8 Seven of Cups Tarot Meanings: Love, Outcomes, Feelings & More!

The meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card is ‘decision.’ You will have many choices, each of them valid. However, many of your options have a time limit. You are in need of quick action; otherwise, you could go from many things to choose from to nothing at all.

General Seven of Cups Tarot Meaning

You may also be facing the opinions of many people at the same time. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart, and you should keep this in mind when making your decisions. If you feel like everyone giving you advice has their own agenda, perhaps a separate Tarot spread is needed to go through each choice and opinion individually.

The Seven of Cups is a neutral card that’s neither positive nor negative; it is what it is and nothing more. All you have to do is go one way or the other. I will say that having choices available to you is one of the positive attributes of the Seven of Cups Tarot card.

Sometimes the Seven of Cups can represent manifestation. The work you’re doing now will bring what you want into reality in the future. Having many choices can indicate a comfortable living and lifestyle. After all, a person with many choices available to them is typically in a better position than someone with few or no choices!

A negative face of the Seven of Cups is that nothing is guaranteed. The future looks uncertain. Therefore, the pressure will be on you to make the right decisions. Everything is in your hands. If you do not pick wisely, you will be stuck in a situation you don’t like.

When the Seven of Cups appears as a challenge or drawback, it means you get easily overwhelmed and confused. You must work on your decision-making skills.

Seven of Cups Love Tarot Meaning

It’s pretty obvious that the Seven of Cups in a love Tarot reading can symbolize the choices you make in a relationship. The cards are asking you if you really want to be with your lover or not. You must reflect on what you (and they) need to change before you can be happy together.

In some types of love Tarot readings, the Seven of Cups can appear when you’re happy to be at your lover’s beck and call. In this case, because you’re happy to present yourself as an option, your lovers do not see you as a priority. 

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Seven of Cups Feelings Tarot Meaning

Are you wondering what a partner is feeling about you? The Seven of Cups can mean that they’re still sitting on the fence and are unsure of their feelings. You may need to give them 3-6 weeks to get their head together. Once things have progressed, you can read on the matter again. 

Seven of Cups Career & Business Tarot Meaning

Seven of Cups Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

The business or career meaning for the Seven of Cups Tarot card is rather straightforward; you will have to make some hard decisions regarding your career. Like the other interpretations, if the Seven of Cups pops up in the future or outcome position, this means the future of your business hangs on the choices you make and how you apply yourself. How much do you want success?

I would read the Seven of Cups as leaning more toward a favorable outcome for business readings, purely because its historical meaning promises riches and good results. Therefore, if all that’s holding you back from making big decisions is fear, don’t worry; go for the things you want, because you’ll never know until you take that leap! The cards are telling you to just go for it, especially if you also have any Aces or The Fool in your spread. 

Seven of Cups Future Tarot Meaning

It can be frustrating to see the Seven of Cups in an outcome or future position of a Tarot spread. Its meaning is clear – the outcome of this situation is dependent on the choices you make, and the future of the matter is not set in stone. The success or failure of this project, relationship, etc. is in your hands. Choose wisely.  

As outlined in the general Tarot meaning of the Seven of Cups, if in a love Tarot reading it appears in the outcome or future position, this means that the foreseeable future of the relationship is highly dependent on the choices and decisions you make in the present and near future. While it can be frustrating not to get a straight answer for what’s going to happen, it’s comforting to know that the life of the partnership is reliant on you alone and not some outside force.  

Yes or No with Seven of Cups

General – The Seven of Cups is a neutral card predicating neither a yes nor a no – its meaning depends largely on the question.

Do they like me? – They are undecided about how they feel about you. 

Am I pregnant? – I would not read the Seven of Cups as a card that represents pregnancy. However, in some cases, it may predict conception if you do not want to be pregnant. If you don’t want to be pregnant, the Seven of Cups can symbolize you not knowing what to do about your situation. 

Is this relationship going to last? – It is uncertain whether this relationship is going to last. All the Seven of Cups predicts is that you will have choices in the future.

Does the future of this look promising? – The future of this matter looks promising in the sense that you will not be restricted in the choices you can make. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – I would not interpret the Seven of Cups as a card that represents your lover coming back. However, it can sometimes mean that they’re considering returning, so give them some space and let them know what they’re missing. 

The Seven of Cups as a Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle

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When the Seven of Cups appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, it means you’re experiencing confusion. You are bombarded with so many options that you don’t know what to do. 

In some cases, the Seven of Cups can appear as a weakness in a Tarot reading to signify the fact that you’re not very good at making decisions. You have made choices in the past that you now regret, and you don’t want history to repeat itself. 

Finally, the Seven of Cups can land in a negative Tarot spread position to indicate that you serve yourself up as an option. People can pick you up and put you down whenever they feel like it. Because you do this, you’re not treated as though you’re a priority.

The Seven of Cups as a Positive, Strength, or Advantage

When the Seven of Cups appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, this means you have a variety of options to choose from, which is good. Just being in a position where you can choose what you want to do is an advantage in itself. 

The Seven of Cups can also appear as a strength when you’re very good at making the right decisions. You’re at an advantage because whichever options you choose, you will be happy in the future.

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