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What are the similarities and differences between Lenormand and Tarot cards? Which cards are there in both Lenormand and Tarot? How are the Tower, Star, Sun, Moon, and significator cards all the same? This article is going to highlight how these Lenormand cards differ from Tarot cards! 

When you first start learning how to read Lenormand, you will notice that there are a lot of Lenormand cards that look like Tarot cards. While they may have similar names, try not to fall into the trap of assuming that these are the same cards with the same meanings. While a couple of these Lenormand cards could be like their Tarot cousins, they have their differences. 

Similarities And Differences

Below is a list of the Lenormand cards which are often confused with Tarot cards. Here, I discuss their similarities and differences. 

The Tarot Tower Vs. The Lenormand Tower

Of all of the Lenormand cards with the same name, the Lenormand Tower and the Tarot Tower have the most differences. In fact, other than sharing the same name, they are nothing alike. 

The Tower of the Tarot world predicts a sudden shock or major life-changing event, such as a divorce, bankruptcy or even prison time. In Tarot, The Tower is a very negative card and most Tarot readers dread it appearing in their readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Tower is mostly neutral. In Lenormand, the Tower card represents the government, organizations, buildings, and offices. 

Like all Lenormand cards, there will be times when the Lenormand Tower is negative. For example, in some readings, it can represent isolation. However, it can also be a card of independence, standing your ground and sticking up for yourself. Therefore any negativity gleaned from the Lenormand Tower pales in comparison to the Tarot Tower. 

The Tarot Star Vs. Lenormand Stars

The Tarot Star and Lenormand’s Stars card are quite similar. Both cards are positive and symbolize hope for the future. Also, both represent optimism and feeling good about the prospects of a situation. 

However, the Lenormand Stars seems more real than the Star card of Tarot. Fame, fortune, and a good outcome are likelier to happen with the Lenormand Stars. Also, with the Tarot Stars you will usually get what you want, but not what you expect. By contrast, the Lenormand Stars is a card of achieving your desires.  

Another difference between The Star and the Lenormand Stars card is the fact that Lenormand’s Stars can be literal. For example, in some combinations, Stars can predict a trip outdoors at night, a star-shaped charm, a zodiac sign, or a shooting star; these interpretations are not a common occurrence in Tarot reading but often appear in Lenormand. 

The Tarot Sun Vs. Lenormand Sun

Of all of the Lenormand and Tarot cards with the same name, The Sun and Sun are the most similar in interpretation. Both are cards that predict success, vitality, triumph and, even, holidays. However, because the Lenormand Sun can be interpreted literally, it is slightly different from the Tarot Sun card. 

In Tarot, it is rather unlikely that The Sun card will represent warmth, heat, temperature, sunlight, or the actual sun. However, because Lenormand cards can be read literally, this is a rather standard interpretation for the Lenormand Sun. Therefore, this is the main difference between the two.  

The Tarot Moon Vs. Lenormand Moon

The Moon in Tarot is a card that can have rather negative connections. In Tarot, The Moon is a card that symbolizes the unknown, deception, secrets, and sometimes even trickery (a card meaning which is more fitting to the Lenormand Fox card). Although many Tarot readers do like The Moon card, it is generally not a very good card to receive in most types of readings. 

By contrast, the Lenormand Moon is a neutral, even, positive card to receive in a Lenormand reading. The Lenormand Moon illuminates your life during times of confusion. It is also a card that represents a ‘spotlight’ being on you and is concerned with your reputation and how you are perceived by the world. In Lenormand, The Moon and Stars combined can predict fame. 

Also, the Lenormand Moon can predict things which happen in cycles (for example, the menstrual cycle, or a billing cycle). There are no such associations in Tarot. However, when it comes to timing both cards can represent a 28-day period. 

Although they are different, there are some similarities between the Lenormand Moon and Tarot Moon. Both cards can represent emotions and intuition. Sometimes, both cards can also be associated with females and women. 

The Tarot Courts Vs. The Man & The Woman Cards

Finally, you may be tempted to read the Lenormand significators (Man and Woman) in the same way which you would read the Tarot Court cards. However, just like the other similar -sounding cards, they are different! 

In Tarot, it is often not clear who or what the Court cards represent. Sometimes, they could be the seeker, but other times they could be other people. In fact, they can also represent situations, emotions, energies, motives, and time! However, in Lenormand, you can be certain who and what the Man and Woman card are. 

The Man and Woman cards always represent the person who is getting the reading (the seeker) and their lover, spouse or future lover or spouse. These cards never represent people other than the seeker and their partner. Unlike with Tarot reading, there is no question about the identity of the significator cards in Lenormand. 

There you have it! 

So, there you have it! You now know the main similarities and differences between Lenormand and similar-sounding Tarot cards. When you’re learning how to read Lenormand cards, remember, you’re not reading Tarot cards; Lenormand cards have their own magic and should be respected as such. 

That’s all for the main similarities and differences between Tarot and Lenormand cards that sound similar. If you enjoyed this post, you can download a free Lenormand for Beginner’s guide here.

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