 

If Mary was performing this reading, ideally she would ask the spirits of her ancestors to help her perform the best reading possible. She would then shuffle her cards while asking, “Are Max and I going to get back together”? Mary would then lay the cards out as shown: 

Love Tarot card spread to predict the return of an ex past boyfriend or girlfriend

The first card represents the past. In the past, we can see that Mary and Max had their issues. There is a Three of Swords in their past. I am inclined to believe that they have fallen out before; this is not their first break-up. 

The second position in this spread symbolises the current situation. In the present, we can see that Mary and Max are taking a break from each other. A break is indicated by the Four of Swords. I would say that this is a good card to get in this position because it indicates a ‘break,’ not a permanent separation. 

In the third position, we have what Mary should do; she has the Three of Cups. Mary needs to go out and enjoy herself with her friends. She should show Max she is not sitting at home worrying about him. 

The fourth position shows what Mary should NOT do. Mary should not be the Queen of Cups and act loving and supportive towards Max. There is a possibility that this will only drive a further wedge between them. Instead, she should show him what he is missing with the Three of Cups

Finally, we have the outcome which is the Two of Cups. More than likely Mary and Max is going to get back together. I think this not only because they have the Two of Cups in the future, but because their reading gives sounds advice, and their break-up does not seem set in stone. 

Closing Thoughts on Reading Tarot to Predict the Return of an Ex

So, that is all for how to predict whether or not an ex is going to return with your Tarot cards. Maybe you know the techniques but it is your confidence that is holding you back? Feel free to download the free guide here:

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