Signs that Your Psychic Abilities Are Developing

Signs psychic abilities developing

Do you want to know what the signs are that you are developing your psychic abilities? Are you suddenly feeling more psychic? Is your psychic awareness developing?

My name is Lisa Boswell, and I teach divination, fortune-telling, and psychic development professionally and full-time. My specialty is teaching psychic readers how they can perform, improve, and promote their readers, whether they use Tarot or Lenormand cards.

Many of the over one million people who come to my websites every year visit because they are interested in divination as a form of psychic development. I believe that reading Tarot and Lenormand is one of the fastest ways in which you can develop your claircognizance abilities. 

Whether you think so or not, you can read a card system like Tarot. You do not have to consider yourself psychic, but many people are attracted to Tarot because their natural psychic abilities are growing and expanding. If this is you, you’re ready to start fortune telling!

Signs that Your Psychic Abilities Are Developing

So, what are the signs that your psychic abilities are developing? Here is my list: 

  • You are attracted to divination. While you never considered reading Tarot before, you are suddenly very interested in buying a card deck. (And if you are a beginner, you can download a free guide at the bottom of this post). 
  • Your dreams are more vivid. You can now recall people, places, and things you have told during your dreams when you could not before. 
  • You know who is going to call or text before they do. 
  • You pick up on other people’s emotions. You know whether or not someone is upset with you, even if they say that they are not. 
  • You feel drawn to people before they become relevant in your life. For example, you might stalk people you know on social media before they magically (and out of nowhere) enter your social circle.
  • You have started noticing signs from spirits, such as white feathers or rainbows. You know they are important, so you have started to photograph them with your phone.  
  • You start to notice the same ‘sign’ or symbol over and over again. For example, you keep seeing spiders in strange places. 
  • You repeatedly see certain number sequences such as 111 or 333. 
  • You have started to notice that you are hearing songs or phrases which you would connect to a past relative. For example, you keep on hearing your grandfather’s funeral song. 
  • Suddenly, you are drawn to other psychics. You may even start to follow psychic readers on Snapchat or Instagram. 
  • You have become aware of psychic development as a facade of life. When you visit a book store, the self-development or psychic development sections jump out at you. 
  • You begin to dislike friends for no reason. Eventually, you and that friend have a major falling out; it was almost as if you could sense that it was about to happen. 
  • You have psychics in your family and have recently become more interested in them, especially if they are deceased. Although psychic ability is not genetic, some families are more likely to have readers in them. For example, I have many diviners in my family, partly because I am a Romany Gypsy but also because we have naturally strong pre-cognitive abilities. 
  • You have a strong sense that there is something that you’re supposed to do, but you do not know what that something is. Whatever it is, it feels huge, and the thought of tackling the task feels impossible. 
  • However, you now accept things as they happen and are more at peace with what is meant to be. 
  • You have developed a need to minimize suffering, whether that be the suffering of people or animals. You have maybe even started to donate to charities you were not drawn to before. 
  • You are starting to notice more ‘psychic’ things and seek out information on psychic awareness. For example, you might have a strong need to Google psychic development or fortune-telling. 
  • You know that there is something wrong without being told. If a relative is in trouble, you have a feeling that something bad is happening. 
  • You have become more superstitious. You have become very conscious of not walking under ladders or over three drains. You may have even started to find clovers. 
  • You have an overwhelming desire to develop your psychic abilities. For example, you want to read more about developing your abilities or wish to take a development course

If five or more of the above points sound like you, then your psychic abilities are indeed developing. Congratulations! You can now do things that will encourage the growth of those abilities, such as taking a course or learning a method of divination, such as Tarot. 

Whether or not you are already a Tarot reader, you may want to do something to encourage your psychic abilities to develop further so that you can make better predictions and improve your readings. Once per year, I open my psychic development course, The Psychic Course for enrollment. 

You can find out more about that here – The Psychic Course 

Alternatively, you can find out more about divination by downloading my 100% free Tarot for Beginner’s Guide! This guide will tell you more about Tarot meanings, spreads, techniques, and more. You can discover more about this guide and claim your free copy here:

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