8 Six of Wands Tarot Meanings: Love, Outcomes, Feelings & More!

The meaning of the Six of Wands Tarot card is ‘success.’ When you pull the Six of Wands, it predicts victories in all your endeavors. The Six of Wands predicts recognition for hard work. The effort you’ve put in will begin to pay off, and you can bask in this glory. The seeds you have sown previously will sprout for years to come. You can sit back, relax, and bask in your fame.

Six of Wands General Tarot Meaning

There’s a possibility that you will be looked up to as an authority. As a result of your newfound notoriety, you could find yourself somewhat of a celebrity in your local area or subject of expertise. I would also expect to see the Six of Wands in someone with a largish or growing social media following.   

Many people can get recognition in their careers but are not rewarded financially; for you, this will not be the case. You can expect to have a financial increase along with a well-deserved inflated ego.

There will be times when the Six of Wands appears in a spread as a negative or setback. If this is the case, it means you’re letting pride get in the way of your happiness. You cannot admit when you’re wrong and don’t like the thought of others knowing more about a subject than you do. Your ego could eventually be your downfall.

The Six of Wands Tarot love and relationships
The Six of Wands reminds me of someone who is coming home triumphantly. The figure on the card represents a winner who is returning victorious.

There’s also the possibility that your arrogance turns people off. You can come across as a showy know-it-all. Being this way is affecting your relationships, so be mindful to keep it in check if this is what the Six of Wands symbolizes for you.

Six of Wands Love Tarot Meaning

I’m inclined to not read the Six of Wands well for most types of love questions. The card doesn’t mainly symbolize things related to relationships. If anything, the Six of Wands is an egotistical card that represents one person doing well for themselves. It’s not a card of teamwork as a relationship should be, and therefore I don’t view it positively in this context, no matter what position it’s in.

With the above being said, I would read the Six of Wands well in a love Tarot reading if you’re involved in an affair. The Six of Wands predicts that, ultimately, you will be the person your lover chooses to be with eventually.

(If you would like more detailed love and relationship Tarot meanings for the Six of Wands, be sure to check out my Love Tarot Meanings e-book.)

Six of Wands Feelings Tarot Meaning

If you’re asking your Tarot cards what someone’s feelings are toward you and a Six of Wands comes up, this is not a good sign. It means that they’re the type of person who views others as mere conquests, not long-term partners. This person feels as though they can do better than you.

Six of Wands Career & Business Tarot Meaning

The Six of Wands is a very positive card to receive for career and business matters, and even for hobbies. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a card of recognition for your efforts.

The effort you’ve put in will be seen by those around you. You will be regarded as an industry expert in your field. Your achievements will be congratulated publicly by people of importance. You may host an event, win an award, receive a medal, or obtain some other prize that cements your reputation. 

However, as stated in the main write-up of the Six of Wands, try not to let your increased influence go to your head. Make sure that people see you are a worthy leader who they can look up to instead of an overrated tyrant.

Six of Wands Future Tarot Meaning

When it appears in an outcome or future position, the Six of Wands promises that you will get what you deserve in the end. If you keep working hard and are persistent in what you’re pursuing, your efforts will eventually pay off.

If you’re involved in a relationship, the Six of Wands in a future or outcome position of a Tarot spread can mean that you will eventually become involved with a different partner who treats you as you feel you deserve to be treated. 

However, if you’re not yet in a relationship with the person you’re pursuing, the Six of Wands means that you will eventually be victorious in the capture of this person’s affections. In these cases, the Six of Wands is a very good omen (and double points if you’re trying to attract someone who’s currently attached to someone else!). 

Yes or No with The Six of Wands Tarot Meaning

General – For most types of Tarot readings, the Six of Wands is a yes. However, in Tarot readings involving love, romance, and relationships, the Six of Wands is neutral.

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Do they like me? – Yes, this person may like you, but it’s possible that they’re also attracted to someone else. 

Am I pregnant? – No, I do not interpret the Six of Wands as a typical pregnancy or conception card. However, if you’ve been trying to get pregnant without results, I’m inclined to think that a pregnancy will soon happen, so don’t lose faith! 

Is this relationship going to last? – This relationship will last as long as you can stroke your lover’s ego! 

Does the future of this look promising? – Yes, the future of this matter appears to be in your favor. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – Yes, you will reconcile with your ex in the future. The Six of Wands is especially positive if your ex-lover is currently involved with someone else. 

The Six of Wands as a Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle

When the Six of Wands appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle Tarot spread position, this means your success is going to go to your head. You come across as arrogant because you feel that you know better than everyone else. The Six of Wands is telling you to remember that you can always learn something from others. 

Finally, you can expect to see the Six of Wands as a blockage if your relationship, success, or friendships are just for show. There’s no point in trying to maintain a facade if you’re secretly unhappy.

The Six of Wands as a Positive, Strength, or Advantage

When the Six of Wands appears in a positive, strength, or advantage Tarot spread position, this means you will accomplish your goal. You will eventually receive recognition for what you’re trying to achieve. The Six of Wands will appear as positive when you’re about to be rewarded emotionally or financially. 

In some cases, the Six of Wands can also appear as an advantage when you’re favored over your competitors. The other individuals who are involved in this situation do not feel that you can do any wrong. You are the golden child! 

Finally, the Six of Wands will appear as a strength when you have what it takes to be victorious. If you’ve recently been beaten, don’t worry. The other person may have won the battle, but you will win the war.

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